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  1. Name: Lobo-tomy actual name Mark - I posted many brainless stupid things when I started posting on the board. Team: UNM Lobos Alma Mater(s): Excelsior College, Albany New York Hometown: LA born, 'Burque raised. Current home: Los Lunas, NM (a suburb of Belen) just moved back from 5 years in Phoenix and 3 RVing. Family- Married, 1 daughter, 9 grand kids, apparently fertility problems skip a generation in my wife's family. 2 truths and another truth: - I don't cuss, I don't drink, and I work for an organization that is considered a hate group by SPLC. Sc
  2. You’re welcome. Tuned in 21-17 now it’s going to be 21-24 sorry yo
  3. Sorry pokes, I turned on the game and it was 7-0 you all. Now it’s 7-14. I’m going to do you all a favor and turn off the game. I’ll feel badly but I’ll sacrifice the game for the pokes. Bet the dive play is going to start working
  4. Warning: Commercial may cause you to claw your ears off, or stick a dremel up your nose to lobotomize the short term memory center of your brain. Making you susceptible to going Ramin’, which would be bad.
  5. you won this one But we'll get you yet!!! Of course you were a couple of missed free throws from .500 That was a great game in the Pit, you all showed some grit. Please win the WAC!!
  6. What is this QB position you are talking about? I thought you just grabbed whichever grad assistant had eligibility and put them behind center.
  7. @utenation congrats on making it to the Rose Bowl. I especially like that it isn't the consolation prize because the PAC winner wasn't in the CFP. Hopefully this is a step to get you in the right direction. Go Utes!!!
  8. Yup, the Rebels are moving on congrats!!!
  9. Didn’t read the whole thread. Did anyone suggest Addazio? Would be hilarious to take their old coach and turn around and do better. Not guaranteed of course, but would be fun to see. Maybe he’s a closet Shula. Bum Phillips said that Don Shula could Take hissuns amd beat your uns, then take your uns and beat hissuns. I think Nevada should go for it. I’d even donate my unfinished presidential dollar coin set to help reel him in. I’d bet some Rebels would pitch in too.
  10. Heartbreaking loss by the Lobos on a last second shot in OT by the Aggies.
  11. Oddly enough I’m going to be in Detroit with nothing planned on the 27th. I was already thinking of going. It’s more exciting for it to be a MW team. Although my wife, after 25 years of marriage wondered why I’d want to go to a strange bowl game in Detroit. I thought she should know this about me now.
  12. Congratulations Ute fans!! I guess you’re not coming back. So I’m glad to see kick some Pac - Tail.
  13. Not just anyone can pull off being a daytime hooker and here they are all over the best parts of Vegas. I used to work right off Trop years ago, I don’t remember anyone hanging out during the day by our shop.
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