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  1. OT: 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion

    I’ve been a huge curling fan for about 20 years. This is excellent!!!
  2. OT: 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion

    Amazing and heart attack inducing ending! But what a night!
  3. Jase Herl named Interim Coach for CSU

    Don’t you mean the interim to the interim coach?
  4. So the wolf pack is ranked again..

    Until they come to Boise!
  5. In Defense of SJSU's Terrible RPI

    You really think allowing SJSU to sustain a football program is humane and charitable?
  6. Nevada gets 4 Star RB

    You’re kidding right? That’s obviously a Renospacepack fan throwing a Boise State granny off the cliff. Scary that you guys have progressed from stairs to cliffs.
  7. What we learned from this week of MW basketball...

    Boise State needs to stop their second half choke jobs. I’m getting tired of seeing halftime leads evaporate because of lackluster play.
  8. AAC not considered mid-major in basketball?

    Well, at least we don’t have to live in the Eastern United States. (Sorry for all of you that do.)
  9. Boise State women's gymnastics #13 in the country

    Going tonight!
  10. Boise State at Wyoming

    Doesn’t help when the refs won’t let the guys play defense.
  11. RANK ‘em!

    I’m just terrified the SBOE hires a president as bad as Idaho’s. That would be a disaster.
  12. Merry Christmas

    Happy Birthday to you! We have the same birthday!
  13. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you and everyone here, as well! Hope everyone stays safe and well.
  14. BSU-Grand Canyon thread

    It’s not affiliated with the LDS church. Looks like Southern Baptist. Mormons wouldn’t have a cross on the logo either. Just sayin’.
  15. Pondering alternate history for Boise State football...

    Kustra paid the refs.