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  1. I mean, there's dudes dying of COVID on their deathbed that are totally owning the libs
  2. Bob is one of those dudes that is actually cheering FOR Covid19
  3. If you say so, dress shorts.
  4. He likes Ohio State. I don't think he hates BYU, but I don't think he loves them either.
  5. Kinda crazy. Matt Brown doesn't have a rep as a troll either. Very interesting.
  6. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, from what I'm reading, you're telling me performance of the schools that have been added don't really matter? If you think I'm stretching by talking about 1995, then you don't really understand what I was saying in the first place. Read again, guy.
  7. Hey Dress Shorts, explain Rutgers, Maryland, Colorado, and various other schools that have been invited to "power" leagues over the years then? BYU accomplished all you can in college football from 1981-1996 and couldn't buy an invite until the B12 was desperate for someone, anyone to backfill their league. You think BYU's overall mediocre performance mattered to the B12 over the past decade of independence, with one ranked finish in a COVID year, a 4-9 year, and multiple middling finishes? Baylor had no business getting invited when they did either back in 1995. You should stick to
  8. SDSU and Fresno are both good teams this year. That will be a fun game.
  9. Balls as big as a bowling balls for Haener.
  10. I just don't think they're going to expand with Boise and Memphis. I don't think either of those are interesting markets. I don't think the league will do that unless there are more defections. I think it's much more likely the P12 gets poached and you end up getting some combination of the Arizona schools and Utah than Memphis/Boise/SDSU joining the B12.
  11. Meant for main thread, but the refs did you guys dirty on that fumble. Should have been up with a couple minutes left.
  12. You should have put 100 down.
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