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  1. Boise fan

    Big Tariff Trump Fans ....

    Tariffs are a country's defense to protect domestic industry from foreign competition. Post WWII Japan became very adept at electronics. They dumped cheap electronics in America, at a loss, in order to destroy America's domestic markets. This worked with televisions. In today's world, it is academic that should tariffs go away completely, large corporations would easily saturate small countries with competing businesses with low priced wares to destroy the domestic competition, or buy them out. Consolidation of industries is one of the greatest threats to trade in the world, but conservatives don't seem to be too worried about it. Some industries already have shit for choice, and the quality of the products and their related service have suffered greatly as a result. While corporations earn fat profits from monopolistic policies, consumers suffer as a result. That's why cell phone service is so freaking expensive in America compared to elsewhere. Multi-nationals would welcome no tariffs worldwide as quickly as you'd welcome free labor for your business endeavors. You are incredibly short-sighted.
  2. Boise fan

    Far left radicals in South Africa.

    I don't advocate for communism at all. You lump everything into very narrow confines because it suits your agenda. And your view is skewed as a result. Totalitarianism is the result of narrow consolidation of power within an artificially created ruling class. This most often occurs in the form of a dictatorship or military dictatorship. Dictatorships are right wing ideologies. Consolidation of power into one person has nothing to do with the tenants of communism or socialism. In fact it contradicts them. I stated that one of the biggest flaws in communism was that it can be usurped by dictatorships far more readily than other systems. All states that have tried "communism" actually employed Stalinism. Stalinism is a bastardization of communism. Stalin and the others were tyrants, even though they employed some socialist policies. But they did so to exploit the shortcomings of socialism and communism. By doing so they could consolidate power more readily. And as I've mentioned, that has nothing to do with the original intent of those systems. Neither socialism nor communism intended to have a ruling class, let alone a dictatorship as an administering body.
  3. Boise fan

    Big Tariff Trump Fans ....

    Yeah that would work great for China and the US. Not so great for small countries. But if you like your world run by two or three multinationals, then it would be a great system.
  4. Boise fan

    Big Tariff Trump Fans ....

    Phucking Bahamans! Highest tariffs in the world! Simple trade war? Or should we just take the phuckers over Grenada style? https://www.wto.org/english/res_e/statis_e/statis_bis_e.htm?solution=WTO&path=/Dashboards/MAPS&file=Tariff.wcdf&bookmarkState={"impl":"client","params":{"langParam":"en"}}
  5. Boise fan

    Far left radicals in South Africa.

    I honestly don't know anything about this group - from the link provided they sound pretty out there. Now for the reactionaries on the board, the following below doesn't represent anything I'm advocating. People can analyze theories and comment without being an advocate of them. So I'll preface it by stating: Communism is a failed ideology and cannot work. That said, while I know conventional thought is that "communism is left" so any government utilizing aspects of it are "left", I disagree. The ideals of communism and socialism don't include totalitarianism. Not in their original intent. Stalin bastardized things because he was a tyrant. All models of communism employed by countries I know of were following Stalinism. So none of them were truly communist, in the original sense. Totalitarianism has traditionally been the realm of right wing ideals - monarchies, dictatorships, military dictatorships. And when you look at the countries who claim to be "communist", they invariably are dictatorships or military dictatorships. While aspects of socialism or communism are employed, the governing body is not following the ideals, instead they use military enforcement and consolidate power among the ruler(s), which is contrary to what socialism and communism were meant to be. At least that's what I remember from political science. The idea of "social ownership" is contradictory to the consolidation of power that happens within totalitarian regimes. If everyone shares everything, then no one can consolidate power. That is the theory. Though a governing body may oversee policy, it was always meant to be regularly changed so to avoid consolidation of power among a few individuals. This is part of why communism is so flawed. It is a system that can be readily usurped by those who wish to control others. Personal gain is a powerful motivator, and sharing everything is far too idealistic to be pragmatic. Anyhow, I view communism as a left wing ideology. But I view totalitarianism as a right wing ideology. If a country has socialist structure within government but has a totalitarian administration, then I consider it totalitarian. And therefore, right wing. If you analyze the failings of a communist country ruled by dictators, the consolidation of power and the greed that comes along with creating a ruling class (again, contrary to the ideologies), is what causes the failings. The socialist policies are damaged or destroyed by the corruption that envelops the ruling class. I admit it's been a while since I studied political theory, so I'm going off memory. Perhaps this is a starting point for discussion on left wing vs right wing ideologies and their definitions. Perhaps not.
  6. Boise fan

    Far left radicals in South Africa.

    Military dictatorships are right wing.
  7. Boise fan

    Far left radicals in South Africa.

    I don't know what makes them "left". Advocating killing people seems very totalitarian and therefore right wing to me. These people aren't liberals, that is for sure. Maybe they're Libertarians?
  8. Boise fan

    This is unacceptable

    A libertarian president.... There is no way to write a show featuring a libertarian that wouldn't make them look buffoonish.
  9. The drug companies foisted opioids on Americans like the drug pushers the "War on Drugs" was supposed to combat. Took many great talents, among them Prince & Tom Petty died far too soon as a result. Meanwhile, Mary Jane languishes on the dreaded Schedule 1 ban list, and she is without a doubt, the best and safest drug out there. Fricking Cotton industry and the boneheaded politicians of the day. Can't wait for it to be legal for all uses in America. Joe From Wy needs to make that his life's legal work - legalizing MJ at the National level. Go Joe!
  10. Boise fan

    Transgender Sports Another Slant

    HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! - is what God thinks everytime he crafted you from a fart. It's also what your wife said after you got naked on your wedding night. Perhaps that's why you're so sexist? Still trying to figure out your racist side, especially since you claim to be one pinch Native American. Which isn't much in the 280 lbs of blubbering idiot. I'll be here all week, folks!