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  1. President Shithole

    Of course he said it. Lindsey Graham confirmed it. And the azz kisser senators went from we didn't hear what he said to no that isn't what he said. I've lost all respect for the trump defenders at this point. Y'al have no morals, no ethics and no soul.
  2. The GOP controls congress and the WH. Any shutdown is on them. I fully support the dems refusing to go along unless there is a fix for DACA. And no money for a border wall. Let mexico pay for that.
  3. Wazzu QB commits suicide

    Mental health is as real as cancer and heart disease. It's past time it was dealt with and supported to the same level. With empathy and respect.
  4. Hawai’i Ballistic Missile Warning

    Prez shithole is no doubt disappointed on 2 counts. First that there was no missile which would have allowed him to push that shiny big red button we all know he's itching to push. And 2, it's (in Trump's mind) a shithole state filled with people not like him so it's a perfect target.
  5. Trump top 10 accomplishments so far

    How about turning a deep red Alabama seat blue? That's a huge accomplishment.
  6. Chain migration

    Chain migration was initially authorized under Republicans with the idea that white immigrants would be the ones to take advantage of it. Didn't work out that way so now they want to end it These policies have significant impact on real people. They should be based on facts and empathy, not racism and fear. People are individuals, not bargaining chips and scape goats.
  7. President Shithole

    As inexcusable as prez shithole is, the spineless, morally null power grubbers who 'can't recall' the actual words spoken are worse.
  8. President Shithole

    Relative corruption had nothing to do with prez shitholes preference for Norwegians from a socialist country over Haitians or immigrants from African countries. It is about white vs non white. It's about blatant racism and the disturbing fact that 1 in 4 Americans are racist as well. A d the GOP leadership continues to support these policies and this piece of trash occupying the WH. I have never been more been more disillusioned about this country and how far it's drifted from the moral center I used to believe it occupied. Nor more disgusted by what 'real' Americans really represent. Bring on the shutdown and let's all enjoy the prez this country has shown it deserves.
  9. Hawai’i Ballistic Missile Warning

    While someone screwed up here, the fact is these drills are necessary thanks to mr. My button is bigger. One of these times it won't be a drill. Sleep tight.
  10. President Shithole

    Tired of winning yet? Ready for the gov shutdown?
  11. Trump face palm #putbignumberhere....

    The fact that 1 in 4 people actively support this piece of trash human being has opened my eyes to what kind of people Americans are. Repulsive. I'm sure Norwegians are saying why would we want to immigrate to that shithole country?
  12. Trump face palm #putbignumberhere....

    Racist POS in the White House.
  13. And yet trump told the russians in his oval office that the whole russian thing had been a big problem for him but firing comey made it all go away.......
  14. Treasonous and unpatriotic

    More popcorn Need more popcorn
  15. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2017/06/07/politics/donald-trump-james-comey-conversations/index.html It was up to the AG, not Comey to make any such statement. Comey wouldn't drop the Flynn investigation and that's what got him fired.