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  1. Angie's if in Logan (I do my drinking at the tailgate). Busters if in Boise Dog House if in Fresno (good BBQ) Just the tailgate at SDSU
  2. Well it certainly beats trips to Carson City
  3. Colorado School of Mimes might have been a better test... but they don't use a real ball
  4. like 2020 never happened (sorry SJSU, keep it up though)
  5. I think we found a new name for Dixie State... University of New Mexico St. George?
  6. 3.5 million in Utah? Mmmmm try 3, you are giving them additional numbers that don't exist. St. George State? Mountain Meadows State? Snow Canyon U? (to compete with Grand Canyon U for odd name recognition)
  7. Hair is pulling off a coup by inviting Houston and Tulsa, bank on it ;-)
  8. I hate Cuck U worse than ybu, For profit college under the guise of a private Christian School who accepts every application they get.
  9. Someone tell me what silly/sh*tty conference does Boise State think they are joining for Olympic Sports? The Wet Coat Closet Conference is for Private Religious Schools. I don't think Boise, even with a team Chaplin, qualifies. That leaves their old buddies the Big Sky or the WAC. Have fun Boise!
  10. Mother of one of the members of the team confirms it: https://www.usufans.com/Forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=55716 Interesting, we shall see.
  11. Yep, going after Weber State too: https://www.ksl.com/article/50063697/southern-utah-seriously-considering-invitation-to-join-the-wac-but-other-schools-also-targeted-for-football-revival
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