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  1. Horseshit. You know you're wrong when the Libertarians are pouncing on your post. Why are you pandering to those racist, sexist assholes anyway?
  2. Uh yeah, cupcake. As I've said, most dictatorships are small government. Keep it small and carry a big stick. That's the whole point. The military isn't governing, they are the stick. Those governing are few in number. Why is that so hard for you to understand?
  3. Why are you so afraid to tell what city? You like to call out one. And you know very little about it. So what city do you live in? Somewhere you supposedly know something about.
  4. A country the size of America, with the population it has, and the reputation in the world - and you imagine a small government with small military? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously, when does the S.S. Libertardia set sail? You really need to be on it. You'd be so much happier there!
  5. Very good point. I guess that is grounds to challenge the law in court.
  6. TBH I don't know, it's a quote from the OP's Fox News report. Maybe one of the WY posters will post the law for clarity.
  7. If true, that's horrible. As for for-profit prisons - I care because of the deals in place that punish communities financially if occupancy rates are not maintained at a set level. That encourages incarcerating people to avoid payments. That is unconscionable.
  8. Where are your stats to prove it is "high crime, high poverty"? Where did you live in Idaho?
  9. Most dictatorships have small government authority. They simply use large military to enforce their will. Dictators don't like lots of people sharing power.
  10. I'm guessing that it's because it has nothing to do with phone records? Like I stated before, I don't know the details of how the device works. If it were intrusive as you suggest, I would join you in your protest of it being a civil rights violation. But if it's just determining if the device were on and transmitting, that wouldn't be intrusive imo.
  11. Damn! You done bitch-slapped your boyfriend, Toolsy! You're liable to get Joey all upset. No reaction button from him on these posts! But make-up sex is usually da bomb, so maybe it was just a ploy for some one-on-one time instead of sharing with your Top, huh?
  12. What has that got to do with anything? Even Fox News reported that " Wyoming law requires on-site education for isolated students when it’s impossible to transport them to other schools." That sounds like a state issue. And we all know how frequently the state has been blue, right? When was the last time? Like, sympathy for Kennedy's assassination wasn't it? Before that? The Eisenhower era?
  13. Ah! That's a good one! Nicely done. My mistake for using a tired old phrase incorrectly. Seriously, kudos on that. I definitely phrased that one wrong. And look - I've done something the Libertards have never done - admitted being wrong. Makes you wonder about them, right?
  14. That upsets you? My you are sensitive. How is it bigotry? Hell, how are any of your accusations what you claim them to be? You pull them out of your ass and have nothing to back them up with.
  15. Thanks for proving you know diddly shit about Caldwell. Where have you lived in Idaho?