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  1. And it screws up traffic something fierce
  2. Blockchain is an interesting technology that should help with a lot of the security issues we have been seeing. I never got into the bitcoin scene, simply because I know technology and dont trust the origins
  3. It is a great arena and the Belmont campus is absolutely beautiful. My daughters have dance recital at their performing arts center every year. Good to see them doing something in the tournament.
  4. This is a pretty decent synopsis. I currently hold a VP level position on the design side of the house, every IT person strives to be out of OPS but never escapes. I am currently what would be classified as tier 4 in most organizations. I do know when I look to hire people I dont put much emphasis on a degree since all theory is useless in a true IT support role. There is no theory that can explain why a firewall starts randomly chucking packets after being in service for two years.
  5. This explains why the TSA precheck line was shut down at Newark airport the last two weeks.
  6. Welcome, fellow cisco brethren. I first achieved my NA almost 20 years ago, with my NP a couple years later. IE written was finished 4 years after that. Then I decided I wanted to be management and stopped putting myself through the hell of certification tests.
  7. I disagree about cisco certs. Those basically launched my career. Although I have never been a big fan of their design track.
  8. I am offended. My degree from Vanderbilt in underwater fire prevention is well worth the 120k in loans. Also without liberal arts degrees we have no sports teams, no one will watch a football team full of physics majors.
  9. Dumb move on his part. Now 47% of the country will oppose it.
  10. Just keep one time quit effing with the clocks. P.S. Asshole that scheduled a 5:30 AM meeting the same day we move forward. You suck!!!!!!
  11. Edwards needs to go. There should be a clause in every basketball coache's contract stating, immediate termination will commence if you fail to win more games than the football team in any given year. James scored 29 yesterday and the rest of the team scored 19. UW shot 8.3% from the 3 point arch, at some point Edwards should instruct the team to stop shooting threes.
  12. When. I worked in Laramie my years ago, I crossed paths with this guy, and there is nothing nice I can say about him.
  13. Did we sign the Fresh Prince?