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  1. bsubroncochick

    Your First Album

    Haha! My parents had that! I grew up listening to it. The first one I really remember buying myself was the original Star Wars soundtrack.
  2. bsubroncochick

    This deserves main board treatment. Bachmeier commits to Boise.

    The question is—can we keep him? We haven’t had good luck in that area lately.
  3. bsubroncochick

    Hawaii friends

    Ditto. Hope everything’s ok with you all.
  4. Wow. Scary. I’m glad she’s ok and I’m glad you taught her what to do in that situation.
  5. bsubroncochick

    Another CA Cancer Warning / Judgment - Starbucks

    I saw a recall poster for a free-standing fire pit. The interior of the fire bowl becomes hot and causes burns. Seriously.
  6. bsubroncochick

    Which MWC coaches "applied" for the Tennessee job

    Awesome. Thanks!
  7. It isn’t just the Utes LOLing—we all are. (If this happens of course)
  8. bsubroncochick

    OT: Happy Opening Day!

    Well, the O’s won today (Sorry NorthWestCowboy), but I think this is going to be another ugly year. Same crappy pitchers and the good players all with one foot out the door. Sigh.
  9. bsubroncochick

    Which MWC coaches "applied" for the Tennessee job

    This is what actually concerns me right now. Kustra has been fantastic for Boise State, but he is retiring. The problem I see is that (I believe) the SBOE has the say over who is hired to be the new president. Look who they got for Idaho—if they make a bad choice like that, Boise could be in a world of hurt.
  10. bsubroncochick

    Kellen Moore: Future BSU Coach?

    Took one look at the kibbles and bits and committed as fast as he could to Boise.
  11. bsubroncochick

    Loyola (Chi) vs Nevada

    What’s up with the SJSU unis Reno?
  12. bsubroncochick

    Cambridge Analytica

    But RUSSA!!!!
  13. bsubroncochick

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    I’d be just fine watching the Aztec Warrior in a dance off.