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  1. My stance is more "you guys want to negotiate through the media and try to drag my team so you can screw off with your nonsense". Their fans and how they act just up the ante. BYU doesn't need Washington. I'm not sure why everyone thinks that's the benchmark this year. We're not even sure Washington is better than Boise this year. Why are they good? Who have they played? Oregon State and Arizona, teams that likely finish in the bottom third of college football this year. This year, it makes more sense than ever to play Utah than Washington. It's a drive to get there, no charter. It's our ri
  2. Well, then lets add Arizona and Texas Tech. They're unranked P5 teams, so that makes them good, right? Maybe Wake Forest? They're free this weekend. If Washington was ranked like USC and Oregon, I'd bend over backwards, but the way they've gone about this with negotiating through the media is disingenuous, especially when they know they are likely to play Utah. No idea on the church aspect, wouldn't put it past them. The rumor I heard was Washington comes to Provo to play this week, and if the Utah/ASU game cancels, they play Utah at RES, and BYU replaces Washington State (COVID) on U
  3. I don't think BYU is playing this weekend. I'd be shocked. Also, the "I know you are but what am I" response from the dipshit in charge at BYU is pretty disingenuous as well.
  4. Last year and this year are different years. Like I said, I'd bend over for Oregon and USC. Not for these guys, especially how they went about leaking negotiations to the press. I have no idea regarding the "sent home" stuff. The players practiced today per twitter on multiple accts.
  5. Washington isn't even ranked. They're going back to the 7-5 days now that Pete is gone. They barely beat Oregon State due to bad calls I'd bend over backwards for Oregon or Southern Cal. Not for this team, especially with their fans too. Washington isn't some end all, be all for if BYU is good or not. If they'll guarantee the game, great. If they won't, they can eff right off. They're the ones that have played 2 games and only have 2 more the rest of this year. But sure, we "need" the game.
  6. Plus there’s a site that has basically recreated it
  7. I didn’t say it wouldn’t improve. I said it wouldn’t change very much given how poor it is already. BYU doesn’t owe Washington anything, and why is an unranked PAC team the threshold for BYU’s year? Washington has beaten two teams in 5he bottom third of cfb. If BYU beat them people here will just say Washington sucked just like when BYU beat Boise. If they lost, fine, BYU wasn’t good enough and you know the rest of the story
  8. This wouldn’t improve it. BYU could play their next two games against Bama and tOSU and it wouldn’t change much. It’s pretty much set at this point 80% of the way in to the year. it won’t matter anyways. BYU had no say in how this year has gone, we’ve had a fun year, and they’ll be like 12th in the rankings so no NY6
  9. Oh, so now Boise sucks too? Damn. That’s what you guys would say about Washington if BYU went up there and beat them
  10. I think if Washington is willing to guarantee the game, BYU is more than willing to play. You know as well as anyone what this really is
  11. They’ve never had a shot at the playoffs. You’re smarter than this. Beating an unranked Washington team doesn’t change this
  12. I honestly think it's more likely you guys end up playing them with how COVID is doing ASU
  13. BYU is in if UW will guarantee the game. UW admin seems to have gone about this in quite disingenuous fashion
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