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  1. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    i don't know how people watch this college shit. it just gets worse and worse every year i think i might just be a box score guy. this stuff is not enjoyable to watch with how amateur the product is and how unprofessional those paid to referee it are
  2. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    4-25 from the backcourt tonight but lets call their numbers everytime down the floor in a close game late this is some befuddling decision making right now
  3. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    kidding me right? this is why i don't watch this awful college shit
  4. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    rebs probably up 10 comfortably if mooring just wasn't on the floor tonight
  5. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    heat check? after 1 make
  6. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    unlv's starting backcourt 3 of 20 with 12 points tonight. rest of the team 19-27 44 points
  7. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    mooring 2-12 meanwhile clyburn hasn't missed tonight great decision making
  8. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    nevermind what i said about post defense i forgot this was college basketball and the refs literally have no idea what they're doing. what an awful call
  9. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    give the other team some free free-throws, great foul. real smart play
  10. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    1-9 in a slow paced game keep chucking early champ
  11. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    or you know.... stop the guy from literally standing wherever he wants, catching the ball when he wants... and then shooting it when he wants. just awful defense from mccoy this game. guy has no idea how big he is post defense is far more about denying the position than it is about contesting the shot
  12. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    feed the hot hand. mooring taking terrible shots while clyburn is in the zone. wring that rag 'til it's dry
  13. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    mccoy plays defense like it's the 1960s
  14. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    penn state east coast subs - put it in your face ffs
  15. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    slow always wins out at this level. just have to execute and it'll open up obviously 12 turnovers in a half is not great execution