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  1. Committee will probably find a way to put them all in the same bracket.
  2. Why would he quit? Who else is going to pay him $600k+ annually to be terrible at his job?
  3. For how many of those MWC games was BYU's best player available?
  4. Can't Won't Doesn't Wouldn't Shouldn't Lots of contractions in the Mountain West.
  5. Seems like a lot of parity this year. It should be a very entertaining tournament.
  6. Even that stadium looks too big for that plot of land in Philly. The land in Philly is only about one football field wide. I can tell because it currently has a football field and soccer field on it, and nothing else would fit. If they took over the mostly bare land to the south of that field, then maybe they could squeeze a very narrow stadium in there. I spent all of 1996 as a missionary in Argentina. At the time, I had no idea what AOL was.
  7. BYU - 5th I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the vitriol around here for BYU around the time of The Project was significantly higher than it has been for BSU lately. That was a really fun game. Looking back at the box score, I'm a little surprised that the game was tied at halftime. It seemed like TCU's option was tearing up Boise's defense, and that they had a decent lead before Boise came back and pulled off the win.
  8. Marlene - didn't even know that was you. Welcome to the board! How is that pronounced? Need to know for all the NNU alumni I work with here in Idaho. I've been amazed at that for over a decade.
  9. Check out #5. Now that's a great athletic program.
  10. I think Coog kev is talking about Houston's loss to BYU.
  11. I would be very interested to see the details of the annual reporting. Notwithstanding the substantial increase in the reported total revenues, I am not confident that the ESPN TV deal is a primary driver of that increase.