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  1. LOL@BYU to the PAC. In other news, Jews and Muslims celebrate peace agreement, government is forthcoming about Area 51, all people in the world have enough food to eat, and all info about the Kennedy assassination is declassified.
  2. I just think it's funny some of you try to hold me accountable for what BYU did last summer, as if I had something to do with it as a fan. I'm not sure I'd have done what BYU did.
  3. Because you guys are above that and wouldn't take the money that those teams did, right? Spare me the righteous indignation. Hawaii is a fertile recruiting ground that you guys would have no access to without playing them. They're paying for pretty much everything and their AD is in trouble because of it. You have them bent over a barrel. They're damned if they do, damned if they don't. Ya think? The team next to my name doesn't mean I can't comment on what appears to be an unfair situation? If I go and change it to a New Mexico logo would it be different? Who I cheer for has nothing to do with this conversation, guy. I mean, not as butthurt as you guys are about your uniform issue, the one you agreed to before you joined this place.
  4. You're supposed to be partners in a conference and help the group out towards mutual benefit. That's not the case at all here. The teams traveling get all the benefit, and Hawaii gets none, besides affiliation.
  5. Nice attitude. You guys would be livid if this was your school having to do this to make ends meet.
  6. All bark, no bite from this one, folks. Another tough guy Cowboy fan, telling us how it's gonna be.
  7. Ah, the class shines through once again with this one.
  8. Nah, we owe you for the last game. We're going to take it to you in Aloha this year.
  9. I think traveling to Louisiana is tough for you guys, but if you don't fall apart in that game, then your game against Nevada should be for the WAC title next year. Your postseason will largely depend how your OOC games against BYU, Washington, and CU go. If you win all your games, I'll tip my hat to Hawaii and say they deserved a BCS game, as that's a much more formidible schedule than you faced in 2007 when I felt you went to a BCS undeservedly.
  10. I think Hawaii has a really good chance to get double digit wins this year.
  11. I might have gone with a different beverage than Diet Coke as well. What would all the Pepsi drinkers do?
  12. I think the tablecloths in the background might have looked better with a different color than white. You?
  13. I wouldn't call her my lunchlady, but either way.
  14. Yeah, he would hit hard, but you know it's going to be a pathetic year when the punter is on the media guide. That loss at Boise is on my top 5 most annoying losses over the last 10 years. That game was in the bag.
  15. How long is the deal? I hope we play Hawaii most years going forward. I've always liked the rivalry. It's not like the Utah rivalry, but I think it's fun to have more than one team you look forward to seeing.
  16. I don't have hard feelings at all. We beat you the next year, and you beat us fair and square that day. It's irrelevant if our RB was hurt or not. We had a crummy defense that year, but in most cases could outscore people. I think your returner had about 200 yards in returns as well. Special teams were horrible. You score 45 points and lose by 20+, it means your defense is a joke. Perfect storm for Hawaii that day, and you made the most of your opportunity. A Wyoming fan should have been cheering for BYU to bust the BCS that day, not cheering against them. But, that's typical stuff. I guess it wouldn't have mattered because BYU would not have been invited because they'd already chosen before that game to not include BYU in any BCS game.
  17. Pretty sad your biggest moments are just memories from 10+ years ago. But BYU's not in your head, right? You should be glad that 2001 team threatened the BCS. They changed the rules after that and your undeserving team got to a game in 2007 because of that. Still pretty pathetic to be bragging about wins against BYU when you've never won in Provo and have a losing record against us on your own field.
  18. If Nevada goes undefeated against that schedule, I will never post on this board again.
  19. I just don't think it's a way to drum up support that imo is already lackluster. Start off 1-3, and you can still rebound and have a nice year, but losing those three games will make for a loss of momentum and you're unlikely to get good will from the voters for anything you did last year. I think it's an overly ambitious schedule.
  20. Is your AD that dumb to schedule four roadies in a row to start the year? WTF is that?
  21. You're right. It was all about the exposure of our women's soccer team and high end cross country team. <zing>
  22. If BYU's non-revs were in the conference, they would fall under the conference rules. Idiot.
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