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  1. But, other than that, he was right. Right?
  2. Does Stadium have its own dedicated app/channel on Roku, or is it just part of the Roku Channel?
  3. I hate to say you're wasting your time trying to convince him, but this did come to mind:
  4. I've had an attic antenna for well over a decade, though I've also typically subscribed to cable/satellite/OTT services for sports, too. My antenna picks up 60 channels in the Boise OTA market through my Tablo DVR, but it's been a while since it's been able to get Stadium. And when it did pick up Stadium, the weak signal wasn't particularly watchable. I have been able to get Stadium through the Roku channel in the past. Not sure if it's still offered there. Thankfully, at least for football, I don't think I'll have to worry about how to get Stadium.
  5. You think he seems almost giddy at the possibility of re-joining a conference? I didn't get that feel at all. He's much more stoic than giddy. When asked if the proposed changes to the playoff will cause BYU to "re-look" at football independence, this is what he said: I don't see anything in the content of his answer that would lean to almost giddy at the possibility of re-joining a conference, either. He pretty much just says they're going to examine the landscape, as they do every year. If they make a change, it will only be after they've gone through the the school presiden
  6. Don't bet on it. There is a much greater chance of BYU making the playoff under the new proposal than under the current 4-team model. In years that they have a team with a good chance of winning a game in the playoff, they will likely be included. In years they don't have a good chance at a win, they will likely be excluded. They would have a better chance at the playoff from a conference, but participation in the playoff is not the only consideration for BYU's admin. In fact, it might not even be very high on their list of things they consider. College football is cyclical
  7. There is no fine for "going out to dinner". There is a fine of $14,650 for: "Attending an indoor bar (other than to pick up food, or unless player is wearing PPE and there are no more than 10 people in the bar)." You might think that includes any restaurant that has an indoor bar, but you would be wrong, because they added this clarification: "For clarity, a "bar" does not include an establishment that offers food service and which a player attends primarily for food service even if the establishment also includes a full-service bar." That's their prerogative.
  8. Sure. The proposed system guarantees at least one G5 champion will be participating in the playoff each year. It does not guarantee a G5 champ will win any games and/or championships. Compared to the current system, it's a huge improvement. Currently, the G5 have essentially no chance to participate in the playoff and, thus, no chance to win the national championship. I think it was @Jack Bauer who posted about what this proposal will mean over time. Right now, if a high school star wants to play in the playoff, he knows his best chance is to go to a school that is always selecte
  9. You think @Jeffkills can afford that?
  10. It's not too often that I see a picture of a guy and think "even I am more attractive than that dude," as I did today.
  11. I would expect at least one G5 win every three or four years in the proposed 12-team playoff.
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