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  1. Augusta now allows female members? Unbelievable. I need to cancel my membership.
  2. That was a lot of fun. Great start, sketchy middle, fantastic finish with 29 unanswered points. Wish I could have been there in person. Have a safe trip home.
  3. This. I set all NFL and college football games to record. When I have time, I'll watch whatever game I want. There's even a cool (new?) feature I recently discovered for watching just the "key" plays - it filters the game down to scoring plays, big gains, sacks or other tackles for loss, etc. - kind of an extended highlight reel of the top 20-40 plays from the game.
  4. I drove down and attended that Washington game with my kids. I'd rather forget the game but we had a fun road trip, nonetheless.
  5. I remember looking over some comparisons of overall win percentages, bowl game appearances, etc. among all college football teams, and it seemed the closest P5 comparison to BYU was West Virginia.
  6. Yes - Taysom had played a few snaps prior to the Boise State game, but the BSU game was the first in which he played extensive time. And, yes, he should have started that game instead of "broken back" Riley.
  7. BYU beat the Broncos on the Blue. I was there.
  8. Before you do that, please let me get additional life insurance on my family.
  9. So true. It's all part of Heavenly Father's plan. There must needs be opposition in all things.
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