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  1. Where are the USU folks? One of 14 nationwide UARCs. https://www.sdl.usu.edu/programs/osiris-rex
  2. I would argue 1 president with control of the house and senate for 2 years has more power to fix America than 1 senator/vp has over 47 years
  3. Donald Trump had two full years of total control to pass whatever he wanted. He had every opportunity to "show me the money". Except he didn't. Incumbents should be judged on track records...challengers on what they would change.
  4. You know what that could be....that could be a start of a trend!
  5. Wow. Good thing you were there to save the entire student body from a live torpedo. Please say this was on the same day the FBI raided your dark web buddies. Then the story is really magical with the Navy evacuating the school only for students to come back to see the FBI swarm in. Good stuff.
  6. They'll be more than just fine. Very similar to when Nike ran their Kap ads and a huge group of Sketcher wearing males "boycotted". A little dip in the stock price, but check out the Nike stock today...all time highs.
  7. To paraphrase Bob on the people dying from covid tend to be "old and about to die anyway", can't we say the same about these businesses? The ones that failed were probably in bad positions and about to die anyway....
  8. You had to have seen it. Big groups from both teams coming together after the game and taking a knee in prayer. I don't think they should be mixing religion with sports. Its too much already. You are paid to play...leave the praying in churches....
  9. Are we really "wowing" the loss of a 5 year streak? Weren't you the one posting PAC12 shouldn't be posting propaganda?
  10. Does the customer that bet that do it every week? Or was this a once-off for that person?
  11. I think one major clue is to drive by on a Friday night at 10pm. Those that are still open...
  12. Every time somebody says this I think of RBG and laugh....
  13. Relax. We'll soon be in December and January and 90 /100 degrees won't be a problem at all.....
  14. My family has watched it at different times. After we all finished we all have various opinions of whom is least likable. I happen to think it is Skyler. Wife..child1... and child2 thinks it's Walt. Child3 thinks its Todd. Child4 thinks it's that rich business lady...forget her name. However, in terms of favorite, it's either the Mike camp or the Jesse camp.
  15. If we are using conference dominance and results on the national level...then UNM's women's x-country team is the best. That's also including the major sports. And its not even close.
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