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  1. Let me preface this by saying that I've watched every play from every Boise game the last three years. I thought Hank got a raw deal from the Boise fans. The guy had three different OC's including the numbskull whose photographic memory was so great that he forgot watching his OL get beat so badly the prior play that he called another five-man protection, slow developing pass play on the next one. The Boise OL the past two seasons has been pretty horrendous. I think HMHB stated Hank was the most hit QB in FBS last year - I don't doubt that at all. I'd venture to guess he is right there again this season. Even with the pounding he took last year and the OC's terrible play calling and system he had a 63% completion percentage, a 140 passer rating, threw for 3,000 yards and an int/attempt ratio of just 2.0% which is damn good for a QB that gets hit half as much as Hank did. That said, he is gone and Green looks to be up. I re-watched all of Green's plays against Oregon State today and I came away much more impressed than I did initially. He threw the ball to the correct spot on almost every pass. Some of the receivers dropped passes that should have been caught. Even still his completion percentage was 69% against a defense that just held a QB who was touted as a heisman candidate to 44% - some 22% below his season average. Green threw for 155 yards in three quarters of play. Caleb Williams threw for just 180 yards in four quarters. Green made a lot of good reads and his athleticism negated the porous OL. He gives Boise the best chance to win the rest of the way given the OL troubles and getting him reps the rest of the way this year sets up the offense much better for next year.
  2. They didn't go prevent at all. Toledo brought 4-5 guys every play and played mostly cover 2-man and also cover 1. SDSU went to 10 personnel every play of that drive. That was the difference. Spreading the field out gave Burmeister time and lanes to throw and run. The OL also had an easier time in pass pro as a result. No idea why Hecklinski insists on having to be in 12 and 11 personnel to run the ball. It hasn't been very successful. Actually I do have an idea - he's a dunce...
  3. I also think he is going to have a calming influence on Hank as well as calling plays that make it easier for Hank to get the ball out quickly on high percentage throws. That should boost Hanks confidence and make him play better.
  4. It’s going to look like the offense previously. You’re delusional if you think he’s going to install a brand new offense in less than a week. He’s got to run the same playbook that Plough ran. Otherwise your offense will be even worse than last week. The only difference is going to be in play calling which is going to be a huge help. He’s not going to be able to “fix” the OL this far into the season. The talent on the OL is almost as bad as SDSU’s. You can’t fix that. You just need to call plays to ameliorate that deficiency. Expect heavy doses of Holani and lots of play action off of that. Non-play action passes will be quick hitters - what you used to see under Harsin and Peterson to a large extent. Hitches, swing passes, slants, etc. The SDSU coaching staff knows all of this so it won’t be much of a surprise. Koetter might be able to install five new plays this week - maybe. There’s just not enough time in the week to be able to install many new things.
  5. You aren't going to be able to change the offense mid-season, but now you'll have a competent play caller who knows how to accentuate the positives of the players and negate the negatives.
  6. Hey next Friday can you have Avalos tell Hoke how to fire an OC mid-season? Thanks in advance.
  7. Speculation is that the staff thought Burmeister would only be out a series and Haskell had more game experience than Crum so they put him in for just that one series. Once Burmeister wasn't able to come back they switched to Crum. I don't agree with it at all and it shows the incompetence of the OC. Haskell is gone most likely and I don't disagree with his decision to leave as I'd do the same given who he has as a coach. This OC has no business being an OC anywhere. His track record is horrendous but he is BFF's with Hoke and will do what Hoke wants. When Hoke was at Michigan he was forced to fire his OC Borges and the AD hired Nussmeier from Bama to replace Borges. That left a bad taste in Hoke's mouth and he specifically said when he announced his staff at SDSU and demoted Horton from OC to RB's that he wanted coordinators who were his guys that he could trust. Hoke won't fire Hecklinski IMO and if he is forced to he will quit.
  8. No parent should ever have to go through that. I'm sorry you've had to.
  9. Not to be snide, but it pretty much is. To be honest we maybe have a puncher's chance to win the conference given our coaching staff, but the conference is probably the least competitive it has been dating back to it's inception. Even if we win the conference (which IMO is a long shot) I don't see us faring well against anyone in a bowl. To be honest I think we lose at home next week against Toledo and then the following week at Boise to start 1-4.
