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  1. Once upon a time journalist's were considered neutral. Unbiased. A basic underpinning of their professional ethics. He used his position to try and help smear victims. That's about as far over the ethics line as you can get! Doesn't matter if it's family. He obliterated the line. And apparently CNN has had to engage a legal team. To defend themselves because of his actions. My only question is why it took them so long to fire the sleazeball
  2. Wow Looks like classic PWI Posting while impaired Homegrown or imported?
  3. Found this just south of the fluorite mine. Sucker weighs more than a 20# bag of cat litter. More than a foot across. You have NO IDEA how long it took me to drag that sucker a half mile to my truck.
  4. Check for Rockhounding books on Amazon. They are out by state and have naps to sites with descriptions. Also Roadside Geology books by state. There's jasper just SW of here, opal over the border in Nevada. Lots of good stuff in Nevada. Old mine with Fluorite north of the Berlin-Icthyasaurus park. Lots of agata and jasper.
  5. Parents on the run........that kids lawyers must be loving this. Defense: Little Ethan was BEGGING for help and they practically launched him into this. The kid pulled the trigger but the parents set the stage.
  6. I know a lot of people have very negative opinions about Laundries parents. It's easy to judge. I'm sure more information will come out but in any case, that's got to be a nightmare. For both families. What the truth is, what the facts are I really don't know.
  7. I'm not sure parents would ever find closure or peace in a situation like this.
  8. Ohhhhhmy I look back at the things I did in my younger days and am shocked I survived this long. Seriously.
  9. FYI he was fighting multiple myeloma which left him immunocompromised.
  10. Well He isn't exactly succeeding. Kind of a mixed bag. Things are so +++++ed up it's all just a mess. A slow, sinking into the quicksand of failed countries.
  11. BwaaaashhhhaaaHhhaa Assholeness We need an Assholeness scale. Some sites "grade" the posters ith stars or up votes We need an assholeness ranking Assholery Ok obviously I am not getting enough sleep.
  12. Ahh Can't wait to hear in these schools about the genocidal US launching nukes against Japanese civilians Both sides, gotta hear both sides.
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