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  1. Should be pretty good for the AAC.
  2. Under the current contract, my understanding is that BYU retains the rights for anything not broadcast on a linear ESPN network (ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, maybe ESPNews). BYU specifically retained the rights for one home football game each year (usually an FCS opponent) for broadcast on BYUtv. BYUtv also broadcasts a large number of the basketball games. I doubt they want to cede that content to ESPN+.
  3. This was not a hard one to predict.
  4. Probably not. I was just stating what I think would be in their best interest, not necessarily what they want to do.
  5. Not true. Here's the timeline in 2010: June 11 - Boise State accepts invitation to join MWC June 17 - University of Utah accepts invitation to join PAC August 18 - Fresno State and Nevada accept invitations to join MWC August 31 - BYU announces its departure from the MWC https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mountain_West_Conference
  6. If the Big10 really wanted Missouri, they would have added them when Missouri was begging for it. Adding Missouri now probably doesn't make any more sense for the Big10 than it did then. The Big10 doesn't need Missouri's membership to show who's number 1 - they can just scream "SHOW ME THE MONEY!" And now that Missouri is an SEC member, accepting a Big10 invitation probably makes less sense for them now than it would have back then.
  7. I've got Stadium on Roku, but I don't think I've ever watched a game on it. I tried to get it OTA, but the signal is apparently too weak. MWC should be angling to get the widest distribution and highest payout possible for its tier 1/2 games, and return all the tier 3 rights to the schools to negotiate deals in their local markets. Those games, produced by a local channel or even by the school themselves, can also be offered over streaming like on Stadium or even ESPN+. Each school's games need to be widely available in its home market.
  8. Correct. My guess is a renewal would be announced at the BYU media day before fall camp starts. To my knowledge, BYU has never disclosed how much they get paid on their TV deals, so I don't expect that to change with a new/extended contract. While no formal AAC-BYU agreement exists (AFAIK), BYU has made a habit of playing games against the AAC in independence. I don't think they have as many AAC games on the future schedules as they have in the recent past, but with games scheduled against USF, Houston, and East Carolina, BYU is still getting in front of the AAC's TV market: https://fbschedules.com/ncaa/byu/
  9. Not necessarily. Since all the institutions in the WCC are private, the details of their contracts are not subject to FOIA requests.
  10. I'm not a bot. Is that what you're asking?
  11. Well, if Pitino is vouching for Pope, then BYU should hire him right away. What better endorsement could a guy get?
  12. If the MW signs with ESPN, then a big reason for the separate BSU deal will be moot. They may still demand more money than the rest of the conference, though.
  13. He'd have to convert first. Mark Pope seems like the mostly likely successor.
  14. Speaking of which, the lady Cougars tip off against Stanford on ESPN2 in less than an hour.
  15. Is this from January? https://twitter.com/johncanzanobft/status/1105571107556331522