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  1. mysfit

    Incivility of the left

    The problem is all the people pointing fingers. Stop blaming and start solving. Pointing fingers accomplishes nothing.
  2. mysfit

    Hurricane Michael

    Good to know you are on Destin. Warm water in the gulf allowed it to continue strengthening until landfall. Then the pressure dropped and it hit land before the wind speeds caught up. Fast, mean bastard.
  3. mysfit

    Hurricane Michael

    Pressure was lower than Andrew but the winds didn't have time to ratchet up. Which is why it's continuing to slightly strengthen at the moment even though it's landed. It will start to weaken soon but it's going to have some serious energy over land for awhile.
  4. mysfit

    Joe From Wyoming - Michael's Pissed

    I hadn't seen this. Could a mod merge my thread here, please? Gawd I hate autocorrect
  5. mysfit

    Hurricane Michael

    Did everything drain out from Florence?
  6. mysfit

    Hurricane Michael

    Yeah I saw that too..
  7. mysfit

    Hurricane Michael

    Faster moving would be better. Less time to accumulate rain. Still going to be a beast.
  8. mysfit

    Hurricane Michael

    Be safe Destin
  9. mysfit

    Hurricane Michael

    Florida is going to get walloped. Cat4 with a clear eye. Sucker moved fast.
  10. mysfit

    He's a liar & stupid people believe him

    He's a liar and it isn't that people believe him. It's that they want things to be the way he portrays them. They identify with a bully who gets what he wants and the ends justify the means. They don't care about fairness unless it's fairness to them. They don't care about immigrants, women, minorities. LGBT. They want to go back in time when white men ruled and everyone else was in their proper place.
  11. mysfit

    Next Leftist Talking Point

    50 senators voted to select a nakedly partisan ill tempered person to the supreme court. The system is so +++++ing broken tinkering with it won't fix anything. Either vote EVERYONE out, stop the unfettered flow of money or blow it all up. Given we can't even talk about it without demonizing the "other" side, using dismissive labels, I'm for blowing it all up.
  12. Granularity And proof of concept is taking an idea for a widget, making it and proving it will work. Proving the concept, idea/theory by making a workable prototype. Also, energy. There is a lot of energy on this issue. As in it isn't working so we are throwing everyone and the kitchen sink at an unworkable product trying to make it wotk.
  13. I have a pretty good idea. It's hardly an isolated incident.
  14. That is a legal argument. This is not a court of law, it's a court of public opinion Fake accusations happen 2-5% of the time and less than 1 in 3 assaults are ever reported. I find her far more credible. I believe her, as I believed Anita. Given the odds and statistics I am fine with derailing his career. I'm sick and tired of women being victimized and men, especially powerful men, sailing through life. We've had enough. We're fighting back. We've shouldered the shame and fear while men walk off. No. More.
  15. mysfit

    And now there’s another...

    We don't need more white men on the bench.