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  1. Top MWC signees

  2. SDSU '18

    EDIT - not Hunt Kobe Smith - offered and tripped to Nebraska and Wazzu. Offers from USC, AZ, Illinois, Notre Dame, Oregon, Oregon St, and SJSU. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Kobe-Smith-85006/RecruitInterests I'm betting Lole stiffs us for Tennessee or ASU so we probably keep that scholly in the back pocket for a DL down the line.
  3. Recruiting in Texas

    That HS coach who became OC under Nutt was Gus Malzahn...
  4. Hawaii to returning to Run-N-Shoot

    Hawaii's recruiting advantage is with local poly's. I know they have had success in the past with the RNS but I don't know why they don't run a punishing run-first offense with a huge OL and two big TE's and a big poly FB leading the way. And then run a 4-3 defense because of the plethora of big, athletic poly DL they have over there. There are more NFL DL from Hawaii than any other state save for a few from the south. Create that base on the OL/TE/FB and DL and LB with home grown talent and be known as a tough, physical team. Locals will rally around that. Then pluck some skill players off of the mainland. Hell a bunch of good QB's have come off of the islands the last decade.
  5. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    No, you are an idiot. To take a poll, as poorly worded as it was and wholly incongruent with reality, and use it as justification for your assertion makes you an imbecile.
  6. Boise shooting to sellout SDSU game

    I'm surprised Boise doesn't sell out more often. It's the highest level of basketball played within a six hour drive and the program is doing well from what I understand (I don't follow bball at all so I have no idea what the records are for MWC teams and who is good and who isn't save for reading some headlines). Plus some decent teams come to town. There's really nothing else to compete against except for minor league hockey.
  7. I'm too busy for this **@!

    You're doing it all wrong. EXTENSIONS!! Then you have until October to get them done. Have to condition your clients to expect an extension.
  8. Question for Boise fans

    I believe it's a hybrid DE/OLB position.
  9. Lobos targeting suds QB coach as OC

    Rocky is not going anywhere. Morgan to UNM makes a ton of sense. He'd get a promotion and most likely a raise and he has experience calling plays at AFA. He also has Texas roots to help UNM recruit there.
  10. Calling Offensive Armchair MWC Board Coaches.

    The other thing it does is help tire out the defense - all of the DL and LB's running to the sideline to make a tackle every time it's thrown.
  11. Chason Virgil transferring from Fresno State

    Can he run? If so we'll take him.
  12. Well he did lob a 90 yard td pass against you guys last year Chapman does what the coaching staff wants him to do: protect the ball and don't turn it over. He only threw four ints (1.6% of his throws) all season and one was on a hail mary attempt at the end of a half. It's just that when he did turn it over other times it was often fatal. The under thrown ball in the the bowl game that was picked off by a guy on his knees while the WR was wide open 10 yards behind him for a td that would have clinched the game. The backward pass/fumble against Boise that was returned for a td and opened the floodgates. Our OL just can't pass block and almost all of our pass plays are play action where the QB has his back to the field as the play is developing. So he doesn't have a lot of time to make his reads given the lack of pass protection and when pressured instead of throwing it and trying to make something happen he just takes a sack. Our OL sack rate was 11.0% this past year (124th in the country) but was 9.7% in 2016 (119th in the country), 7.3% in 2015 (93rd in the country), 7.9% in 2014 (105th in the country), 7.0% in 2013 (99th in the country), 3.4% in 2012 (20th in the country). So this can't just be blamed on a young OL as last year we had an experienced OL that gave up a bunch of sacks. Part of it is on the OL (recruiting bigger less mobile guys and focusing mostly on the run) and part on immobile QB's. This is why I think we should be recruiting QB's who can run well as it would reduced the sacks when pressured and possibly allow a broken pass play to turn into a first down instead of a sack. Also, adding in some designed QB runs off of our normal running plays (naked bootlegs etc) would add a different dimension to the run game and open up more lanes for the RB's.
  13. Honestly UNLV needs to schedule no P5 games OOC. They need to start having winning seasons and going to bowl games to gain momentum and then start scheduling one P5 a year as a gauge. One FCS, a sun belt, a cusa, and a low level mac school should be the OOC for the next five years. Start building a winning culture and slowly start attracting better players. Once you get five years of winning seasons then add in one P5 a year. Once you go start going .500 against the P5 opponent add another. I understand that road pay days help fill the budget but honestly if you give up $2mm in road pay days (actually less than that given the cost of travel) and replace with two H/H's against G5's the net reduction in revenue will be less than $1mm and to me that is worth it to gain a huge edge in the probability of winning games and getting bowl eligible. I mean when is the last time UNLV beat a P5 and what is the record against P5's over the last decade??
  14. I'm not a Chapman fan by any means but all is not due to him. His OL gave up sacks on 11.0% of pass plays this year which was 124th in the country. They were atrocious. To contextualize that Fresno's OL gave up sacks on 2.2% of passing plays and Boise's on 5.9%. We need a QB who can run well to ameliorate those issues and provide a second dynamic on the run game.
  15. Best of luck with all of that...