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  1. To quote something I saw last night and take no credit for coming up with..."Liberty wont' mind watching. That's more their thing anyways."
  2. Hard to argue that. Spazztards were supposed to be an upgrade over the Sun Belt.
  3. Not really, but kicking your SpaztecAss in 2 weeks will be fun
  4. Serious question, do the Aztecs have a radio network that broadcasts games?
  5. Scorch, I’m truly happy for you. Between your depressing post regarding COVID, being holed up in your basement, and how poorly the Utes looked Saturday night, I fully endorse you finding some joy in life. #givethanks
  6. HiS hEaDbAnD iS a LeGaLlY bInDiNg DoCuMeNt WhIcH mEaNs We CaN jErK bYu ArOuNd!!!
  7. Elder Rev, any updates on the San Hoser/SUDS game?
  8. Elder Rev, give us an update on the San Hoser/SUDS game
  9. Ah, Lil' Natty, such tough talk coming from a guy who still lives where he comes from.....his momma's vag. #rentfree #fullyinvested LMAO
  10. All BS aside, Boise is my MWC team as I live in Idaho. Grew up in Michigan, hence Wolverine. BYU alum, Class of ‘86. Also lived in Wyoming for 5 years and became fond of the Cowboys. Spent 4 years in the Central Valley and root for the Bulldogs as well. Also, have a daughter and son-in-law who are Utah State alums. I know you hate the fact SDSU is playing BYU. I for one appreciate the game. I’m old school, and miss the regional rivalries. Times have changed as has the landscape of college football, which I’m not a big fan of. I think the MWC is a great conference with great institutio
  11. Get the SUDS AD on the line ASAP. Inform him of all the atrocities awaiting SUDS players come December. Quick, before it’s too late. You will live forever in SUDS lore if you get this game cancelled. You owe it to SUDS nation to make this happen. Call ANTIFA or the Proud Boys to stand down and stand by Rev. You, and only you, can save the lives of those valiant and brave enough to wear the uniform of SUDS nation. Godspeed in your quest Rev. LMAO
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