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  1. CSU is going to get murdered. Iowa covers
  2. You don't understand. The economics of how a MLB team makes money are vastly different than an NBA or NFL team.
  3. The money in MLB is mostly made on 1.) media contracts and that is determined by the size of the local market and 2.) sponsorships (signage, promotions, etc) and suite sales which are driven by the size and number of local large businesses. It really doesn't matter much if 4,000 or 20,000 actually show up to a game because most of the ticket revenue is via season tickets and you get that no matter how many actually go to a game. Vegas has a much smaller media market than the bay area and far fewer large businesses. I wouldn't get my hopes up...
  4. This is funny. I’ve been on Wall Street for 25 years. Sell side at a well know shop then two large hedge funds and my own hedge fund now. I’ve talked to lots of guys over the years and I’ve never talked to someone who went to Middlebury. Ever. But then again I did my undergrad at SDSU so perhaps the Middlebury grads run in their own circles in Manhattan?
  5. Sacramento wouldn’t be a good place for the A’s. A MLB team needs a big tv market that isn’t infiltrated by other teams (in this case the Giants) and needs a big corporate HQ base to buy signage, sponsorships, sky boxes, and tickets. Sacramento has no big corporations headquartered there. Portland would be far better than Sac from a revenue standpoint and North Carolina perhaps even better.
  6. You guys don’t even have the second best defense in the west division.
  7. What's your take? Do you think he'll ever coach again?
  8. I watched an interview he did maybe a year ago and he sounded like he would never coach again. He looked back on his career and was lamenting about the stress, time commitment, etc. It was almost like he regretted ever doing it and was having fun not being a coach anymore. I'd be shocked if he took another job - particularly the SC job.
  9. That was a heck of a performance and the best win of the year for the MWC. It’s always nice to have UCLA tears on the grass at the rose bowl. Well done.
  10. I don’t know yet. I think it is tbd.
  11. It was a good game. Both teams pretty evenly matched. Utes are a good team but the OL needs to get fixed. Hope you guys get it together and run through the Pac. I'm just giving @utenation crap because he comes on here and has an air about him that Utah is Alabama and every MWC school is dogcrap. Schadenfreude if you will.
  12. I worked in the front office for a professional sports team and every team in our league reported tickets sold/out (including comps). I can't think of any other professional league/team that reports bits. Every team has a turnstile count, too, but it has always been tickets distributed that gets publicly reported.
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