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  1. It's actually Turquoise (the state gem). It's a darker shade than the schools you list, probably even more reason to use it. it's a tradition to bust out the Turquoise for the xcountry for the big meets, and they have a nice winning culture, so probably even more of a reason to use them.
  2. I wish they would have put Stars Wars in there. At first glance most would be surprised until they remember that first scroll....
  3. Depends on who is asking. Joe Schmoe on any random message board? They typically first see it as the best scenario for their school, and after that the best perceived football matchups. So for them just rank em on perceived football team success TV? Eyeballs and markets. Some combination of weekly ratings and perceived ability for streaming subscriptions. University Presidents? Academics. When people say you have to see the big picture, they think it is some combination of the previous two. When in actuality, these guys see the big picture of the academics side. See research dollars, endowments, school rankings ..etc. The Harvard/Yale's and most of the top 25 school rankings really don't have lofty football rankings and TV contracts. And it really doesn't matter to them they don't. They are Universities first.
  4. The latest season of Stranger Things was filmed at a high school a block away from Saul Goodman's office. In the show they pass ABQ off as some town in California.
  5. I'm going to immediately ignore anybody who thinks I need to be waiting to read my morning paper to find the latest news.....
  6. At what point does all extra revenue get split with the athletes? Should everybody on the team get a cut of the bowl payout? Should they get a piece of the tourney credits? And will it always be an even cut? Why should the team MVP dropping 25 pts a game get the same as the red shirt freshman. NIL are not spread out equally, so why should any of this be distributed equally. Honestly, what a mess ...
  7. I absolutely hate getting that miss when if you didn't get sloppy you would have seen one of the options were already eliminated
  8. Daily Duotrigordle #51 Guesses: 34/37 https://duotrigordle.com/ My best
  9. Are we just ignoring UNLV's board because it's really the Raider's board?
  10. It beats somebody posting a meme that is already on the previous page....
  11. To also stay true, somebody make a meme along the lines of the 18th amendment saying "hold my beer...."
  12. Same compassion for that group too. And if there is something I can do to not impact others, like not smoking in a restaurant, driving safely and not at excessive speeds, or buckling my kids in every time we go somewhere...i will do those minor things too.
  13. I have seen quotes from Rep Ryan that the officers were suspended from the force. That seems like damning evidence from a source that has way more insight than people on a message board.
  14. Let's just say all of them weren't lunatics... Say there were some in their youth making poor decisions that were on the back end of the crowd that got caught up in the moment. Just having some fun. Roaming the halls. Imagine if a regular Joe Schmoe thought it would be funny if his souvenir was a piece of mail with Pelosi's name on it. Or the laptop with classified info on it. And that poor guy right now is just staring at it knowing damn well the next knock on the door may be the FBI. With felony charges. Looking to make an example out of someone... Staring knowing he is so screwed. I could see how somebody might consider suicide
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