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  1. You're a weird, gross dude. You've got issues. Grow the hell up.
  2. Bc you need to be put in your place
  3. That basically kept your program and athletic dept alive during those times, you should stop crying about it.
  4. Go eff yourself. You’re such a scab of a human being. Imagine being a man your age and acting this way about young adults playing sports. Grow the hell up, gramps
  5. Who cares? Win the game if you don’t want them to do that not many teams have beaten you twice in a row on the blue
  6. Look like that toe is down to me, gang. I can't believe he caught that.
  7. Will miss the games with you guys Enjoyed the interactions in Provo with the Boise fans Wish we could keep playing every year Proud of BYU for finishing strong in the series, winning 3 of the last 4 and twice on the Blue You guys have largely been all class.
  8. We haven't run those the whole year.
  9. Me too Its always been a great series, tons of respect, and the games have been really fun How about we take a win for last year, and you guys can win this year, and BYU goes to an NY6 at 11-1 last year?
  10. They were dogshit the whole game I hate the fvcking refs
  11. Absolute dogshit call there. Was in clear as day. You'd think there might be a way to perhaps have a camera right on the goalline. I'm not sure how you can call that not a TD. If there's been anything I've learned during the yearly series with Boise, is both teams have found ways over the years to completely outplay the other team and still lose the game and piss down their legs.
  12. I wish we had the BCS computers back I thought humans would be objective, but Gary Farta and the gang don't seem to treat everyone fairly. The computers never cared if you were a blue blood or how your past 5 seasons went.
  13. We just need to leave him alone while he manages all his high end properties in Utah
  15. Purdue is a nobody just like anyone else. They have a good team sometimes, but BC and Rutgers aren't in by merit at all
  16. And I'd be fine if they cut it down to 40 and went from there. Purdue, despite being in the B1G isn't playing the same game Ohio State and Alabama are. And I'd be fine with BYU not being one of the 40, because even though we can rise up and beat some of those teams sometimes, we're not playing the same game. I'd be for a European model with relegation long term
  17. There's too many teams in D1. It's becoming more and more diluted with each passing year. Could easily cut thirty teams and still have several that don't belong at this level
  18. No it doesn't, kiddo When you going to post the "evidence" that Memphis BBall is more valuable than the entire Boise State football dept? We're all still waiting for that gem to drop, guy How are your properties in Utah doing?
  19. "health issues" as in "scared of Saban" Dude doesn't have health issues
  20. His record is the same as Sumlin's after the same amount of games. It's funny to me they've put together all these co-ops to get the best players and still can't win
  21. I think this is their historical norm. They've really only been good with Harbaugh and then Shaw for a bit during my lifetime. They've been a PAC cellar dweller other than the stretch of those two coaches.
  22. Good game, Aggies. You guys played hard. Good to see a local kid Legas play better than the other guy, you'll have a fighting chance with him. I think Bonner was playing pretty hurt most of this year. I had a late shift so I didn't check in, sloppy game overall.
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