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  1. For it to be regarded as "humor" it should actually be funny. You just sound stupid.
  2. He'd be less stupid then you are showing right now. Sad, huh?
  3. Deep. Show me some more stupidity. I know you are up for it.
  4. He is in the same lane. Why continue to pander to people who keep making poor decisions time and time again for themselves. Stupid, no? Derp
  5. Only a racist would rant about being "grated" by the race of other people. Care to explain?
  6. He's pushing the lie that the debt ceiling request has nothing to do with current spending (i.e. bills passed or in discussion by this current House or Senate) or future spending. To suggest that has nothing to do with it is straight up abhorrently dishonest. You know it and I know it so why continue to lie about it? That said, why did you slap me with a 1 day ban? You ignored the email asking for an explanation.
  7. I thought you said Cyber Ninjas aren't to be trusted?
  8. Wait. You kooks claimed Trump colluded with Russia to steal 2016 and now claiming throwing out the same garbage for 2024......but are ass hurt because Trump said 2020 was rigged which saw unprecented mail in balloting? You understand how mentally ill this appears, right?
  9. Why are you linking to a guy who pushed the Russian collusion hoax for 3 years straight? Far leftist rants are not real facts.
  10. Quarantining is "optional" for those who are of low risk, have zero symptoms, and around other low risk people? Say it isn't so!
  11. More left wing leeches around? That's probably your answer
  12. mugtang has severe difficulty tethering his posts to the truth. A "bit dishonest" is sugarcoating it.
  13. Go outside and do something for once. You are obsessed with this nothingburger. Look, this is a far leftists political game....but just like every other the mentally ill played it's doomed to failure. Nothing can be the House and Senate in Dem control in 2022 or save Biden's plummeting approval rating. Why? Because you offer nothing to the American people. Why do you think trannies, gays, thugs, lazy, unemployed, terrorists, convicted felons, welfare moochers, illegal aliens.....and all sorts of miscreants in society vote Democrat?
  14. We already know what you "read". You stated it without posting it. Doofus. And what is "extreme" that I "stand on"? You dare to link a post of my mind that wasn't 100% based on FACTS? Because you don't like it doesn't make it "extreme". It just makes you mentally ill.
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