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  1. The politics board What a perfect waste of time.......
  2. They've been radicalized. Not unlike some of the Islamic terrorist groups
  3. They have the FDR. The CVR is in pieces (below) with the memory portion missing. They really need to find that as this is looking like spatial disorientation. This is an older unit.
  4. Here's how I see current events. The founding fathers wanted a system of laws and representation separate from England. They laid out the underlying principles in the Declaration of Independence. They had a plan. Today, we have a significant chunk of people, a President, numerous lawmakers who do not respect the laws and the foundation and they are actively attempting to burn it down. Weaken it. The Republic is under threat. Asymmetrical, insidious and sometimes overt threat to undo it. They have no overarching goal. Some want authoritarianism and power others are grevie
  5. The time for healing and unity is when the threat to the Republic is over. Now is not that time.
  6. Ok I'm not through the entire thread but let me just toss this chum out there Maybe the world would be a better place without all this social media. So we'd have to actually talk to real people. Where we weren't so self sorting. Don't hit me mug. Maybe we could keep smaller platforms.
  7. This country is neither safe nor secure with that seditious orange schittgibbon in charge. He must be removed, soonest. If they can't or won't go the 25th route, then impeachment is the only path. And it doesn't matter a gd what the Senate may, or may not do. His offenses are impeachable. He presents a continued threat. The House, in order to uphold their oaths of office, MUST start impeachment hearings. Every person involved in Wed insurrection must be prosecuted. There can be no confusion or doubt that an attack on our government will result in prosecution. If t
  8. #1,2 &3 are getting the pandemic under control and the economy, as in earnings not the market stable. Can't make much headway until that's done. After that is revamping the justice system in terms of racial inequities and moving away from incarceration and towards rehab. Leveling the playing field in terms of economic inequality and don't forget Healthcare. Education. Climate change. Energy. Cybersecurity.....and then there's foreign policy. There is a shitload of work to be done. In a country deeply polarized and half of whom will see the new administration as illegiti
  9. I think the issue was testing. We needed extensive testing and contact tracing to keep things local. And we didn't have that. We lacked adequate tests, tracers and a cohesive strategy. Bottomline the Federal government under Trump's "leadership" failed utterly. We needed tests, fact and data based strategies by experts then fed down to the states. Instead, the states were left to fend for themselves and in fact they were pitted AGAINST each other and the feds for critical items like PPE and ventilators.
  10. The problem is not that we shot our load with lockdown too early. The problem was in our actions after. Instead of sticking to the plan with phased reopening based on local testing trump freaked out and demanded everything to open and he politicized masks and the common sense measures.
  11. This It's up to us to take the necessary precautions and far too many are selfish and flout it. My opinion is if you want to go without a mask and refuse to social distance, you sign a waiver indicating you will not seek emergency or hospital care in the event you become covid19 positive. That is how we ensure accountability. Harsh? Well so is having to rarion care. IMO the rationing belongs with the folks not taking this seriously
  12. What's at stake for the covid19 fight with tomorrow's election(link at the bottom) Andy Slavitt @ 🏡🇺🇸 (@ASlavitt) Tweeted: COVID Update January 4: I talkedvto 15 scientists, including Anthony Fauci, @larrybrilliant, @EricTopol, @ashishkjha, @T_Inglesby & @DrLeanaWen & asked them to spell out how 2021 will play out. I will release their answer Wednesday. But the answer depends heavily on Tuesday.1/ https://twitter.com/ASlavitt/status/1346308657789632513?s=20
  13. They tried that in one of the southern states and it was a disaster
  14. Especially when so many of them are essential workers on our farms, cattle and dairy industries.
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