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  1. https://m.activebeat.com/your-health/women/10-reasons-why-obesity-is-not-about-gluttony-and-sloth/?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=AB_GGL_US_MOBI-SearchMarketing_TR&utm_content=g_m_303616144056&cus_widget=&utm_term=factors for obesity&cus_teaser=kwd-11384299502&utm_acid=3040947159&utm_caid=1599827680&utm_agid=60043962226&utm_os=&gclid=CjwKCAjw5fzrBRASEiwAD2OSVyZ2WfSc5bwERbVY0yifvY0ue702iuIzTWx9pwQwoIyE6L-3ka14DxoCQCgQAvD_BwE Shaming is never the answer. If you can't be kind, be quiet
  2. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/10-causes-of-weight-gain#section4
  3. Shaming of any kind is counterproductive. Clearly many here are unfamiliar with all the reasons for obesity. And most of them have nothing to do with "will power". Such a judgemental, harsh and non compassionate group. No one is perfect. Maybe you should reflect on that rather advocating behavior on an issue with which you have so little understanding.
  4. I just love how people who know nothing about a groups dynamics are so quick to judge. Let me repeat; most of that board has been together for more than 15 years and none of you knows shit about it or us. I once made a comment that of all the places I've lived, the most overt racism I ever experienced was in Eugene. That comment resulted in papaG stalking me and relentlessly attacking me in very personal ways for more than 3 years. He is vile and disturbed. Like bRuin. The politics board used to have good discussions. Polite discourse. Those two turned it into a wasteland. I was there. You weren't. So STFU about it. You don't know shit. I just hope mug brings the ban hammer so we can go back to discussions rather than the tsunami of shit those 2 subject everyone 2.
  5. Ohmygosh Officer Money. With a typewriter no less. This makes me feel old and recognizing a lot of musicians I listen to, and were staples in HS and later, aren't going to be around. Damn
  6. Yes, I am friends with Orange. I'm also friends with a number of Trump supporters, and everyone here knows how I feel about him. Tolerance starts with interacting with people who have different views. Intolerance and hate grows and festers when you only interact within a narrow group. Something which is on clear display by people like you.
  7. Papa is also deeply disturbed. He's vile. But not yet to the same level as bRuin.
  8. Please do, ban bRuin. He's disturbed and needs to go.
  9. The board is the remnants of the PAC10 ESPN board. With a handful of new comers. Never been a large number, but we have a history that goes back to the late 90s. And yes, Orange has been with us since the early days. bRuins pretty much decimated the political board. We begged the previous owner to ban him. Maybe we will have more luck with Mugtang.
  10. Wow That was a requirement for their certification. Which if I'd checked the link first they cover that in the story.
  11. One little distinction, the body count. Yes people were injured, but how many died?
  12. mysfit


    And then there was Springsteen's The Rising. So many songs on that album take me back to that day but the title track really sticks out. The Rising, the 1st responders going up the stairs......and up to heaven.
  13. mysfit


    Neil Young did a song based on the Let's Roll. I didn't follow the news at the time. I was in my own little bubble just dealing with the day to day. My morning commute was an hour and I had my radio tuned to Greg Kihn. I thought it was a joke. That he was doing a War of the Worlds kind of thing. Until I got to work and checked the news. It was all real. Surreal. My brother had gotten out of the Air Force and started working for Delta a year before. He went back active duty, he said he couldn't sit at home wondering what kind of world his 2 daughters would be living in. And I always check the news in the mornings after that......
  14. The bottom line is do our laws matter or not? In a perfect world, it doesn't matter if it blows up in the dems faces or not. The FACT it's even being considered in terms of the political calculus demonstrates just how far away we have drifted from where we should be. Laws don't matter. Only power. And that's sad.