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  1. And now I made a triple unholy image. It's been __________ knowing you guys.
  2. It feels like this thread has reached on unholy milestone. Perhaps this scheduling agreement will be the end of the MW.
  3. Best of luck to Coach Tedford. He's a good guy.
  4. Thanks for sharing. I block "them" for a reason and now I have to poke out my minds eye.
  5. I actually like that, hadn't thought of it, don't think it's realistic, but Marv Levy coached here, so NFL coach wouldn't be the first. Well, maybe first in this order.
  6. If the games don't really matter, i.e. Joser just ripped UNLV at home, they have ties record, why not just go with the two highest rated teams? I think the system this year is an utter failure.
  7. I feel both happy and sad. I really liked Danny. He just couldn't coach here. Could he somewhere else? Maybe. I think he was given a more than fair shot. The penalties are indicative that he wasn't coaching well. He should've solved that by the end of year 1.
  8. At the time he said he was grateful for the interview since he was didn't have a lot of experience as a DC. It could have just been coachspeak, but he struck me a sincere at the time. It seemed to workout well for both.
  9. Lobos, playing without Mashburn and House, beat up on Pepperdine 90-71. Led by Dent's 24 and Tru Washington's 19.
  10. Congrats USU. Great start given that your media guide says you have one returning player with playing time as an aggie. Who knew, hire a successful head coach, tell players you're in the Cash Valley and then bam. Good luck!!
  11. Didn't catch the frijole as a slur. As an hispanic, I think the worst slur is Latinx. Talk about verbal imperialism. Take the spanish language and break its rules so that white people can virtue signal. It means nothing yet the liberal elite use it to be sound caring. I haven't been called a spik in a while. I laughed at the guy that said it. Anyone willing to slur somebody isn't worth getting bothered by.
  12. Toppin is killiing it. I expected him to do well at some point this year, but yikes.
  13. You lost to Locksley. I appreciate the break, except we just lost to other teams. Except Fresno.
  14. No divisions is so that all/most conference teams don't have to play CSU every year right? We'd all be losing our coaches and players to the superior lifestyle.
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