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  1. I'm sure she appreciates it. She has asked, though, that you respect the boundaries of the restraining order.
  2. On January 2nd - just one day after this post - Boise State announced the hiring of Jeramiah Dickey (not the female AD from Santa Clara). Being shown to be wrong within one day is pretty impressive.
  3. It only took two weeks for Cowboy to be wrong on this.
  4. I literally laughed out loud on that one.
  5. Here's a starter list for prospects that could be signing UDFA deals.
  6. BYU players: 1st round: Zach Wilson - QB - Jets 3rd round: Brady Christensen - OT - Panthers 7th round: Khyiris Tonga - DT - Bears Chris Wilcox - CB - Buccaneers Dax Milne - WR - Football Team Undrafted Free Agents: Chandon Herring - OL - Titans Tristen Hoge - G - Jets Isaiah Kaufusi - LB - Colts Matt Bushman - TE - Raiders Zayne Anderson - S/LB - Chiefs Troy Warner - DB - Rams Zac Dawe - DL - Falcons Micah Simon - WR - Panthers (graduated previous season, signed by Panthers after he participated in BYU Pro Day in March)
  7. BYU gets 3 guys drafted in the last half of the seventh round to bring the total to 5. Haven't heard about any UDFA deals yet.
  8. Sure, but if there are also at-large bids, then - just in case you don't win your conference - you want to improve your strength of schedule so that your team gets selected.
  9. And the independents! The independents should have an automatic bid, too! I think at-large bids make big OOC games more likely.
  10. Here are the MW prospects according to nfl.com, none of which appear to have been selected yet: Player - School - Position - Grade Parker Ferguson - Air Force - Guard - 5.46 Avery Williams - Boise State - Corner - 5.84 John Bates - Boise State - Tight end - 5.50 Warren Jackson - Colorado State - Wide receiver - 5.59 Syrus Tuitele - Fresno State - Guard - 5.40 Rico Bussey - Hawaii - Wide receiver - 5.48 Teton Saltes - New Mexico - Guard - 5.85 Darren Hall - San Diego State - Corner - 5.92 Tariq Thompson - San Diego State - Safety - 5.59 Dwa
  11. Is 1857 when you were born, or when you graduated? Either way, I'm surprised you can remember anything from that far back.
  12. You can get one for the low low price of $51.17.
  13. The nice thing for the MW is that they kept all their first-round talent in the conference for next season, so they'll be that much better next year relative to these other teams/conferences that had so many guys drafted in the first round.
  14. Northwestern? I'm talking about the University of Chicago.
  15. BYU's tickets are very affordable (easier to do when there are 60k+ seats), but I think those $350 50-yard-line tickets are reserved for faculty.
  16. Nice. The only time I remember getting a really good sideline spot below concourse as a student was when I went a friend and I ignored the assigned seating and squeezed in with some other people from our apartment building. Since everyone around here is curious about it, the current FCFS student section is marked as gray on this map as "ROC":
  17. Darn it. Since we didn't get him, I guess we didn't really want him, anyway.
  18. I have to wonder, based on this thread, how many of those internet searches originate from your computer.
  19. BYU used to have some prime seating for students. All the seats were assigned and were on a rolling basis, so one game you might have sideline seats below concourse and the next you could be in the endzone above concourse. They've switched it up. Now the south end of the east sideline and the east side of the south endzone is all dedicated for first-come, first-served student seating.
  20. Pelado

    Trey Lance

    That's not a terrible take. Zach's worst game of the year - Coastal Carolina - was also the OL's worst performance of the year. The box score shows that he was only sacked once and hurried 5 times, but my recollection is that he rarely had as clean a pocket in that game as he did in most every other game of the year. BYU's defense, on the other hand, also got only one sack against Coastal, but the box score records no QB hurries forced by the defense. Part of that is the style of CCU's game - they had 54 rushing attempts and just 15 passes. But another part was an inability by the def
  21. Pelado

    Trey Lance

    Most drafted QBs don't live up to their draft spot, so that's not exactly going out on a limb. It would be very surprising if all 5 of the top-rated QBs in this draft go on to have long, productive NFL careers - especially for the guys that end up on bad teams. That said, I watched every one of Zach's games at BYU (some more than once) and his play in 2020 was much better than in 2019, and not just because of improved OL play and the weaker competition. In 2020, he made better decisions with the ball, He threw the ball on time. He threw with better accuracy. And he was unbelievably a
  22. Pelado

    Trey Lance

    How high do they need to trade up to ensure they get him?
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