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  1. Not if it uses software written by HCL
  2. I want rat boy back. He was at least entertaining
  3. Found a way to piss that one away
  4. I was just going to say the same thing. This is completely not news worthy, and has become an expectation of the Cowboy fanbase.
  5. I had sling for a while but dumped it for a variety of reasons. Went to youtube tv from there and didnt like it either, but that was as a very early adopter. Currently I am with Hulu and actually like it quite a bit.
  6. Just three more wins, and the basketball team will tie the football team for number of wins. I personally dont think Edwards can pull it off
  7. I always want the Pokes to win, but there isnt a chance in hell of that happening. As far as rushing the court, there will be more basketball players in the arena than fans, so it would be hard to tell if rushing the court did happen.
  8. Here is what is going to happen. Wyoming will take their 308 RPI ranking and end up beating SDSU on the 8th. Causing all hell to break loose and ruining any chance of the MW to get an at large bid to the tournament.
  9. I dont know if I would put wyoming in the same class as the 1a high school teams.
  10. You guys all have Wyoming too high in this list
  11. I haven't seen a half back dive yet, did Vigen get left at home?
  12. Got it. Thanks. Williams settled down and looks good
  13. I had to step away, why wasnt that a return for a TD