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  1. Wouldn't that make Chambers a 4th year sophmore?
  2. Maybe sticking with the half back dive for 3/4 of the game was a mistake. I freaking hate Vigen so much
  3. That is a bet that would be pulled off the board.
  4. Remember that time Vigen ran the ball up the middle three times and then punted? Oh wait nevermind.
  5. Game over. No way Vigen can come up with a game plan to score 22 points.
  6. There is no way colleges can afford for all player to organize. This will be the death of college sports. The truly sad thing is this will kill the opportunities to get an education for untold numbers of disadvantaged kids.
  7. I get what you are saying. So why do we not adjust the game plan to get our receivers separation. A slat here and there may help with this. This is on Vigen not the players. Running game did well against the worst teams we played and generated nothing against decent teams.
  8. Generally located on the front of the helmet
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