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  1. coalman29

    Trump grounds Pelosi

    He told her to fly commercial....so its more like telling your teenager they can still go to their friends house without doing their homework...they just cant take the family sports car...they can take mom's minivan.
  2. coalman29

    He's got a point

    Curious what you are doing here.... Are you saying Tim Scott is a liberal GOP senator that is losing some sort of argument....or are you just making a general off topic observation?
  3. coalman29

    Anyone want some BSU/OkieLight Action?

    That's the confusion I had....but either way I want in on this bet. I'll take OSU straight up all day long
  4. coalman29

    Kiplinger:  Best University Values

    Not to say you are wrong....but I have to agree with him. When you include living expenses...places like California and UCBoulder have to be dropped. Believe me, with kids in school in California and NMSU..huge difference in rent. And really....lists like this cant even begin to make sense until you know what your major is going to be.
  5. coalman29

    Kiplinger:  Best University Values

    You know the UC campuses are good when even UC-Boulder makes the cut...