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  1. Not even remotely close. It’s not about a stadium only. It’s a massive campus expansion that will primarily be focused on research and tech transfer and include a stadium as a first project. The soccer city clowns would have made the entire property a giant commercial development with no SDSU expansion. It’s the biggest event to happen to SDSU in the past century.
  2. Well we will see how strong his commit is now...
  3. I hope so, but we've seen kids say things to that affect before and walk before signing day.
  4. Agreed. I like Sears a lot and wish he would have signed with SDSU. Boise is definitely better with him than without him. He didn't go there to sit on the bench or play sparingly though, so I can see either he or Bach transferring out after the season.
  5. This decision by the city council will be about saving money, not spending it. The city is counting on the proceeds from the sale to fill a huge gap in their budget for next year. If they don't approve the sale then they will have a significant funding gap and will still be on the hook for millions in ongoing maintenance costs annually. They are incented to get the sale done. The funding for the building of the stadium is coming from donations and borrowings that have already been approved by the CSU. Once escrow closes on the sale of the land, construction on the new stadium will begin as demo and ground work crews have already been hired. Right now it is scheduled to open for our opener against Arizona in September 2022. I bet that it gets delayed somehow so I'm betting it opens in September 2023.
  6. Welcome to California, Idaho!
  7. Every college will have kids on campus this fall. They will not stay in business otherwise. Push will come to shove.
  8. Let’s see if we can keep Haskell. I’m thinking he blows up this fall and gets some offers from the top dogs. He supposedly has a good relationship with Hecklinski but who knows.
  9. Soph Cam Thomas was ranked by ESPN and Pro Football Focus as a top four DT in the country going into this year. Dude is a beast and surprised the hell out of me as a frosh. He’s a testament to Hoke’s DL coaching. http://insider.espn.com/college-football/insider/story/_/id/29158682/college-football-all-pff-team-2020-trevor-lawrence-penei-sewell-more
  10. I know right. I know Cpm’s are down a lot but I didn’t think Mug would resort to this AND that @sactowndog would be the countervailing voice.
  11. SDSU got a QB today. Athletic kid with offers from IOWA St, Duke, Arizona, Fresno, NAU, and Akron. 39th ranked dual threat QB in the country. Only played half the season last year because he was a transfer. https://247sports.com/Player/William-Haskell-46058471/ https://www.hudl.com/video/3/9826604/5dca82c215f6450d9021b75d
  12. Utilities and labor are not variable. On what planet does a quick service restaurant or casual dining restaurant know how many customers it will have each day? They staff according their expected demand and once those employees clock in you can’t unpay them if no customers show up. Same for utilities - if youre open the lights are on and utilities are charging you for the electricity consumed for all of the refrigerators and freezers whether anyone walks through the front door. this is the problem with your line of thinking - the business has to be open (and incurring fixed costs in the form of labor and utilities) if they are to generate a dime of revenue. They know their costs but not their revenue.
  13. labor and utilities are not variable costs (i.e. they don't vary with revenue/volumes)
  14. Fowl


    Supposedly all of Yellowstone will be open by June 15 save for some of the campgrounds and other places to stay inside the park. We'll see if that holds.