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  1. Northern Nevada Schools

    Glad they did this. One, it allows for a true state playoffs for all classes. Two, it rearranges the two southern regions. Now, Liberty and the rest of the former Sunrise Region teams will have to go through Gorman to get a regional title and a shot at a state title. Something the Sunset region teams have had to deal with for over 10 years now. This by far the best alignment they could have come up with at this time. Would love to see a 15 team 5A made up of 10 southern teams and 5 northern teams. Hope this is what they work on over the next few years.
  2. New Mexico at UNLV

    First off, youngster I'm not in in my 50s and not living in the past. You maybe 27, but you got the reading comprehension of a 1st grader. Nowhere in my initial post did I say anything remotely close to what you interpreted. Tell you what...take some time away from this site. Save up your paper route money and go buy yourself another brothel special. You need to clear your head kid.
  3. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    Home court advantage for UNLV? There is no home court advantage anymore. We've lost 15 games in the T&M over the past year and half. We're 0-3 this season for home conference games. Home court advantage for UNLV does not exist.
  4. New Mexico at UNLV

    Unreal implosion by the Rebels. Let the Lobos finish the game on a 9-0 run. Inexcusable. FT shooting (19-30) and 3 pt shooting (2-13) cost the Rebels this one. Long way to go for this team to be competitive in the MWT.
  5. New Hawaii Coaching Hires

    Batoon and Weber both coached at UNLV in the past. Weber way back when Horton was the HC. Batoon was more recently.
  6. Hutchison Wins National POTW

    Dude is a stud. Congrats.

    We'll see if this is a good hire. Hope so. This needed to be done a year ago. I'm hopeful with what the CSU fans have said. UNLV has brought in tons of really good coaches over the years, and very few ever have success here. I'm glad this is done, but I'll temper my excitement until I see what he actually puts on the field.
  8. January 14 MWC Rankings - Ram tough & U turns

    1/16/18 BPI 24. UNR 47. BSU 53. SDSU 79. UNLV 85. FSU 125. UNM 148. USU 169. WYO 215. CSU 288. AF 321. SJSU
  9. Jay Bilas Top 68

    One bid league.
  10. The field is in !!!

    Yeah. Pretty sweet spot just across I-15 from the Strip. Sound like they are buying the golf course just south of Mandalay Bay (not pictured) which will be used as a parking lot and tailgating area. Only going to be about 2500 parking spots on the actual land the stadium is on.
  11. UNLV at Air Force

    Any work is more than what UNLV's front court has been use to for most of the non-conference.
  12. UNLV at Air Force

    Our front court has been pretty pedestrian in conference play. You mean I actually have to work for my points and rebounds now? Welcome to conference play newbies. Better figure it out quick.
  13. UNLV at Air Force

    I am wondering the same thing. He’s been a non-factor the past few games. Really need him and his productiveness. Glad the Rebels pulled this out. Also happy to see them extend the bench this game. Need to continue to do that. Still, far from a team that can contend for any post season tournament. Next game in a week vs UNM. Need to find Juiston between now and then.
  14. Current Kenpom All MWC team

    I'd replace one of the UNR guys with the tall, skinny white kid on WYO's team. I've watched 3 of their games, and he has lit it up every time. Love that kid.
  15. UNLV at Air Force

    Tough to say a must win for the Rebels, but it pretty much is. I worry with how the Rebels have played as of late and how well AF played UNR last week. I see this as a close game which does not bode well for the Rebels, as they have dropped close games that were on the line at the end of the game. Does Pre-Christmas Rebels show up or Post-Christmas Rebels show up? That will decide the game.
  16. Current RPI Ranking

    BPI as of 1/8 27. UNR 48. BSU 56. SDSU 81. UNLV 83. FSU 122. USU 126. UNM 151. WYO 237. CSU 294. AF 305. SJSU
  17. UNLV's basketball woes should have been predicted

    They still have the same chance to get to the dance as everyone else in this one-bid conference. Gotta get hot four days in March. The rest of the season is nothing more than a tune up for the MWT, and that is true for all teams in this conference. No one gets an at-large bid this year.
  18. Utah State at UNLV

    Can’t say I’m surprised by this. Rebels can’t finish a close game. Haven’t all year. Until they figure out how to win a close one, we won’t see too many more W’s.
  19. Utah State at UNLV

    Amazing what happens when you get the ball inside. I don’t care what type of defense USU plays. You got a lottery pick down low. Use him.
  20. Utah State at UNLV

    6 free throw attempts is not going to win this. Have to attack their bigs and get them in foul trouble.
  21. Utah State at UNLV

    If we don’t start getting points in the paint we will lose. Have to attack down low regardless of the double team.
  22. Utah State at UNLV

    What the hell happened to our inside game? We don’t even try to work it inside anymore.
  23. Utah State at UNLV

    Shooting is horrendous. 3-11 from 3 pt land and 1-6 from the FT line. Ouch.
  24. Utah State at UNLV

    Screw you. Let us bitch in peace.
  25. Utah State at UNLV

    Horrible basketball. Mooring is killing us. 1 of 8 from the field. 0-3 from 3 pt range. Juiston is nonexistent as well. Unless these two get going, we’ll get run.