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  1. Co equal branches of government. They need to act like it. Yeah, I'm talking about the sad turtle who has abdicated all respindibility. Open the government and then have talks. Pelosi will stand her ground on this. As she should.
  2. mysfit

    There’s now a Trump specific forum

    Notice his acceptance of porn as appropriate, just not allowed.
  3. mysfit

    There’s now a Trump specific forum

    So comments about the Russian asset in the Oval office go on the new forum. I like it.
  4. No wall. And no negotiation until the government is open. He's proven repeatedly his word means nothing. Open the government and then we'll talk. Especially given what he's offering was already granted today by a court ruling.....
  5. It takes a huge lack of awareness to claim the radical left is calling the shots for Pelosi when this shutdown is the result of the radical right badgering trump for a costly, ineffective and unpopular with the majority hunk of concrete.
  6. mysfit

    Where to:

    If it would damage the country you can bet Putin will make damn sure it gets out. Better to have our own government come clean so we can start rebuilding trust in our institutions.
  7. mysfit

    Where to:

    Ban him from twitter. Now that would be real punishment.
  8. No wall. You do not reward temper tantrums. The Dems have made it clear they will not negotiate while the government is shut down. Open the government and then have discussions. It's far too expensive to compromise on this and I'm not talking dollar amount.
  9. mysfit

    Here’s an impeachable offense

    He directed his lawyer to lie to Congress. By definition he's unfit and should be impeached. Or this country stands for nothing at all.
  10. mysfit

    Poll: When does the shutdown end?

    I don't see McConnell allowing any vote no matter how bad it gets. The shutdown is as much on that snake McConnell as it is on trump.
  11. mysfit

    Poll: When does the shutdown end?

    SOtU has become too political. Go back to submitting a written report and move on.
  12. mysfit

    Poll: When does the shutdown end?

    Pelosi to trump Co equal branches dude. Not subservient.
  13. mysfit

    Poll: When does the shutdown end?

  14. mysfit

    Poll: When does the shutdown end?

    Dems just won hugely in an election. Why? Because people don't want a wall and are tired of trump. Standing up to him is precisely why the house had a giant, blue wave. Trumpshutdown is on him and the repubs. Dems will hold firm which is what their supporters want. I don't see the small fingered vulgarian backing down. Ever. Steve Bannon wanted to burn it all down. He and trump feel there are too many government employees. The shutdown will thin the ranks. Trump is happy the have people unpaid and out of work.
  15. mysfit

    Poll: When does the shutdown end?

    Dems have everything to lose if they give in. You do not give in to a child throwing a tantrum. You lose all credibility going forward. They need to continue to pressure the Senate. The majority of people do not want a wall. Stand firm. The government will not open until the Senate allows a vote and then congress will over ride the veto. That's where this is headed.