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  1. Yeah, now that the MWC. B10 and PAC are going to play, I'm going to wait a little before publishing the first results.
  2. You know there's no football for the MWC when... A BYU fan crows about their team "representing" the west on a western conference site that doesn't include them... And a number of MWC fans engaging him about where the west begins... Can't make this shit up, folks!
  3. I would, but Fbpack selected them in round 5. I won't take a pick away from a player. UMass and UTEP are available. Both are about as valuable as UConn. Let me know which one you want and I'll make the change!
  4. I made an executive decision and finished out the picks. @Wapitipoke34 bailed for reasons unknown, but I decided to give him the best of the teams left that I could see. @kalua pig vanished as fast as his leadership skills, and as he seemed to be punking the game anyway, picking MWC teams and Indy's, I gave him UConn. The rest went to @TheSanDiegan So here are the final picks for Black Team! Congrats you bunch of rapscallions! @SJSUMFA2013, @Mad_Hatter, @mugtang, @Del Scorcho, @renoskier, @Broncomare, @cgzpack, @Coog kev, @818SUDSFan, @mondego
  5. Teams left: Tulsa UMass UConn Old Dominion UTEP Rutgers Michigan State Bowling Green Akron Kent State Eastern Michigan Missouri Coastal Carolina Texas State On your marks.....get set....GO!
  6. Mondego took them in the last round.....but wait! You won't believe who is left. So it's a gift because nobody here actually kept track. Next post shows who's left. @mugtang broncomare picked SJSU after Kalua did so she has another pick. See who fights for the teams first. @Wapitipoke34 you could make two good picks if you're fast! @kalua pig you're still in the hunt if you're not snoozing at the wheel. Get ready for it!
  7. Lobos look to be available. Done!
  8. D'oh! Yes you did. @Del Scorcho pick again please. You still have one pick to make reno.
  9. Geez, is everybody asleep? Hop to it Purple! @Headbutt - dude you're the leader of this team, right? Everyone I tagged except gostate has been around since I tagged them. Has this team given up? Let me know.
  10. None of these teams are left: Well, you can still select UConn if you want...
  11. Trade aside, you still have a pick to make. Pick please, for the love of God! Unless I missed it, then please for the love of God, remind me what it was!
  12. yeah this team is halfway through and the bed is so shat no sheets will fix it. @trl87 Pick. @thelawlorfaithful pick @masterfrog pick @Billings pick @bigd pick @GoState99755 pick @Headbutt pick,...two then Gostate and those above pick again. See if that cranks things back up. Skip @Warbow unless he decides to participate again. Go TEAM!!!
  13. @mugtang one more pick for Broncomare - forgot you skipped her in round 9. @Mad_Hatter pick!
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