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  1. Probably in 1991 when some thought the Rebels might be the best basketball team ever. fify
  2. I still think you should have sold to a BYU fan, but I guess @Jeffkills is close enough.
  3. When I read the thread title, I was hoping it was just a poorly-conceived play on words. Sad to hear he's gone - he was fun to watch on the field.
  4. And then Tebow proved Elway wrong by...throwing for 39 yards over the remainder of his NFL career.
  5. Congratulations, Rainbows. I didn't catch the match but I heard it wasn't much of a competition.
  6. You'll please excuse BYU for not scheduling a murderer's row of schools like UNLV's nonconference lineup the last few years: 2019 UNLV: (Southern) Utah, Arkansas (State), Northwestern BYU: Utah, Tennessee, USC, Washington 2018 UNLV: USC, Texas (El Paso), Prairie View, Arkansas (State) BYU: Arizona, California, Wisconsin, Washington, Utah 2017 UNLV: Howard, Idaho, Ohio State BYU: LSU, Utah, Wisconsin, Mississippi State 2016 UNLV: Jackson State, UCLA, (Central) Michigan, Idaho BYU: Arizona, Utah, UCLA, West Virginia, Michigan State, Mis
  7. That may be, but how many people are doing internet searches for them? That's the real measure of success.
  8. ??? Most everyone recognizes that last year was an aberration as to BYU playing P5 games since all their P5 opponents cancelled on them. That said, since BYU went independent (excluding 2020), they've averaged 4.7 regular season games per year against P5 opponents and Notre Dame. The fewest games they've played against P5 teams in a single season was 3, in 2014. For the next three seasons, they are scheduled to average 5 P5 games per season. BYU hasn't played 1-2 P5 games in a year since their MW days. Additionally, because BYU typically plays a pretty robust schedule (which ofte
  9. Have they tried being good at any sports? That's what I would recommend.
  10. As Stunner explained below, BYU has a better platform than ESPN+ right now. ESPN has rights to all but one BYU home football game and broadcasts them on a combination of ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU. Any home games not picked up by ESPN revert to BYU and are typically broadcast by BYUtv. BYUtv is broadcast over the air (for free) in high definition in Utah, which doesn't help us out-of-state guys. However, most cable and satellite systems carry the channel. It is also available worldwide through streaming and on demand (also for free). I typically access it using the dedicated Roku a
  11. Under the current playoff system, BYU would not get a playoff bid whether they were in the MW/AAC or not. It does provide a potentially easier path to a NY6 bowl, though. If the playoff gets expanded to 12 or 16 teams with an automatic bid for the highest-ranked G5 champ but no automatic qualifying criteria as an independent, then it could make some sense to join the AAC or re-join the MW.
  12. They haven't played before during this season, have they?
  13. You disagree? What do you see as the benefits to BYU of joining the AAC?
  14. Why are you trying to curtail discussion on this topic? Don't you like money?
  15. That room must have been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the back.
  16. Domestic violence is a serious issue. You should report your brother to the authorities.
  17. What are you talking about? Happy is a great influence:
  18. For some reason, this reminded me of a quote from Norm on Cheers:
  19. Are you a fan of San Jose like Bob is a fan of Air Force? Alaska 3382 is nonstop SJC to BOI.
  20. Has anyone ever seen ColonelGator and Cowboy in the same room together?
  21. I'll agree he failed with not protecting the member schools with the original contract, but he also screwed up when Comcast started enforcing the contract. When BYU petitioned the conference for help with the TV deal, Thompson essentially told them there was nothing he could do - and that's exactly what he did do. If Thompson had shown more backbone, then maybe the conference could have renegotiated some provisions of the deal so as to improve the situation for BYU and the other affected schools. BYU and Utah ended up hiring a legal team together (since the rest of the conference didn't
  22. Refusing to go to bat for BYU vs Comcast with regards to the original CSTV contract.
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