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  1. Unlimited DVR allows you to record as many games as you want, and then skip as much as you want. I set my DVR to record every college football game. I never start a game live. When I'm watching my team play, I'll usually just skip the commercials. When I'm watching other games, I'll also skip between the plays. It takes less than an hour to watch a game that way. The only time I'm skipping between games is if I catch up to the live broadcast on one of them.
  2. Didn't they announce the same thing last year?
  3. They bought freshmen at Burger King? No wonder they were put on probation.
  4. Thanks. Added it to my Roku the other day and watched a couple of their "Rivals" series - BYU-Utah and BYU-Utah State.
  5. The position groups will have their own practices independent of the team.
  6. True. Doesn't change that 49.5% is still really good.
  7. 49.5% from 3 for a volume shooter is crazy good. The top 3-point percentage shooters this season are: Stefan Gonzalez - UC Davis - 83-174 - 47.7% Jake Toolson - BYU - 85-181 - 47.0% Dru Kuxhausen - McNeese - 125-267 - 46.8% Saddiq Bey - Villanova - 79-175 - 45.1% Nate Kennell - Bradley - 88-197 - 44.7% https://www.ncaa.com/stats/basketball-men/d1/current/individual/143 The records for 3-point percentage over a season: Minimum 50 made: 63.4% - Glenn Tropf, Holy Cross, 1988 (52 of 82) Minimum 100 made: 57.3% - Steve Kerr, Arizona, 1988 (114 of 199) http://www.ncaa.org/championships/statistics/2019-20-ncaa-mens-basketball-records There are only four guards in the top 50 of field goal percentage this season, none of which are in the top 50 for 3-point percentage: Kevin McKay - Central Michigan - 146-251 - 58.2% Chad Lott - South Alabama - 177-317 - 55.8% Gerard Andrus - Prairie View - 200-359 - 55.7% Tyler Stevenson - Southern Miss - 161-289 - 55.7% https://www.ncaa.com/stats/basketball-men/d1/current/individual/141
  8. Weird. I would have thought the worst part would be all the people getting sick and dying.
  9. I know you weren't. Similarly, I don't usually watch the Aggies outside of their games against BYU. Since Sam hadn't played particularly well against BYU, I hadn't been all that impressed with him. I did watch the semifinals and finals of the MW tournament, though, and he was terrific there.
  10. Not to turn everything about Sam into a comparison with Jimmer, but here's another comparison between Sam and Jimmer. Jimmer's career assists totaled 515. Sam is currently at 477. Senior years - Jimmer, 160; Sam 125 so far. Of course, Jimmer is not as high up on his school's career assist list as Sam is. My quick google search didn't result in the career list, but I know of at least two who are higher.
  11. Yip. With no Brandon Davies because of the [email protected](%!#& honor code, Jimmer didn't have enough inside help to draw defenders away and/or dump it off when he drew double/triple teams. At least we got to see him destroy Gonzaga in the round of 32, though:
  12. Jimmer was better than a "pedestrian" shooter. His career 3pfg% of 39.4% is not as good as Sam's 42%, but it's not exactly terrible. In his senior season, Jimmer was a little bit better than over his career - 39.6%, while Merrill has been a little bit worst that his career average - 41%. Jimmer also carried a much heavier scoring load than Sam has carried. His senior year, Jimmer scored 372 points on 3-point field goals (Sam has 267 so far). But he also scored 444 points from inside the arc. Sam has 212 so far. Jimmer forced defenders to guard him well beyond the 3 point line, which made it easier for him to drive and score. Jimmer scored from everywhere, mostly creating his own shot off the dribble. Saying Jimmer couldn't create his own shot is just ignorance. Defense, on the other hand, he didn't do much of. Luckily, he had Jackson Emery playing the other guard position. Jackson's defense allowed Jimmer to focus his attention on the offense. Jimmer didn't get shut down very often. His senior year, the fewest points he scored in a loss was 25 (against UCLA); the fewest he scored in a win with a final margin of victory of 20 points or less was 22 (against TCU). The game after the 22 points against TCU, Jimmer went for 52 against New Mexico, setting the new scoring record for the MW tournament. Amazingly, he only got one free throw attempt in that game (which he made). Against BYU, Sam scored: 11 in a loss as a senior 17 in a loss as a junior 14 in a loss as a sophomore 4 in a loss as a freshman
  13. Why Vegas works for BB tourney but not necessarily championship game: - All teams are included every year in bb, only two in football - A lot more seats to fill in FB - Additional cost and/or reduction in revenue to the teams/conference for using the neutral site
  14. Where are you considering moving? Is the work you do very location-dependent, or could you do your work pretty much anywhere? My wife and I lived in Vegas for a year. That was enough for us. Maybe you've already lived enough years in Vegas, too.