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  1. I noticed UCSC on the map, but you mentioned Santa Cruz so many times in your post that I was thinking you had also mentioned the UCSC.
  2. Cal State Monterey Bay looks to be pretty close to the beach.
  3. Yes, it does. Hair cares more about what the P5 commissioners think than what is best for the schools in his own conference.
  4. Who are all the TCU fans around here? @RSF @TCU@TCU Horned Frog@TCU Horned Frogs What's the skinny on Taryn Todd?
  5. I know some guys involved in a real estate deal in/near Reno. They are counting on its continuing growth. Anything else I should know about tripping to Pullman, everyone?
  6. No kidding. One SDSU is more than enough for any conference.
  7. That's a reasonable response. What are you doing at MWCBoard?
  8. Pelado

    Trey Lance

    Maybe the Jets won't actually take Wilson.
  9. I was planning to drive up from the Boise area on Friday. Not sure I want to go all the way to Spokane. I was thinking of staying in Lewiston if I can't find anything in Pullman/Moscow. Then, on Saturday, we could drive into Pullman for the game and back to Lewiston after the game. If it ends up being a night game, then we might just leave home on Saturday morning. Should I expect Lewiston to be sold out of hotel rooms, too? Then maybe we'll poke around the Hells Canyon area when we drive back on Sunday.
  10. Pelado

    Trey Lance

    Boise State won the time of possession battle by quite a bit in that game - 33:13 - 26:47. In the first half, Boise State had the ball 19:46 versus just 10:14 for BYU. Boise State had the ball twice as much as BYU did in the first half - pretty tough for the defense to get too worn out when they're sitting on the sidelines. BYU scored touchdowns on each of their first five possessions in the second half. Then Wilson sat out the rest of the game. Jeff Caves doesn't think the problem was being on the field too long: https://247sports.com/college/boise-state/board/103542/Contents
  11. Pelado

    Trey Lance

    Only when it comes to horses.
  12. Pelado

    Trey Lance

    I'm not going to disagree. Of course, if he can make it there, he will be raking in all sorts of endorsement dollars.
  13. There's a lot of history, and we do still play both football and basketball games against MW teams pretty much every year.
  14. At least there are still a few BYU guys hanging around this place.
  15. Pelado

    Trey Lance

    Don't they have a relatively new staff? If Zach does end up there, I'm hoping they're better at team-building than all their predecessors.
  16. They're letting you smoke weed right on the Strip?
  17. I'll have to channel my inner Bronco.
  18. Good to know - I wouldn't have thought that a hotel would be that difficult to get. No rush - except maybe to get a hotel room and/or camping site. I was thinking about checking out Hell's Canyon on the way there or back, but wasn't sure if it would be accessible. It would be nice to do some hiking in that area, but I'm guessing it will be too late in the season. I'm hoping to make it down for the Boise State game. I'll have to look at the schedule more closely to see what else I can make it to. My wife didn't like the idea of me taking our 16-year-old to Vegas f
  19. I'm thinking to take my son to the BYU-WSU game in late October to witness some Cougar-on-Cougar action. What type of horrific winter weather should I expect?
  20. Nothing says "college town" like a top-ranked veterinary school.
  21. Of course they do: https://247sports.com/Article/Coach-Duggs-Tennessee-Virginia-Tech-national-championship-147960398/
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