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  1. I see MWC teams in the #3 and #7 matchups and a single AAC team in the #9 matchup. Power 6?
  2. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/ncaa-football/list/college-football-top-25-quarterbacks-2019-trevor-lawrence-tua-tagovailoa/1dargvnrfgmbk1xw4wmneotuc2 Credit to kuwegg57 for posting this on the Warrior Sports Network board.
  3. Assuming it still matters to him, it appears he’ll have to beat out Cal too. https://mobile.twitter.com/Eurohopes/status/1127170172509405184
  4. Dick Tomey took the UH football program from obscurity to being a presence on the national collegiate football map. A great coach, teacher and human being. He will be missed.
  5. Any word on the Greek kid Dimitrios Klonaras? Hawaii offered but supposedly he was taking a visit to UNLV.
  6. ^^^This. I didn’t vote “Hell No” because of Liberty’s religious affiliation or politics. I voted that way because they’re a recent FCS move-up that hasn’t done anything yet to prove they’d be a better MWC addition than other potential candidates. The comparison with BYU doesn’t hold water with respect to history with other MWC members, all-around athletic program strength or fan support. Liberty plays in a 25K stadium where they averaged only 17K fans last season and put just 13K in the stands for their final home game.
  7. Congratulations. LBSU was more confident and played their game. UH didn't and it cost them. Very impressive performances by DiFalco and Tuaniga.
  8. Penn State, Ohio State, Stanford, USC, UCLA... who between them have won 30 of the 49 national titles contested since 1970.
  9. Tournament championship comes with the trophy and NCAA auto-bid. Regular season championship doesn't. Just sayin'.
  10. The national championship match will pit Hawaii against Long Beach State at the Pyramid, televised on Saturday by ESPN2 at 5:00 p.m. PST. The teams have already met three times this season and have gone five sets each time, with Hawaii winning the Big West championship match played in Honolulu and LBSU winning the two Big West regular season matches played in Long Beach. It will be interesting to see whether the Warriors can finally overcome the Beach's home court advantage (42 straight wins at the Pyramid dating back to March 26, 2016). Regardless of the outcome it's nice to have a Division I sport in which no Power 5 team even made it to the national semifinals.
  11. ^^^This. The MLS season runs from March to October. The new stadium would be dormant for half of the college football season. It would make sense to use it for both the Causeway Classic and an MWC tie-in bowl.
  12. IMHO, for UH: Tier 1 - Fresno State, UNLV Tier 2 - Nevada, SJSU Honorable Mention - SDSU, Wyoming I know, dull list given that all but Wyoming are in our division. But as the saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt. BYU would have been at the top of the list when they were conference mates but those days are long gone. Today's fans would much rather watch UH play OOC games against Pac-12 opponents.
  13. You're correct. The details are here: https://www.athleticbusiness.com/more-news/u-of-hawaii-opts-to-extend-pay-per-view-tv-rights-deal.html The contract runs through June 30, 2020. UH receives an escalating annual payment that began at $2.3 million in 2013-2014 and will top out at a little over $2.5 million in 2019-2020, provided at least seven UH football games are made available each season for PPV broadcast by Spectrum (which inherited the deal from Time Warner/Oceanic). Since UH typically plays a 13-game schedule and it's rare for the MWC's national TV partners to show more than six, making seven games available for PPV is usually doable. The contract also obligates Spectrum to broadcast at least 60 UH events per year, which is why UH has such high-quality coverage (locally via Spectrum cable and nationally via Spectrum streaming) of sports other than football. UH's deal with the MWC is that in exchange for being allowed to keep the proceeds of the Spectrum contract for itself, it receives no share of MWC TV revenue. That could be seen as a positive for UH since if it had to put its Spectrum proceeds into the MWC revenue pot, the 1/12th share of the pot it would receive back would be less than the direct payout it receives from Spectrum. On the other hand one could argue UH is getting ripped off since it receives zero income from the UH games shown by the MWC's national TV partners. It's hard to say what will happen going forward. I could see the current arrangement continuing if the MWC doesn't receive a meaningful increase in its TV revenue. On the other hand if the conference can strike a deal that produces a substantial revenue bump, perhaps UH will extend its PPV contract but put the proceeds into the MWC revenue pot in exchange for a 1/12th share. We'll see.