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  1. Do you guys remember when BYU beat the brakes off UCF to end the 2020 season? That was fun. Anyways, how are things going in here?
  2. Zero still waiting to hear about your Memphis claim as well The Tree dipshits aren’t go8ng to the b12
  3. Because performance has never mattered with regards to expansion. Try to keep up. Still waiting on that Memphis bball info too, when you get a chance.
  4. I drive a 2009 CRV that we bought new. I just use it to commute and fish. Honda calls me every other month to see if I want to come trade it in. They were offering a lot more than I thought it was worth. I have been ready for a new car, but haven't pulled the trigger due to recent circumstances. Probably wait a few more years until my kid starts driving and give it to him and I"ll get something else
  5. And I'm game for that too, P5 conf champs, top G5, and 2 at large is fine by me too
  6. They could make a pretty cool playoff if they’d just include conf champs with some at large
  7. They've been cosplaying that they're an Ivy since the beginning of time. It's ridicluous.
  8. rest of the league should just tell them to get bent and add who they think will be best if that's the course they want. Cal and Stanford wagging the dog is why they're down UCLA and USC instead of bringing in good schools and building them up. Ultimately it's just sports. There's no deep honor that you play in a league of what you consider to be peers. It's just sports.
  9. You guys are so funny debating the merits of research schools as if it had anything important to do with sports.
  10. those are the only 2 rabid fanbases in the PAC UW and ASU have more than the rest imo
  11. <narrator> We did not hear more tomorrow...........................
  12. Would have been awesome if they had lost
  13. He did that to me, but then he was just gone.
  14. SMU seems like such a strange add to me
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