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  1. UNM won the most conference championships in the MW last year, 6. Unfortunately the big two haven’t been doing well(understatement?) I could see us get back to challenging the top in men’s bball. I am withholding judgment on Pittino until after the season. I can’t say I was blown away by the hire, but I am hopeful. Danny G and Rocky will right the football team. My fear is that people won’t accept our ceiling in football, I hope for a breakthrough, I truly do, but we can and should be a tough out soon enough. I think we belong.
  2. I think the opposite is somewhat true. Every FBS coach thinks they can win, period. If they didn’t think they were a winning coach, they wouldn’t stay in coaching.
  3. I’m generally happy with the MW. We aren’t going anywhere either and I’d hate playing BIgXII Teams, but wouldn’t mind the money being in the conference would provide. My ideal conference, UNM, wouldn’t make sense without us. NMSUx - we need to beat someone in conference. Longest history WYO - Funnelcakes and WYO fans are the coolest, 2nd longest history AFA - mad respect for the cadets, never give up, never surrender U of Arizona - 3rd or 4th longest history, I want the Kit Karson rifle back in play UNLV - Great roadtrip.made this more than all other teams
  4. Based on what we’ve been through at UNM. By the end of the nameless one’s first 1-11 season, it was obvious he wasn’t going to cut it, the team was worse in every way by the end of the first season. Same with Noodles, end of the first season, Coach Fish totally exposed him with a 1-3-1 zone. Team wasn’t getting better. The coach who followed Noodles, can’t remember his name, was an anomaly, but he was picking up after noodles, just liked Davie, couldn’t help but improve. my model is if a team gets better coach is competent. Not better, get out
  5. I was thinking Nevada and Boise need to be in the same division if we have them. It’s good for the fans and that should be part of any decisions. Yes, my fantasy land is vast if I think that would happen.
  6. Dread Rebel Roberts would turn up the heat and want wins.
  7. I made it to the start of the fourth quarter. Then turned it off and went to bed. It was time to be done.
  8. We a company Christmas party during a Lobos Aggies bball game one year. Me and my buddy took off for a couple of hours left the hosts house didn’t tell anyone. My wife, bless her heart, didn’t say anything just mingled in my absence.
  9. Lobo fans watching the game
  10. Didn’t see the game, I hoped for points, but I am not surprised. If I have a chance I may watch it later, but I hope they didn’t just give up at any point. I’d prefer we didn’t play these games, but I get that we need the money. Woof woof woof
  11. Think of the content for the PAC 12 Network with a Big XII merger or part merger. I watched Tennessee play Cal a while back probably’07, it was a clash of cultures. Some Cal students moved into and wouldn’t leave a grove of trees that grew by the football stadium in protest over stadium expansion. The Tenesseans had lots of ideas for getting them out of the trees. I had more fun listening to that than watching the game. That’s quality content right there.
  12. Let us drink and be merry, watch, rejoice, root , and shout. Be we Lobo, Cowboy, Aggie, but not Bronco or Ram. 😝 Root Root for our team, in snow, rain, or sun. Today we rejoice for tomorrow we shall be done.
  13. I think the fans that understand college football realize, that very few teams are truly in the National discussion. I would be very happy if we were upper half with the occasional year where we can actually contend for the division and conference title. I think that is realistic. I can hope for more as a fan, but it’s not just the ceiling for UNM, it’s probably true for 90-96% of college teams.
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