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  1. I doubt anyone is underrating those two gals.
  2. hottie babe cheer hot girl logical choices!
  3. ULM Warhawks @WYO1016 @godogsgo on deck
  4. @Wapitipoke34 can pick @cgzpack on deck @mugtang-mare waiting in the wings using his crystal ball that isn't so foggy...
  5. Georgia State. @halfmanhalfbronco you're up for 2. Then your last pick is by default!
  6. I vote we call Joe "Bueller" from now on!
  7. Please tag the next player! @fbpack lost ten hours thanks to not being tagged. @Warbow drop your socks and get ready to pick. @trl87 may be able to pick today if everything goes according to plan. P.S. - there is no plan.
  8. Actually @bsu_alum9 is up. Jeff Metcowboy and bornsilver can pick whenever they find their way back. @B_Lootz is on deck @Rebel doc is in the hole.
  9. Wow Oracle! PM me the lottery numbers!
  10. trl87 took them in round 3. Seriously, check out the handy-dandy pick sheet provided on nearly every page! On this page it's located 4 posts above yours! choose again
  11. Hawaii lost four games, they could use a date filled. Just make it a home game for them. Colorado State lost 2, they could use a date filled too. Also make it a home game. Both lost their first game of the season. Could have Hawaii recoup a game on Aug 29, and CSU recoup on Sept 5. Very helpful to our MWC brothers.