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  1. When you think of Pat Benatar (absolutely great!), don’t forget her husband/guitarist Neil Geraldo!
  2. UNLV had nothing to do with $2B stadium.
  3. If Tedford is still around, I am sure that he will have a decent QB running the show, He has a history with QBs. Certainly I don't have to go through it. And he has a knack for having pretty decent RBs and WRs. Oh and our defense has been ok the past two years, agree?
  4. Mac had $10.3 million left on his contract.
  5. Good news about the mascot. I wish the mascot all the best and full recovery!
  6. Like I said. If I went, I would buy Navy stuff, but eff ND.
  7. Thank you. Really proud of that position group. Only wish that we had them in Derek Carr's final season and shut down SJSU. We would have been to a BCS bowl that year.
  8. Uh no. I hate ND. I wouldn't spend a dime on them or any of their stuff.
  9. The championship games should be part of the 16 team playoff, problem solved. UCF, BSU and others continue to show what a rigged deal the CFP is. What is disappointing is that ESPN has the opportunity to build major (D1A) college football into a much bigger/stronger product. It could use its influence to make all D1A conferences stronger and more attractive, but they only focus on a few anointed programs.
  10. Shows what you know about SoCal traffic.