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  1. The decisions some people make indicate that they must have been very high at the time.
  2. It's not great, but it was also going up against some pretty compelling games. No doubt CSU would have gotten 10x the ratings.
  3. BYU had their best ratings of the season in their game against Boise State, which makes sense since this was the first game on a broadcast network: vs Boise State (ABC) - 2.244M viewers, 755K in the 18-49 demographic The games opposite that game: Penn State at Iowa (Fox) - 6.904M viewers, 2.177M 18-49 Georgia at Auburn (CBS) - 4.581M viewers, 1.359M 18-49 Florida State at North Carolina (ESPN) - 1.073M viewers, 356K 18-49 Wake Forest at Syracuse (ESPN2) - 509K viewers, 135K 18-49 And the other top games of the day: Alabama at Texas A&M (CBS) - 8.334M, 2.555M Oklahoma vs Texa
  4. Not according to ESPN's FPI. Currently rated at #48. With just a 3% chance of winning the rest of their games. Projected final regular season record of 8.7-3.3. I had to scroll down for a while to find UNLV on FPI. They're at #111. Projected chance of winning out - 0.0%. Projected final record - 2.4-9.6. https://www.espn.com/college-football/fpi
  5. If AFA were to join the AAC for football only, that could improve their visibility in the East for cadet recruiting. Joining a conference like the Big West for non-football sports could help them maintain a presence in Western states.
  6. So who gets to write the vow? There's no requirement, but I think the admin will try to schedule Utah every year. My guess is that they'll alternate between USU and BSU. If they have to play 9 conference games, then that would further limit scheduling USU and BSU.
  7. Did you not enjoy your time at Sorenson's? Is it or was it affiliated with the church?
  8. Why would you go all the way to Koosharem for your ball digging?
  9. Maybe, but not so ridiculous if the assumption was that Conover was making his first collegiate start.
  10. So does he just need to have a chat with his wife, or will he need to consult with his doctor?
  11. I've seen that -1 line quoted on a couple message boards, but the line history at Vegas Insider shows that it opened at -2.5. Where did you see it at -1?
  12. We wouldn't want something like a coinflip left to chance, now would we?
  13. It will be like the pick-up basketball games in the cultural hall at the LDS chapels. Everyone's going to call their own fouls.
  14. I just looked at Vegas Insider and it seems like the game is still on the boards, there, but I probably don't know what to look for. There's been a lot of chatter today that Jaren Hall will be starting for BYU - I wonder if that wasn't baked into the prior lines. Or maybe it's something completely different.
  15. Bodacious Pig is pretty visible - right on the corner of Eagle Road and old State Street. Rib Shack isn't as noticeable, as it's a few blocks west on old State Street.
  16. Beck developed into a pretty good QB. Was drafted early in the 2nd round by the Dolphins and got pressed into action that season for a winless team that had lost both Trent Green and Ricky Williams. He later got a shot with the Redskins, but ended up on the bench behind Rex Grossman. Now he is a QB guru in Southern Cal. Last season, he trained several of the guys drafted in the first round - Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, Justin Fields, etc.. His client list also includes several current NFL starters.
  17. Bodacious Pig? I actually prefer Rib Shack, just a few blocks to the west.
  18. Yip - true freshman John Beck. He hadn't been in the game very long when he made a great play outside the pocket, directing traffic downfield and completing a pass for a first down just before getting hit. I was in Boise watching the game on TV with my brother (a BSU fan). I turned to him and commented that, on that play, Beck looked Detmer-esque. When I turned back to watch the game, Beck was leaving the game with an injury. My recollection is that his hand had gotten sandwiched between his and the defender's helmets on the hit. Edit: Matt Berry had started the game even though his
  19. I think the poll question is still applicable now. There are a lot of games left to be played, and a lot of things can happen between now and the end of the season.
  20. Considering how many times they had lost to BSU on the Blue, in spite of many close games, I don't think it's that weird that they would want to celebrate and commemorate the breakthrough.
  21. Viewers is obviously better for the network than just the number of households they're in, but viewership is constrained by how many households have access to the channel. The greater the distribution, the greater the potential viewership. And it tends to play out in the ratings that the sports networks with greater distribution tend to get more viewers than networks in fewer households.
  22. Taking a team photo on an opponent's field is classless? Strange opinion.
  23. I'm not saying it can't happen, just that the likelihood of BYU finishing undefeated is pretty low and, even if undefeated, the likelihood of getting into the playoff is even smaller. At the end of the year, I would expect BYU's SOS to grade out as higher than Cincinnati's. As far as high-end wins, Arizona State does have the potential to be ranked at year's end. Baylor maybe, too. I doubt any of BYU's other opponents will finish ranked, though. Unlike Cincinnati, BYU won't have a conference championship game. So Cincinnati might end up with more/better high-end wins with thei
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