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  1. Boise fan

    This is wrong

    So that's 5000 less votes for the Rechties. Or is it 7000 - 10,000. I didn't get to see their memo.
  2. You're talking about the politicians. House, Senate. You do realize the government is far larger than that, right? That it would affect a lot of people who aren't party to the petty squabbles of the tinpot dicktater and his Mussolini styled tantrums.
  3. Any Alpha that crows about their being an Alpha is really an Omega. Which is one below Psi And you know what that means. Op, op, op, op
  4. Maybe Stormy should make an offer to Trump - Threesome with Ivanka to settle the debt. Of course she'd know as soon as Trump got going with Ivanka she wouldn't have to do anything. Except plug her nose and close her eyes.
  5. Boise fan

    36 months

    Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!
  6. Boise fan

    Stuff to do in San Diego

    USS Midway museum at harborfront. Cool to go into and see up close an aircraft carrier. If you follow the walking path south of the Carrier museum, you'll come up on some cool WWII memorials, including a giant statue of the immortal kiss captured by life magazine after the unconditional surrender. That statue is really close to an awesome restaurant, The Fish Market. Definitely eat there. Everything is good, but they especially have awesome oyster bar. Going North on Harbor drive, you'll run into some harbor tours which can be good - Again, naval sightseeing is the biggest draw, as you can see all the ships at port, or in reserve. Subs too. Further up is an old three master ship museum, The Star of India. Pretty cool tour, and the ship has an interesting history. The San Diego Zoo is near the harborfront - short drive. Really good zoo, lots of walking. https://zoo.sandiegozoo.org/ If you're up to a longer drive, go to the San Diego Wild Animal Park - that's how I knew it, looks like it's been renamed to San Diego Safari Park. Absolutely awesome park. Plan beforehand because you can reserve a special tour to feed the giraffes and other big African animals from the back of a truck. Seriously cool. But seats are limited, and rarely available the day you visit. https://www.sdzsafaripark.org/ Balboa Park is just on the edge of downtown and is really nice as well. Home to a bunch of museums and the zoo is located beside it. San Diego air & space museum, the museum of art, & natural history museum are all in Balboa park.
  7. Boise fan

    One thing I’ve started since having kids

    I thought you were going to say: Safeguard anything you value Read up on corporal punishment laws in your state Take up napping Teach your wife to like quickies for the first years. Practice yoga, meditation, and other such skills Take up any hobby that gets you out of the house some hours per week sans kids.
  8. Boise fan

    Bond has a serious drinking problem!

    Imagine how much Bond would drink if he dealt with The Tool regularly? Twenty-sixer of Whiskey. Any Brand. Neat.
  9. Boise fan

    Hiring only the best

    Don't forget Michelle Bachman. But there's a whole stable of odd ducks and morons who seem to get elected. Another thing that needs to end is gerrymandering. While the Dems have done some, and it really needs to stop, the GOP has gone hog wild on it. Districts need to be drawn by non-partisan individuals who are either dedicated to being honest, or part of a watchdog group that ensures honesty. Something like that anyway. Damn! You'd think from Tarkanian's wife's speech that Trump was running against him. I wonder if she understands how ridiculous it sounds for her to praise Trump and decry lies. Probably not. Like Tools, she's probably tone deaf.
  10. Boise fan

    Hiring only the best

    It's become progressively worse with each election cycle. I wonder if they just encourage stupid people to go out for political office, or if they do so with the idea that they can control them if they get elected. Either way, it's not a good look. And I really hope they get pummeled at the polls. But one thing the GOP is extremely good at is demonizing the other side. Might have something to do with dealing with so many moronic candidates. They understand how to convey the message that will inflame their base. But it's not all them. The average American voter appears incapable of knowing the difference between truth and lies, fact and fiction. Wish truth in advertising laws were applied to politics. With very tough administrators.
  11. Boise fan

    Does trump pay too much for sex ?

    Or maybe that's the lowest price women are willing to accept to phuck him?
  12. Boise fan

    Kevin Hart

    I like Olbermann's tweets. They are funny and contain more truth than Dear Cheeto.
  13. Boise fan

    Does trump pay too much for sex ?

    You should see what he's paid for his wives!
  14. Boise fan

    Hiring only the best

    Trump has set the bar so low, I worry about the neanderthals that will run the country from now on.
  15. Boise fan

    Pick 10 Results Thread