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  1. Sucks that a blue blood football program like Florida State is coming to town and there might be a possibility that nobody is in the stands to see it.....
  2. Yeah! And screw Talladega Nights for attempting to make NASCAR look stupid. And screw Reno 911 for mocking the police force. And screw Team America..damn puppets. And screw.....nevermind... Really?
  3. What am I missing? Wouldn't that lock in losses on the portion of taxes you have to pay to convert to a Roth? Or did you have a different and quite large pot to pay it? I looked and looked for any financial advantage to take with my 401k and all I could come up with over a month ago was to reallocate my 20% portion of bonds to the stock indexes. Missed timing the bottom by a day or two. Once the dow gets back to 30k I will again reallocate to bonds at 20%.
  4. How about the University President, do you think he would keep his job? One of the polls I saw last week still had people in favor of keeping it locked down at over 50%. Don't know if that number is still accurate...but its probably close. I don't think the number of people that think football is dangerous polls that high...so presidents get a pass when they die or get hurt in the scenarios you bring up. With the covid numbers and doubt...do you think the presidents will still get the same pass...or will they be put under tremendous pressures to resign. Now if a player dies you don't see other schools react. Would a school like CSU react differently if covid is running through the CSU team and then a player on WYO dies. You don't think people are going to be super cautious and want to shut it down?
  5. Lets say they do decide to play. With a very cautious approach with measures like no fans. But hey...we get football. Then a few players get it. Like the NBAers, a few get it but they are young and well conditioned so it comes and goes. We shrug our shoulders but hey..we get football. Then it goes rapidly through a whole team...forcing them to cancel or postpone a game. But hey...we get football. Then lets say an older coach gets it and doesn't make it. The University Prez looks at the AD and shrugs their shoulders. But hey...we get football. Then a player gets it and doesn't make. Then what? Can you imagine the backlash? Do we shrug our shoulders or do we ask what are we doing and is it worth it so we get football?
  6. It's been about a week. Any updates? How has she handled the briefings since the first one?
  7. Somebody needs to tell this protestor that nobody is going to take his stance seriously if he's wasting time playing the circle game with the other gun-toting patriots.....
  8. The wife in Everybody Loves Raymond....
  9. Another one: Who was the first running back to rush for 100 yds in a game for the Dallas Cowboys? (Hint: he is also in the Cowboy Ring of Honor) Extra credit if you can also name his college and his college head coach....
  10. Were you the same guy that denied global warming because "when you looked outside... It looks fine to me"?
  11. For the most part I hate the way police reacts in most OISs. But watching this and thinking that if that was me in that maroon car...or a family member in that maroon car.... I would be happy as hell they shot his ass.
  12. This blue check guy is wrong. Pokerider ACTUALLY listened to it and it wasn't said...it was just light he was talking about. Damn loyalists.....
  13. Under what scenario does this guy living in a trailer with his disabled wife "not qualify for stimulus check"?
  14. Enough of this teams and shit. If there ever was a time when they wanted to pass something important...and at "warp speed", they should of had BOTH parties developing the bill. Not just republicans in private and then springing it for a vote. Why use that process? Probably so people can do the finger pointing like you just did.... Honestly, would you have felt the same in reverse? For fks sake... can't they for once work bipartisan and put something out there without any worries about scoring points for their side and also taking points away from the other side?
  15. You can't force them...but you also can't minimize either. Trump and Fox's initial reactions were to downplay, not to "scare them shitless". Watch that Trump timeline video somebody posted on one of these threads. Of course people are not scared...they were told multiple times by Trump they didn't have to be.