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  1. Both Baylor and Oregon have some pretty good DL its been frustrating the OL hasn’t been able to get much going in the run game thusfar
  2. I was referring to Hall with my fine comment I don’t think highly of Nix, but this year he has done a good job of getting the ball out fast
  3. I think our defensive line is crap, so you guys might be able to go run heavy and do some damage they played out of their minds against Baylor. They couldnt do anything against Oregon
  4. BYU had a bad game. Oregon is talented and played well. BYU didn’t. It’s different than Baylor. Oregon wants to spread you out. Baylor wants to fight in a ph9ne booth. BYU is probably better equipped for the latter given Oregons speed
  5. You have to make Nix pass. Nobody is going to pass when they ran the ball pretty well. Nix is mistake prone if you pressure him Hall played fine for byu but he can’t win the game himself
  6. There’s actual proof of usu’s involvement in the project imagine being a dude your age and being as mad as you are about the school your church sponsors, it’s ridiculous
  7. Please provide links and proof of these outrageous claims
  8. Super duper mean post. I think the B12 will as well. There's something you and others here who hate BYU have in common. It's frankly a little strange how much contempt you have for BYU, yet don't place a shred of blame on anyone else who participated in the project who stuck around. Sorry BYU took a better opportunity for themselves that resulted in a more stable and lucrative situation going forward for them. I'm still waiting for you to provide some actual evidence about the project, and wondering why you don't hate USU for spearheading it.
  9. You gonna run me off? Come up with something original, guy.
  10. I dunno, you've got the fake tough guy attitude down pat. Big 12 fanbases seem thrilled BYU is joining. They value what BYU brings. It could be a you problem possibly
  11. You could FOIA the other schools involved like SDSU, Nevada, Fresno, and UNLV
  12. I've yet to see anything on paper a decade later from you folks corroborating your story about BYU being the lynchpin that was behind the project and stabbing this league in the back. You'd think with FOIA requests you could find something at some point, yet I've seen nothing and ya'll still cling to this story like a tick on someone's ass. It's just a football game, champ. It's not that serious.
  13. ByU sTABbEd ThEiR CoNFeReNcE MaTeS iN tHe BaCk No they didn’t. You guys wouldnt take BYU’s tv issues seriously, so they left and it worked out perfectly bc now we’re in the B12. Grow up
  14. I like many of the Wyoming fans on the forum Some are a little over the top with this stuff, however. As far as the local kids going elsewhere, I'm not sure how many kids grow up dreaming of playing at Wyoming, but I think it would be hard to keep LDS kids that have opportunities in state. I'm not well versed in how many D1 guys Wyoming puts out per year, but do they stick around or go elsewhere for the most part?
  15. That will be our tenth game in a row without a bye. The biggest thing that happened between BYU and Boise during independence is BYU got tougher than Boise in the trenches. I still think there's a good chance you win the league.
  16. They didn't do a good job stopping the run against Oregon. They held Baylor to 2.9 ypc and South Florida to 4 ypc. I've been a bit surprised the run blocking has been so poor thusfar, but both Baylor and Oregon have some dudes on the DLine. I think BYU will win by 3 or 4 scores, but Wyoming wants to make it ugly and grind it out, so BYU better have a game plan for that. I think BYU will be able to score on Wyoming. I'm taking my son, we haven't been to a game in some time.
  17. Second the Tandoori place if you like Indian food
  18. So like everything you've ever posted in your time on this message board?
  19. I'm still waiting for this clown to shows us how Memphis basketball is worth more than the entire Boise State athletic dept. I've been asking for him to do it for a year or two. He can't seem to show us, and now he just won't respond.
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