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  1. 22 hours ago, AztecSU said:

    I really hope you are right.


    3 hours ago, AztecSU said:

    It's not about right or wrong, I just assume the Autonomy group looks out for themselves...so I won't be shocked if they just go top 12 in the final rankings and drop the top 6 conf champs. We'll see. 

    The recommendation to go to 12 isn't something this committee just thought up last week.  They've been examining different numbers and formats for quite some time, gathering input from lots of sources along the way.  I would be very surprised if this proposal is not accepted. 

    The big question is how soon it will be implemented.  They've said it can't be done within the next two seasons, so the earliest it could be done is for 2023.  But the playoff contract with ESPN runs beyond that, so any re-negotiations would be exclusively with ESPN, which could limit the amounts they could earn with the new playoff format.  They could put off the change until after the current contract expires, which would allow them to receive bids on the open market.

    I don't think they'll wait that long.  I think they'll implement it earlier rather than later - more than likely for 2023.  There's going to be a lot more money in this new format.  They might be able to maximize it with an open bid, but if they don't start it as soon as possible, then those are years of additional revenue they'll never get back.

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  2. 28 minutes ago, WYO1016 said:

    Let's run a couple of scenarios based on the information we have.

    Here's the bracket for the 2019 season (last "normal" season). Would have been way better than watching LSU steamroll Oklahoma and Clemson. Memphis is the only G5 rep in this scenario.


    Now let's take a look at last year. Some REALLY interesting matchups in this one. 2 G5 reps in Cincy and Coastal Carolina. Also shows how Notre Dame has a tougher road being independent.


    Looking at these, I'm going to have to say the committe did it right. Win your conference and you've got a pretty good shot at getting in. Yes, most years there will only be one G5 team, but this system guarantees access to the G5 while making sure the rankings still matter. Wins all the way around.


    A&M wouldn't have gotten a bye.  At least one of the articles indicated that the byes would go to the four highest-ranked conference champions and that ND/Independents are not eligible.  So I think that would have been Cincinnati.

    Edit:  Looks like the final CFP rankings had Oklahoma as #6, ahead of #8 Cincinnati, so @sebasour above is right - Oklahoma would have gotten the bye.


  3. 3 hours ago, Aslowhiteguy said:

    That's what I thought too.  But reading this thread it seemed some were suggesting a player from a cali team would have to pay st income tax on money earned in NV.  That can't be right.


    TL/DR: It is right.  A player for a California team would likely have to pay California income tax on money earned in Nevada.

    Most states tax all of a resident's income, and then offer credits for taxes paid to other states.  So a California resident (like a player for the Lakers) would be taxed on all income earned everywhere at California income tax rates (top rate of 13.3%).  The income that was earned in other states would be subject to tax in those states.  For example, when the Lakers play against the Jazz in Salt Lake City, the earnings for those games are subject to Utah's 4.95% income tax rate.  California then offers a tax credit for the amount paid to Utah so that the same income isn't subject to double-taxation.  But California is still collecting tax for the difference between the allowed tax credit (the 4.95% paid to Utah) and California's rate (13.3%).

    For states that don't have a state income tax, California doesn't provide a credit for taxes paid to other states since no income tax was paid to those states.  So California is collecting the full 13.3% state income tax for their residents' earnings in tax-free states like Nevada.

    If a player on a California team wants to get around that, he can establish residency in a non-tax state like Nevada.  In theory, that would mean that he would be subject to California tax only to the extent that he played games in California.  That would still account for half or more of his income, but would save him money on the other games.  Unfortunately for the players, the payroll departments for their teams don't always report things correctly.  The teams often report their players as residents of the state in which the team plays, even if they have established their permanent residences in other states.  If the players then argue with the state that the team prepared the W-2 incorrectly, the state can rule that the team probably did it correctly and subject the player to that state's tax anyway.

    A player for a team in Nevada doesn't have to deal with that.  They still have to pay tax to other states as a nonresident (to the extent they play games in those states), but at least half of their games (the home games) are not subject to any state tax.

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  4. On 6/5/2021 at 9:56 PM, UNLV2001 said:

    This is true - VGK have no trouble with FA's and I imagine that could be the case in the NFL, MLB & NBA - what 20=something millionaire wouldn't mind being in Vegas as opposed to Kansas City, Milwaukee, Memphis or Charlotte !?!?!

    One advantage Vegas has over many other markets when it comes to free agents - state income tax structure.

  5. 3 hours ago, halfmanhalfbronco said:

    Yeah, he asked @Jeffkills to delete his account but Jeff did not know how, so he just left.

    He agrees with my take on Utenation being a mod but thinks another decision is even worse.  Mug also told jeff it was a horrible idea.  OOC trolls should not be mods, especially ones that went on a long spiel about how they were retiring from the board to prove he was not a hypocrite for bashing OOC trolls for so long.

    The freaken irony.  Stunner, top25, I am betting we continue to bleed long time posters at an alarming rate.


    What happened with/to Stunner?

  6. 4 hours ago, bigd said:

    Maybe so, but I really enjoy watching Armus play. He has a nose for the ball, and some great skill and footwork around the basket. 

    I think every team in the conference would love to have him. 

