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  1. The question now is does he follow up with either: 1. I was just pulling your legs to get a rile out of this place. or... 2. These things are very fluid. At the time I was absolutely correct....if you go back and check one of those 10k bs posts I made you will find i called it before anybody else..
  2. Its almost as believable as those that post their experiences with legions of FAs coming through and being amazed at what results they are seeing and just have to know how its done....
  3. Not only that.. but it does seem a little Idahoan to go to a place called Salad Man for Finger Steaks.
  4. It beats somebody posting a meme that is already on the previous page....
  5. My teenager wanted to see Paul before he stopped playing live. We made the 8 hour drive to the closest tour stop in Ok City. The whole time I braced her for a watered down voice... A lot of sitting on a barstool or wardrobe changes so he could catch his breath... And generally any other trick in the book so she would lower her expectations. Two hours in with no end in sight I sat as he played a song off his new album and she has not let me forget how a old tired musician wore me out. He was phenomenal. Her favorite is George and the others are not even close.
  6. Exactly. And while we are at it...get out of our cars too. Get rid of seat belt laws. Whether I wear one or not should be my choice. And if I want to wind my week down with a drink or two at the bar and drive home then I should have the freedom to do so. Afraid of me driving home from the bar? Then go hide in your basement you snowflakes...the odds of me running a red light and plowing into you is so small... And why stop at drinks? Lets get some more drugs out there. Everybody should have a corner shop for pot, heroin, acid, and meth. My body, my choice! Hookers too. Mind your
  7. I wonder if there is a list by University. I wonder how well the MWC represents.
  8. I've said this before. Even if the money becomes capped and equal...if you were a 5 star and were offered an Albertsons commercial that will run local, or a Nike commercial with Jordan that will run nationwide during the NBA finals, which are you taking? University of Oregon is going to start crushing the recruiting game.
  9. To also stay true, somebody make a meme along the lines of the 18th amendment saying "hold my beer...."
  10. Same compassion for that group too. And if there is something I can do to not impact others, like not smoking in a restaurant, driving safely and not at excessive speeds, or buckling my kids in every time we go somewhere...i will do those minor things too.
  11. I have seen quotes from Rep Ryan that the officers were suspended from the force. That seems like damning evidence from a source that has way more insight than people on a message board.
  12. Let's just say all of them weren't lunatics... Say there were some in their youth making poor decisions that were on the back end of the crowd that got caught up in the moment. Just having some fun. Roaming the halls. Imagine if a regular Joe Schmoe thought it would be funny if his souvenir was a piece of mail with Pelosi's name on it. Or the laptop with classified info on it. And that poor guy right now is just staring at it knowing damn well the next knock on the door may be the FBI. With felony charges. Looking to make an example out of someone... Staring knowing he is so screwed. I co
  13. Can you imagine the shitestorm if Trump adds these guys to his pardon list?
  14. This is what needs to be posted every time that village idiot posts his masks don't work graphs.
  15. This is serious stuff. The CIA/FBI doesn't mess around with this voter fraud stuff. One time I was working an early voting site for the Presidential election back in 2000. A guy started messing with the machines and they raided the entire place like 5 mins later. They had set up a sting next door. I have pictures of it...it was crazy. And if you tell me early voting sites didn't exist in 2000...just feel free to change the year to 2012.
  16. How about AIDS fatigue? We can skip the condoms....people are still getting AIDS so they probably don't work.
  17. Maybe I'm a hermit ....but I really dont know what more I would be doing to "live my life". My wife and I still do our dinner date night. We have always preferred quiet local places as opposed to Texas Roadhouse type places. We do are hikes. We still go in to work. We took our daughter back to school in Oregon...turned the road trip into a vacation through Yellowstone. I really don't know what changes with fatigue. Wash my hands less...use less sanitizer?
  18. Relax. We'll soon be in December and January and 90 /100 degrees won't be a problem at all.....
  19. With school being online and working from home, we needed another laptop. The usual places I get them didn't have any except for the really high end ones. Was walking through Wal-Mart and saw a cheap one and asked the worker if it was in stock. He laughed. He said the laptop/TV run was just as bad as the TP run. He said also a bunch of random stuff too. Like shoelaces. I mad it a point to look at other stores shoelace section and sure enough...no shoelaces. I get the electronics...but shoelaces?
  20. What am I missing? Wouldn't that lock in losses on the portion of taxes you have to pay to convert to a Roth? Or did you have a different and quite large pot to pay it? I looked and looked for any financial advantage to take with my 401k and all I could come up with over a month ago was to reallocate my 20% portion of bonds to the stock indexes. Missed timing the bottom by a day or two. Once the dow gets back to 30k I will again reallocate to bonds at 20%.
  21. Were you the same guy that denied global warming because "when you looked outside... It looks fine to me"?
  22. Enough of this teams and shit. If there ever was a time when they wanted to pass something important...and at "warp speed", they should of had BOTH parties developing the bill. Not just republicans in private and then springing it for a vote. Why use that process? Probably so people can do the finger pointing like you just did.... Honestly, would you have felt the same in reverse? For fks sake... can't they for once work bipartisan and put something out there without any worries about scoring points for their side and also taking points away from the other side?
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