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  1. nashvillepoke

    Arguing outside of MWCboard

    I could totally see this being the case
  2. nashvillepoke

    Best thing you have witnessed at a football game

    Watching various things being thrown at BYU fans and players over the years has amused me greatly. From the infamous piss balloons, batteries, to the plastic refillable cup ban in the 80s. Back when games were fun to go to and watch. Now they are all just one giant Verizon commercial with a sporting event thrown in. Man I miss being able to teach my kids how the proper trajectory and velocity needed to reach the floor with a thrown plastic cup.
  3. nashvillepoke

    USU... did Wells leave you anything?

    Wyoming has an offensive coordinator you can use for the bowl game, or the start of next season. Hell why dont we make it a long term lease, you can use him for the next few years.
  4. nashvillepoke

    Computer Guys!!!!

    This is not ransomware, this is a hardware issue. Ransomware will allow the machine to operate but with all non system file encrypted
  5. nashvillepoke

    Wyoming vs SC

    Craziest thing I have ever seen was Porter fouling out with 2:35 left in the first half.
  6. nashvillepoke

    Computer Guys!!!!

    Those are not typically vary effective. The only sacrifices that work are Virgin sacrifices and those are pretty tough to find these days, unless you frequent #metoo rallies.
  7. nashvillepoke

    Computer Guys!!!!

    The first message was from a USB device, it this can happen because of the RAM as the interrupts for USB are in RAM. This is classic memory collision behavior. Long story short someone sold you some bad shit and now your computer is on an epic bad trip. Try cuddling with it for a while and then take it to the methadone clinic for a cleansing.
  8. nashvillepoke

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    Nah. Trying getting into New York city. $15 to go over a bridge is much better than the $7 dollars to go around Denver.
  9. nashvillepoke

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    This is my concern as well. It is also the problem you have when one entity owns all of the bowl games.
  10. nashvillepoke

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    That coupled with Colorado specific boat passes, and you might have yourself an effective business model.
  11. nashvillepoke

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    Of course it would be cooked up. What the hell are they teaching down there. Although I guess the act of swinging a dead tofu around does pose a problem.
  12. nashvillepoke

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    This one doesnt hurt as bad as being left out of a bowl with a 10-2 record and top 25 ranking like what happened in 96.
  13. nashvillepoke

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    I think 100 is a stretch, but then it is hard to find the Wyoming fans is the sea of green and gold in the state of Colorado.
  14. nashvillepoke

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    I thought he was a term life insurance salesman
  15. nashvillepoke

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    It is Burman, what do you expect from the guy who brought us such stellar hires as Heath Schroyer, and Dave Christensen.