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  1. Heh The female of the species tends to be more territorial. Ever see 2 women try and share a bathroom? Women internalize, men externalize.
  2. I think the environment, culture, are different. It changes perceptions and expectation. I have found in male dominated situations, being assertive is viewed as aggressive. Gender roles and expectations are....interesting.
  3. My last engineering job, during the interview the director was concerned about me being the only woman in the group and if I could handle it A few months in he came to the conclusion he was worried about the wrong gender. I miss that group. We had fun.
  4. No, I haven't. I have consistently advocated not making this personal. Your attacks and rudeness make conversation with you unpleasant and not worth the time or energy.
  5. The letter noted, for example, that a study of the outbreak in China showed that even under maximum temperature and humidity conditions, the virus spread "exponentially," with every infected person spreading it to nearly two other people on average. The scientists sent the letter to Kelvin Droegemeier at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. The letter from the NAS scientists notes that some laboratory studies have shown reduced transmission of the virus under warmer and more humid conditions, but that it's still a concern. The letter points out that in the real world, the virus is still transmitting in countries with warm weather. "Given that countries currently in 'summer' climates, such as Australia and Iran, are experiencing rapid virus spread, a decrease in cases with increases in humidity and temperature elsewhere should not be assumed," the letter said. No noticeable drop over the summer
  6. The heroes part was snide and a dig. Uncalled for and hostile. I don't understand why people have to be so unpleasant towards each other here. We all complain about the lack of civility these days and all I can say is, look in the mirror.
  7. Why do you have to make snide comments like that? Tracing is specific to COVID-19 and related symptoms. Not high blood pressure or liver disease or cancer.
  8. Early reports that Singapore and HK are seeing a 2nd wave. Antibodies are low in previously infected people meaning they can get it a 2nd time. Would also indicate herd immunity is a ways off.
  9. So long as they are tracking ONLY COVID-19, fine. The part that says where and what they are being treated for is too broad.
  10. https://thehill.com/policy/national-security/intelligence/491712-us-intelligence-warned-in-november-that-virus-spreading
  11. And his buddies Please note the quite indicated others as well.