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  1. So much child abuse being perpetrated in operating rooms around the country. Surprising that the doctors and nurses can even operate with all that CO2 they must be inhaling. Neither the AAC nor ESPN are being sued right now. It was just a cease and desist letter - no lawsuit has been filed. If a lawsuit is filed, it will likely name both ESPN and the AAC, and maybe others (SEC, Texas, Oklahoma, etc.).
  2. Right. But the Pac10 probably wouldn't have added either Utah if there weren't the rule in place at the time requiring 12 teams in order to hold a conference championship game. Colorado being added was more likely, especially in the context of blocking Baylor in the bid to acquire Texas and Oklahoma.
  3. The "must have" aspect of the Utah and Colorado additions was that they had to have 12 schools to have a conference championship game. The conference title game was supposed to produce so much additional revenue that each original Pac10 school got an increase in revenue while still covering the payouts to Colorado and Utah. Then the Big12 came along and got a waiver and/or got the the rules for a championship game changed so that they could have the title game while staying at 10 teams. Had the Pac10 lobbied for and gotten a waiver/rule change on the title game, they probably would
  4. @Jeffkills Who else stands to benefit from all this conference realignment talk? Texas, Oklahoma, and the SEC may see some incremental money, but that will be dwarfed by the cash that is rolling in for the new owner of mwcboard.com. Jeff must have leveraged Kellen and his Cowboys contacts to get Texas to start considering the SEC. And then Texas got Oklahoma on board. It's all so obvious - just follow the money.
  5. I don't remember reading that there was a debate and/or vote.
  6. How much of the new playbook did he get during spring training? Your estimate of the scholarship might be a little off, though. I'm not sure how the athletic department calculates the full cost of attendance stipends, but the university's Enrollment Services estimates the full cost of attendance for one year for an LDS member as $20,156. Will he last on scholarship for more than one season? It wouldn't be the first time they offered a guy whose little brother later followed him to Provo. When Fred Warner was recruited, I remember some saying that his little brother Troy was the
  7. I have no insider information, so this is all speculation. Any conference realignment will likely be driven by dollars and cents. I can understand how the SEC bringing in Texas and Oklahoma could increase the per-team payout for everyone in the league, so from a money perspective, it can definitely make $en$e. From a football competition standpoint, I think it's great for the SEC but not great for Texas and Oklahoma. Whereas Oklahoma in the Big 12 is pretty much guaranteed a playoff spot under the new proposed playoff, they have a much tougher path to the playoff through the SEC. Texa
  8. I haven't heard of any of the QBs transferring. I'm still expecting to see Jaren Hall as the starter vs Arizona. I doubt Baylor Romney would transfer since his brother is on the team. Jacob Conover is the other guy in the mix. He definitely could transfer, but I don't want him to.
  9. I'm not surprised he ended up at BYU, but I am surprised he got a scholarship. How did you get my picture?
  10. As BYU fans, we embrace difficult challenges rather than just seek to avoid "embarrassing disasters". Often, that leads to experiencing the embarrassing disasters. But every so often, when everything comes together, you get to experience some pretty cool wins. BYU will beat Utah again. Might even be this year.
  11. In the grand scheme of things, I still agree with you:
  12. BYU. https://www.si.com/college/byu/news/seneca-knight-commits-to-byu-basketball What should us Cougar fans expect from Seneca?
  13. Any ideas where he wants to end up? I seem to remember Stunner saying that one or more of his parents attended BYU...
  14. Are those the only PAC teams willing to schedule Boise?
  15. Seems to have won quite a few playoff games for a guy who, in your words, hasn't won any meaningful games.
  16. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Bowl_XLV Edit:
  17. But, other than that, he was right. Right?
  18. Does Stadium have its own dedicated app/channel on Roku, or is it just part of the Roku Channel?
  19. I hate to say you're wasting your time trying to convince him, but this did come to mind:
  20. Starting to take shape. Looks good.
  21. I've had an attic antenna for well over a decade, though I've also typically subscribed to cable/satellite/OTT services for sports, too. My antenna picks up 60 channels in the Boise OTA market through my Tablo DVR, but it's been a while since it's been able to get Stadium. And when it did pick up Stadium, the weak signal wasn't particularly watchable. I have been able to get Stadium through the Roku channel in the past. Not sure if it's still offered there. Thankfully, at least for football, I don't think I'll have to worry about how to get Stadium.
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