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  1. Pelado

    The Boise abomination continues

    The article indicated that the original Astroturf surface was installed in 1986 and replaced in 1995. Which means that it was pretty close to its replacement when I played on it in high school. The rug burns from that thing were pretty nasty.
  2. Pelado

    Boise at Loyola Marymount

    Why don't you tell us how you really feel?
  3. Pelado

    Best thing you have witnessed at a football game

    I was not apprehended. And then the Ute cheerleader ended up attending BYU.
  4. Pelado

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    I'll let Wikipedia pick up wherever CSU has failed you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goods_and_services
  5. Pelado

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    Nope. Not for goods or services. It's for the right to occupy a room on a short-term basis.
  6. Pelado

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    The hotel tax is separate from the sales and use tax. It is created by a completely different statute, controlled by different administrative law, and used to tax a different realm of financial transactions. Sales and use taxes are used, generally, to tax the transfer of personal property. The hotel tax is used to tax the occupancy of short-term lodging. They are not analogous taxes. One tax is not included within the other.
  7. Pelado

    Is Utah State keeping BYU out of the MWC?

    No kidding. Who would want to be in a conference with the #1 ranked basketball school in the nation?
  8. Pelado

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    A hotel tax is not a sales tax. Can you make it through that sentence?
  9. Pelado

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    By your "logic", any tax that is a direct derivative of a financial transaction would be considered a sales tax. A common type of financial transaction is payroll - an employee being paid for his/her services. The income tax is a direct derivative of that financial transaction. As such, the personal income tax must also be a sales tax.
  10. Pelado

    BYU to the Potato bowl?

    You may be mistaking BYU for Rocky Long.
  11. Pelado

    Bad day for BYU and the WCC

    BYU is not great right now. It's basically Yoeli Childs and TJ Haws plus a bunch of misfits unwilling/unable to hit an open shot. Such a frustrating loss in overtime last night. BYU might be better after the next game since Nick Emery will have finished serving his 9-game suspension. That adds a player at least willing and capable of scoring, though sometimes he's a litter too eager, taking ill-advised shots.
  12. Pelado

    Matt Wells To Texas Tech?

    Produces a lot of salesmen?
  13. Am I the only one that finds it funny that BSU is hosting because of the win head-to-head?
  14. Didn't his kid play for the Aztecs?