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  1. No The number is much lower than 99%. A good 40% fit in that first group. It's a real biotch coming to that realization but there it is. Racism is not a one size fits all. There are gradations. And yes, about 40%.
  2. There are 2 different Americas. The one America which decries racism, sexism, believes that immigrants are welcome. And then there's the other America, the one Trump is speaking to. The one that agrees with him. The only thing I find surprising is there are still people who fail to grasp this fact. He's not baiting dems, he is saying what he and a large number of Americans believe. He's too stupid to have any strategy. He's simply speaking to his people.
  3. Dayum I wanted Idris Elba Guess they decided if it worked for Dr Who......
  4. Found it on one of the pilot forums where the topic of engines falling off mid flight came up.
  5. EC has outlived its purpose. It needs to be abolished. It's ridiculous to have Pres elections decided by a handful of counties.
  6. I puked when I read that There's a reason Idaho ranks as one of thec5 worst in gender pay equity. The homeless are around. There have been some camps they've been trying to address.
  7. that debt is the result of tax cuts aimed at the rich by 2 different republican presidents. For 8 years they whined about the debt and the trump came along and they were more than happy to explode the debt, enriching to 1% while screwing over everyone else. And you think tossing out the debt grenade is going to move me? Quit smoking whatever you're smoking. End corporate welfare, end the economic gap. And deal with climate change otherwise nothing else is going to matter. Debt is the straw man the right likes to toss out there and then ignore when they have the chance to run it up. There are much bigger problems right now than the debt. That boogey man don't fly no nore.
  8. Thank you. I've been reading up on the whole post concussion syndrome issue and all the chemical changes and broken pathways and calcium oxalate crystals.....MRI was yesterday and the St Luke's concussion group will get back to me. They have various therapists, neuropsychologists and neurologists. I'll PM you if I'm not happy with how it's being addressed. I'm in Meridian just outside Boise. I appreciate your thoughtful input. This is frustrating but I gotta do what's going to get me better with minimizing future complications. Like dementia and parkinsons.
  9. Huge Sprinsteen fan here. Nothing beats Jungleland. That sax solo is perfection. Also Elbow. Group out of Manchester. Check out the youtube of their concert st the Apollo in Manchester.