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  1. Good listen, thanks for the link. What stood out to me was that, while the B1G is obviously concerned about keeping pace with the SEC, it’s still only looking to expand if the media partner determines that the addition(s) will increase its per-school payout. It was also interesting to hear that, in light of Bowlsby’s cease-and-desist letter to ESPN, everyone is treading lightly to ensure there’s no perception of the B1G or Fox scheming to destroy the Pac-12. Given all that I’m a little skeptical that USC will get what it wants. Jumping to the B1G with Colorado (or whomever) may sou
  2. Translation: Big 12 ADs meeting to decide what to recommend to their bosses about whether to backfill with one, two or four new members and which potential invitees would benefit the conference most from an athletics standpoint.
  3. As many of us predicted the Pac-12 sees no value in cherry-picking from what’s left of the Big 12. All the more reason for the remaining Big 12 members to stick together and focus on making UT, OU and ESPN fulfill their contractual obligations or pay top dollar to be excused from doing so. Once they’ve taken care of that necessary chore, they can move on to backfilling for the departing schools.
  4. Exactly. Bowlsby knows what he's doing. He wouldn't have taken this public without his lawyers telling him first that he has ESPN dead to rights. Now as a consequence of this firestorm ESPN, UT and OU are all on notice that they had better fulfill their respective legal obligations to the Big 12 to the letter or they'll be hauled into court. Moreover I doubt Bowlsby would have done this without knowing he had the presidents of the remaining Big 12 schools behind him. That tells me they've already sent out their feelers and already learned there are no lifelines coming from the B1G,
  5. Okay, I'll play, even though I feel like we're jinxing ourselves (in Hawaii we call it "bachi") by talking about this before the Big 12 leftovers have decided anything. I'll start out by saying that I don't think BYU is coming back to the MWC under any circumstance. BYU might consider giving up independence to join a rebuilt Big 12, but not to join a conference (MWC or AAC) that's still a step below a rebuilt Big 12. Given that, I think the best outcome for the MWC would start with the Big 12 leftovers immediately expanding with four AAC members, but for some reason passing over Hous
  6. I wonder what kind of response they’ll be able to muster. Frowning? Harsh language?
  7. Depends on the Big 12’s survival strategy. If it includes poaching some MWC schools then the conference will be weakened, possibly severely. On the other hand if it turns out to be raiding the AAC for its best schools then the MWC would move to the top of the G5 pecking order and have the easiest path to the Access Bowl berth (or a CFP berth if the playoff expands). So it could suck or turn out great. What’s probably hardest to deal with for the MWC right now is that it really has no control over the outcome. The conference’s fate is in the Big 12 leftovers’ hands.
  8. LOL. Abbott is a UT grad. The Lubbock CofC is SOL.
  9. I could see Kansas and OSU to the B1G. Don’t think it’s likely, but I could see it. What about WVU? They aren’t in your predicted Big 12 lineup either.
  10. Thamel says TTU, TCU and Baylor are expected to try to keep Houston out, but certainly it could go either way. My initial prediction when the OU/UT news broke was that the Big 12 would backfill with Cincinnati and Houston, and I still think that’s most likely if they decide to stay at 10 members. But if they decide to go to 14 or 16 and blow up the conference footprint I think that makes Houston less needed.
  11. I agree that they won’t go coast to coast and that they’re more likely to go east. If they do choose to expand to 16 and emphasize eastern additions, it’s possible they could bring in both BYU and Navy as football-only members. That would set up the Big 12’s seven remaining Central Time Zone schools plus BYU to be the new western division, and WVU plus Navy plus six all-sports additions to be the new eastern division. West: Baylor, TCU, TTU, OSU, Kansas, KSU, ISU, BYU* East: WVU, Cincinnati, Memphis, Tulane, UAB, USF, UCF, Navy* *Football only I’m not saying it’s like
  12. Not a problem, USC can park their non-football sports in the Big West. We have room for a 12th member, and I think the Trojans could compete. Just kidding of course but I wonder if USC would consider putting non-football sports in the WCC. It wouldn’t be a huge drop-off in hoops competition with Gonzaga and BYU in the conference. Of course that could all change when Mark Few retires or moves on and/or if BYU were offered and accepted an all-sports invitation to the Big 12.
  13. You should consider the source. Flugaur isn't exactly reliable...
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