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  1. I see no chance of the WAC returning as an FBS conference, but certainly some of the new Texas additions are looking to leverage the WAC's special status as a conference that previously sponsored FBS football to move up to FBS without requiring any special exemption from the NCAA. They could join NMSU as FBS independents and then hope for a Sun Belt or CUSA invitation down the road when the next realignment earthquake arrives. Smart strategy on their part, and not overly threatening to the WAC since a majority of the football members are likely to prefer remaining at the FCS level to going t
  2. Maybe both. If BSU and SDSU both jumped to the AAC (still an unlikely scenario IMHO but who knows) I'd expect UTEP and UTSA to be the replacements. Utah State would move to the West Division, the Front Range schools would get to play conference games in Texas and life would go on.
  3. This analysis just reaffirms to me that the choice would be UTEP. The MWC isn't going to expand with an FCS move-up when it can land an FBS school, any more than the AAC would. That's just how conference realignment works.
  4. Given the space constraints and traffic issues, I think the best scenario UH could hope for would be (1) converting Ching Field into a permanent, intimate 15K-20K seat on-campus stadium where the football team would play home games against opponents that aren’t a big draw (and where important high school games could also be hosted), while (2) still having access to the currently-planned state-of-the-art, easily accessible 35K-40K seat stadium in Halawa for hot-ticket football games against MWC rivals and P5 teams. Unfortunately it’s hard to see how building and maintaining both facilities
  5. You're right that the Ching Field artificial turf is old. According to the university the plan is to add not only the new seating but also new field turf, a new scoreboard and sound system, and upgrades to the press box. UH's grass football practice field is right across the road from Ching Field but visiting teams would need to practice elsewhere (plenty of high school fields available). I'm not sure about the locker room situation. Below is a view of the complete UH athletic complex, which makes it clear how hemmed-in Ching Field is by (clockwise) parking garages, the tennis complex,
  6. https://www.staradvertiser.com/2021/01/11/sports/sports-breaking/university-of-hawaii-football-to-play-home-games-on-campus/ https://www.khon2.com/sports/university-of-hawaii-football-moving-forward-with-plans-to-play-on-campus-at-ching-athletics-complex-in-2021/ Until the Aloha Stadium replacement is built, games would be played at the Clarence T.C. Ching Complex which currently has seating for 3,000 fans. The school expects to add bleacher seating to increase capacity to "up to" 15,000 (although I'm not sure there's enough space to do that).
  7. LOL. A poster on the WAC board pointed that out too. That’s why my money is on Utah Tech.
  8. Dixie State’s president said they want a name that better conveys their status as a polytechnic university. Based on that comment I’m thinking they’ll end up as Utah Tech or Utah Poly.
  9. 2018-19 athletics expenditures (most recent data available): San Diego State $55.4 million Colorado State $54.3 million Air Force $54.2 million Hawaii $51.3 million UNLV $50.4 million Fresno State $50.1 million Boise State $49.8 million Wyoming $48.2 million Nevada $43.4 million New Mexico $40.8 million Utah State $40.8 million San Jose State $33.2 million https://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/finances Next time do a little homework before you post. Also think twice about calling someone a "leach" when your school
  10. So did I. Google had the start time incorrectly posted yesterday as 4 p.m. EST, so I just turned on the TV and... WTF???
  11. Starkel and the Spartans are probably thinking they have a real shot next season at not only a repeat MWC championship but also an Access Bowl slot. The schedule certainly sets up well for them. They have a tune-up game on Week Zero against Southern Utah and then go up against USC at the Coliseum which will be playing its season opener. If they can pull off the upset against USC they have a great chance to run the table. Their other OOC games are against Western Michigan and New Mexico State, they have San Diego State and Fresno State at home, and they don't play Boise State unless both te
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