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  1. I didn’t vote for Montana since it’s joined at the hip with Montana State and there’s no way the MWC is expanding to 13 with two FCS schools. Now if Montana could break away from Montana State it would become an interesting option.
  2. If BSU lands in the Big Sky for non-football sports there are gonna be some fun games played in the new ICCU Arena.
  3. If the criterion is academic prestige then the phone call goes to Rice. If it's historical, institutional and geographic fit then the call goes to UTEP. If it's recent athletic performance then the call goes to North Texas (two bowl bids, two 20-win basketball campaigns and a CBI title in the past three years). UTSA technically ticks the market box since there are no other NFL or FBS schools in San Antonio, but they aren't the local attraction they were when they launched their football program. My hypothetical vote would be for North Texas.
  4. There are no direct flights between Honolulu and Boise and I can't imagine the coach of any UH non-football team being in favor of making an annual road trip to Boise State. It has nothing to do with the quality of the competition, just the impact on student-athletes of enduring a 9 to 12 hour journey each way. So if the UH AD were casting the vote I would expect UH to vote no. However the vote would actually be cast by the UH president. If the other BWC presidents told him they wanted to add Boise State and the MWC presidents didn't care, he might vote yes. On the other hand if the MWC presidents wanted to make things difficult for Boise State then he would probably vote no regardless of what the BWC presidents wanted. Football drives the bus and UH's relationship with the MWC generates more revenue and is more at risk than UH's relationship with the BWC.
  5. June Jones applied for the UH job but then rescinded the application, no doubt to save face when he found out he wouldn’t be the choice.
  6. He wouldn’t have been my choice. Rolo re-established our offensive identity as a top-10 passing team. Graham will try to remake us into a balanced offense. If he fails we’ll suck again. If he succeeds he’ll be out the door to a P5 school in a year or two. Either way UH loses.
  7. Week 1 of the 2021 season is Saturday, 9/4. We play UCLA on 8/28. A few other MWC teams are taking advantage of the Hawaii exemption to also open the season on 8/28. And yes, we play NMSU home-and-home. We also play seven road games and only six home games. It’s easily the worst schedule in the modern history of UH football. Big fail by Matlin IMHO but I’m guessing he and Rolo liked having eight home games on the 2019 schedule (maybe as part of a strategy to rekindle fan interest in the program?) and weren’t willing to give one up to fix the 2021 mess.
  8. Our week zero game that season is at UCLA. Close enough.
  9. LOL, that was exactly the reaction on the UH message board.
  10. Well that’s that, aloha to Colt’s record.
  11. Hoping it won’t but pretty sure it will.
  12. That 4-game limit is important. Knowing how much inventory we have to commit should give us some negotiating leverage with Spectrum. That's good for the whole conference since the more Hawaii gets from Spectrum, the less it takes from the MWC pot which increases the share of all the other members and by extension Hawaii's target share.
  13. Good job defense. Too bad it's not a one-score game. SMH.
  14. No way would I go for 2 until it was necessary.