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  1. Why do you call him out for posting titles for all sports when this a basketball thread and then post football records? Lets see the same MWC records for hoops....
  2. Maybe he is not just trying to lock up a Trump 2020...but also a Trump 2024. I would laugh my ass off if he trots out Ivanka. He has made reference to how she could win a presidential election and she has been inserting herself in more high profile meetings.....
  3. Perspectives change. When I was young and single my goal was to see a game in all the MLB stadiums. Got to 24 or so by the time I got married and had kids. Tried to keep doing the ballparks but that slowly gave way to Disney, beaches, and more kid friendly destinations. Seeing the excitement and smiles on my kids faces elimanated any desire to go to any more parks. Even now that they are older and all over the country....when we travel we often talk of how one of the kids would have loved this or that when they were small...a lot of remember when's... Once you have kids.... You will be shocked how much purpose they give your life..and how silly your single or "shacking up" life priorities were.
  4. Not that impressive....back in the 80s the NIT picked teams based on ticket sales. A lot of times they were not that deserving but guaranteed to sell 12/13k...so in they went. But people do forget those Kenny Thomas teams that went 4 years of winning the first round game every time
  5. Isn't part of the problem that the best way for insurance companies to make a profit is to avoid insuring people that actually need coverage? So they don't...but medicare has to so comparing the bottom lines is apples to oranges?
  6. And you are just touching on some of the variables. Like mentioned above...the parents identify which class they want their kids to be in and make it happen. The best teacher gets the best students...not necessarily the smartest..but the ones that have all the positive peripherals. Or at a high school level...the AP calculus type classes. So yes....the metrics will continously remain constant. And then brand new right out of school teacher is given little johnny that has a single parent working til all hours..that really doesnt even know if little johnny stayed home or even went to school. Or at the high school level the new teacher is given the extremely over crowded pre-algebra course filled with students that have zero interest in anything math related. Just another example of how education is different then most private sector professions. Where else do your highest performers get the easiest tasks...while the toughest tasks get assigned to the newest/poorest performers. However...you start putting your best/experienced teachers at your worst performing schools...and they will be gonzos.
  7. Was she injured last year too?
  8. While we are being "real"... I guess Allie didn't want the cross country title? Finished fourth in the MW race behind three UNM runners and behind 2 for the NCAA title race. And those two girls that bested her were not entered in the steeple for the "some purpose" of stopping her.
  9. Better news for all non-Californian western schools that recruit men's soccer...golf...cross country... wrestling...track and field... and baseball teams. With the amount of money needed for football and hoop recruits..there will have to be cuts to the rest of the athletic department.
  10. My guess is that it is probably as effective as the Nike boycott.
  11. Basketball is different than football...the schedule is large enough to schedule tune-ups, "even" test-type games, and still have some room for some really tough challenges. Before the tournament was announced I was reading the women's bubble watch. They had Boise's quality wins as UNM and Wyoming. That is bad if that is all there is on your resume...two conference wins from a really bad one bid conference. Tired of this seeding?.... Go schedule some tourney type teams and beat one or two of em.
  12. The market is bigger than that. I was in Colorado Springs and stopped at a Wal-Mart for beer and some cash back. 4 beers into the game was suprised at how "sharp" I was still playing....until it was pointed out to me it was 3.2. Apparantly grocery stores arent allowed to sell regular beer there. I want to say Oklahoma City is the same way.
  13. I wouldn't call it a "no brainer". It's not like everything you describe isn't already being addressed. So all this does is take a group like SMC and instead of reporting up the Air Force chain to AFSPC...they would then report to Space Force.... So what is gained? I mean outside of a bunch of new uniforms, coins, patches, and emblems. Yea.
  14. You mean other than MLK day in Jan and President's day in Feb?