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  1. It took you two days to expand my contraction into two words?
  2. Pelado

    BOVADA Odds

    They have a guaranteed loss on September 29.
  3. After today, there shouldn't be any doubts that Boise State's athletic director is an active participant on www.mwcboard.com.
  4. There's a WWE network?
  5. As long as BYU is an independent, this series makes as much sense as almost any other game they could get. Regional (low cost) matchup against a quality opponent that will generally fill both stadiums.
  6. What Muss wants has very little to do with whether or not Gonzaga joins the MW.
  7. Pelado

    More Summer Expansion

    Mountain West Coast Conference
  8. Send the Californians. We'll convert them to Mormons.
  9. Not from Utah. I don't push the limits as much as I used to, but I'm not shy with the accelerator - even in the minivan.
  10. Threatened to reduce their federal highway dollars? So from 80 mph to (under) 100 mph, there is some time to be cut off the Google estimate.
  11. Google estimates 11 hours and 12 minutes taking I-25 to I-90. Montana has speed limits now, right?
  12. https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900025694/foreign-forays-remembering-byus-overseas-football-games-in-japan-australia.html
  13. Pelado

    Misc Take Aways from CT Interview

    He doesn't know if Gordon Monson speaks for BYU or the church? Hilarious. He speaks for himself, mostly to rile feathers and generate page views.
  14. Pelado

    Did you know?

    I did not know about that. Thanks.