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  1. You’re right. Boise is screwed. Best case is even revenue sharing in the MWC. Or else it is Indy which you would be lucky to even get a schedule because decent schools who people want to watch are already booked up. Or AAC and trying to squeeze your olys somewhere. Then you have to deal with travel. It’s funny that Boise fans think the rest of the MWC presidents just randomly came up with this in the last few weeks. The MWC presidents have already said go. The lawsuit was a snap reaction by the morons running Boise to try to ameliorate and appease the Boise boosters as well as call the mwc’s bluff. You guys stabbed SDSU in the back when you came back here and we haven’t forgotten it - neither has our AD who was assistant AD back then.
  2. They have a ton of leverage... they have so much leverage they filed suit against their conference mates. If they had real leverage they wouldn’t have to file suit. Jesus Boise fans are fkn morons. I have more respect for your football knowledge than your logic.
  3. Boise brings nothing in basketball and leeches off the rest of the conference like a welfare recipient.
  4. Yes that Boise brand sure does bring eyeballs. A 25% decline in Las Vegas bowl viewers even after moving the Boise game into prime time. Fresno v ASU outperformed Boise v Washington by 25% even after a more favorable time slot no wonder the MWC presidents laughed at Tromp 2018: 2.25 3.33M FSU-ASU Las Vegas 12/15, 3:30p ABC 2019: 1.60 2.64M BSU-WAS Las Vegas 12/21, 7:30p ABC
  5. By the way, this thread will break the record in the next week. There are many more fireworks to come from this and we’re only a few days in yet.
  6. There's going to be a ton of Raiders fans from CA who buy season tix or a single game who will come out and party for the weekend in Vegas. Same goes for the visiting fans. Good for Vegas tourism and economy but bad for Vegas area LEO LOL.
  7. Boise has only provided two NCAA tourney credits to the conference since they joined and both were play-in games that they lost. SDSU has provided $21mm (13 credits) in tourney credits (and growing) just since Boise joined (36% of the tourney credits earned by the conference over that time). Yet we only received our proportionate share of that amount since 2011 ($1.88mm in total). And Boise's last tourney credit expires after this year and SDSU is a lock for at least one tourney credit this year and Boise isn't earning $h!+ this year. According to the Boise doctrine shouldn't SDSU reap the the lion's share of that revenue that they generate?? Boise has been sucking the teet that SDSU (and others like Nevada (5 credits for this year)) have provided for them. Why is Boise entitled to ANY of that money??
  8. @#1Stunner I think Mr. Harmon might have some serious anger and resentment issues. Can you please take some Aggie ice cream over to his house and let him indulge? I think it might help with his issues.
  9. A relative of mine is an AD for a P5 school and attended the NCAA convention in LA this week. Apparently name, image, and likeness is basically a done deal but won't be ratified for another year. They have agreed to rules around it that will try to stop potential abuses. For example, a student athlete will have to get all NIL contracts pre-approved and payment will have to be proven to be based on market value before the NCAA signs off on it. If the NCAA doesn't sign off on it and the player proceeds then the player will be ruled ineligible. I didn't catch it all but he said a lot of the same rules will be used as when student athletes were given "summer jobs" by boosters back 30+ years ago and paid exorbitant amounts for those "jobs". Read Brian Bosworth's book from back in the day and there are stories in there about his "summer jobs" at Oklahoma. I had to ask him about his thoughts on the Boise issue going on currently (don't shoot the messenger). He thought Boise was slitting their own throat. He doesn't know Apsey or Tromp personally nor the situation beyond what has been reported. Boise is toxic to his conference based on his conversations with the other AD's in his conference this week. No one could believe that Boise actually filed suit. Without knowing the details, they all thought this should have been handled much differently - behind the scenes like how everything else is handled. He's not privy to what's going on but thought that the indy option would be a very tough task as most P5 schools have their OOC schedules well established for the next 5-10 years. He wondered where they would find opponents aside from other G5 schools so how does that help them? He thought AAC was an option but wondered where they put there oly's - he had no take on whether WCC, big west or big sky were options as he doesn't know the nuances of those conferences.
  10. I think Boise going to the AAC for football is remote for a couple of reasons that haven't been mentioned. First, the value Boise (and/or other western schools) would bring is window 4 home games. That means AAC schools are kicking off in Boise at 9/10pm CT/ET and not getting back to campus until 7/8am CT/ET the next day. Football coaches don't like that situation (Patterson argued this when the Big 12 was thinking about expanding). Second is recruiting. 50% of Boise's football roster is from CA and almost all of those are from socal. Boise needs games on the west coast and in specific southern CA (part of the reason why SDSU was the tag along to the BE when at that point we hadn't had much recent success in football). Recruits from socal, more importantly their parents, aren't going to be thrilled at all away games in the central and eastern time zones. It is tough enough for them to get to Boise to watch home games. It's not going to dissuade all socal recruits but it certainly won't make recruiting in socal easier. The closest non-conf road game to CA scheduled through 2029 is BYU, Oregon St, Wazzu, and Oregon. Everything else is east.
  11. It certainly doesn’t hurt our chances of getting a NY6 bowl.
  12. You use the threat of a lawsuit to negotiate...