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  1. I said it before and was laughed at...but I have read multiple times here all BYU wanted was tier 3/rebroadcast rights. And now they enjoy the "spreading the word" coast to coast type schedule. So get creative. Give them the Tier 3. Agree to a trial period (clearly stated it is not in perpetuity) for the conference to only have mandatory games against their own division. You can schedule the other division, but those games don't count in standings. A) that gives BYU freedom to schedule tons of non conference and,B) it eliminates the unfairness of cross division schedules where one team has to go to Fresno and SDSU while another gets to play SJSU and UNLV. Have them bring Gonzaga with them for Oly sports. For kicks...wait until BSU signs on the dotted line to park their Olys in the WCC for one final FU. Now that would be funny....
  2. I don't see the damages either. The conference splits that pot. So if you were to negotiate a higher deal with ESPN...then that difference is split by all the conference members. Subtract whatever the CBS/Fox contract is reduced by for all members...and it is probably close to a wash.
  3. Thompson should give that prime minister speech from Love Actually....
  4. Lol.... Maybe it's comparative.....
  5. Where did the MWC finally fall on Tier 3 rights? Last I heard they were going to the schools. If that's the case...is it possible Thompson is a stable genius and is actually looking ahead? Somebody in one of these threads stated all BYU wanted was to get those rights. He tells BSU to play along and drop the side deal or walk...and if they walk he brings back BYU for all sports with the Tier 3 rights and sweetens the pot for Gonzaga by giving them a full share even though they are Oly sports only. Would SDSU still leave a MWC that is adding BYU and Gonzaga?
  6. Was it me or could this thing had been condensed in half? Same scenes...same quotes...same pictures... over and over. Compelling stuff but I started to spend more time pointing out scenes we had already seen.
  7. Not siding with OP...but can't one argue BSU's stock has already taken a hit? They, as a 1 loss team, were passed over for a 1 loss Memphis team. Memphis? How many of you would have argued/taken a bet at the start of the year that BSU would get the nod over an unranked Memphis?
  8. So...by that rational...if the Dems hold the House...and gain control of the Senate...can they then pass a resolution to expunge Clinton's impeachment?
  9. The money is already going to the next frontier. Space Material Command already exists. AFRL is already pumping finds into space development. If you are going to simply move these types of Air Force funded programs under a new branch, all you are going to accomplish is funding a whole bunch of new signs...new uniforms...new business cards...and a whole bunch of new upper level management. The worker bees keep chugging along on the same exact projects while the signs on the office doors change. Thats it. Incredible waste of resources. The AF will still be doing what the AF does. So what exactly is the accomplishment? If all it accomplishes is "fulfill a campaign promise", I would figure any Republican concerned with spending would not be labeling this as an accomplishment...but as a failure.
  10. I'm curious as to what you think he is accomplishing by creatung a US Space Force. Similar to some other accomplishments, I wonder why doing the same processes and having the same outputs but labeling it differently allows people to wave the Trump banner.
  11. Lobo's Kelati wins the individual title.
  12. Lol... I knew not him for the purpose of 2023. The point was there is a history of at least a handful that love opening the checkbooks for their alma mater. And again....forget money. If oregon can say you will get in commercials...or even a shoe line. They control who gets it. Do you think the Nike commercial would have a Morant...or a Justin Herbert? That is a really powerful recruiting tool.
  13. Thats the whole point. Most won't balloon. But you don't think there is a handful of Phil Knights... TBoonePickens.... Fred Smiths... That would open up their wallets in the millions? The collective of Alabama fans willing to send $20 to a trust fund set up a non-profit booster club org that is run by a board hand picked by the AD? Most schools won't have it...but for the ones that do....