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  1. At least we dont have a no effort Jaquan Lyle out there. Lyle got Weir fired as he singlehandedly cucked Weir
  2. Lobos have no semblance of an offense. Will be lucky to beat AFA and SJSU. If you lack talent, then you have to execute. But no execution with heroball House running the show. When was the last time UNM didnt have a secondhand PG?
  3. See I think Javonte Jones is the best player on the team but needs more touches. Mashburn is good but very undersized. House is a panicky lityle squirrel that forgets his team at the first glimpse of a rim.
  4. Im not optimistic about this team. House does not have a PG mentality, Singleton just cant shoot and only goes left, and Francis is not a D1 player.
  5. Lack of running an offense is what hurts the Lobos. House needs to play under control as the days of NMHU are done
  6. Actually missing the slam then stops playing and committing a turnover. House airballing
  7. Housevis ok when under control but the hero ball doesnt usually work.
  8. I see UAB covering the spread. Lobos weakness down low ( rebounding and paint points) along with our hero ball PG will sink the Lobos in H2
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