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  1. Trump Fatigue

    It is kind of interesting as groups of people we do better when we have someone or something to hate. The country prospered when we hated the Russians, the Mountain West was solid and on the rise when we had BYU to hate. Maybe we all just need a common enemy to be a cohesive unit.
  2. No lies, we are spending 1.5 million a month on PMs.
  3. We have a philosophy that every workstream needs a PM, which is fine if you have support resources. Right now I am charged with consolidating 5 data centers into two new datacenters, with approximately 3 tech resources. We also have third parties involved who have matched our workstream philosophy, so I spend all my time reporting why stuff isn't done.
  4. Dude I have 20 PMs on a project with three resources. I seriously spend 14 hours a day on conference calls. I have to work second shift just to get the work done.
  5. Wyoming @ UNLV

    Every effing time. It never fails the game before ours goes into OT
  6. Super Bowl

    It will be worse with hoodie junior running the show
  7. Super Bowl

    Just think, only a few seconds until Josh McDaniels runs the Colts into the ground
  8. Super Bowl

    What a dumb call
  9. Emotional support animals

    If my emotional support giraffe isn't welcome then neither is your pony
  10. Emotional support animals

    Hate this shit. I did 77000 miles last year so I spent a fair amount of time in airports. I am so sick of watching dogs hop on food counters, dogs shitting in the airport, dog fights and dogs attacking random people. I applaud Delta for this. Legit service animals are fine, but Polly's poodle is not, if you can't leave your dog at home for a few days then you shouldn't own a dog.
  11. More problems at Michigan State

    Please be Alabama
  12. My Pokes at SJSU

    That is what the announcer said. I was like yeah those 4 people sure were loud
  13. My Pokes at SJSU

    Best line of the night. James goes in for a layup and quiets the crowd. LMAO!!!!!!!
  14. My Pokes at SJSU

    Gamecast like it is 1990