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  1. Is that TV money or total conference distribution? If it’s the latter you need to back out the CFP, bowl game and any other non-TV revenues to get to the new TV contract numbers.
  2. Sometimes you run into a team you just don't match up with. For UH, this season, that team is UCSB. None of UH's players can defend Sow in the post, he can get whatever he wants down there, and double-teaming him just opens up the floor for his teammates to score at will. When Big West tournament time comes I think UH has a shot to beat any other team in the conference, but not the Gauchos. We need someone else to knock them out.
  3. Hawaii: 5,460 That’s paid attendance, not butts in the seats which has been more like 4,000 per game.
  4. I used to assume that if SJSU ever dropped football the Big West would take them, but with the conference already set to expand to 11 and given the importance to the membership of maintaining a UC-CSU balance (demonstrated by the CSUB addition), I now doubt SJSU would land there. So yes, the Spartans could end up back in the WAC.
  5. Glad to see the WAC rise from the ashes once more. I think Dixie State will be a great addition. St. George is the fastest growing metro area in the country. Now the stage is set for the WAC to let go of Chicago State, which in turn may help convince one or two more western D-2 schools to move up and round out the conference membership.
  6. Whew, I thought Nevada might snatch defeat from the jaws of victory but that was a strong finish in OT. Congratulations Pack!
  7. That and the prevent defense, which is once again proven to prevent nothing but winning.
  8. Hawaii at #150 would be in the top half of the MWC. Just sayin'.
  9. I give you credit for supporting your team crixus. When things go sideways it’s hard for a fan to stay positive. Props to you man.
  10. Sorry about this MWC, we screwed the pooch big time in this one.