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  1. Get out of here with your fake tough guy act, champ. Seen lots of that from folks like you this past week.
  2. If you say so, big bob. Idiot gonna idiot. That's not why folks like you hate BYU, bc someone called you mean names on a message board, guy
  3. I don't think James Madison is bowl eligible this year because of their jump AFA has a good chance if they can rebound and Wyoming gets a couple of losses
  4. I’d bet a combination of both
  5. Eat shit, Bob Youre a boil on the ass of humanity.
  6. Oh, so sorry, I thought byu just played Wyoming, and then usu this week Keep being a stupid dipshit, dipshit
  7. So glad we’ve got dipshit here to hold everyone accountable for everything he thinks they’ve ever said
  8. My bad, I thought he was a sr with a redshirt this year and one year left It will be nice when the Covid nonsense is done in a year or two
  9. This is a dude who has actually gotten worse thru his career i don’t think you want one year of that next year
  10. A lot of BYU fans are mad about it, but I think the AD is planning on returning the game. Those fans are more about sticking it to Wyoming. I think you return the game, it's short notice to schedule something out and Wyoming plays tough so it's a game you have to be ready for.
  11. Just take your loss, slappy You're the clown that said USU was bound to take over as 2nd best team in Utah. How's that working out for ya?
  12. "Hi, I'd like to report a murder"
  13. I was a bit surprised you guys didn't onside it after scoring.
  14. You're a strange fellow with a strange obsession. You should grow up at some point.
  15. I felt like BYU had your D figured in the 2nd half, and so you guys were going to have to take some chances on 4th down or a fake punt or something to get back in to it. Good game to you guys. It was a good atmosphere at the game. My son and I had a good time. I am tired today.
  16. The AD said we're planning on it just lats night. You guys are always looking for something to be mad about.
  17. WTF does this even mean? Do Bee? I think you should grow the hell up at some point
  18. Hows things going in here guys?
  19. Indeed, cry more and acknowledge your schools part in all of it.
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