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  1. Here are the final tallies. Congratulations to @kalua pig, @AztecSU & @B_Lootz for winning their respective teams! @Desert Wolf, thanks for pointing out the error. Final standings show your corrected totals & placement. Bizarre year emphazied with SJSU winning the MWC. Congrats to them, and their fans here on the board.
  2. Another week in the books! So far @kalua pig proves he has the best strategy. And I think I made fun of his picks in the beginning. Guess I have egg on my face!
  3. It does? I see the wole graphic on my laptop. Could you describe it more so I can investigate? Thanks, Mug.
  4. You're right ECA - apologies. Corrected for this week. Please everyone, take a look at your scores and see if they mesh with your own count. I have 39 players with 120 teams per sheet and every year at least one mistake happens. So let me know if you see a discrepancy so I can flag and check it. Thanks.
  5. "Week 2" in this bizarre season.
  6. While I agree about SJSU's showing, I also think Wyoming did a great job of making a game of it after losing their QB on the 3rd play of the game. They looked out of it, but rallied and took it to overtime. Though they lost, it was some impressive grit.
  7. Okay you bunch of animals - here's "Week 1" results. Since MWC finally played, and that's why we come to this site. One thing - @mugtang did team Purple give up? They were like half done and petered out like a fat guy in a 1500 meter race. Hell, a 100 meter race. 10 meter race. Lol.
  8. Yeah, now that the MWC. B10 and PAC are going to play, I'm going to wait a little before publishing the first results.
  9. You know there's no football for the MWC when... A BYU fan crows about their team "representing" the west on a western conference site that doesn't include them... And a number of MWC fans engaging him about where the west begins... Can't make this shit up, folks!
  10. I would, but Fbpack selected them in round 5. I won't take a pick away from a player. UMass and UTEP are available. Both are about as valuable as UConn. Let me know which one you want and I'll make the change!
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