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  1. During the fight for the stadium James spent his time on twitter campaigning for the vote. During that time things started to slow down there and James never came back after the vote so it has kind of died on the vine. At the same time the editor for our rivals page had his contract end and rivals never hired anyone else despite continuing to charge the members. Thus arose a new board that covers football, football recruiting, and to a lesser extent basketball.
  2. Yes. He just tweeted today NCAA granted him immediate eligibility.
  3. The Tostitos will have to get tickets either through BYU’s block of tickets or on the open market. However, if you are able to get Holmoe and John David together to get us our Mexico game I bet you could lobby John David for a discounted block for your conference brethren in view level end zone.
  4. Friend, SDSU has a tremendous schedule this season culminating in our rivalry weekend match up against BYU. Preceding rivalry weekend is a trip to the islands to take on our other rival. Considering that the team will not arrive back home from the islands until about 9am local time on Sunday, it will give them one less day to prepare for rivalry weekend against BYU. We need all of our players at full strength against BYU and we need more than three days to practice. Hence Rocky is taking the second bye week in November to prepare for rivalry weekend.
  5. @#1Stunner You need to get on Holmoe and John David about that Mexico game. SDSU's non-conference schedules are filled through 2024 and there's only one slot open each year through 2028.
  6. SDSU also just anounced another home and home with Cal (9/14/24 and 9/13/25) and Central Michigan (9/28/24 and 9/21/30)
  7. I don't think so since our former AD is Missouri's AD.
  8. It's a two for two with Missouri. 9/11/27 @ SDSU 9/2/28 @ Missouri 9/20/31 @ Missouri 10/2/32 @ SDSU
  9. Hey @#1Stunner thank you and please don’t ever change. I look forward to the hopefully annual rivalry weekend game with BYU and SDSU this year. You need to get John David and Tom Holmo together to work out the Mexico game. Be it Tijuana or Mexico City this game HAS to happen. It would be a huge success. Thousands of Aztec fans across ole Mexico would gather with thousands of missionaries to watch this game. Not to mention the millions more across Mexico and millions in the US who would tune in to watch the game on ESPN courtesy of BYU’s HD truck.
  10. @#1Stunner the one stipulation SDSU has in a BYU - SDSU game in Tijuana or Mexico City is that Mr. Bunn is to remain in Provo. John David confirmed this with me. But there will be a one a done Mexican BYU -SDSU game in Mexico ON rivalry weekend so long as Mr. Bunn is not part of the festivities.
  11. Hey if our schools can handle playing in Laramie and Fresno, then Mexico City and TJ would be cakewalks.