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  1. I got to know one of the Vegas Leavitts when I lived there a while back. He was in insurance.
  2. But only after the ankles had been weakened playing in the UCF system.
  3. My brother-in-law is big into coral reef tanks. He has a few big tanks at home (not sure how big). He used to have a company maintaining tanks. I think he may still service one or two accounts.
  4. Maybe, though I've heard that the better novelists tend to make their fiction entertaining.
  5. Way too many, for sure. Name: Pelado Hometown: Boise University and Degree: BYU - BS and MAcc Occupation: CPA. Small public accounting practice. My boss is a jerk, but flexible. Self-employed. Teams: BYU Interests: Sports, history Dislikes: Cruelty Favorite Activities: Basketball pickup games in the mornings at the church, camping with the kids, family bike rides, eating (this should probably be listed first) On my playlist: I just hit "random" - lots of Billy Joel, Boston, Bob Segar, Queen, Steve Miller, Eagles, etc. Married/Kids/Pets: Married for 19+ years (only one wife), three kids that I know of, no bacteria-carrying pets Miscellaneous: Once broke my neck at the 2nd and 6th cervical vertebrae and wrist in 7+ places
  6. How can a conference have four schools finish ranked lower than San Jose State?
  7. They aren't planning to rebuild it, are they?
  8. Maybe I don't understand her event very well - doesn't it require that she be pretty good at running?
  9. If true, it goes with what they're saying about coming into compliance with Title IX.
  10. You're talking about College of Western Idaho (CWI), right?
  11. The distributions to the FBS independents: BYU, UMass, Army, Liberty, New Mexico State - $310,396 each Notre Dame - $11,238,625
  12. If not for Klay going down, I could have been very wrong. Sure, but it actually gave them a chance to win. Without that (illegal) timeout, the clock continues to run and they wouldn't have gotten a shot off. With the technical, they still had a chance.
  13. Nice seeing BYU on both those lists. Thanks for posting.