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  1. I mean, SDSU has a win against Boise and ASU, those are decent wins. SDSU has done a good job with their schedule recently. USU's best win is probably BYU, which I've been repeatedly told around here is a terrible team that sucks balls. USU currently has a triple digit SoS, pretty similar to Fresno. I think they have a better loss than Fresno. I think they probably deserve it over App State. Do you think USU is better than Utah? Oregon? NC State? Miami? Wisconsin? Maybe they are, but that's who they're going against for votes. Same with SDSU and Fresno. Polls are dumb. Like you said, there's bias from the previous year, so you need to finish strong to start well the next year.
  2. Nobody, but they didn't lose to a team like Minnesota. Given their schedule, Fresno should be unbeaten. I'm ok with ranking a team that's won 20 games in a row. I'm ok with not ranking them if they lose to some team that is benchmarking out as the 70th team in the nation.
  4. I think so as well. I still want to see UCF win out and see how they handle that, meaning who they play in a bowl.
  5. Alabama won't lose to LSU. I think Michigan has a legit shot though.
  6. You sure you want to go down that road? Fresno's schedule is rating out about 90th. I'll agree about the American teams, but I'm not sure you want to go there re: SoS and the P12. Would you want UCF to be ranked if they had dropped their game against Pitt? Because that's about what losing to Minny is right now. Fresno should be unbeaten. I'm not saying they aren't the best team. They'll get ranked if they keep winning. They'd have been ranked long ago had they beaten a very mediocre Minnesota team.
  7. Who has Fresno beaten that would warrant ranking them at this point? They've had one of the easiest schedules in the nation so far. They lost to a Minnesota team that's probably not even going to make a bowl.
  8. All that matters is winning. A 13-0 team that won every game by a point is still 13-0.
  9. BYU will roll over for you like we always do