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  1. Of course the owners have the right to pass the rule. And we have the right to protest it by boycotting. The owners have the right to kowtow to the orange orangutan and the rest of the mob who want all those pesky colored folk to just stfu and do as they're told. The owners, just like all the sexist, racist beer swilling white boys are on the wrong side of history with this one. This isn't about the flag but it is about respect. Respect and due process for all people, not just the white ones. So no, people aren't trying to take away the owners rights. They have every right to buy into the continued persecution and discrimination. And consumers have the right to say na, ain't gonna give you or your advertisers anymore of my money.
  2. Kneeling in peaceful protest is supposedly disrespectful but tasing and gunning down unarmed POC is business as usual. Love to see all the POC, players especially, walk out of a game one Sunday.
  3. Hurts the brand? The brand that gives a slap on the wrist to wife beaters? Phuck the NFL. Do they have the right to pass this rule? Youbetcha. But I don't respect or support them for doing so. Bunch of money grubbing weasels.
  4. I say this with heartfelt sincerity, phuck the NFL.
  5. mysfit

    Ten dead in Houston suburb school shooting

    The overwhelming number of mass killers are men. Despite women suffering from mental illness with more frequency than men. Behavior, emotional and social health combined with culture is more determinative than "mental health'.
  6. I work with a lot of Trump voters. They are good people, many of whom I consider friends. They don't like a lot of things he says or does and they have different priorities. They respect me, even if we don't agree and I respect them. Even if I don't agree with all their choices. They know how I feel about trump and give me my space. We have more in common than not. Friends are too precious to toss aside just because the aren't mirror images of ourselves.
  7. mysfit

    Ten dead in Houston suburb school shooting

    Mental illness is not the cause for mass killings. Many of these shooters need help, but I do not believe mental illness to be THE cause of the actions. Socially abhorrent behavior is not mental illness. Misogyny and racism are not mental illnesses. Very few actual mental illnesses predispose individuals to violent behavior. It's extremely inaccurate to claim 'mental illness' is the cause for mass killings. Millions of people suffer mental illness without committing violence against others. It's time we stopped blaming mental illness or saying these people are just sick. They make choices based on their personality, learned behavior, culture, impulse control and empathy, or lack thereof. Society has an increasing problem with social adjustment and behavior of individuals that has nothing to do with mental health. It has to do with social and emotional health. It has to do with a sense of entitlement and a lack of respect for others. These people have been radicalized and cut loose from healthy social constructs. But it is NOT an issue of mental health. It isn't mental, it's social and emotional health. It's learning to live in the real world, not the internet.
  8. mysfit

    Ten dead in Houston suburb school shooting

    Another incel rebel. This kid isn't mentally ill or unstable. He's another Elliot Rodgers. A rage and hate filled monster who felt entitled to a woman. This is about a subculture of men and boys who feel entitled to women and view them as sub human. Another hate filled group who egg each other on to act out. It's about being self centered and lacking any respect or empathy for others, especially women and minorities. This is a cultural issue that was hidden but has now crawled out from under the rocks to operate in full daylight. Trump is the culmination of shedding the bounds of decency and acting out. It started before his election but it has accelerated since. It isn't mental illness, it's a lack of character, decency and morals. We still have a gun issue, but these guys will use cars as well. There is a sub group of mass killers who fixate and hate on a group and go after them. Incels, homophobes and racists.
  9. mysfit

    Sanctions for Iran

    Then again Sanctions were hurting a Chinese company and hurting Chinese jobs so now trump wants to help them out. Can't wait to see trumpeters spin that one.
  10. mysfit

    Sanctions for Iran

    Iran will move closer to Russia and China. They will extend their policies in the middle east. The hardliners in Iran were just handed a priceless gift by trump. Europeans are rightly pissed off. America's word is meaningless, good luck in any future negotiations. This was an incoherent, pointless move which increases the instability, destabilizes the region further and increases the risk for everyone. Well, except arms dealers. And NK is laughing its ass off with the phantom ploy of destroying a nuclear test site.....which has already suffered so much damage they were going to shut it down anyway. The insanity and driving the US further into irrelevancy continues to accelerate.
  11. http://www.kentucky.com/news/state/article174107986.html And this one, 11 spots better than Kentucky https://wallethub.com/edu/most-least-diverse-states-in-america/38262/
  12. Senator Raul Labrador..... Who's Kentucky got? Paul and Mconnell.
  13. mysfit

    Coming water crisis

    See " Capetown and day zero"
  14. mysfit

    Cohen? He was just a covfefe boy

    It's possible trump knew nothing about Cohen's little side business. Of course, trump only hires the BEST people.
  15. mysfit

    Troll Derby 2018- Bait Regional

    Damn this a fix! I demand an independent FBI investigation! There is obvious and blatant fixing of the rankings by those SEC loving basement dwellers and worse, the hacking and bots flooding the zone with fake news, those Canadian vote meddlers!