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  1. UNLV at Colorado State

    Post of the Day. Midweek Menzies and Mooring were banished to Rebel Hell. Will any Rebel fans give them some love tonight?
  2. New Mexico State Deserves an Invite

    I’m sure CSU was well represented. I don’t give a damn about NM State, but at the same time I’m not going to belittle nor diminish in any way whatsoever the way their fan base represented today. It was impressive to say the least.
  3. New Mexico State Deserves an Invite

    Quit exaggerating, only 15,000-18,000.
  4. New Mexico State Deserves an Invite

    Link? I’m just merely sharing what the Denver Post reported. I can’t help if the local paper posts fake news on the local team. 8-10 hour round trip driving time, 4-6 hour game experience. I’m sure very few fans booked hotels. Makes complete sense. What else you got? New Mexico Bowl: 26,087 Arizona Bowl: 39,132
  5. New Mexico State Deserves an Invite

    Fort Collins to Albuquerque 512 miles/7 hours. “CSU distributed 1,556 tickets, including 295 player guests and 97 student passes, according to a school spokesman. Marshall provided its fan base roughly 1,000 tickets. Bowl and secondary market sales clearly boosted the overall attendance, but compared to previous New Mexico Bowls, the reported fan total (26,087) was still lacking.” Seems harder to fill the stands then you want to give NM State credit for.
  6. New Mexico State Deserves an Invite

    57 Years...NMSU went 11-0 in 1960, capping a perfect season with a 20-13 win over — that’s right — Utah State in the Sun Bowl.
  7. OT: NMSU up 59-53 on #6 Miami with 40 secs left

    I get it. If that were the case, I think they should deserve to be in, but I don’t think it would happen. Last year I thought a 28 win Illinois State who was MVC co-champ at 17-1 with Wichita State should have been in. I wish the selection committee would invite a few more mid majors but it’s all about the $$$.
  8. OT: NMSU up 59-53 on #6 Miami with 40 secs left

    WAC as currently constituted has never been a 2 bid league. Last time was 2010 with Nevada and NM State receiving bids. I just don’t see the current WAC ever getting 2 bids. I would not want to be the regular season champ of the WAC and lose in the conference tournament, and hang around on Selection Sunday waiting for an at-large invite. With all that said, I’m not so sure the MWC isn’t pretty much in the same boat even though the MWC is a much stronger conference.
  9. OT: NMSU up 59-53 on #6 Miami with 40 secs left

    Great win for Aggies, but would be shocked if WAC ends up being a 2 bid league were Aggies to lose in WAC conference tournament. They could win out and lose in conference tournament and be left at home like Illinois State was last year.
  10. Utah State has Lost to TWO Big Sky Teams

    For real sex, or the kind where you pony up $$$$ and she pretends it was for real?
  11. For one, it won't be this BYU team, and secondly, it's not like going into Tucson or Boise and winning has never been accomplished by a BYU team. I'm not sure I put either of those games in the "should lose" category, but at the same time I wouldn't consider either of those games a "toss up" as well. Looks like Fido needs a "will probably lose, but could win" category as well.
  12. San Jose State at BYU

    I think you may be confused with that time you signed up with the Dionne Warwick Psychic Friends Network circa 1992.
  13. YBU really, it's time to come back home.

    Only if the MWC agrees to divisional realignment. MWC Wemighthaveasnowballschanceinhell Division: BYWho Tiny Sanchez HS San Hoser Norm Chow U The Low Blows UNR The StanfordAggies (must have a divisional rival) MWC WeareP6 Division All the rest of you Turds And for the record, I miss the MWC.
  14. BYU at UNM

    Oh Stunner, Oh Stunner, Where art Thou Oh Stunner?