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  1. Apparently, even NDSU's playoff games weren't producing good enough ratings for ESPN to continue that contract.
  2. Take a look at the average ratings for those former FCS teams - most of which are in larger markets than NDSU - and you might start to understand why the MW isn't clamoring for NDSU to join.
  3. As far as how NDSU compares to BSU - according to my quick Google search, Fargo's metro population is 248k people. Boise's metro population is about three times as much - 749k people. Both are still very small markets from a national perspective, but Boise's is much larger, comparatively speaking. Boise's metro has about the same population as the entire state of North Dakota. To be fair, though, Fargo does have a pretty cool movie and TV series named for it. Not sure that Boise can compete with those.
  4. If NDSU is such a ratings bonanza, why aren't the national networks beating down the door to get the rights to broadcast those games?
  5. Boise didn't just jump from FCS to the MW. They went through the Big West and WAC first, proving themselves along the way. They proved that they could compete and they proved that they could draw ratings during the regular season. To RSF's point, if NDSU is such a huge TV draw, then why aren't more of their games available nationally?
  6. When your argument is that you're just a little bit worse than UNLV, you're losing the argument.
  7. Why go all the way back to 2016? Viewership of 1.984 million isn't a bad number. However, let's look at some context. It was on ESPN at 7 pm ET on a Saturday. The only other college football game broadcast that day was Army-Navy that afternoon. The Tulsa-CMU game was broadcast on a Monday afternoon - obviously not a great time for ratings. That SDSU-Wyoming game was on ESPN on a Saturday at close to the same time, but it was competing with the Big 10 Championship game on Fox (9.189M viewers) and the ACC Championship game on ABC (5.338M viewers). The BYU-Wyoming game was
  8. Zach isn't being particularly fair to teams who play a lot of games on CBS Sports Network:
  9. I wouldn't presume. I did want to add, though, the current FPI probabilities for BYU victories vs MW teams: Utah State - 73.9% Boise State - 63.4%
  10. Since they haven't lost yet, undefeated is still possible, but unlikely. ESPN's FPI only ranks BYU at #47 so far, which is understandable considering BYU's opponents so far. Arizona hasn't beaten anyone - they even lost to FCS Northern Arizona (or, as my son pointed out on the ESPN tracker - "No Arizona"). Utah's only victory so far is over FCS Weber State and Arizona State's only victories are over FCS SUU and FCS-like UNLV. The FPI tool is saying that BYU will be favored in all but two of their remaining games - at Baylor and the home finale against USC. The Virginia game, at 52% ch
  11. https://universe.byu.edu/2021/09/21/smartystreets-enters-into-nil-deal-with-all-female-athletes-at-byu/
  12. Interesting kerfuffle involving a Utah fan's continued distaste for Max Hall and the response from BYU fans: https://kslsports.com/468062/byu-max-hall-make-a-wish-board-member-shirt/?
  13. Here's a link to the game - you can watch the whole thing if you want: https://www.byutv.org/player/8f055430-4071-40bc-8fc3-d7fa7f44c248/byu-football-utah-vs-byu-91121
  14. Would you think less of me if I told you I don't know what that means?
  15. The ratings for this game were better than for BYU's game against Arizona the prior week, which is not particularly surprising. It had 1.5 million total viewers, which was good for 9th among the weekend's college football games. All of the games rated better included at least one Big 10 or SEC team. I'm surprised that the game edged out the Stanford-USC game which was broadcast over the air on Fox (1.4 million total viewers), though that game did start even later - 11:56 pm ET vs 10:20 pm ET for BYU-Utah. One of the curious things about the ratings is the key 18-49 demographic tha
  16. I hadn't considered the OT/Miscellaneous/whatever section since I pretty much never go over there. Does that get more traffic than the sports side? They get a lot of traffic over at CougarBoard and have for a long time, but the format doesn't really lend itself to discussion - it's much more about one-line posts and such. By the time you see a topic to which you might want to respond, it's already moved off the first page and so nobody will ever see what you wrote. It's a little better now since you can post a new message that easily refers back to a prior thread, but it's still not as
  17. The running game didn't seem to produce much for BYU early in the game, but opened up quite a bit later. That was probably a combination of the BYU's OL wearing down Utah's DL and Hall keeping Utah's D honest with his QB keepers so they couldn't just crash down on the running backs. Allgeier's average in the first quarter was 2.33 yards per carry. It dipped in the second quarter to 1.5. But then in the third quarter it was 6 and the fourth quarter it was 5.3. In the first half, he only had 2 runs of more than 4 yards and got stopped for a loss on a third of his carries. In the secon
  18. His requirement for rowing the boat is how Fleck missed out on Zach Wilson: https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/NFL-Draft-QB-Zach-Wilson-college-schools-that-missed-recruiting-BYU-Utah-Cal-Minnesota-Iowa-Boise-State-164810502/#164810502_3
  19. How are you measuring that? I would think that Cougarboard.com has a lot more users and posts than here. It is a much different format, though. There may be other sites with more traffic, too.
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