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  1. I don't care if we ever play Stanford, and have never cared if we played Stanford. If I was in charge, I would keep as many games that are already scheduled on the schedule, within reason with how it works regarding conference scheduling. We have home games against Tennessee and Arkansas and others, so I'd probably try to finish those out. For example, in 2023 I'd have kept vs Tennessee as the opener, vs Rice (Texas recruiting so you finish that series), and after that any of the remaining games works for me. I'd pass on returning a 2/1 agreement @USC, as well as @Fresno. But otherwise,
  2. Show me. Have to go out and do it. Everyone thinks their team looks good on paper.
  3. I'm with you. I wish you guys played. I understand the lack of games given only 3 ooc games, and one is usually BYU and the other is usually fcs. But, H/H with Wyoming, NIU, SDSU, Fresno, and SJSU makes me think something is amiss as well. I see your guys point of view of wanting to play teams like Florida. I wish everyone had 8 conference games, because it allows 4 games H/A and would create equity among the conferences in that regard, as well as allow for more OOC opportunities.
  4. I think the schools have a good relationship. I also think Boise will join the B12 sooner than later.
  5. At least you'll have some close games going forward after next year
  6. Nevada replaced UCF I would suspect the Boise game is gone in 2024, and possibly the USU game. I don't think that's any sort of special game. I have no interest in late season games against Stanford. I get that sentiment. I think it would be best for the overall competitive product to let them do their thing and if you need a pay game, pay someone to come play who is FBS. We have a game with Dixie coming up, and selling that to the home fans is lame, imo. I dunno, I see both sides.
  7. Boise has been a good partner and if the B12 expands when Texas and OU leave, I hope they come with. I've enjoyed the game and overall respectful tone of the series, despite knuckleheads on both sides. I'm good playing USU, but not at the expense of playing Utah. If Utah or BYU wants to take a break schedule USU or Boise. BYU admin cares so much about optics though, so who knows how they'll handle things with the in state teams. Does it really have that much juice if you haven't played in a decade plus? I just think USU is going to have a hard time getting BYU an
  8. I don't care about playing USC or Stanford. Those were uneven agreements, and BYU should opt out of those and move on. Bad deals from the start. The Arizona series was a road/neutral/neutral/home/road so I don't care if we finish that one out either. Basically I want to play Utah and if we play PAC teams OOC going forward that's fine, but I don't want to keep series that are bad agreements.
  9. They need to make it uniform. I'd prefer 8 across the board. Leaves 4 for OOC and more cross conference games, which I think brings increased interest and matchups. Do away with FCS games as well. No reason for Bama to play the Citadel.
  10. I want us to do away with FCS. Pay game in Provo.
  11. Wait, what? I was assured by many that this was the year Lil' Penny turns it around and NCAA tourney dreams are realized! Maybe next year.
  12. I’m still waiting for this clown to show us where Memphis bball is worth more than Boise State football. Maybe someday
  13. You probably need to step back a bit, re-evaluate your priorities, and take the L for your own good. What a bad look given some of the things you've posted in this thread.
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