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  1. bsubroncochick

    Air Force vs Boise State

    I will be also, but it’s hard to think about giving up several hours on a Saturday to watch bad basketball. If we lose to Wyoming it’ll be bad news.
  2. bsubroncochick

    Air Force vs Boise State

    Yep. Losing interest in our team big time this year. Boise State basketball fans are fair weather anyway. TBA is going to be a ghost town for the rest of the season.
  3. bsubroncochick

    Air Force vs Boise State

    I’m just going to say this now and get it out of the way—Congrats AF!
  4. bsubroncochick

    The Boise abomination continues

  5. bsubroncochick

    BSU and UCF: Separated at Birth?

    Man, it feels good to have FBS problems.
  6. bsubroncochick

    Basketball Attendance

    And at least half were wearing Blue and Orange.
  7. bsubroncochick

    Boise at SJSU

    Boise State looking like crap so far. I blame playing in an empty arena. Guys aren’t used to these echos.
  8. bsubroncochick

    Give the 3 points and take Boise tonight

    I’m not so sure it really has as much to do with gelling as it does with just a general lack of talent. We have no functional bigs. No point guards. No one who can regularly drive to the basket. And no good 3 point shooters. But we are really good at turning the ball over and missing free throws. I guess we have that going for us.
  9. bsubroncochick

    Give the 3 points and take Boise tonight

    This sounds very accurate.
  10. bsubroncochick

    LSU Snaps UCF's 25 Game Winning Streak

    Boise schedules annual FCS games? I think you have us confused with BYU. I can understand that—both teams do wear blue on the blue turf after all.
  11. bsubroncochick

    Boise at Loyola Marymount

    Yeah there isn’t much point in going out of your way to watch the Broncos bball team this year. There are flashes that get my hopes up but then we just turn putrid again. Gonna be a long year.
  12. bsubroncochick

    Famous Alumni from your High School

    Rigby High School: Filo T. Farnsworth (tv) Vardis Fisher (author—novel Mountain Man made into movie Jeremiah Johnson) Larry Wilson (NFL/Hall of Fame) My grandmother went to school with Farnsworth and my dad played HS football on the same team with Wilson. Kinda cool.
  13. The Boise State University. Definitely the best ranked team to ever play on The Blue.
  14. Meh. We’ve had higher ranked teams play on The Blue.