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  1. These are the terms ya'll signed up for.
  2. I think Coastal was 12 last year, but I doubt they let that happen if the playoffs were on the line.
  3. I don't care about the WCC that much. St Mary's and Gonzaga are fun to play but the rest of the league is pretty unexciting overall. Pepperdine and SFU have been good sometimes. I just feel like there's so much bad blood here with the front range schools, Hair, and the fact that you'd have to bloat this place more to add BYU just doesn't make it a good fit. BYU is finally getting what they're worth this contract and they'd have to give that up as well. Independence has stabilized, despite it being dumb. I think it's more likely BYU, SDSU, and CSU go to the American. Maybe Boise
  4. Sure. I mean, we just play the teams that are good here for the most part. So, New Mexico isn't really included in that. BYU isn't ever coming back. I used to think they might.
  5. Ya, we don't want to play you either, champ. Your entire athletic dept is garbage.
  6. This process will take years. It won't disperse the talent quickly. People need to think of it like Gonzaga gradually becoming like Kentucky over time, not how Gonzaga made an elite 8 run and was a cute story in 1998
  7. BYU has done that once as an independent, and it was during a pandemic, and against one of the weakest schedules in BYU history
  8. I think it does. Everyone has fair access Why would you invite someone else to your league and have to divide the pie more ways?
  9. I'd argue in 2019 they were, except for a fluke loss to BYU. They beat BYU and they're in the Access Bowl that year. That loss paved the way for Memphis. They had a nice year that year. They beat Florida State in Florida and beat Marshall OOC and were undefeated in MWC play.
  10. I'd still argue they're a top three or four brand of the G5, even if the results have gradually declined.
  11. Most years yes. And that's ok, in reality unbeaten SBC or MWC champ isn't likely to be better than SEC#3 or B1G#2. If they just take top 12 with 6 conf champs guaranteed, I think you'll see some year when a team like Appy State or like that Western Michigan team from a few years ago makes it in addition to the American or MWC team. And maybe htey leave an unbeaten team out, but Appy State isn't going to plow through a four game tournament and win it all. Someday we'll see some upsets if this is the format going forward. Like that year when Boise and TCU were great, they'd have both been likel
  12. You only have leverage if you have something BYU wants. There's no contradiction. I've always wanted BYU in a league. BYU admin doesn't though, so you don't have leverage unless you have something BYU wants. BYU could jump in your league whenever it wants, fwiw.
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