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  1. I don’t mind it since the MWC is accommodating UH by ensuring we have the minimum seven games per season to sell to Spectrum (if I recall correctly that was confirmed to be part of the new conference TV deal with CBS and Fox). I wish we could reduce the travel subsidies though. I understand why the MWC and BWC insist on them but it strikes me as punative when UH conference football opponents are chartering flights to the Islands at UH expense while our team has to fly commercial.
  2. I won't link to the article since it's behind a paywall, but the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported yesterday that UH extended its TV rights agreement with Spectrum for another four years with an option to extend to five, covering the 2020-21 to 2024-2025 seasons. The annual payout from the previous deal peaked at $2.54 million for 2019-2020 and will rise to an average of $3.1 million over the life of the new deal. The payout is contingent on UH making at least seven football games per year available to Spectrum for pay-per-view broadcast in Hawaii, and decreases by $400,000 for each game les
  3. I can already think of names. I expect there will be some in the MWC but more in the AAC.
  4. Average home attendance for conference members in 2019: SEC 73K Big Ten 65K Big 12 57K ACC 48K Pac 12 46K AAC 29K MWC 23K CUSA 19K Sun Belt 18K MAC 15K The largest gap by far is between the worst P5 and the AAC.
  5. Apparently it takes $50 million plus in annual conference revenue to run a $100 million deficit: https://www.btpowerhouse.com/2019/5/31/18646305/the-big-ten-conference-basketball-payout-contract-fox-tv-deal-is-rolling-in-the-dough What is happening at Iowa and other P5 schools that are drowning in red ink frankly defies comprehension.
  6. With the reduced transfer restrictions that’s true at many if not most schools. Over half of UH’s 2020-21 scholarship roster is new. At least three of our five starters this season will likely be first-year players in the program.
  7. Cole struggled with consistency his entire UH career. In a single game he could look brilliant for two or three series and then look terrible in the next two or three series. However he really came through in the clutch against BYU in the Hawaii Bowl, and I was hopeful that going pro and concentrating on football full-time would help him even out his performances. Apparently that didn't happen.
  8. Absolutely right, considering that the lowest P5 (the Pac-12) averaged 46,080 in 2019 which was 16,584 ahead of the AAC.
  9. I was at that game. In fact I attended all of UH's home games in that amazing turnaround season. What a relief after the horror of the Von Appen years (little did we know that after June's departure the Chow years would be even worse). Thanks @jdgaucho for the memory!
  10. An auto-bid for the AAC? No way. If there's a season and if there's a playoff - both big ifs - the playoff bids will go to the Big 12 champ, ACC champ, SEC champ and SEC runner-up. With little or no OOC play between AAC and P5 conference teams prior to the playoff that's a near-foregone conclusion. And I don't say that as an AAC-hater. An auto-bid for the AAC would set the precedent for the top G5 team to participate in a future 8-team playoff. In that respect it would be good for the MWC. I just don't see the Big 12, ACC and especially SEC going along.
  11. UH announced today that the beginning of football training camp is on hold: https://www.staradvertiser.com/2020/08/07/sports/sports-breaking/university-of-hawaii-delays-opening-of-football-training-camp-indefinitely/ However the explanation being given is that there's no rush to start a four-week training camp given that the beginning of the season still seven weeks away: There is no urgency to expand workouts. The COVID-19 pandemic led to the cancellation of UH’s first four games, including what would have been the season opener against Arizona on Aug. 24. This week, the Mounta
  12. UH currently has 8+2 (Robert Morris and New Mexico State). BYU would only be considered as an addition if NMSU decides to pull the plug on the season -- which it hasn't yet given any indication it intends to do.
  13. Earthquakes Stadium has a natural turf field and the MLS regular season extends to October (and playoffs to November). Can't have college football games ripping the turf up.
  14. The kid who was living in his car is Dior Walker-Scott. He's now on the Hawaii football roster. Apparently he was offered a preferred walk-on spot and is now enrolled at UH. https://www.staradvertiser.com/2020/07/30/sports/sports-breaking/football-player-interested-in-playing-at-hawaii-featured-on-latest-season-of-last-chance-u/ https://hawaiiathletics.com/sports/football/roster/dior-scott/18883
  15. I believe there's already a quarantine exemption in place for university students (not just athletes) if they test negative before arriving and test negative again after arriving. The issue is the cost of the tests. If UH has to pay for visiting teams to get tested that will be a big problem.
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