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  1. To also stay true, somebody make a meme along the lines of the 18th amendment saying "hold my beer...."
  2. Well that and a Feb record of 4-4. Not exactly screaming"hot team".
  3. Same compassion for that group too. And if there is something I can do to not impact others, like not smoking in a restaurant, driving safely and not at excessive speeds, or buckling my kids in every time we go somewhere...i will do those minor things too.
  4. If that is the logic then there shouldn't even be a tournament. Just send the season champ as the auto qualifier.
  5. Exaggerate for effect. It's a tool my teenage daughter uses all the time. It doesn't work for her either.....
  6. I don't think this phrase means what you think it means......(see above)
  7. The funny part is although there is x amount of players kneeling or raising their fists...there are way more people walking the concourse, making their way to their seats, on their phone, talking with their friends, or not even standing. I took my girls to a movie (Black Panther) on a military base. They still play the national anthem (or maybe it was the pledge, I forget) before the movie. And every single person in there is standing at attention and quiet. After the movie, the first comment both made was how weird that anything like that would have 100% participation. Mainly because an
  8. 2. Season champ and tourney champ. I envision the at-larges to be like the bowls...a team like Miss State getting an invite simply because the conference they are in. If a team goes .500 in their power conference...they will look at the 7 wins and ignore the 7 losses. The 7 wins will be "marquee". Mid-majors need the ooc to get wins that are recognized. Power conferences do not. The short and lame ooc this year will not work for getting an at-large.
  9. I am reading this and the other " we need to be proactive" post and still don't understand the mindset. Is the AF not already being proactive enough? Have they not already given us a leg up on China? I am not arguing that space is not important....i am arguing all that creating the SF does is give us warm fuzzy feelings that we are accomplishing something new. The AF is already doing your first 3 paragraphs. Again...lets not pretend like the SF is adding any sort of missions the AF is not already doing. And AFSPC/SMC is by no definition a "side gig". That is some serious exaggeration for effec
  10. I don't get it at all. Complete waste of money. Right now there are x amount of people working space projects as contractors or for the military. Space Force is created. X people sitting at their desks ask what changes for me? Well...we are going to get you a new office nameplate that says SF instead if AF. New business cards. New uniforms and logos. All the color schemes are changing. New upper level management (did the old one get fired? Nah, they are still in the AF). Change your email signature and extension to a .SF. But my actual work? What changes? Well nothing...keep working in wh
  11. I wonder if he refers to you as his heterosexual neighbor.
  12. I have seen quotes from Rep Ryan that the officers were suspended from the force. That seems like damning evidence from a source that has way more insight than people on a message board.
  13. Well...that obviously will not be happening once he expands the number of Justices to 15!
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