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  1. To paraphrase Bob on the people dying from covid tend to be "old and about to die anyway", can't we say the same about these businesses? The ones that failed were probably in bad positions and about to die anyway....
  2. You had to have seen it. Big groups from both teams coming together after the game and taking a knee in prayer. I don't think they should be mixing religion with sports. Its too much already. You are paid to play...leave the praying in churches....
  3. Are we really "wowing" the loss of a 5 year streak? Weren't you the one posting PAC12 shouldn't be posting propaganda?
  4. Does the customer that bet that do it every week? Or was this a once-off for that person?
  5. I think one major clue is to drive by on a Friday night at 10pm. Those that are still open...
  6. Every time somebody says this I think of RBG and laugh....
  7. Relax. We'll soon be in December and January and 90 /100 degrees won't be a problem at all.....
  8. My family has watched it at different times. After we all finished we all have various opinions of whom is least likable. I happen to think it is Skyler. Wife..child1... and child2 thinks it's Walt. Child3 thinks its Todd. Child4 thinks it's that rich business lady...forget her name. However, in terms of favorite, it's either the Mike camp or the Jesse camp.
  9. If we are using conference dominance and results on the national level...then UNM's women's x-country team is the best. That's also including the major sports. And its not even close.
  10. Well, there is more than three. I find it hilarious to point fingers about excluding and then proceed to immediately exclude....
  11. Agreed. One should probably head to the bars of Boise for definitive proof.....
  12. I don't think his point was you didn't have a grasp on how young people are acting. It was probably a reference to your 75% figure. One has to be careful when using anecdotal evidence to pound one's fist. It's why so many Hillary supporters were shocked when she lost. Of everyone they knew...nobody was voting for Trump. There is far more to this pie than your small sliver of Boise bars.....
  13. This is not true.... At least not in Albuquerque. When the protests started there were plenty organizers asking people to remember to distance and to wear masks. Even going so far as to participate by driving in their cars. Quick google search of the protest images showed most were wearing masks.
  14. What's even worse is these channels rarely cite the story breakers anymore anyways. It's not like ESPN starts their stories with "FoxSports has reported....", they start with "ESPN sources have confirmed...."
  15. Why would you? I never said I would doxx. But if you sent me a PM using very hateful and racist remarks backed with obvious lies...yeah you might have to worry about me posting it to this thread. Wouldn't you? Sometimes people just get tired of it and want it to stop. As a gay male... I'm sure he has had plenty of experience in people offering their opinions on his lifestyle. I'm sure if you were putting up a Trump or Biden or Amash sign in your front yard...the first time somebody walked by and said "idiot" you would probably ignore it. 100 times later...maybe not. Eventually you would
  16. I always like to put myself in a situation and see if I would do anything different. Coming up with my own hypothetical because I don't live in a place where I would be "chalking" a wall. But if I was writing "BLM" or on the other side "ALM"... I guarantee somebody from both of the sides is stopping and saying something. Even if I was semi-rude and said you need to mind your own business...the second they started dropping I know who owns that car so stop....you bet your ass I would be posting it. If you wouldn't stop for Happy Bday...dont stop for BLM or ALM.
  17. Lol...really? Blinders is major part of this problem. But yes.. Let's all believe that one. And I thought it was chalk. That's a lot different than tagging.
  18. I think I answered that. Had she treated him exactly like she would have treated a young white female...i.e....she walks right on buy without saying a word...all is good. So yes...that is the approach I think would have worked in this scenario.
  19. Imagine a better scenario where she treats him exactly like she would treat a young white female
  20. He probably looks different than 70%ish of that area. So you tell me if you think she stops and claims she knows the people that live there if it is a young white female chalking a peace sign on the front wall. That's the problem. Some people get called out....some don't.
  21. I'm not so sure he was a hostile dick. Probably just somebody that is damn tired of being treated different just because of their looks or their message is not liked. You can't tell me if a hundred pound..double braided..lily white female is using chalk to put a peace sign on that same exact facade, that lady stops and confronts her. Different rules for different folks.
  22. With school being online and working from home, we needed another laptop. The usual places I get them didn't have any except for the really high end ones. Was walking through Wal-Mart and saw a cheap one and asked the worker if it was in stock. He laughed. He said the laptop/TV run was just as bad as the TP run. He said also a bunch of random stuff too. Like shoelaces. I mad it a point to look at other stores shoelace section and sure enough...no shoelaces. I get the electronics...but shoelaces?
  23. Sucks that a blue blood football program like Florida State is coming to town and there might be a possibility that nobody is in the stands to see it.....
  24. Yeah! And screw Talladega Nights for attempting to make NASCAR look stupid. And screw Reno 911 for mocking the police force. And screw Team America..damn puppets. And screw.....nevermind... Really?
  25. What am I missing? Wouldn't that lock in losses on the portion of taxes you have to pay to convert to a Roth? Or did you have a different and quite large pot to pay it? I looked and looked for any financial advantage to take with my 401k and all I could come up with over a month ago was to reallocate my 20% portion of bonds to the stock indexes. Missed timing the bottom by a day or two. Once the dow gets back to 30k I will again reallocate to bonds at 20%.
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