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  1. We are still spending our Kustra money.
  2. Idaho already has statewide 2A sanctuary laws in place and the tiny little town of Star became the first official 2A sanctuary city in Idaho.
  3. I think the voiding the liability waiver clause is iffy too. Meaning if they go to a party or on a date and contract COVID they can sue the school? Doesn’t seem like that would fly.
  4. I’m moving to Montana. What the heck is vegan cherry? Does anyone even like cherry ice cream?
  5. Congrats! She’s absolutely beautiful!
  6. No to playing AF twice. We’d lose our entire 4 deep with knee injuries. 😎
  7. I’m so sorry for you and your family. That is so rough. Stay strong—we all support you here. And you are right—this is the worst part about this whole thing...all the people who have died alone and can’t be mourned properly by the families. It’s heartbreaking.
  8. Photo gone Maybe do some research and notice the picture of Hitler has been doctored.
  9. I actually have liked all the ones you’ve posted. Actually quite a bit of variety in them. I hadn’t realized he was still around making music until you started this, so it’s been fun to relive the good ol’ days as well as check out the new stuff.
  10. Very NIN sounding. I got it last night from iTunes 😄
  11. I don’t follow her closely enough to know—I was using her as an example because she is prolific on Twitter. But I remember she had a lot of claims on how much her “New Green Deal” was going to cost, something like $21 million should cover it.
  12. I don’t have a huge issue with them fact checking the president, IF it is done fairly across the board. For instance, are we going to see fact check links when AOC tweets out any of her laughably insane opinions? Somehow I doubt it.
  13. OK. That was great! I really liked that song. I hadn’t thought about Gary Newman for years, but now I’m going to check out his new stuff. I’m a big NIN fan too, so this works out great! Thanks Convert!
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