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  1. This one should have been higher on the list of "Duties & Responsibilities":
  2. I was talking about the temperature, people. Tucson is not cool. I actually really liked the U of A campus. The stadium was unique. The fans around us were cordial. Other than the last-second loss, it was a good experience.
  3. I've been to U of A to attend a game. Cool is not the word I would use to describe anything in Tucson.
  4. My high school played all its home games on Boise State's old blue Astroturf field in the early 90s. There were some nasty turf burns from that place, but luckily not for me. It turns out that turf burns aren't typically a problem while standing on the sideline waiting for the coach to send you in. I played in at least one game in Holt Arena, too. And stood on the sideline for another couple of games.
  5. Any chance they're following their former coach to Utah?
  6. Those that won their last (or only) championship since my birth: UCLA (11 - last in 1995) Arizona (1997) UNLV (1990)
  7. Here's an updated list for you: Teams with national championships that are west of the Rockies or anywhere in Wyoming: UCLA (11 - last in 1995) Arizona (1997) San Francisco (2 - last in 1956) California (1959) Oregon (1939) Stanford (1942) UNLV (1990) Utah (1944) Wyoming (1943)
  8. I don't see much in the way of mountains east of Laramie on Google Maps. There is something called Pilot Hill - is that what you're talking about?
  9. OK. Is the University of Wyoming west of the Rocky Mountains?
  10. Where is Laramie in relation to the Rocky Mountains, doofus? BYU is an example of not performing well in the tournament. Of course, the last time they made it to the Sweet Sixteen - in 2011 - it was by beating Gonzaga.
  11. We can't all be UCLA (11), Kentucky (8), North Carolina (6), Duke (5), and Indiana (5). Speaking of which, the team with the most titles - UCLA - hasn't won a title since 1995. Indiana hasn't won a title since 1987. The Pac-12 team that is often regarded as the second-best in basketball after UCLA - Arizona - won its only title in 1997. Other teams west of the Rockies with national titles - San Francisco (2 championships, last in 1956), California (1959), Oregon (1939), Stanford (1942), UNLV (1990), Utah (1944). So if I'm looking at the data correctly, the last team west of the Rockie
  12. Nice strawman. Who is arguing about runner-up Gonzaga being an all-time great team? This opening post in this thread makes the ludicrous argument that being in the MWC would have better prepared the Zags for the NCAA tournament. Gonzaga was plenty well prepared. Their problem was that Baylor was better.
  13. Villanova has more titles, more Final Fours, almost as many Elite 8s and fewer Sweet 16s and appearances. As a fan, I think I'd prefer Villanova's higher ceilings to Gonzaga's higher floors. Only 6 teams have won more championships than Villanova.
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