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  1. That's what I thought when I first saw it, but apparently it is actually one of the mascot guys.
  2. It was all a mess. My recollection was that Colorado was the first to jump even though the Texas/TexTech/Oklahoma/OKState was initially rumored. Then Nebraska joined the Big 10, then Utah joined what became the Pac 12, then, much later, TAMU and Missouri jumped to the SEC.
  3. Texas vs Nevada

    Nice comeback for the victory.
  4. Adam Morrison weighs in on a potential conference change: http://www.idahostatesman.com/sports/college/mens-basketball/article205173999.html
  5. It might be a case in which the sucky teams having to come out of pocket to cover their share of the conference expenditures will awaken them to their awful state so that they'll start putting more emphasis on being good at basketball (and I guess other sports, too). They've gotten complacent knowing that they'll get a payout from the conference every year whether they're really good or really bad. Maybe having more skin in the game is what will propel them forward.
  6. Looks like that $500k is everything from the conference - TV, WCC tourney, NCAA tourney, etc. - which seems pretty pathetic considering Gonzaga's success over the years. Pretty understandable why they're looking at other options. The WCC is guaranteed at least one tournament credit every year whether Gonzaga is in the conference or not. With the Zags making deep runs seemingly every season, there should be plenty of tourney shares with which to cut a more equitable deal.
  7. You've hit the nail on the head regarding Craig Thompson. One correction to your short history, though: Nevada and Fresno were not so much REPLACEMENT MEMBERS as they were THWART BYU'S ATTEMPT TO JOIN THE WAC members. Additionally, I think someone said the other day that USU and SJSU joined while BSU and SDSU were in their Big East swoon, not necessarily to get to 12 members.
  8. I don't really think of UNLV as old school WAC, either. Looks like they joined the league in 1996 and then left in 1999 as a charter MWC team.
  9. Never really thought of UNLV as WAC 2.0.
  10. That's why I'm interested to know what the actual scheduling issue is. I don't thing better scheduling from the dregs of the conference really helps Gonzaga all that much anyway. If they schedule tougher games and lose them anyway, it doesn't really benefit Gonzaga. I was hoping one of you would have a better guess as to what scheduling issue they would be discussing. If my speculation is correct (unlikely), then they could have some sort of penalties for the offending schools or something. Nothing that would really provide much recourse. If a P5 offer came, then I would expect BYU to accept the invite and say thanks to the WCC for the hospitable stay. I think that's been BYU's understanding with the WCC from the beginning. That said, all you fine folks have assured us BYU fans that the call from the P5 is never coming, so Gonzaga can rest assured that BYU can be their WCC partner for the long haul. I can understand why Gonzaga would want to jump ship. It would probably be in their best interest long-term. San Jose State?