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  1. nashvillepoke

    MW BBall Attendance

    So is Wyoming's 3880
  2. nashvillepoke

    Slightly OT: Wyoming Enrollment declines

    When. I worked in Laramie my years ago, I crossed paths with this guy, and there is nothing nice I can say about him.
  3. nashvillepoke

    Alonzo Hall signing

    Did we sign the Fresh Prince?
  4. nashvillepoke

    The Why Home Depot Sucks Thread.

    By the way, it is tawlet in Tennessee
  5. nashvillepoke

    The Why Home Depot Sucks Thread.

    This seems more like a website/system issue. I know the team that is responsible for the design and implementation of their website and inventory control system. Let's just say I am not surprised by these short comings.
  6. nashvillepoke

    Interesting info regarding OTT Service

    If a termination point is leaking current on the line itself, or if the line has been chewed on by animals will cause intermittent issues. Could also be a modem that is starting to go bad.
  7. nashvillepoke

    Interesting info regarding OTT Service

    Dirty lines or someone in the area is eating all the bandwidth.
  8. nashvillepoke

    Interesting info regarding OTT Service

    I use At&t 1 gbps internet, it is about $75/month
  9. nashvillepoke

    Well, Good For Denmark

    Where does the competative hot eating training mask, fit into these laws.
  10. nashvillepoke

    Two MWC cities make the list

    I am surprised to see Laramie on this list. While Laramie and Wyoming in general appeal to certain types of people, I personally will never move back. I grew up in Cheyenne and lived in Laramie for a number of years, and that area is just not for everyone. The wages are artificially depressed across the board, mainly due to the University and State government. The housing is artificially inflated for some reason that I could never quite figure out. The 9-10 months of constant wind and winter is absolutely brutal. Nashvillepoke is a wuss and absolutely hates cold weather. If winter sports/hunting is your thing then Wyoming can be heaven for you. Laramie in itself is very difficult to make a decent living unless you are associated with the university. If you are associated with the university it is very difficult to move up in your career as you are typically stuck behind several lifers. I will always be grateful for growing up and living most of my life in Wyoming as the life lessons and, do it yourself attitude instilled in the culture has proven to be extremely valuable in my life. However the lack of opportunity in Wyoming dictates that I will never move back. One day i will find the best place to live that suits myself and my family, until then I will remain in Nashville.
  11. nashvillepoke

    Space Force

    Seems interesting. I am not much of a Steve Carell fan, and I thought the Office was better when he played a minor role.
  12. Orlando has it's fair share of challenges, but not as bad as Newark. I have found Newark to be the dregs of the airport community.
  13. Good to hear. Unfortunately I get stuck on the East coast for travel and have to deal with those airports, which I havent seen any private screeners
  14. So what I was trying to point is the fact that the local municipality has to get TSA approval for the security work force, meaning I'm not sure there is a true "opt out" mechanism other than at the individual worker level. I would have do some more research but I don't think TSA has ever approved the use of a third party.
  15. Pretty much all airports are owned by a local municipality or regional entity. For example BNA in Nashville is owned and operated by the Nashville government. The airports in the New York area are owned and operated by the port authority of NY/NJ