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  1. You make it sound like SpaceX is the cheapest way to LEO. RocketLab's electron is way cheaper and can do it from multiple continents.
  2. I have the exact opposite opinion. The gambling has always had a very clear consequence and he did it anyway. Like others stated, peds have not. Even now the consequences are listed as something like 45 games, not lifetime bans. Besides, cheating is a slippery slope. The trash can Astros? Do they get banned? Do the hitters that have base coaches that steal the catchers signs get banned? How about G Brett using too much pine tar? Ban him? Runners on second raising an arm after stealing the catchers signs? When does getting an edge cross over to cheating?
  3. Sorry, looks like we are talking wrong genders. The women's side finished the first three rounds today so that's probably what confused me. Lobos one of 13 schools that had both men and women's teams advance to championship round. But the format is 30 teams play 3 rounds with top 15 advancing. Then 1 round where top 8 advance. Then they go to match play to determine winner.
  4. Lobos advance to round 4 (the final 15 teams). SJSU misses the cut by one stroke...
  5. Is 0-10 that much more of rarified air than 0-9?
  6. Let's slow down and wait for the facts to come out.... Does he really look like a guy that thinks it's a good idea to be shooting up houses of democrats?
  7. I wish they would have put Stars Wars in there. At first glance most would be surprised until they remember that first scroll....
  8. It beats somebody posting a meme that is already on the previous page....
  9. To also stay true, somebody make a meme along the lines of the 18th amendment saying "hold my beer...."
  10. Same compassion for that group too. And if there is something I can do to not impact others, like not smoking in a restaurant, driving safely and not at excessive speeds, or buckling my kids in every time we go somewhere...i will do those minor things too.
  11. I have seen quotes from Rep Ryan that the officers were suspended from the force. That seems like damning evidence from a source that has way more insight than people on a message board.
  12. Let's just say all of them weren't lunatics... Say there were some in their youth making poor decisions that were on the back end of the crowd that got caught up in the moment. Just having some fun. Roaming the halls. Imagine if a regular Joe Schmoe thought it would be funny if his souvenir was a piece of mail with Pelosi's name on it. Or the laptop with classified info on it. And that poor guy right now is just staring at it knowing damn well the next knock on the door may be the FBI. With felony charges. Looking to make an example out of someone... Staring knowing he is so screwed. I could see how somebody might consider suicide
  13. Can you imagine the shitestorm if Trump adds these guys to his pardon list?
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