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  1. Don't feel bad. Pretty sure we've lost 7 consecutive tourney games, too. Why does an 11 seed losing to an 11 seed on its home floor merit a designation of a "choke"?
  2. OK - didn't realize the MWC sucked so bad this season.
  3. Right. BYU's annual WCC basketball schedule typically includes 1-2 quality teams and then a bunch of RPI vampires (some of which we manage to lose to each season). The WCC didn't seem to hurt BYU's women's volleyball team this year, but nobody really cares about women's volleyball. Looks about right.
  4. Texas was ranked when BYU beat them. BYU is not even favored this week - UCF is a 3-point favorite. Hill was a big part of the offense and will be missed a lot.
  5. I answered your question. There probably would have been fewer participating, but there's no way to quantify how many fewer would have participated. From the official report, it sounds like there's still a lot of wiggle room to be able to get kids to campus for the summer workouts. As for being a fan, there are plenty of fans out there who reflect poorly on their respective schools, many without even having attended the school. The definition of "fan" does not preclude fans from making their respective schools look bad. Case in point: http://westvirginia.scout.com/2/1105858.html
  6. I'm pretty sure Bronco Mendenhall and his staff had nothing to do with the violations at Boise State. To your larger point, there is no evidence that there was 100% participation even with the coaches' assistance. The report only states that "many" of the new players participated in the voluntary, student-led practices. Additionally, this is an increasing trend all around the nation - kids are enrolling early, or they're coming to campus early specifically to participate in the off-season conditioning programs and the 7-on-7's with their new teammates. There probably would have been few
  7. If we ignore for a moment the obviously inflated valuations you present, we can see another shortcoming of your present argument: There was nothing wrong with the new players rooming with returning players. There was nothing wrong with returning players picking up new players from the airport. There was nothing wrong with new players riding to and from voluntary, student-led practices with returning players. The problems were: The coaches told the new players which returning player(s) to call to arrange housing The new players didn't originally reimburse the returning players for the
  8. Whatever it is, BSU needs to vacate their wins in the WAC. That will improve Hawaii's record in the books but not in anyone's memory.
  9. Also, the NCAA decides when a program is to vacate wins, not the conference commissioner. Any vacated wins would have been included in the report. Generally, wins are vacated only when an ineligible player was allowed to participate in the game. None of the findings pointed to ineligible football players. Vacating the wins would not be the right thing for them to do. If you want wins against the Broncos, just do it on the field, not after the fact in a conference commissioner's office.
  10. The bottom line is every one of the players that participated in those voluntary, player-led practices was allowed to be there. There were no findings of any illegal practices held. There has been no report of coach involvement in the voluntary practices (as was the case with SDSU a while back). The only problem is the coaches helping the new kids with housing. From the report, it sounds like the coaches should have just said, "Hey, sorry, but I'm not allowed to help you with that. You might try contacting the players you met on your official visit to the school." That would have yiel
  11. I've understood from the beginning, without having to misrepresent the facts.
  12. Correct, as long as the school has scholarships available for that semester/term.
  13. Either you still haven't read the report, or you are purposely misrepresenting the findings in the report. Every team is allowed to have the voluntary player-led off-season practices that BSU had. I doubt that even the WAC teams were foregoing that benefit. If the other WAC teams weren't having voluntary player-led practices in the off-season, then they deserved to get their backsides handed to them by the Broncos every year. The reported violations have to do with housing and transportation, not with extra practice sessions.
  14. Even if he had that power, what does it benefit him to do that? Oh, it doesn't? OK.
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