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  1. Friend, I told you John David will honor our game at Provo this year and I will be there with a cougar tail and a root beer in hand.
  2. Bennett is reconnecting with all of his HS coaches at sac st. He will do well there.
  3. Football will be played by some schools. It's just likely to be pushed back this year. Most schools can't afford to not have football played.
  4. Nobody will be playing this fall. Everyone should come to accept that at this point.
  5. Good lord man you don’t even know how the new stadium is funded and are using incorrect assumptions to base your entire argument. Although I do see you’re now hanging you’re hat on budget cuts (that have zero impact on the funding of the stadium).
  6. Just like BYU, SDSU to the pac has about a 0.01% chance of happening. The Pac has to go east and I think they don’t have a chance of picking off any Big12 school given payouts not to mention travel issues playing in the west and then traveling one or two time zones east.
  7. Do the student athletes get taxed federally on the value of their scholarship and other benefits?
  8. I don't have any insight or opinion on the matter.
  9. Correct. But I didn’t include 2 for 1’s because it was only about home and homes. Plus if I did I’d have to list every Fresno series against a P5.
  10. I think the University of Wyoming is in a world of hurt right now. I believe my friend @#1Stunner posted an article a couple of days ago noting that Wyoming officials expected enrollment to drop 20% this year. Considering that Wyoming accepts 97% of all applicants where will they turn to generate more revenue? I’m thinking another home and home in football and basketball with BYU will help fill the coffers. Heck Wyoming should be on the phone with Tom Holmoe tomorrow about replacing their lost OOC game with one at BYU.
  11. IIRC didn’t BC cock block Uconn from the ACC previously? Just as you say with WVU, the ACC already rejected UConn once...
  12. You haven’t been paying attention obviously. Carry on with your factually incorrect statements.
  13. Wyoming P5 Home and Home's Utah - vs 2020, @ 2025 Texas Tech - vs 2023, @ 2028 Cal - @ 2028, vs 2029 Arizona - @ 2030, vs 2033 SDSU P5 Home and Home's UCLA - @ 2019, vs 2020 (cancelled) Arizona - @ 2021, vs 2022 Utah - @ 2022, vs 2021 UCLA - vs 2023, @ 2026 Wazzu - vs 2024, @ 2025 Cal - @ 2024, vs 2025 Missouri - vs 2027, @ 2028, @ 2031, vs 2032 ASU - @ 2027, vs 2028 Oregon St - vs 2026, @ 2023 Boise P5 Home and Home's Florida St - @ 2019, vs 2020 Oklahoma St - @ 2018, vs 2021 Oregon St - @ 2022, vs 2023 Michigan St - vs 2022, @ 2023 Wazzu - vs 2030, @ 2031 CSU P5 Home and Home's Colorado - vs 2024, @ 2023 Vandy - @ 2020, vs 2021, @ 2025, vs 2026 Wazzu - @ 2022, vs 2023 Texas Tech - vs 2025, @ 2026 Arizona - vs 2027, @ 2028
  14. Ohio is a great spot for Rogers with the offense that they run. He'll do well there.