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  1. Now that you mention it, why was Wyoming on the field? My guess is that they aren't very familiar with Wyoming and didn't prepare very thoroughly, so it was easier for them to talk about the players/themes/etc. that were most accessible to them.
  2. ????? Penalties: Wyoming - 2 for 20 yards BYU - 11 for 109 yards Good game, Pokes. Your running game was gashing the BYU defense pretty good and the Wyoming D held BYU in check for most of the first half. I agree that the officials were terrible, but apparently for different reasons than most of the complaints in this thread. I couldn't understand why they didn't blow the whistle on that incompletion that they apparently thought might be an interception. Turns out they really just aren't very good at their job, which was already somewhat apparent. The commentators were also not particularly good. The dude saying "and complete" - someone needs to pull him aside and let him know that sounds way too much like "incomplete". Also, their descriptions of what was happening on the field was often at odds with reality.
  3. Really good in pass protection, not very good in run blocking. Not awesome overall.
  4. Right - Karl Benson and the WAC presidents (primarily Albrecht at Utah State): https://archive.sltrib.com/article.php?id=50185374&itype=CMSID Benson, Albrecht, and the rest of the WAC were trying to cripple the MW. BYU even initially turned down Benson and the WAC. Who talked about getting SDSU, UNLV, etc.? The WAC - not BYU. My recollection was that Albrecht was hoping Boise State would have to return to the WAC. Here's what he said when he thought the deal was going to go through: https://archive.sltrib.com/story.php?ref=/sltrib/sports/50175456-77/wac-byu-albrecht-benson.html.csp His demeanor was much different after the defections of Nevada and Fresno State:
  5. BYU was a member of the conference but was frustrated with the conference and its media deal. Karl Benson approached them and offered a scheduling agreement for football and a conference home for non-football sports. BYU decided to move forward on the offer, going independent in football and joining the WAC for its other sports. According to all legitimate reporting made public to date, that was the extent of BYU's involvement in The Project. Benson and Utah State's president at the time were planning a second phase of The Project, in which they hoped to lure additional MW schools back to the WAC. It was likely this attempt to convince other MW schools to join the WAC that alerted those schools and, thus, MW leadership, that BYU was planning to leave. In an effort to prevent BYU from joining the WAC, the MW issued invitations to Nevada, Fresno State, and Utah State. Nevada and Fresno State said yes while Utah State was the only one of the three to honor the agreement they'd made to their WAC conference mates to stay the course. The attempt to prevent BYU from leaving didn't work, as the WCC was more than happy to welcome BYU into the fold. The only instances from The Project of backstabbing of conference mates was when Nevada and Fresno State jumped to the MW leaving Utah State and the rest of the WAC to wither.
  6. Seeing as how Karl Benson and Utah State were actually at the heart of planning and executing The Project (contrary to popular belief around here), it's understandable that you'd want to move on.
  7. My recollection is that Craig Thompson killed the WAC in an (unsuccessful) attempt to retain BYU, bringing Nevada and Fresno State into the fold, and eventually Utah State and San Jose State, too.
  8. Gracias. I think 1998 was the one time I ate there.
  9. Is that the one that is/was in a basement?
  10. I was just looking at the Massey Composite ratings and figured I'd compare to how I ranked the MW teams here. Obviously, many of the rating systems that comprise the Massey Composite still have a lot of prior year or preseason bias. Here's what they say so far: 35 - Air Force Academy 59 - Boise State 63 - Fresno State 78 - San Diego State 93 - Nevada 96 - Utah State 100 - Wyoming 104 - San Jose State 109 - UNLV 121 - New Mexico 122 - Colorado State 124 - Hawaii
  11. From the bits and pieces I've seen so far this season: Air Force Academy Fresno State Boise State San Jose State San Diego State UNLV Wyoming New Mexico Colorado State Utah State Hawaii I'd like to see Fresno take out USC this week.
  12. I've followed college football pretty closely for quite a while, but I think last season was the first time I had been exposed to their Friday night yell practice. I can understand why A&M didn't publicize it more. Just cringe.
  13. Understandable. Saban is going to take out his Texas frustration on ULM. Iowa needs to more than double their cumulative offensive production for the season to cover that 23-point line against Nevada.
  14. I think that's the most reasonable explanation. I hope so.
  15. Yeah, BYU and Utah banded together to hire a law firm to try to improve their situation with the TV deal. They found a few loopholes (for example, neutral site games weren't included in the deal, so BYU started playing at least one annual basketball game at what is now Vivint Arena to circumvent the TV deal). I will say, the mtn got better over time. It was eventually available nationwide on DirecTV. They eventually started broadcasting all the football games in high definition. They never got that far for the basketball games, though. So lots of highlights with Jimmer and/or Kawhi are in standard definition.
  16. Here's a report from when the MWC first signed up with CSTV in 2004 for broadcasts beginning in 2006: https://www.sportsbusinessjournal.com/Daily/Issues/2004/08/26/Sports-Media/Mountain-West-Conference-Moving-From-ESPN-To-CSTV-In-06#:~:text=The Mountain West Conference (MWC,corporate sponsorship rights (CSTV). And here's a report from a month later when they announced the formation of Mountain West TV (which would later be branded the mtn.): https://www.sportsbusinessjournal.com/Daily/Issues/2004/09/14/Sports-Media/Head-For-The-Mountains-CSTV-Unveils-Conference-Branded-RSN CSTV was acquired in November 2005 by CBS: https://www.oklahoman.com/story/news/2005/11/04/cbs-buys-cstv/61917282007/ The initial contract required that a certain number of games be broadcast on a network with substantial distribution (I don't remember how many households were required). I think their intent was to improve CSTV's distribution to meet that threshold, but I don't think they ever met that contractual threshold. That's why they had to contract with Comcast, which owned Versus (originally Outdoor Life Network) - a network that did meet the threshold. That was a big mistake. As part of the deal, Comcast acquired an interest in the mtn and became its operating partner. Comcast had no interest in securing wide distribution of the mtn. They used the mtn to drive cable subscriptions in Utah (and elsewhere in the MW footprint) at the expense of Dish and DirecTV. As such, the mtn was generally completely unavailable outside MWC locales. In fact, even some MWC markets couldn't get the mtn. A couple of years after launch, DirecTV finally added the mtn to its channel lineup. But from inception the mtn was broadcasting all its games in standard definition (or worse). The next season, I believe, Versus had a contract dispute with DirecTV and was unavailable. Comcast eventually bought a controlling interest in NBCUniversal and rebranded Versus as NBC Sports Network. After BYU and Utah left the MW, Comcast likely saw little benefit in continuing the mtn, so it was discontinued.
  17. Was UNLV baseball ever really that good?
  18. I've probably told this story here before, but several years back I was working in an office in Meridian. A couple of my closest friends there were BSU fans. One day they were talking about some of the recent heartbreaking losses - particularly the one at Nevada and the game against TCU (at home, I think). They were saying things like "I can't believe we lost that game." I told them that I realized that Boise State fans hadn't had to deal with this much, but sometimes the other team has quality coaches and players who want to win, too.
  19. I think it's more likely that she thought she heard racial slurs even if there weren't any. Then she mentions it to her family and by the time her godmother hears about it the story has been blown out of proportion, which she then amplified on Twitter.
  20. How prescient. Only one of those guys made it out of that battle alive, if I remember correctly.
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