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  1. It didn't work, but I think if people will wear masks and continue to socially distance, we can get some semblance of normalcy, but you can't even get a large portion of the population to do that.
  3. I keep saying people aren't going to start taking it very seriously until they have a relative or loved on in the hospital, tubed, and dying despite all of our efforts. There is no shortage of people around here with strong (and erroneous) opinions on what is going on with this because they read an article on the Blaze or some messages on Facebook.
  4. But you wore dress shorts to court, so who's the smart guy now?
  5. Sucks all around. We're not going to see these sports back either. I think this is the first of many things of this nature.
  6. Didn't they just spend a few million to bring it back? Crazy times
  7. It's easy to say on paper "this looks like a win" until you travel, and then it's hot, and then you're against a couple of guys on the other side that are better athletes, and you had so and so injured, and all that stuff. I have no doubt in my mind BYU was a better team than South Florida at full strength last year, but we went out there and managed to lose to them because we had a bad scheme, some injuries, travel, and the humidity. It's always hard for a team to go play a couple of time zones away. It feels weird because the timing is off. That evens things up in a game where you might have an advantage.
  8. Rolo runs the same type of system. USU's defense last year was one of the worst defenses I've ever seen. I'm not sure how you change that from one year to the next. I think WSU is ripe for an upset in their first game with a new coaching staff and new system. I could also see them winning a 45-27 type of game. I agree regarding Louisiana. Much better team than people wan to give them credit for. I always just think SEC athletes, I guess, wrt Vandy. CSU just seems like a perennial underachiever to me. They are always hovering in that 5-7 to 7-5 range when you'd think on paper they should be better.They haven't seriously contended for a MWC title in nearly 2 decades. CSU is a show me. Show me you're better than we think and people will be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt in the future. 2-2 wouldn't be bad at all for them. I would still be surprised if they bowl this year.
  9. I've got Fresno at 2-2. They'll have really easy wins against Idaho State and NMSU. They'll have really ugly losses against TAMU and CU on the road. Hawaii has kind of an interesting OOC this year. I have them at 2-3. Losses to UCLA, @Oregon, and @Arizona. Arizona isn't that good, but it's a road game. Oregon is as sure of a loss as there is in college football. They might get nutty on the rock and beat UCLA, but I think Kelly gets things going a bit better this year for UCLA. They should easily beat Fordham and NMSU. Nevada should go 2-0 against Davis and UTEP. Arkansas still has SEC athletes and it's a road game. South Florida is a tough place to play as well. I'll go 3-1 because they were decent last year and return nearly everyone. I've got SDSU at 3-1 ooc. They win at Toledo and against Sac State. They split BYU and UCLA. SJSU will go 2-2. They beat UC Davis and UConn. They lose to Penn State and Central Michigan. Central Michigan could be a 9 win team next year. UNLV goes 0-4. Potential for 1-3 is there with them seeing LaTech at home, but I could see the Rebels not winning a game all year. I'd say little to no chance against Cal, Iowa State, and ASU.
  10. I used to do this for each team when I used to post more in years past. I always enjoyed hearing everyone's insight on the schedule. I think AFA goes 4-0. They return important pieces. Purdue is potentially a loss, but teams like that never scheme or practice for the AFA running game so they often have a tough time despite having better athletes. Army is trending down. Navy is always good lately, but I think they're around a 6-7 point dog @AFA next year. Getting FSU out to Boise is a good get. Finally a blueblood on the blue. I think Boise goes 3-1. If you go by FPI, which is heavily slanted towards last year thusfar, Boise only has a 23% chance of winning all four games. I think they beat Marshall and GaSo, and split FSU and BYU. USU is 2-2 at best, 1-3 at worst. This might be their toughest OOC ever. Washington is a sure loss. Southern Utah is a sure win. I think Washington State might have some hiccups because it's their first game on the road with this new coaching staff. BYU will beat USU this year in Provo. I'd bet on 1-3. The Lobos will go 3-2. They lose on the road at P5 teams and beat everyone else. UMass is basically a high school all star team. Idaho State should be an easy tune up game. NMSU always has the chance to give the Lobos some headaches (some entertaining games over the years), but UNM has beaten them in 6 of 8 and I don't see that being different this year. Wyoming is going 2-2. They'll beat Weber and lose to Utah. They'll split their road trips back East. I still think they're a dark horse to win the MTN division, but I think they'll take third behind Boise and AFA. CSU will go 1-3. They beat Northern Colorado and that's it. They could upset Vandy on the road, but I think Oregon State is on the upswing. I don't see them going up there and winning at Oregon State. It's been a while since they beat CU so maybe they end that streak and split CU/Vandy but if I had to bet, I'd say 1-3.
  11. Or nothing happens and you're all locked in.
  12. Your contract sucks donkey balls. How you give the networks that many years with a window coming up in 2025 is beyond me.
  13. There's nowhere near 20 million a year for that. Why Temple?
  14. We've seen a huge uptick the last three weeks. In my testing clinic we've been pretty steady throughout this at around 4-5 percent positive of people we tested. So, you'd test 25 people and see 1 positive. It's up to 15% positive the last three weeks as we've opened things up. The hospitals will start filling up if this continues.