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  1. Not good enough for the MAC? The MW should jump on that opportunity right away!
  2. Have a feeling you wouldn't be able to drink if you were at this game, anyway. Not without sneaking in some contraband, that is. I have great influence over the team's apparel choices.
  3. The home team is likely to be wearing white helmets for your game on October 9, too.
  4. Trent Whiting's kid? Are you trying to make me feel old?
  5. Proximity, tradition, and shared history all play a part. If I were to construct a conference for BYU from scratch with no concerns about money, playoff access, etc., then it would probably include at least the following: Stanford, USC, UCLA, Washington (only other teams west of the Rockies with a football national championship) Utah, Utah State, Boise State
  6. I think that s between the two t's is supposed to be an a. The general admission section of the stadium - is that sections 117-121 on the east side? Edit: Nevermind, looks like general admission is sections 220-221.
  7. Proximity of the stadium to the airport is always the biggest factor in ease of travel.
  8. As expected, Seneca got a waiver to play this season: https://www.vanquishthefoe.com/2021/9/24/22692001/byu-basketball-lsu-sjsu-transfer-seneca-knight-receives-ncaa-waiver-immediately-eligible-to-play
  9. I'm thinking about attending this game. I'm planning to take my son to the BYU-USF game in Provo Saturday night. Maybe we'll get a really early start tomorrow morning and take a detour through Logan. Is it sold out? Best place to get tickets?
  10. So, let me just make sure I understand. Is it your position that preparing for an option team on less than 6 days notice is difficult? What if the team were only to get one day of practice for that option scheme before having to leave for the other side of the country?
  11. Coastal Carolina has definitely proven themselves to be a pretty decent football team. Much better than, say, Illinois State. Even with a 1st-round NFL draft pick at QB, NDSU was only able to defeat the mighty Redbirds 9-3, even though - unlike BYU - they had a full week to prepare for the game and didn't have to travel across the country.
  12. I learned something about NDSU just now. Their contract through Learfield pays them an average of $2.19 million per year. What I found most interesting was that in 2007, there was only one bidder for their TV contract: https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/football/7027249-WDAY-TV-Forum-Communications-awarded-rights-to-televise-Bison-athletics
  13. If NDSU is such a ratings bonanza, then ESPN will want to broadcast the games even if the opponent is terrible. Back in Boise State's WAC days, ESPN picked up almost all of their games - even the games against traditionally terrible teams.
  14. So if NDSU delivers Fargo, the entire state of North Dakota, and a substantial piece of the Minnesota market, then why aren't the national networks clamoring to get all their games?
  15. Apparently, even NDSU's playoff games weren't producing good enough ratings for ESPN to continue that contract.
  16. Take a look at the average ratings for those former FCS teams - most of which are in larger markets than NDSU - and you might start to understand why the MW isn't clamoring for NDSU to join.
  17. As far as how NDSU compares to BSU - according to my quick Google search, Fargo's metro population is 248k people. Boise's metro population is about three times as much - 749k people. Both are still very small markets from a national perspective, but Boise's is much larger, comparatively speaking. Boise's metro has about the same population as the entire state of North Dakota. To be fair, though, Fargo does have a pretty cool movie and TV series named for it. Not sure that Boise can compete with those.
  18. If NDSU is such a ratings bonanza, why aren't the national networks beating down the door to get the rights to broadcast those games?
  19. Boise didn't just jump from FCS to the MW. They went through the Big West and WAC first, proving themselves along the way. They proved that they could compete and they proved that they could draw ratings during the regular season. To RSF's point, if NDSU is such a huge TV draw, then why aren't more of their games available nationally?
  20. When your argument is that you're just a little bit worse than UNLV, you're losing the argument.
  21. Why go all the way back to 2016? Viewership of 1.984 million isn't a bad number. However, let's look at some context. It was on ESPN at 7 pm ET on a Saturday. The only other college football game broadcast that day was Army-Navy that afternoon. The Tulsa-CMU game was broadcast on a Monday afternoon - obviously not a great time for ratings. That SDSU-Wyoming game was on ESPN on a Saturday at close to the same time, but it was competing with the Big 10 Championship game on Fox (9.189M viewers) and the ACC Championship game on ABC (5.338M viewers). The BYU-Wyoming game was
  22. Zach isn't being particularly fair to teams who play a lot of games on CBS Sports Network:
  23. I wouldn't presume. I did want to add, though, the current FPI probabilities for BYU victories vs MW teams: Utah State - 73.9% Boise State - 63.4%
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