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  1. At first I liked that the city was getting pro attention but now I think UNLV is screwed.
  2. It’s a little over 2 miles as the crow flies.
  3. Two posts from Nevada Convert in the last week on high altitude hiking deaths unrelated to MWC sports. Maybe we should create a high altitude hiking death sub forum.
  4. Control of markets becomes less important as cable dies out as there will no longer be the ability to hold an entire region hostage for a few bucks per subscriber in order to provide games on a network. As cord cutting goes away it’s individual eyeballs that are important and San Diego county has more eyeballs than the states of Utah, Kansas, New Mexico, Nevada and Oklahoma.
  5. Yep. Texas is not coming west and even Oklahoma and Oklahoma state couldn’t get a return call from the Pac on their own. IMO if the Pac expands SDSU and UNLV are on the very short list as there is no one else interested that makes financial sense.
  6. LOL. Speak for yourself. You guys are like 12th fiddle in your market and you already have two D1 football teams a stones throw away. It’s smart that you are focused on winning in the MWC because you are lucky to be in D1 let alone get invited to a P5 conference. If the Pac-12 expands by 2 or 4 teams I really like SDSU odds as there are very few other programs out there that make financial sense.
  7. Vegas is similar to San Diego in that both cities rightfully think they are too good for the mountain west. In the Pac-12 the fans would come out of the woodwork. The two most trophy destinations in the west just waiting to be scooped up...it makes too much sense.
  8. Let’s see some SJSU photos when you’re not playing Stanford.
  9. Allegiant is one of the best in the country but despite having UNLV signage in some areas it was built for the NFL. In a couple years you will see that it’s a bad deal to share a stadium with an nfl team. I wish UNLV-Now had gone through but oh well.
  10. That is awesome and GREAT for recruiting. Wish SDSU would do something like this. If you guys had built your own stadium you could be a west coast power.
  11. Correct. UNLVNow would have been such a gamechanger for UNLV. Too bad it never happened and you look to be doomed to NFL stadium purgatory. Is UNLVNow dead forever?...if say in 10 years UNLV sees what a mistake it was to partner with the NFL can it be ressurected?
  12. Student section is rail seats.
  13. SDSU appears to be doing it right. Rail seating in the end zone with no place to sit (even if you wanted to) for 5k students. CSUs AD should be fired for incompetence.
  14. As we are getting closer to completing the new Aztec stadium I am looking into other recently completed stadiums. In looking at Canvas stadium why in Gods name did your AD put the students in the most prime seating in the stadium and give them soooo many seats? (more than 10,000 in a 35k stadium). Photos for any game for CSU other than the opener against Oregon State are pathetic and the location and amount of student section is one of the main culprits. Here is the attendance in the third quarter on September 18th with the Rams down one score. What is going on? You get a bran
  15. I had hoped that we would be at 255 between sidelines like Banc of California stadium but looking at the renderings it appears to be a little bit more than that. I would say 265 to 270. In the heart of a trophy destination like San Diego I can see why they designed it to host other events as well. We are going to steal most outdoor events/concerts away from Petco because of our more traditional shape and better luxury suites.
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