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  1. Good luck to you cretins. Except for @Rev McQuervo, he a little bitch.
  2. You're the dumbest poster on this forum, lumberjack. You still pretending like you're a big film producer these days or what's the shtick now?
  3. I wish we had the BCS computers back I thought humans would be objective, but Gary Farta and the gang don't seem to treat everyone fairly. The computers never cared if you were a blue blood or how your past 5 seasons went.
  4. We just need to leave him alone while he manages all his high end properties in Utah
  6. Purdue is a nobody just like anyone else. They have a good team sometimes, but BC and Rutgers aren't in by merit at all
  7. And I'd be fine if they cut it down to 40 and went from there. Purdue, despite being in the B1G isn't playing the same game Ohio State and Alabama are. And I'd be fine with BYU not being one of the 40, because even though we can rise up and beat some of those teams sometimes, we're not playing the same game. I'd be for a European model with relegation long term
  8. There's too many teams in D1. It's becoming more and more diluted with each passing year. Could easily cut thirty teams and still have several that don't belong at this level
  9. oH, i GoT u GuYs AgAiN wItH mY TrOlLinG HaRdY HaR HaR You weren't trolling. Drop the act, dress shorts
  10. LOL this is worse than wearing dress shorts to court, man. Polishing up a turd of a loss to Incarnate word? CLASSIC convert
  11. Alright gang, lets close it up in here. New playoff format means no new expansion. Everyone have a good life, see you on the other side.
  12. <narrator> We did not hear more tomorrow...........................
  13. He doesn't know anything, that didn't happen.
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