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  1. mysfit

    Omarosa On 'Meet The Press' ???

    One good deed deserves another.
  2. mysfit

    What is Trump even doing right now?

    And yet, he was elected and enjoys a 40ish % approval rating. I'm not talking politicians, I'm talking voters. Our neighbors, our coworkers, us.
  3. I work with someone who is likely a Qanoner. He also believed Bill Gates was responsible for Zika. Manipulative and likes to throw others under the bus while pretending to be your friend. People suck.
  4. mysfit

    What is Trump even doing right now?

    As bad as the small fingered vulgarian is, those who support and normalize his behavior are 100 times worse. We do not live in an exceptional country. We live in a racist, rude, venal greedy country with fluid morals and no ethics. Trump is a symptom of the overall rot. Not an exception, but closer the the rule.
  5. mysfit

    Trump Confesses Intent of Tower Meeting

    It's always the cover up and the lies that trip them up.
  6. Thoughts and prayers...
  7. Trump may very well be re-elected ( or rather SELECTED by the EC )but it will not be a landslide. He only has the support of just over 1/3 of voters. And his numbers aren't moving much. Of course Putin will make sure his puppet gets a 2nd term. As bad as he is, people actually support him. That's a bitter pill to face compared to what I used to believe about Americans and who we are.
  8. mysfit

    Creepy Advertising

    GPS on your cell phone. Google maps is always popping up "will you review xxx store"
  9. Recycled paper ( paper. Not TP) I'm looking for ways to be more sustainable and eco friendly. Good product, good cause. https://www.thriveglobal.com/stories/17225-the-incredible-and-hilarious-backstory-of-simon-griffiths-co-founder-of-who-gives-a-crap https://us.whogivesacrap.org/collections/all?gclid=CjwKCAjwjZjZBRAZEiwAPeLSK1IOK9MUidt5lbVzBKplA42Ymo4SnzgLJUI-DtxPdiJnCzmn-TBpohoCElAQAvD_BwE $10 off if anyone wants to try it https://www.talkable.com/x/VmJUny
  10. Go for it you small fingered vulgarian. By all means, shut it down for a wall a majority do NOT want a couple of months before elections.
  11. mysfit

    If you were wondering

    Good riddance
  12. mysfit

    Lordy, there are tapes...

    What kind of lawyer tapes client conversations? The kind that has habitual liars as clients.... It's always the cover up which trips them up.
  13. mysfit

    Putin-Trump Meeting

    What a complete and total embarrassment. Our former allies are now working on plans to deal with a hostile America while trump has thrown us under the KGB bus. This is +++++ing unreal. And no one is going to do shit about it on our side. What is so +++++ing great about America owned by russia?
  14. mysfit

    Trump: "I'm a very stable genius"

    It still amazes me how easily, in fact how eagerly, humans will embrace lies and propaganda when it conforms to their views. It's how despots rise to power.