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  1. Incorrect. Taysom's first action was throwing a touchdown pass against Washington State in the first game of that season. https://www.espn.com/college-football/game/_/gameId/322430252
  2. That's what I thought, too. And on the targeting call, the defender launched himself and delivered a blow with the crown of his helmet to the helmet of the ball carrier. It's like the textbook definition of targeting, even though it didn't look vicious or intentional or anything.
  3. Since Jaren came out of the game with an injury, it's not that crazy that BYU goes back to a white guy next week.
  4. Not embarrassed by the school. Disappointed, but not embarrassed, by the football team. It's just a game. Aside from the sports everyone cares about, the athletic department is doing great right now (4 teams in the top 10 - Men's X Country, Women's X Country, Women's Soccer, Women's Volleyball). Sorry, I guess I'm just not as invested in BYU and Cougar sports as you are.
  5. Surprising how much you guys care about BYU. What is it that @#1Stunner always says - the original villain of the Intermountain West? Some things never change, I guess.
  6. He did have suspiciously dark and curly hair...
  7. Weird. 10 years of winning and still hung up on Max Hall.
  8. A guy can make mistakes while still being right about the University of Utah. Edit: Don't forget to buy your t-shirt:
  9. Not any more. Word on the street is that they've switched their offense and that they are slinging the ball all over the field.
  10. Not at Thanksgiving point. It was at some Old West-styled restaurant in "downtown" Lehi close to 20 years ago.
  11. I first heard of that beer being served at some place in Lehi, Utah. Can't seem to find it on Google maps, now.
  12. Used to be fun to tease local Idaho grads about the football team. Now it's just sad.