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  1. What did Boise's non-conference schedule look like this year and last? Are they playing the (literal) little sisters of the poor?
  2. On the other hand, if your league is constantly getting the shaft on seeding and having to play true road games, it can be difficult to do anything in the tournament.
  3. Surprising that their seed is that bad. I saw a clip about the team on the local news and saw that they'd only lost four games on the season. I was expecting to see them in the 3-6 seed range. If they'd lost in the conference tournament, they might not have even made the NCAA field. What did their non-conference schedule look like? Did they beat anyone of note?
  4. In fairness to San Diego, when they were kicking our collective ass during the WCC tournament, the announcers did point out that the Toreros had suffered some significant injuries during the season and that their finish in the conference standings was not representative of how good they are now with everyone healthy.
  5. Whether or not you actually believe the silly arguments you present, it's hard to argue with your commitment to your argument. There is something to be said for persistence. There's something more to be said for making sense. Just because an announcement of an agreement has not yet been made does not necessarily mean that an agreement hasn't or won't be made. Your insistence that a deal must not have been made or won't be made solely because no announcement has been made is cute but misguided. It's also cute that you found a quote from Holmoe from a year ago. Similarly to the MWC, there was no need for BYU to rush into a deal a year ago since ESPN (at their option) extended BYU's deal through the 2019 season. If ESPN didn't want to broadcast BYU games anymore, it was really silly of them to exercise that option and drag out their prior contract. Also, the value of BYU games going forward is higher than what it's been in prior years because of who they have on future home schedules: Utah, USC, Washington, Boise State, Michigan State, Missouri, Houston, Arizona State, Virginia, Baylor, Arkansas, Tennessee, Stanford, Minnesota, Arizona, NC State, Virginia Tech, etc. Here's a quote from Holmoe from less than two months ago (emphasis added): https://www.sltrib.com/sports/byu-cougars/2019/01/30/byu-ad-tom-holmoe-very/
  6. You could say that about almost all their games this season.
  7. 2018 BYU home games: ESPN2 - 4 games, ESPNU - 1 game, BYUtv - 1 game 2018 BYU road/neutral games: ABC - 1 game, Fox - 1 game, ESPN - 2 games, ESPN2 - 1 game, FS1 - 1 game, BYUtv - 1 game Friday games - 2 Saturday kickoff by 4 pm MT - 4 Saturday kickoff between 4 and 8 pm MT - 2 Saturday kickoff after 8 pm MT - 5 https://byucougars.com/schedule/football/2018
  8. This is the first year of this format for the WCC tournament. Such a huge decline that BYU basketball beat Utah this season.
  9. My high school chemistry teacher taught us that many moons ago - I think as a lesson on significant digits and/or rounding. Anything from 1.5 - 2.4 could be considered "2". As such 2 + 2 could be 3 (1.5 + 1.5), 4 (2.0 + 2.0) or even 5 (2.4 + 2.4).
  10. The article even said that they're moving toward no price difference between the satellite version and the OTT version. Weird.
  11. And here's Nevada's: Total Revenues by Team Total Revenues by Men's and Women's Team Men's Teams Women's Teams Total Basketball $4,746,053 $1,945,748 $6,691,801 Football $10,037,079 N/A $10,037,079 Total Revenues of all Sports,Except Football and Basketball,Combined(Men's and Women's Teams) $2,444,266 $6,584,632 $9,028,898 Total Revenues Men's and Women's Teams $17,227,398 $8,530,380 $25,757,778 Total Revenues by Coed Teams Amount Allocatedto Men Amount Allocatedto Women Total Total Revenue of Coed Teams $86,139 $157,921 $244,060 Total Revenues Men's, Women's and Coed Teams $17,313,537 $8,688,301 $26,001,838 Not Allocated by Gender/Sport N/A N/A $15,379,282 Grand Total Revenues for all Teams (includes by team and not allocated by gender/sport) N/A N/A $41,381,120
  12. Here's Boise State's full revenue info: Total Revenues by Team Varsity Teams Men's Teams Women's Teams Total Basketball $4,184,145 $429,749 $4,613,894 Football $20,470,985 N/A $20,470,985 Total Revenues of all Sports, Except Football and Basketball, Combined $416,291 $2,728,753 $3,145,044 Total Revenues Men's and Women's Teams $25,071,421 $3,158,502 $28,229,923 Not Allocated by Gender/Sport N/A N/A $9,830,786 Grand Total for all Teams (includes by team and not allocated by gender/sport) N/A N/A $38,060,709