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  1. It could be the best trip you'll never remember!
  2. Thanks! You're a good teacher!
  3. I'm not saying that - I don't think people want others to die. It's collateral damage in the mad effort to save money by taking things away from those who have no special interest groups throwing money at politicians. I was responding to his general statement about a society where the state may determine life or death by $$$. I think this applies.
  4. What about Ted Bundy? Tex Watson? Jeffrey Dahmer? Can't remember his name but the Green River Killer? The brother who committed the Boston bombing? If capital punishment is being done as a deterrent, I agree with you. Wasted effort. But if it's punishment for the crime they committed, and the evidence isn't circumstantial, then why not? The burden of proof would have to be high, but there's a place for it imo.
  5. Aren't they doing that with ACA & Medicare cuts? Won't that inevitably lead to preventable deaths? And the only factor determining it is $$$.
  6. OT: Seattle taking NHL season ticket deposits

    Hope this happens for Seattle, but the Pacific already has 8 teams. Not sure how they would reform it so Central gets the eighth team it needs. It would have to be Calgary, Edmonton or Arizona transferring to Central. Can't see them splitting up the Alberta teams. And Arizona would be way off from the others. It'd be easier to add Quebec, put it in Atlantic and move Detroit to Central imo. That would hurt Seattle's chances at a franchise. Will be interesting to see how it all shakes out!
  7. OT: 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion

    Shoot outs are a lousy way of deciding a championship. The Olympics need to stop that crap. Congrats USA. Though Canada was the better team the majority of the game, you came on strong at the end.
  8. That's a great example of why circumstantial murder convictions should never have the punishment of death. For the death penalty, I think there has to be more than circumstantial evidence. And I don't look at the death penalty as a deterrent. It's a punishment. Reserved for the absolute worst criminals who walk among us. But we're nowhere near being able to apply that properly. It's also a good example of why prosecutors shouldn't put such onus on obtaining convictions. If there wasn't such pressure for high conviction rates, then many people wouldn't be falsely charged and/or convicted of crimes they didn't commit. One of the biggest problems with the justice system is the goal is no longer justice. It's process. Innocent people can be framed by those who understand the way the system works. That's needs to be fixed.
  9. Has the Eunuch in Chief met his match?

    Geez. That supports a lot of what all those reports from people say about Dear Cheeto. I wonder if he even really cares? Or if he's going through the motions until it's McDonald's time.
  10. Trump's "Bad Homre's" aren't all flocking to take your jobs on the American side of the wall (to be). Some are busy fleecing you at your favorite Resort. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/02/21/mexico-resort-blackouts-mother-nightmare-missing-daughter/357865002/ In seriousness though, this is a huge problem that's getting worse. The hotels, the police, the hospitals, appear to all be involved in a conspiracy to take advantage of tourists. Turning a blind eye to crime only makes it worse, especially when it becomes part of your paycheck. It's really disgusting. If you have daughters, you should be very concerned. Especially if they are interested in vacationing at any of these places. "Like the more than 140 previously reported incidents, the newest ones include vacationers who blacked out after consuming a few drinks — sometimes just one. They regained consciousness hours later, many of them to learn they had been robbed, sexually assaulted, bruised, bloodied or otherwise injured." " The Journal Sentinel investigation found that resorts are reluctant to call law enforcement or an ambulance and often tell guests they have to take a taxi to the police station or hospital if they want help. In the case of one young woman from Illinois who was raped at a resort in June, police did show up but refused to question bartenders or anybody who was in the area. Her mother told the Journal Sentinel they refused to offer any help whatsoever." "When Newton went to the resort’s managers and asked them to call police, they refused, she said." "“They make you feel like you’ve done something wrong,” she said. “They want you to feel like you were drunk and it was your own fault." " Among the 150 incidents identified by the Journal Sentinel, some believe they were targeted, as they awoke to find they were victims of crimes. Others found no motive for what happened. They got violently ill but were not robbed or assaulted. Some who were sick, however, were encouraged by resort officials to go to the local hospital, where they paid thousands — sometimes tens of thousands of dollars — for care."
  11. So this just went across my twitter...........

    But Chicago! Domestic Benghazi! ?
  12. Immigration Reform

    If only the world was as simplistic as you paint it. But shades abound everywhere Jack. You just need to take off those glasses and you'll see it.
  13. Immigration Reform

    It's like your own private Broke Back Mountain. Can you guys take the knob polishing offline? Thanks!
  14. Hypocrisy is the norm these days. We have the Hypocrite in Chief in the highest office in the land. But so long as his supporters are told he's putting money in their pockets, they'll bend over for him willingly. The zenith of the Me First mentality, imo. Seriously.
  15. Has the Eunuch in Chief met his match?

    I don't know how anyone can take that guy seriously. War certainly isn't the same as video gamers and weekend warriors think it is. This is an oldie but a goodie - I'm sure you can appreciate it.