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  1. mysfit


    Last thing we need is another white, Male billionaire. They don't give a schitt about the non rich.
  2. ISIL has not been eliminated. They were penned up with the Kurds holding them. Well, they were until Erdogan started bombing the camps to free them. They will now reform. And I think we can kiss off any future assistance from the one group who helped us the most: the Kurds. We stabbed our allies in the back and left them to be slaughtered. The world is learning the US cannot be trusted or counted on.
  3. Look beyond the politics and consider national security and foreign affairs. All politics aside, this bullying of foreign leaders for political gain is not in our nation's best interest. It's what shithole countries with dictators do. What country in their right mind is going to give us any Intel or assistance when we have this lunatic in charge who is a threat not only to our assets, but to any country that shares Intel with us. This goes beyond our internal politics.
  4. Impeachment does not require a crime on the books. There's a great deal more latitude. Failure to uphold the Constitution isn't a crime yet it is grounds for impeachment. Pelosi was slow to bring up the investigation but not because she didn't have the votes. Rather she didn't want to expose vulnerable members of her caucus to the voters in recently swung districts.....until there was ironclad proof and the public sentiment. The polls show it's rapidly swinging to favor impeachment although removal is more of a question mark. This will be completed by years end. Trump will be impeached. Is he removed, that's going to be a stretch.
  5. We're so +++++ed up as a society we can't even agree on right and wrong anymore.
  6. If someone wanted to attack us, now would be the time.
  7. Commander in chief is unhinged....
  8. Really. And not the edible kind. The kind that attach the wing to the body. The kind that a failure in flight would come under the heading of really not good.... They are cracking at under 50% of expected lifetine. https://www.businessinsider.com/boeing-found-cracking-issue-vital-part-737-next-gen-planes-2019-9
  9. You can't be serious. No one pushes her into anything. If you really think she's a figurehead you haven't paid attention to her over the past 20 years. Cold, steely resolve. No one else could have gotten the ACA through or handled her caucus. Holding together disparate ideologies has broken lesser men. Like Boehner and Ryan. She's done what they couldn't.
  10. A phrase we will no doubt be hearing a lot about in the coming days; inherent contempt.
  11. Pence is certainly being quiet......has he said anything recently?
  12. The rats are fleeing the USSR trump. In a purely political calculation, 2020 is very close and the GOP is realizing it doesn't want an impeached candidate at the top of the ticket. Expect to see more repubs jumping ship in the coming weeks. Especially as the ooze and slime continue to come pouring out. Let's see those other deep 6ed calls.......
  13. SMACKDOWN! https://www-m.cnn.com/2019/09/30/politics/icig-statement-whistleblower-complaint/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cnn.com%2F