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  1. Boise fan

    Giant Gator

    Who took the picture of the Tool playing golf?
  2. How does he know he is 1/32nd? Besides I thought it was 1/200th.
  3. Boise fan

    Smart TV or Roku tv?

    I have a TCL 55" 4K 6 series. I did lots of research and didn't see many complaints of them not working for long. They actually had lots of reviews praising them for being long lasting. The big issue with them has been vertical banding. And it can be bad in some tv's. Mine has a minor amount of it, and it doesn't bother me at all. I watch a lot of hockey, and the banding isn't making the ice off color that I notice. Extremely happy with my purchase and it's nearly a year old. I picked TCL because of the mixed reviews I read for Samsung, Sony's, LG's, Toshiba's and Hisense's. All had serious issues occur within two years of ownership. I didn't see that with TCL. I'm really glad I didn't drop another $600-1000 onto QLED's or something because I know a few people who wish they hadn't. If you're going to drop over $2k go for OLED. If you're looking for the best tv in a lower price range, TCL is tops. Series 4 is the most popular and the price is a steal for a 55", but I went with the 6 series and am happy I did. TCL is better for gaming, but has very nice resolution and presentation of movies, as well as sports and tv. Not a great tv to view from the side, but if intended for a bedroom, yup - prolly best choice. If for living room, maybe consider a curved TV. Anyway, happy shopping and I hope you get what fits your needs the best.
  4. Boise fan

    Is this fair?

  5. Not true, HP phone support has operators in many South East Asian countries.
  6. Boise fan


    Try to remember PH - Just because they look the same, one is not like the other. Once you understand the difference, you might consider getting one of those on the left. Then you can try to interface with the one on the right without conflating the two.
  7. Don't forget, The Tool claims 1/200th Native American. So is he the board's Warren? He hasn't produced a DNA test yet that shows any link. But he'll regale us with his memories of his time on the reservation...
  8. Your future in Phone Tech Support for Hewlett Packard is much appreciated. Please remember to follow the script without fail at all times.
  9. "authentic liberal" How funny would it be to have George and Rand sit down for a discussion?
  10. I'm amused BSU thinks so highly of him. Or many of the other conservatives here.