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  1. I’m so sorry for you and your family. That is so rough. Stay strong—we all support you here. And you are right—this is the worst part about this whole thing...all the people who have died alone and can’t be mourned properly by the families. It’s heartbreaking.
  2. My son works for Primary Health in Boise. Back at the beginning of March he got really sick, cough, fever, etc., but he also had some GI issues. Since there were no known cases in Idaho at that time and he hadn’t traveled anywhere, we didn’t think much of it. This past Sunday, the doctors at his work decided he needed to be tested since he still has a cough, etc that they are worried about. We won’t know the results of the test for another day or two, but we kind of expect it to be negative. But I guess you never know.
  3. Probably not. I’m waiting to see when we get our first of those.
  4. She traveled recently but to a low risk state. Mild symptoms and self isolated. That’s all I know right now. There was just a press conference. She’s in Blaine county.
  5. Maybe, but if so, my extremely inside source hasn’t received that info yet. It has to happen sooner or later.
  6. Wow. RIP. So sad to hear this news. I don’t post here often, but I stalk everybody else’s posts, and I hate to lose members of our crazy, diverse little family. Jackmormon will definitely be missed.
  7. The Boise State University. Definitely the best ranked team to ever play on The Blue.
  8. Yep. Getting that on my iPad every time I try to view this site. I had to switch to my phone just so I could post.
  9. Road but “neutral site” I believe. Yep—Jacksonville.
  10. Breaking in a new QB? Not even sure Cord will be ready to go by the opener, and he at least has a tiny bit of real game experience. You are more confident than I am.
  11. I didn’t get one either. I consider myself lucky. And maybe this means the government doesn’t have my number.
  12. I think the only thing that could make it change (unless Boise chooses to of course), is if we become so bad that no network wants to buy our home games separately. Obviously if there is no interested buyer that would change things.
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