    I like his game and would take him over at least a couple of the bigs on BYU's roster this past season.

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  7. On 5/20/2021 at 11:41 AM, utenation said:

    If you are going back to 1982, you have to throw Alex Smith into this.  Steve Young and Ty Detmer too.

    Finished in the top 3 in Heisman voting:

    1981 - Jim McMahon (Jimmy Mac is worth expanding the range by a year)

    1983 - Steve Young

    1984 - Robbie Bosco

    1985 - Robbie Bosco

    1990 - Ty Detmer

    1991- Ty Detmer


    No other BYU Heisman finalists are coming to mind at the moment.  And I'll mention that Mark Wilson was also in the top 3, but going back to 1979.

    Edit:  Looks like McMahon was also a finalist in 1980, finishing 5th in the voting. 


    So BYU had a Heisman finalist quarterback every season from 1979-1985 except for 1982 (Steve Young's first season as the starter).

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  8. 14 hours ago, DoubleBlueGold said:

    That Nevada logo is/was one of the best in NCAA athletics and a favorite of mine. It was both regal and athletic.

    You're talking about the Nevada logo in the opening post of this thread?  Please tell me you're being sarcastic.

  9. I've enjoyed a lot of sitcoms over the years - Seinfeld, The Office, Night Court, Cheers, Cosby Show (sorry to bring this one up), Simpsons, Frasier, Community, MASH, Hogan's Heroes, Home Improvement, My Name Is Earl, Arrested Development, Gilligan's Island, Fresh Prince, and many others. 

    But for all-time favorite, I'll have to go with Everybody Loves Raymond.

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  10. 3 hours ago, RSF said:

    As much as I hate the Packers, and am enjoying their turmoil, what they did in drafting a QB was not wrong.  (Whether it should have been Love is another discussion).  NFL teams need to have short AND long term in mind.  Having a HOF caliber QB makes that especially problematic.  New England drafted a couple 2nd/3rd QBs, but Brady kept not getting old, so they traded Brissett and Garappalo away.  And so when they finally cut bait with TB, they scrambled, hoped for the best with Newton and rolled the dice on Jones.  Same thing with New Orleans, where Drew Brees refused to get old.  And now that he's finally retired, they got...what?

    If the Packers had just been up front with Rodgers, they may still have found themselves in this quagmire - the guy is a diva, although nowhere near the head case Farve was.  But at least they they might be in a better position PR wise.  Not that that helps them, ultimately.

    They've got one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game...


    3 hours ago, Del Scorcho said:

    I still maintain that drafting a 1st round QB if your not ready to move on from your current QB within a year is problematic. Gone are the days, when a Steve Young will sit behind Joe Montana or Rodgers behind Favre for multiple years. Too many teams watched the success of Pat Mahomes taking Alex Smiths place with the Chiefs after a year sitting and elevating that franchise. Everyone wants the next Pat Mahomes. The issue isn't not everyone has the offensive talent that Kansas City has,

    Also gone are the days when a franchise is patient with a QB over several years. Today NFL teams have made a decision within 10 games whether its a franchise QB or not. Its crazy how quickly teams move on QB's.

    Hard to say, but maybe drafting Jordan Love inspired and propelled Rodgers into having an MVP year.

    Why is that hard to say?  I think it makes perfect sense.  It kind of reminds me of the Jay Leno -> Conan O'Brian -> Jay Leno fiasco at The Tonight Show. 

    I may get some of this wrong, but as best as I remember: Conan's contract was up for renewal on Late Night and he wanted The Tonight Show.  Jay's ratings had been lagging, so the brass had a forced retirement for Jay with Conan taking over the show.  Jay didn't want to leave, so he upped his game and started crushing the ratings.  So when the forced transition arrived, NBC decided to keep Jay employed but bumped him up an hour on his new show.  Then both time slots started having issues.  Jay's ratings weren't great but NBC didn't care that much because his show was so much cheaper to produce than the other types of shows they would normally have in that time slot.  Even though he wasn't particularly competitive in the ratings, NBC was still making good money.  But the affiliates started complaining about not having good ratings leading into their local news shows.

    Apparently Conan's ratings didn't fare particularly well.  So NBC decided to go back to the guy who was at the top of the ratings at that time slot.  Conan's ratings were never better than in the subsequent weeks of slamming NBC in his monologue (and the rest of the show).

    Rodgers saw that management had anointed a new guy to come in and take over his job.  Whether consciously or not, he upped his game so that he could keep the prime spot.

  11. 15 hours ago, soupslam1 said:

    I call bs. I know for a fact the church gym is full of LDS ballers on Sunday’s. 

    Sure.  They're attending Priesthood Meeting.  And they have to put the chairs away when they're done so that the court is ready for pick-up ball early Monday morning.

  12. 23 minutes ago, LoboMan59 said:

    Best to ask BYU fans about the playing of sports games on Sundays. So how about it BYU fans. You've done well in the B12, and you made the title game (pick your sport). Its scheduled for this coming Sunday, and being televised nation wide... Does BYU play... or?

    BYU doesn't play on Sunday.  Not regular season games, not conference tournament games, not national playoff games.  The NCAA will typically accommodate a schedule change if necessary.  Otherwise, BYU would take a forfeit.

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