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  1. BYU has far from deep pockets. Well, let me rephrase. They have deep pockets. They don't spend it on sports.
  2. I'm more just feeling like California has had some pretty wild regulations during this. I don't know more than SJSU people do about this. I hope you guys get to have a season.
  3. What about SJSU and SDSU? I could see SJSU not being ready either.
  4. BYU fans hating Hair wasn't so off base as some thought. Dude has never been a leader. He's good at reacting though.
  5. I did. And I still think that will end up being the case for some of the teams. I know a big reason for postponing and canceling games for Boise is due to lack of funds and not being able to host fans. This year is about survival at this point. you know this. California is a whole different thing too.
  6. I think the risk is negligible to the kids. Not worse than the already assumed risk of playing football and getting a head injury or some other injury. Some risk to coaches or auxiliary people who help out. I don't buy tickets these days anyhow, so I don't care. I'm not paying what season tickets cost to go see them play UTSA. I can watch at home and smoke a brisket and wings and drink a Coke and watch on the high def TV. I'd rather attend a road game most years, because you can make a fun trip of it and see some other place you've never been. I think that was more what was driv
  7. The risk isn't for the student athletes. The risk is putting a zillion people in a stadium.
  8. I don't think that was their plan. I don't think they've had much of a plan.
  9. My son and I liked it. It could be better but it was far from bad.
  10. Oh FFS, you guys were running with them to the new Big East. SDSU in the BE. Laughable. Don't act like you weren't part of the problem as well.
  11. I'm sure it is. That bored, I mean, board has like six posts a week. Natty tossed on his letterman's jacket and called up Jalapeno and they went to the HS homecoming game this weekend when he came home to moms to do some laundry. That's what showing up here is. It's hard for some to stay away from the glory days.
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