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  1. I wonder if he refers to you as his heterosexual neighbor.
  2. I have seen quotes from Rep Ryan that the officers were suspended from the force. That seems like damning evidence from a source that has way more insight than people on a message board.
  3. Well...that obviously will not be happening once he expands the number of Justices to 15!
  4. Do you also have the other one of the set? Where the images are flipped, "the left" is changed to "the right", and the black guy is changed to somebody from Duck Dynasty.
  5. Let's just say all of them weren't lunatics... Say there were some in their youth making poor decisions that were on the back end of the crowd that got caught up in the moment. Just having some fun. Roaming the halls. Imagine if a regular Joe Schmoe thought it would be funny if his souvenir was a piece of mail with Pelosi's name on it. Or the laptop with classified info on it. And that poor guy right now is just staring at it knowing damn well the next knock on the door may be the FBI. With felony charges. Looking to make an example out of someone... Staring knowing he is so screwed. I co
  6. Can you imagine the shitestorm if Trump adds these guys to his pardon list?
  7. Or he's never had a mortgage, so he doesn't see the world the way most people do.
  8. This. Rewind to the beginning of the year when conferences were shutting down the season. "We just want to play...our whole lives have been spent getting to this point...blahblahblah." From that to "We're soar and tired and don't get to participate in the vegas bowl pre game rib eating contest...." Okay.
  9. This is what needs to be posted every time that village idiot posts his masks don't work graphs.
  10. Out of curiosity, have any of your children been vaccinated? Which ones and have they gotten and which ones have you avoided?
  11. Hard pass. I avoid talking at work to anyone about how I voted. Its personal to me. If somebody knocks on my door asking who I voted for I would tell them it was none of their business. I like for elections to be anonymous. Say we have a situation of a Kim-like dictator wanting to know/"verifying" how you voted. With the military along for the ride. I don't want to be saying at that point I voted for the other guy. There were shy Trump voters. Shy Biden voters. Each of them had a reason for being shy...and each of those reasons should be respected. Too many opportunities for unintended consequ
  12. Leave them on and get paid. It was noted in the other thread...the only annoying part is when you get the ad and hit the x it takes you to the end of the thread instead of the saved place where you left off at. Annoying on threads that have grown multiple pages since your last click but solvable by always starting with a new short thread. Seems like it would be an easy fix for the coders.
  13. This is serious stuff. The CIA/FBI doesn't mess around with this voter fraud stuff. One time I was working an early voting site for the Presidential election back in 2000. A guy started messing with the machines and they raided the entire place like 5 mins later. They had set up a sting next door. I have pictures of it...it was crazy. And if you tell me early voting sites didn't exist in 2000...just feel free to change the year to 2012.
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