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  1. coalman29

    BSU @ UNM... Who you got?

    Going the other way...say UNM beats Boise and then Boise loses to Nevada. How is that tie breaker? Does 0-1 mean the Lobos get the nod because Boise was 0-2? Or is it winning percentage so they drop to the next team?
  2. I dont think he is saying they are skewing the odds....he's just saying people betting on Boise to win a national title are flushing their money down the drain.
  3. coalman29

    Game Thread: Georgia vs Alabama

    So much for all the talk of lower ratings....i feel bad for those that boycotted that game
  4. coalman29

    Low ratings for title game could cause change

    From what i can read between the lines...most that are not watching the title game by the same rational did not watch the first round. If so...you missed one hell of a rose bowl
  5. You were the one that said Clemson only brought 3k. I dont think that counts as filling the stands....
  6. coalman29

    Kiplinger:  Best University Values

    Not to say you are wrong....but I have to agree with him. When you include living expenses...places like California and UCBoulder have to be dropped. Believe me, with kids in school in California and NMSU..huge difference in rent. And really....lists like this cant even begin to make sense until you know what your major is going to be.
  7. coalman29

    Kiplinger:  Best University Values

    You know the UC campuses are good when even UC-Boulder makes the cut...