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  1. Clearly the best G5 strategy is only to sign P5 sophomore and junior castoffs and stick the P5 to sign and try out HS freshmen. Be the long term investor counter to the P5 "win yesterday" culture. In this environment, as a G5, your only hope is continuity and continuity and HS signees do not go hand in hand.
  2. We need a Texas guy that knows all the Texas HS P5 Freshman washouts, secondhand lions
  3. If UNM is serious. They gather up $1.5 M per year and a bunch of Wise Pies pizza coupons and go beg Gary Patterson to take the job.
  4. If Kill wins out ( conference championship and likely the NM Bowl, his win total this season will exceed Danny's career (4 years) total coaching at NM.
  5. Gary Patterson would be awesome.
  6. Starts with structure and discipline. Danny's inability to address the penalties especially dead ball penalties was telling. Nice guy but an assistant good cop at heart.
  7. Just announced on golobos.com
  8. Line of scrimmage moves forward 5 yards at the snap
  9. I see it listed on the Prime upcoming, but with ads on FreeVee (hopefully coinciding with timeouts, etc.). Can't be worse than FloHoops or all time worst, the home feed from St Mary's (10 year olds on skatepoards with GoPros and a microphone in the goldfishbowl), MWC feed is SuperBowl coverage by comparison.
  10. Dannys team piss all over themselves over and over, the best in the country at pissing on their own shoes. Just amazing streak to lead the conference in penalties throughout his tenure and now the entire NCAA, so why are you worried about some kid that pissed on Danny and not worried about Danny doing it to himself? W-L's are often talent based but penalties (especially constant motion and offsides penalties) are reflective of the culture of the team, especially when its a legacy (every game and every season). Moving onto cojones, Danny shrinks on going for a two for the win with a running back that has racked up 200 yards and an offensive line that had just manhandled USU for 9 points in 4 minutes, Kill and Pavia would have gone for it and win or lose, would have at least gone for a win, not hoped the other team would lose. One more year at least, because being a urine soaked fencepost that won't play a winning hand is what Danny Gonzalez is all about., because he's a home town guy but that hometown guy getting spanked and pissed on by another hometown guy (Pavia).
  11. Yes, the ABQ kid that took the Aggies to 9-3 with a road wins over Auburn and UNM (among the worst of the Aggie victories ranking wise). Yep, he is full of piss and vinegar and emptied a load on Danny (the league fence post).
  12. Danny steadily took UNM to the peak of NCAA football for penalties and penalty yards per game. Four years climbing to the top. He had his shot. Jerry Kill's success head to head and overall should be the Kill shot for Danny's tenure especially with an ABQ kid that wanted to play for UNM but Danny would not recruit.
  13. Lobos in a bowl this year has worse odds than the Aggies crushing an SEC team on the road
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