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  1. The recommendation to go to 12 isn't something this committee just thought up last week. They've been examining different numbers and formats for quite some time, gathering input from lots of sources along the way. I would be very surprised if this proposal is not accepted. The big question is how soon it will be implemented. They've said it can't be done within the next two seasons, so the earliest it could be done is for 2023. But the playoff contract with ESPN runs beyond that, so any re-negotiations would be exclusively with ESPN, which could limit the amounts they could earn wit
  2. A&M wouldn't have gotten a bye. At least one of the articles indicated that the byes would go to the four highest-ranked conference champions and that ND/Independents are not eligible. So I think that would have been Cincinnati. Edit: Looks like the final CFP rankings had Oklahoma as #6, ahead of #8 Cincinnati, so @sebasour above is right - Oklahoma would have gotten the bye. https://www.espn.com/college-football/rankings/_/week/1/year/2020/seasontype/3
  3. TL/DR: It is right. A player for a California team would likely have to pay California income tax on money earned in Nevada. Most states tax all of a resident's income, and then offer credits for taxes paid to other states. So a California resident (like a player for the Lakers) would be taxed on all income earned everywhere at California income tax rates (top rate of 13.3%). The income that was earned in other states would be subject to tax in those states. For example, when the Lakers play against the Jazz in Salt Lake City, the earnings for those games are subject to Utah's 4.95% i
  4. One advantage Vegas has over many other markets when it comes to free agents - state income tax structure.
  5. And it's just a matter of time before SDSU acquires the land separating them.
  6. What happened with/to Stunner?
  7. LBJ has been dead for a long time.
  8. I like his game and would take him over at least a couple of the bigs on BYU's roster this past season.
  9. Is Chris Paul going to get suddenly healthy?
  10. The last time they played: https://www.espn.com/college-football/game/_/gameId/400868925
  11. Finished in the top 3 in Heisman voting: 1981 - Jim McMahon (Jimmy Mac is worth expanding the range by a year) 1983 - Steve Young 1984 - Robbie Bosco 1985 - Robbie Bosco 1990 - Ty Detmer 1991- Ty Detmer https://www.ncaa.com/news/football/article/2021-01-05/heisman-trophy-winners-and-runners-each-year-1935 No other BYU Heisman finalists are coming to mind at the moment. And I'll mention that Mark Wilson was also in the top 3, but going back to 1979. Edit: Looks like McMahon was also a finalist in 1980, finishing 5th in the voting. https://man
  12. You're talking about the Nevada logo in the opening post of this thread? Please tell me you're being sarcastic.
  13. I like Air Force's the best.
  14. I've enjoyed a lot of sitcoms over the years - Seinfeld, The Office, Night Court, Cheers, Cosby Show (sorry to bring this one up), Simpsons, Frasier, Community, MASH, Hogan's Heroes, Home Improvement, My Name Is Earl, Arrested Development, Gilligan's Island, Fresh Prince, and many others. But for all-time favorite, I'll have to go with Everybody Loves Raymond.
  15. The Natural was the first to come to mind. Remember the Titans Hoosiers
  16. All that proves is that Las Vegas ticket holders have an inflated view of the value of their tickets. Apparently they fit right in with UNLV fans.
  17. I saw this posted on Twitter. One of the comments I saw there was that the Boise State logo has the Bronco kicking Moscow and taking a dump on Pocatello.
  18. They've got one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game... Why is that hard to say? I think it makes perfect sense. It kind of reminds me of the Jay Leno -> Conan O'Brian -> Jay Leno fiasco at The Tonight Show. I may get some of this wrong, but as best as I remember: Conan's contract was up for renewal on Late Night and he wanted The Tonight Show. Jay's ratings had been lagging, so the brass had a forced retirement for Jay with Conan taking over the show. Jay didn't want to leave, so he upped his game and started crushing the ratings. So when the forc
  19. Sure. They're attending Priesthood Meeting. And they have to put the chairs away when they're done so that the court is ready for pick-up ball early Monday morning.
  20. BYU doesn't play on Sunday. Not regular season games, not conference tournament games, not national playoff games. The NCAA will typically accommodate a schedule change if necessary. Otherwise, BYU would take a forfeit.
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