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  1. He went from OC at SDSU to HC at Palomar to hc at SDSU to hc at Riverside. It may have been the biggest mistake ever made in a head coaching change by SDSU when we hired Craft, even after he originally turned it down to then take it. It was small time and we suffered for eight years after that.
  2. Riverside is coached by former SDSU HC and OC Tom Craft
  3. It sounds like Sears has verballed to SDSU. We’ll see if he signs next week...
  4. I don't recall. We had a bit of turnover that year in frosh DL. I remember one saying he didn't want to play anymore - think he was a local kid though. From the practice reports at that time I don't ever recall hearing Irwin's name as a standout player so I didn't pay much attention when he left.
  5. It is. Quietest 100,000 I've ever been around. The stands in the stadium are sloped at a very low angle so that doesn't help. I've been to SDSU games at Michigan (2x), Ohio St, Penn St, Wisky, and Notre Dame and Michigan's stadium was the quietest of those mentioned. tOSU probably the loudest of them.
  6. Looks like a good get. Why did he trip to Stephen F. Austin when he had all of those SEC and Big 12 offers?
  7. 2018 - Boise State lost to Oklahoma State (Big 12) 44-21 in Stillwater 2017 - Boise State lost to Washington State (PAC 12) 47-44 in Pullman 2017 - Boise State lost to Virginia (ACC) 42-43 in Boise 2016 - Boise State lost to Baylor (Big 12) 31-12 in the Cactus Bowl 2014 - Boise State lost to Ole Miss 35-13 in Atlanta
  8. I actually was hoping Addazio wouldn't get hired anywhere so that SDSU could hire him as OC (should Horton lose his job or leave) because he fits what Rocky wants to a T. I like the guy and think he is a good coach. I think he'll take CSU to bowls every year and challenge for the mountain division. Looking back on Bobo he put a lot on his Qb's and often times had them throwing when they shouldn't and it resulted in a lot of ints which ruin a team's chances of winning a game. Addazio at CSU will be a Rocky/Bohl-type coach where most every game will be close and if the breaks fall CSU's way they'll win, if not it'll be difficult.
  9. Thank the good Lord. Hey Fresno, Horton would be a great HC.
  10. I believe this is incorrect. There is no limit to how many bowl practices a team can have.
  11. They didn't practice last week. If they were in the AZ bowl they could get in three or four practices this week working solely with the younger players and then go lighter next week during finals working with the younger guys and starting installation of the game plan. Then they'd have two weeks to get the game plan in.
  12. Love this. Wish Harsin would go to the Rocky Long school of I don't give a damn and unload a bit more. In all honesty it wasn't Boise's fault. It was the fault of the other schools in the conference, namely SDSU. Had we had even a half decent offense we may not have lost a game or at most one game and it would have been a ranked 11-1 Boise vs a ranked 12-0/11-1 SDSU and the winner would have likely gotten the cotton bowl bid.
  13. Wicker or Rocky was on the radio last week and mentioned their criteria they gave the MWC for the bowl game. Before Christmas was one of them.
  14. This was Rocky's doing. One of the criterion he had Wicker give the MWC for choosing a bowl was that the bowl be before Christmas. First off that is asinine because we now only have two weeks to prep and virtually no time to work with younger players to get them ready for next year. The Arizona or Potato bowls are two weeks later and would give a lot more time to work with younger players. The only bowls that fit that criterion are Vegas (no chance), Hawaii (no chance), Frisco (play last year) or NM (only option).
  15. 247 has crystal balled Sears to SDSU.