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  1. I don't disagree that's the case, but bball is weirdly different than the rest. Guys are willing to stay put more than chase things, at times.
  2. Show us Memphis bball is worth more than Boise then, troll. You're a troll, you've always been a troll, and you're a special sort because you think your shit smells like flowers.
  3. Have fun with that. The rest of the schools should have long since told Cal and Stanford to get lost with that bullshit.
  4. CBS sports network says otherwise. I think I'm going to go with the national guy here over Josh Neuman, a stooge of a reporter
  5. You could probably negotiate something in that lets you leave if the B1G comes calling, I would think.
  6. No it's not. I don't really care that much either way and my opinion doesn't matter. Washington doesn't command the same cachet nationally as Oregon, that's objectively true. They aren't the big national player fans here and in the West think they are. People on the other side of the country care about Oregon. The same cant be said for Washington. They're just another team.
  7. They'll wait for ACC teams or take the Bay area teams if those teams want.
  8. They aren't a national brand like Oregon. They're just another Oklahoma State or Baylor.
  9. There's a ton of Utah fans around here with PAC12 tatoos. Kinda funny. I wonder if things stay stable and they fill with 2 again to make it 12, I think if things hold together they might stand pat at 10
  10. Oklahoma State and Baylor over the past few years have been every bit as good as either of those two. I know UW had a playoff appearance but that was 2 coaches ago. TCU had a run too.
  11. The biggest brand is Oregon. The next several biggest brands are in the B12. Washington as a brand is heavily overrated on this board, I think more because of familiarity. Competition wise, the B12 is a better fb conference.
  12. Notre Dame truly hasn't mattered since the 90s. They get in games undeservedly so, they don't play as strong of schedule as other contenders and have been repeatedly exposed in NY6 type of games
  13. Rob, what you should do is post the same thing over and over for 142 pages. Seems like a solid strategy imo. Dipshit.
  14. Hi guys, how are things going in here?
  15. This would be a much bigger story if true, and they wouldn’t be meeting tomorrow if that was the case
  16. The B12 has just as nasty of an out with the contract
  17. If Washington and Oregon don’t get invited I think the pac sticks it out.
  18. More like all day, every day, all year
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