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  1. That's awfully presumptuous.
  2. Nice. Only 4* recruit in the conference this year.
  3. It sounds like you guys might be adding a local DE who signed with Utah last month...
  4. The portal has been very good for SDSU and a lot of MWC schools. IMO it is becoming the great equalizer with the P5. Its going to allow a lot of MWC schools to quickly talent-up to P5 levels. Hopefully it starts showing when we all play P5 schools.
  5. FYI nbc hasn’t been owned by GE in many years. Comcast owns them.
  6. Who cares? I had no idea there would be a woman referee until you mentioned it. I still don't care. So long as she can make good calls who gives a damn?
  7. Doesn't make sense and shows him as a fake or worse - considering that he gave some rah rah talk after Boise passed about taking Montana State to a big sky championship etc.
  8. Larry Scott came from golf where he thought he could easily get a channel given the programming content available and make a bunch of money. He was wrong and then coerced the presidents to stay the course on the P12 channel while giving him more money and more power. It's ironic in that the P12 presidents pride themselves on being this academic bastion yet they themselves were easily fooled by a charlatan. So much for the "Academic Excellence".
  9. and me. Hey Pac 12 - hair has experience starting up and running a conference network (as well as shutting one down if that's what you're looking for). He's a visionary, a man ahead of the times.
  10. Incorrect. Mining companies in Nevada are taxed based on their revenue (i.e. the value of the commodity removed from the ground). In their case it is 5% of their revenue.
  11. The problem with travel is not an extra hour or two in the air. It is time zones and eastern and central teams getting home from western games at 7am their time. Football and basketball games played in the west are generally played at 7-7:30PT by the time the game is over, everything is packed up, a bus trip to the airport, a flight home, a bus trip back to campus, the sun is up. Coaches HATE this and will lobby AD's and President's against adding western schools. It is one thing for a football team to get home at 8am Sunday morning local time but it is another when the basketball team
  12. It's looking more and more like SDSU's old SDCCU/Qualcomm/Jack Murphy stadium - complete with tarps and seats a mile from the field.
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