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  1. First thing I'd do is ban your ass and send you back to Alaska to do ice road trucking again
  2. I think you and the 2 Washington State fans that post there can probably find elsewhere to post.
  3. I’m not quite sure how this happened. I’ve been repeatedly assured by posters from this fan base that their seasons are boring and they would dominate things in this league as well. Back to the drawing board I guess 😕
  4. The sentence you referenced seems fine. You on the other hand....................
  5. They would rather not expand than associate with NDSU. That should tell you what we're working with here.
  6. The house always wins. Always. Stock market is rigged for the hedge fund folks. I would be terrified to get in on this. this smells like stock market collapse before the great depression
  7. Comparing yourself with teams already doing it at this level is ridiculous. You are not required to carry the same amount of scholarships, have less travel comparatively, and are not in an already saturated CFB marketplace, which you will be if you move up. Stay at the level you're at, enjoy yourselves. It's as good as it will ever get for you
  8. Look, you little turdball, everyone here has been plenty patient with your dumb smart guy shtick and cloying, annoying, "aw shucks you guys just don't get it" attitude. It's adorable you continue to try and convince the good fans here who don't give a shit about your stupid football program and don't want you here. You're never getting invited here, ever. And yes, you are a bunch of nobodies.
  9. No, you aren't. You're a bunch of nobodies. This league is more likely to contract rather than add. This place doesn't need another mouth to feed. You're already subsidized and it costs more to play at this level. These are the hard facts. You think google searches and facebook likes represent "hard facts"? GTFO with that nonsense.
  10. What I'm responding with is that you're not wanted here and never will be. Go play football in the MAC or WAC. Nobody here cares or thinks about you. You don't jump from FCS to this league. You go to the Sun Belt or MAC. Win there and we'll talk in 15 years. If you win.
  11. No we aren't. We're the only team that can beat them in the whole league.
  12. All while other teams made unprecedented amounts of money. He talked a big game about being able to get carriage fees and get the network on various options for viewing, which never happened. He should have been fired 8 years ago.
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