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  1. You're talking about College of Western Idaho (CWI), right?
  2. The distributions to the FBS independents: BYU, UMass, Army, Liberty, New Mexico State - $310,396 each Notre Dame - $11,238,625
  3. If not for Klay going down, I could have been very wrong. Sure, but it actually gave them a chance to win. Without that (illegal) timeout, the clock continues to run and they wouldn't have gotten a shot off. With the technical, they still had a chance.
  4. Nice seeing BYU on both those lists. Thanks for posting.
  5. Read that article the other day but didn't worry about positing it here since, as Stunner said, it didn't really have any news. It does confirm that BYU will be re-upping with ESPN, as we expected. Would be nice to see all the terms of whatever contract gets signed but that's unlikely to happen since BYU is a private school and is not required to comply with the FOIA.
  6. I think Toronto will actually win game 6.
  7. I agree with this take from the article:
  8. Don't count on the make percentage going down very much.
  9. Each station will have to continue broadcasting in ATSC 1.0 for at least another 5 years after they roll out their ATSC 3.0 broadcast. So it will be a while, if ever, before ATSC 3.0 has much clout.
  10. From the article: Broadcasting facilities and systems have probably changed a lot in the last 5 1/2 years.
  11. I made some adjustments to my antenna and cabling, and was finally able to receive Stadium OTA last night...sort of. It cut in and out for the whole time I attempted to view it (which was, admittedly, not long), so I turned it off.
  12. What coaching experience does he have?
  13. Have you tried looking toward the field? I often find that's the best way to follow the action.
  14. Not true. The true courage is standing up to Thompson and scheduling BYU in spite of his objections.