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  1. The potato ice cream was my son's favorite part of the potato bowl when SDSU played Buffalo. I told him he's going to have to put it up against the cougar tails in LES come December 12.
  2. This season is going to be a toss up all the way around. Lots of coaching staff changes in the league this year and with little to no spring practice and fall camp it will likely take a few games for those teams to be able to translate the new schemes to full speed on the field. There's also going to be teams who get get covid which will throw a wrench in their seasons. The best teams may not end up in the championship game.
  3. It's a shame that SDSU had to cancel its game at Wyoming to make this happen. Would have liked to have gone to Laramie this season, too.
  4. I told you and @#1Stunner that John David and Tom would make sure it happens. SDSU chose BYU over our scheduled game at Wyoming. Looking forward to cougar tails in LES on 12/12.
  5. Was going to mention this. It reminds me of SDSU in the 90's and 00's. We had a lot of guys in the NFL, a lot of very good players. But rarely had a winning season or won the league. Since then it has flipped. No losing seasons but very few NFL players. A testament to Rocky and his staff's coaching. I think SDSU has not had a DL on an nfl roster since KGB which was probably 15 years ago. Tezino is on a practice squad I think but outside of that I don't think SDSU has had any LB or DL in the NFL recently aside from a couple of guys who played out their rookie contracts and were not res
  6. Was that they year SDSU housed them in the Vegas Bowl and Ed Oliver and crew let Pumphrey break the NCAA rushing record or was it the year Fresno embarrassed them in Hawaii?
  7. Sacrilege. BYU needs to avenge their loss against SDSU. Looking good thus far.
  8. Former SDSU DC Arnett putting it to the defending champs.
  9. Yes. @#1Stunnerwe need to get Tom and John David on the phone to resurrect our November 7 game in Provo. I want cougar tails!
  10. IMO each school should have to play every other school in their division and if a school is only going to play seven conference games then the missed opponent should come from the other division.
  11. The city had done zero maintenance on the stadium since the last game played there. SDSU would have had to pay millions for maintenance just to play there this season. With restrictions on the amount of fans in the stadium we would have likely made no money from attendance this season. Second, I believe the contractor said that to make the deadline for getting the stadium done by August 2022 they needed to start tearing down the old stadium. Add on to all of that covid and the potential of no fans in the stadium at least this year, it made sense.
  12. Cameron Champ hits it as far as BD and was no where to be seen on the last day. Bryson has a complete package and has busted his butt to get there.
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