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  1. If I can't get it delivered or curbside pick up, I don't need it.
  2. We are back to where we were on March. The testing backlog is 5 days making test and trace unworkable. What a complete cluster +++++up.
  3. Sweet boy! That almost looks like a cyst. Is it tender? I'd be tempted to get an opinion from your vet. If it isn't tender and doesn't inhibit movement it may be something you can just keep an eye on.
  4. Can you imagine the response if Bush had told NY, well you're on your own dealing with 9/11?
  5. I'm reading articles about how the small fingered vulgarian refuses to lead on the pandemic front. Why? Why is he unable to take point as all of his predecessors over the past 100 years would have done so? Because he isn't a leader. He doesn't know how to lead or organize. He's simply incapable. When things got tough, he would just chuck it in a dumpster and file bankruptcy. One of his biggest cons has been presenting himself as a great businessman. But he is no more a good businessman than he is a leader. He has no clue on how to deal with or to manage adversity. He can tweet, ridicule and bully. And that's about it.
  6. The Rnaught will be shot to shit. That's the exponential growth.
  7. That the next 2-6 weeks are going to be bad shouldn't come as a surprise to people who have followed this closely There is significant latency between exposure to symptoms to seeking help. Your mother in law for example Someone in that dentist's office was exposed but had no symptoms They can go 72 hours being contagious without even knowing it. They feel crappy for another 24-72 hours before being tested Add in how long it takes to get the results. Then perform contact tracing to warn anyone who may have been exposed. That easily chews up a week or 2. The scientists and doctors have all been trying to shake people to understand how far this could spread before it's even identified. Then you get folks who think well gosh we flattened that curve and can now go back to normal. WRONG. The minute you start reopening that curve starts right back up. Unless you do it in steps ALONG with testing and contact tracing. We are now at the same point we would have been at if we never closed. People are not prepared and the bulk of that unpreparedness goes back to the president bungling this from start to finish He +++++ed up but we are the ones who will pay for it. We needed national coordination by experts. PS everyone in that dental office should have been wearing masks so crossed fingers
  8. I've avoided this thread until now but I have a comment Racism, by definition, harms the innocent.
  9. And the knee jerk defenders wiggle their fingers in their ears saying LALALAAALAAALLAAAAa
  10. So yes I am jumping the gun but good grief I can't wait for the time when trump isn't the media hot lead day after day after day...
  11. I'm taking this stay at home thing very seriously. I do the curbside delivery. Except when I need change to fill up my Primo water bottles.(40cents a gallon and I have 3gal thingies because I can't lift the 5). I see maybe 1/3 wearing masks. Not nearly enough. We need to do better
  12. With Biden stating he would only serve 1 term, his VP choice is important. I too like Duckworth I would be ok with Harris. I also like Warren but I think she's too old. Whomever the VP is will be primed to run for prez in 4 years.
  13. Why should individuals risk their careers when politicians refuse to do theirs? Aside from trump himself, McConnell is equally responsible for this mess. You can probably toss all of Congress in there. Bolton's claim that the dems failed to adequately scope out all of his crimes. That one is a little tougher for me to swallow given our partisan country but in hindsight they should have done more and worried less about the calendar. For 4 years I have been saying the giant orange turd is manifestly unfit for the job. I warned checks and balances only work when all parties respect the laws. But even I am a bit shocked at how woefully this has worked out.
  14. White privilege Systemic racism I see that as 2 sides of the same coin. The privilege is often derived as a result of the systemic racism. It's a built in preference/bias for white over non white. Economic well being, living where the good schools are, treatment in the jus th ice system, by banks, lenders, real estate you name it. I am not responsible for nor should I be blamed for white privilege BUT I should be aware of it and how I have benefited by it. I am responsible for understanding it and helping end it.