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  1. Why wouldn't he just go to some other place like LSU where he was previously recruited?
  2. Right, but it's the attitude of "these stupid popular kids have this coming, and they've been mean to me before, so they deserve to have violent deaths and I'm a good, cool kid who is overlooked and they don't treat me nice." I just feel like there is a common vein here. I get there's other reasons too, like the celebrity of it, or anger about other stuff but I think a lot of it is rooted in how people feel they are treated by certain groups.
  3. This is the same attitude that's led to school shootings.
  4. What is your endgame with hte date? Is it sex? Just go out and have fun? Is it just to get to know someone more and see if you'd like to see them more? I think you need to evaluate what you want. Sometimes I think you just want to bang all these girls, and that's not how women think about this stuff.
  5. You guys have gotten the shaft repeatedly with regards to the TV deal, moreso than anyone else.
  6. You're taking the time to run BYU down for 600k, when you put a list of 200k or worse at the top of the thread? Fun stuff, even for you.
  7. The P5/G5 thing has been the worst for G5 teams. TV ratings used to be a lot better a few years ago.
  8. No doubt. I mean, there was this one thread about board shorts being worn in a courtroom by some idiot. There was another one where a poster said he wrote like half the Pearl Jam songs in the early day.
  9. I know you are, and that makes it hard for you to read the signs on this stuff. It's just part of how you're programmed, that's part of autism is having a hard time reading the tea leaves with this stuff. If they won't consistently make time for you, it's best to go about it like they aren't interested.
  10. Well, you pay for sex, you seem to have weird ideas about social norms, and you have a hard time reading women. If a woman says she is busy, that's a sign she's not in to you. Women that are interested in you romantically will make time for you. I'm not saying any of this to be mean to you. You post a thread like this periodically and you tend to assign outward blame, when there's probably some blame on your side too.
  11. Touche'. I think the whole thread is hilarious.