  10. Yeah pretty much every MWC team sucks. But the big question for SDSU is why put in the third string true frosh QB instead of the second string rFR QB who was highly sought after and played in several games last year? He did play in a series in the second quarter but then nothing. Not to mention he was in the hunt for the first string QB position this year. Not even touching on the play calling and the QB development from our OC/QB coach. Honestly if they threw the OC out of the plane on the way home I'd rejoice. The guy is a cancer. I also have to say the you aside, the Utah fans leading up to the game have been complete cocks by and large. There were so many pods, blogs, fan interviews, and radio shows that completely denigrated SDSU and our win last year. I don't recall one Utah fan/commentator or maybe even Whit saying SDSU won the game - it was that Utah lost the game. I was kind of shocked to see it because in the MW you guys were great fans. But it was like a bunch of cockroaches came out of the woodwork and just went crazy. Almost like the girl who got dumped and pleaded to everyone she dumped the guy. I get that fan bases get delusional, but this one was off the charts and no one showed much respect to SDSU for how we played last year and legitimately won the game.
  11. Positives? The final score should have been 72-0. Our offensive staff have no credentials other than one year at FCS being below average and have gotten worse every year they've been here. It's not a question of talent. We have the talent to play with most everyone save for the top 10 programs. It's the coaching staff on the offensive side and it's incredible frustrating.
  12. Well if they fired the entire coaching staff and didn't allow them to get on the team flight I'd donate next year. But now, HELL NO. This offensive coaching staff is an abomination. And I thought we'd get blown out going into this game...
  13. Utah is going to embarrass us. It likely won't be remotely close. If I had to bet the game I'd take Utah -21.
  14. Man the Boise v SDSU and UNM v SDSU games are going to be first one to 10 wins.
  15. Rocky is not a fan of Boise and he circles that game every year. He will pull out all of the stops to shut down the offense and create turnovers. Given the Boise OL's problems last week along with running QB's giving Rocky's defense fits, I would start Green over Hank if I'm Plough. Hopefully it's a good game.
  16. It looks to be a very long season for SDSU. Every phase of the game looked unprepared, unenthused, and out of sorts - particularly the offense.
  17. I look forward to the SEC arguing that all six at-large spots should go to their schools...
  18. Man he has some incredibly bad sources - or more likely some source that stands to benefit from sowing misinformation about the Pac...
  19. I agree with a lot of what you are saying but I vehemently disagree that “the best thing that could come from this is a conviction.” That’s not close to being right and just, and you know it. The best thing that could happen is everyone finding out the TRUTH of what actually happened. None of us know that right now. We might think we do through the bits and pieces that have been provided through the media and the dumbass attorneys in the civil suit, but we all really don’t have much of a clue as to what truly transpired that evening. I haven’t once commented on this situation for good reason. First, I have no idea what actually happened so I have no basis upon which to stand to make an argument. Second, there is a young woman who, regardless of the facts in this matter, is hurting and needs help IMO. At the very least she should be seeing a counselor every week or two. I believe that should be provided for her irrespective of the facts in this case and SDSU should take the lead in providing that to her. If SDSU chooses not to provide that, then I will offer to pay for her to see someone who is appropriate to help her.
  20. Thought I was a good LB so I walked on freshman year. I was 6’0” 225lbs ripped and could lift a good amount of weight. My problem was cold molasses moved faster than I did. I spent a total of maybe two weeks practicing in fall camp before it was patently obvious to me that I had no business being there (actually that was apparent the first day but I thought some of the guys may have taken magic pills so I persisted.). I certainly didn’t belong, but unknown to me at the time I spent a good chunk of my one on one reps trying to tackle two other freshman who ended up being first round draft picks, one of which is in the NFL and college halls of fame. There were many others who schooled the hell out of me to be sure and it was obvious I had no business being there but my coaches were great and encouraged me to continue on - probably because they needed scout team bodies. After I quit, I was offered a spot being a student coaching assistant and I really wanted to take it but I thought I was better served focusing on my school work (I randomly had some insane profs my first semester that made me think I had no time for anything else). It all worked out in the end for everyone.
  21. As according to plan… Lets go Bows!
  22. And the university of Michigan’s diversity, equity and inclusion department spends over $15 million a year employing over 100 people each making over $100,000 in Ann Arbor to do nothing of substance. Absent that, each student at Michigan would pay $800 less per year.
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