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  1. Long - Hawaii, CSU, AFA, and UNLV Short - Boise, SDSU, and Fresno
  2. I got one of my grad degrees from the U. Thought it would be San Diego on the east coast... Night and day lol. I left an hour after my last final - didn't even wait around to go through graduation. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. Haven't been back since and zero desire to return.
  3. Truth. I lived in Miami for a spell and the drivers there are fking crazy. They cut you off and then fking honk at you like it was your fault. Coming from Socal where someone honking was liable to get shot it was unreal. The Cubans and others from the Caribbean countries were the absolute worst drivers. I've lived in SD, SF, LA, Sac, DC, and NYC and nothing compared to Miami, nothing.
  4. I'd like to record as many MWC football games this year as possible to a hard drive so I can make cut ups of every play to break down the games. How do I go about recording games to my hard drive or recording on a dvr and then transferring to my pc? I've got youtube tv to stream. Can I run the stream on my pc and somehow save the video on my pc?
  5. I've tried to get @#1Stunner's friend John David to schedule a 0 week game but Rocky doesn't want to play 13 games...
  6. Having given it some thought, I wouldn't be surprised if your friend John David doesn't have something up his sleeve on independence. SDSU has been very helpful with western indy schools in scheduling. We have done and are doing home and homes with NM St. and did a one and done with Idaho when they were indy FBS. Of course SDSU is renewing its rivalry with BYU this year and doing so on rivalry weekend. One might posit that SDSU is currying favor with the western independents in the event that if it does go indy there would be some reciprocation. All speculation of course but now that there are more indy schools it would seemingly be easier for each of them to play each other in November. I could see a round-robin in November with SDSU, BYU, NM St, Hawaii, and perhaps Liberty and UCONN.
  7. I forgot to add that most B1G schools have eight home games and just four road games that are usually a short drive or flight.
  8. You do realize that if Boise was playing those schools in conference they'd be getting an extra $50mm/year in media revenue and be recruiting players to play in the B1G versus the MWC right? I'm sure that wouldn't help make them a better team...
  9. Fowl

    365 Days

    It's actually 50 straight quarters. Allegiant after tax earnings over the past four quarters were $185mm and sales and marketing spend was $78mm so they are ratcheting up the marketing spend. At a lower price it might make sense as they have flights from 55 different cities going to Vegas. Historically, public companies who have paid for naming rights for professional stadiums have not fared well financially after inking the deal...
  10. Fowl

    365 Days

    None. All goes to the Raiders. Get used to it and don't say SDSU didn't warn you. Thankfully we just got rid of our blood-sucking NFL team.
  11. Yeah no doubt but it’s a lot easier to spring a RB when you’re in 10 personnel against a box of six and a single high safety than 22 personnel and 10 in the box. Much easier for the OL to know which guy to block and easier to pick up stunts and blitzes. We’ll see how it plays out this season. I’m not a fan of Horton as an OC and can see Caragher (passing game coordinator) moving into the OC spot if things don’t go well.
  12. Spread formation. Still running the same exact run plays except against fewer defenders in the box. Still going to run it 60% of the time.
  13. Bell hasn’t even had one practice yet and wasn’t even on the depth chart. Washington is the #1 back and Jasmin is #2 just like last season. It’s doubtful Bell would have even beaten out Jasmin. It sucks for the guy but RB is probably one of the deepest positions on the teams it isn’t as big a deal. a bigger deal is the loss of S Rashad Scott for the season. He played as a true fresh in every game last season and was the backup at the Aztec position.
  14. Football has always been the bigger sport. Going back to the 60's and 70's Coryell built a great program that had a big following mostly because he went 104-19-2 during that time with three undefeated seasons. Basketball had almost no success until Fisher arrived and he didn't really get things going until the mid-aughts. I was the same class as Marshall Faulk and the football games were electric and the crowds very large. We had innovative offenses that scored lots of points but our defenses couldn't stop anyone, kind of the reverse of today. We also played a lot of name brand schools, too. We had two home and homes with Miami who at the time was winning national championships. In 1990 our kicker missed a FG at the end of the game (recurring theme back then) against #1 Miami the last game of the season at home. We also played USC and UCLA more frequently. The opener for the 1992 season was at home against USC on ABC at 12:30PT in front of 55,000 and our kicker missed another FG and the game ended in a tie. Marshall ran for over 200 yards against USC. There was also the infamous game against BYU at the end of the 1991 season for the WAC championship in front of 57,000 where we were up at halftime 35-17 and 45-17 in the second half only to collapse and ended up a 52-52 tie. There was almost 1,500 total yards in that game and over 60 first downs. Both SDSU and BYU were known for their high flying offences back then and the networks loved to broadcast us. That game was an ESPN Saturday night game back when the only game televised nationally on a Saturday night was on ESPN. We'd routinely be on that Saturday night telecast or ESPN's Thursday night game. In 1991 we were on ESPN three times (UCLA, BYU, Miami) and ABC once (Utah). In 1992 we were on ABC four times (USC, UCLA, WYO, and Fresno) and ESPN four times (BYU, AFA, HA, and Miami). We had lots of chances to make breakthrough wins back then on national tv with a heisman candidate and we choked every single time. In contrast, I'd attend basketball games on campus and at the sports arena during that time and there might be 1,000 in attendance. Our bball team was horrible - for a long time. We had a flash of success mostly when Kawhi was here but that's about it. Football has been ok the past decade after lots of bad coaching hires but it won't take the next step until Rocky hires a more innovative OC. As to me I don't care at all about basketball and the only SDSU bball game I've watched in the past 20 years was the sweet sixteen game against UCONN the year UCONN won it all. All I care about is football.
  15. Damn, again I agree with everything @kingpotato predicts. Same for the conference prediction thread a few weeks ago.