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  1. You're talking about College of Western Idaho (CWI), right?
  2. The distributions to the FBS independents: BYU, UMass, Army, Liberty, New Mexico State - $310,396 each Notre Dame - $11,238,625
  3. If not for Klay going down, I could have been very wrong. Sure, but it actually gave them a chance to win. Without that (illegal) timeout, the clock continues to run and they wouldn't have gotten a shot off. With the technical, they still had a chance.
  4. Nice seeing BYU on both those lists. Thanks for posting.
  5. Read that article the other day but didn't worry about positing it here since, as Stunner said, it didn't really have any news. It does confirm that BYU will be re-upping with ESPN, as we expected. Would be nice to see all the terms of whatever contract gets signed but that's unlikely to happen since BYU is a private school and is not required to comply with the FOIA.
  6. I think Toronto will actually win game 6.
  7. I agree with this take from the article:
  8. Don't count on the make percentage going down very much.
  9. Each station will have to continue broadcasting in ATSC 1.0 for at least another 5 years after they roll out their ATSC 3.0 broadcast. So it will be a while, if ever, before ATSC 3.0 has much clout.
  10. From the article: Broadcasting facilities and systems have probably changed a lot in the last 5 1/2 years.
  11. I made some adjustments to my antenna and cabling, and was finally able to receive Stadium OTA last night...sort of. It cut in and out for the whole time I attempted to view it (which was, admittedly, not long), so I turned it off.
  12. What coaching experience does he have?
  13. Have you tried looking toward the field? I often find that's the best way to follow the action.
  14. Not true. The true courage is standing up to Thompson and scheduling BYU in spite of his objections.
  15. Why would it need a Sizzler if it has a Costco Food Court?
  16. Which sight lines are you having trouble with?
  17. They probably could have kept BYU in the conference without even going that far - even if they'd just been granted rebroadcast rights for their football games (as they were told and expected at the onset of the TV contract negotiations).
  18. Make no mistake, BYU needs to do better in football and basketball. I just couldn't allow Balzac's ignorance and/or malice go unchallenged. While BYU does get some money from the CFP (my quick googling shows $928k is split among independents BYU, Army, and UMass), it would be nice to collect something from the Access Bowls. If and when BYU gets a NY6 bowl, they will get to keep the whole payout, and not have to split it with anyone else. They just haven't been good enough to get that yet. That said, BYU's most recent revenue reports have them generating slightly more than the highest-grossing AAC team (UConn) even though attendance has been down the last couple of years. I expect that BYU will be getting an increase in their ESPN TV contract that will at least keep pace with the AAC's increase, though I don't expect the contract details to be made public.
  19. I was originally looking at the fall final numbers. I updated my original post to include both fall and winter.
  20. Demonstrably false. In spite of lackluster results on the football field and basketball court, BYU has actually been doing really well in the non-revenue sports. In fact, BYU was ranked 5th in the fall Learfield Directors' Cup standings, primarily on the strength of top 10 national finishes in three different sports. UConn, the top performer from the AAC, was ranked 49th. There are four West Coast Conference teams ranked ahead of #115 Memphis on the list, and another four tied with Memphis. For the winter rankings, BYU finished 15th. UConn was again the top AAC team, finishing 62nd. Memphis was at #152, behind only five WCC teams. So at least BYU isn't stuck playing Memphis in the Olympic sports.
  21. Won a bowl game with a true freshman QB and 4th or 5th string RB. Also, just secured the commitment of a graduate-transfer RB from the SEC.
  22. BYU not winning in the NCAA tournament is not unique to its WCC membership. Prior to the double overtime win over Florida in 2009-2010, it had been 16+ years since BYU's previous NCAA tourney victory. As of late, there's not much shame in finishing behind Gonzaga in the WCC. Regularly finishing behind Saint Mary's is pretty disappointing, though.
  23. Should be pretty good for the AAC.
  24. Under the current contract, my understanding is that BYU retains the rights for anything not broadcast on a linear ESPN network (ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, maybe ESPNews). BYU specifically retained the rights for one home football game each year (usually an FCS opponent) for broadcast on BYUtv. BYUtv also broadcasts a large number of the basketball games. I doubt they want to cede that content to ESPN+.