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  1. OK. That was great! I really liked that song. I hadn’t thought about Gary Newman for years, but now I’m going to check out his new stuff. I’m a big NIN fan too, so this works out great! Thanks Convert!
  2. I actually really liked the flip side of the Cars single—Metal. Gary Numan=good stuff!
  3. Good luck man! We are rooting for you!
  4. Firefly, The X-Files, Star Trek: TNG, The Walking Dead before it got stupid.
  5. Sorry to hear this! I’m wishing you all the best. Good luck with your surgery and a speedy recovery!
  6. Idaho has a 14 day quarantine for visitors too.
  7. We had a vacation to Hawaii scheduled for the first two weeks of May. 🥺 (That was cancelled, of course.) 😢
  8. We now have nearly 200 cases and 3 deaths.
  9. Awwwe! He was my favorite. RIP Curly!
  10. My son works for Primary Health in Boise. Back at the beginning of March he got really sick, cough, fever, etc., but he also had some GI issues. Since there were no known cases in Idaho at that time and he hadn’t traveled anywhere, we didn’t think much of it. This past Sunday, the doctors at his work decided he needed to be tested since he still has a cough, etc that they are worried about. We won’t know the results of the test for another day or two, but we kind of expect it to be negative. But I guess you never know.
  11. Yep ours is just the foods we normally eat, just large quantities of the canned, frozen and dried stuff. But then we have extra emergency stuff like powdered milk and butter, etc. (yuck, but it will do in a pinch). We also have an entire freezer full of beef and pork that we buy from a friend who has a ranch. And a bunch of weird freeze dried stuff my mom gave us. I’d say we could comfortably live for a minimum of 8 months with what we have, other than fresh fruits and veggies. But summer is coming and we can plant a garden! We would also need to stock up more on pet supplies and prescriptions. We are only good for 3 months on that stuff. And maybe only 3-4 on tp!
  12. It’s one of the good things about being LDS. We’ve been prepping for years. My husband did go out last week and pick up more ammo though.