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  1. Bingo. The A's aren't going to Sac nor are they going to Vegas. Folks need to understand how baseball teams make money. There is a huge reliance on local businesses for ticket sales, suite rentals, signage, and promotional revenue. It is their lifeblood. In Sac it is government dominated and those types don't throw $4mm down for a sign in the stadium, a promotional hat night on a Saturday night, and a suite with 12 season tickets. Sac couldn't get local businesses to help save the Kings. Vegas doesn't have the corporates and they are already spread thin with the Raiders and Golden Knigh
  2. A guy like that was murder on defenses in the RNS and IMO the player who really made the RNS go. Short but so big and strong he was really hard to tackle one on one. Defenses had to pick their poison - put six in the box and play one high safety leaving the WR's manned up or cover 3, or play two high with five in the box and hope someone gets off of a block or a safety is able to come down and tackle the guy one on one. Sad deal about Brennan. I feel for his family, particularly his parents.
  3. Friend, it would be great to keep the football series with SDSU going on. Now that Roderick Long JR has moved on, BYU has reasserted itself. Coach Hoke needs more opportunities to get a W. John David needs to be in contact with Tom to get the cougs on board. I need to get to LES and get me a cougar tail.
  4. Orlando can't get enough... https://twitter.com/MsAudioJB/status/1389234608517046283?s=20
  5. Fowl

    Trey Lance

    I think Zach Wilson won't live up to being a high first round pick. After watching some of his film and a number of his games live over the past two years I think he benefitted from a very good pass pro OL last year and as a result had loads of time to go through progressions. When he was pressured and didn't have a wide open receiver he wasn't great. That's usually how it goes for a high QB draft pick going to an inferior team in the NFL.
  6. I watched the highlights yesterday of a number of his throws and he was damn impressive. If your OL holds up you guys stand a good shot of competing for the conference title. How many guys on OL are coming back and why do you think they weren't so great in pass pro?
  7. This stadium is going to be a financial game-changer for SDSU's athletic department and football program. Incremental revenue moving from the old stadium to the new one before any debt service will be $20mm and that doesn't include any potential revenue from a soccer or rugby team using it. The stadium will cost $310mm and we have already raised $40mm which doesn't count the "donations" that must be made by season ticket holders to get their seats. Not counting the season ticket donations, the worst case scenario debt service would be ~$9mm/year. To provide context, our future athletic dep
  8. It sounds like Utah and SDSU are very similarly situated this coming season which should hopefully make for a good game. Great defenses, good running games, and TBD passing attacks. SDSU defense was 6th in the country last year in rush defense (ypc), 3rd in the country in total defense (ypg), 2nd in the country in yards per play allowed, 14th in pass yards per game, and 3rd in pass yards per attempt. The stats were comparable to the prior season in 2019 (3rd in the country in rushing defense, 5th in the country in total defense, 4th in yards per play, 44th in pass yards per play, 11th i
  9. There is so much stupidity and ignorance in this post I honestly don’t know where to start nor do I have the time to dissect it all and tell you how wrong you are on everything you posited.
  10. been saying this for some time. I had pegged incremental revenue from the stadium at $20mm per year assuming no soccer rental revenue. We are looking at an additional $7-10mm from MLS from rental, concessions, parking, signage, and ancillary revenue. SDSU athletic department revenue will be above Wazzu and Oregon state even though we get almost nothing from the MW media deal. Our revenue will dwarf everyone else in the MW.
  11. After most schools finish spring practice there will be a lot more QB's in the portal. That's the time to go shopping.
  12. Well we signed a few highly lauded OL this year. I think two of the top four OL signees in the conference including the highest ranked recruit this cycle so he'll have some young guys to start working on. Considering his WKU OL was rated #1 in pass pro in the country by PFF this past year and ours was probably close to dead last I'm hoping he can work some magic so we can have some semblance of a passing game. So long as Hoke sticks around and Goff is successful, I can see Goff here for a while. He owns a house in PB and loves SD. He seemed pretty fired up to move back to SD from Kent
  13. Yeah I think we lucked out and upgraded.
  14. Apparently he's headed to Utah. Wish he had come here but LB isn't a need for us now. I'm sure we would have taken him had he wanted to come though.
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