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  1. Poster17

    Sanchez is..............

    I did answer the question. I stated "Does he give a damn.....well of course he does. If he didn't, his players would have given up on him which they certainly didn't." Again, not saying I support him, but calling out those who think he doesn't know how to coach. It is a lazy, cop-out statement just as saying he doesn't give a damn. I get it. Hyperbole speak is the rage these days, but it doesn't make it correct or appropriate.
  2. Poster17

    Sanchez is..............

    Again not trying to stick up for him, but saying he can't coach is crap. He can certainly coach and has shown that at times. If you have ever been to one of his practices you'd understand that. As for points 2 and 3, well you may have something there, but those go hand in hand. The better recruits you get the better chance they move onto the NFL. We are talking UNLV here. The doormat of college football for 30+ years. Hard to change that in 4 years. Does he give a damn.....well of course he does. If he didn't, his players would have given up on him which they certainly didn't. Look, he will get one more year then shown the door, but I just hate when people put out opinions on coaches without any support of their statements.
  3. Poster17

    Sanchez is..............

    Is someone salty a guy that can't coach, can't develop players, can't recruit, can't strategize, and doesn't give a damn was able to beat his team in their own building? Besides just stating opinions on Sanchez's supposed deficiencies, why don't you back up your claims? Maybe someone will respond. I don't think Sanchez can get it done, but to say the things you said is lazy and just not true. Of course you could just be a troll, and in that case.......
  4. Poster17

    Should UNLV drop basketball?

    Shit rolls downhill. The problems at UNLV run much deeper than a simple coaching change. It takes a real strong individual (ie Kruger) to win at UNLV the way it is set up now. Change at the top needs to occur before you see sustained success in the athletic dept.
  5. Poster17

    Is Menzies UNLV’s head coach next year?

    You of all people calling anyone an idiot is rich....
  6. Poster17

    Is Menzies UNLV’s head coach next year?

    How I wish for a return to the Spoonhour days. We are in 1994-1995 territory all over again. Hell, we were competitive in league during the Spoonhour days. There is no passion regarding anything to this program. That falls on the coaches and players. No way MM survives if this apathy continues.
  7. Poster17

    Valparaiso at UNLV

    Man, this program is in such a tailspin. No one showing up to the games. Two home losses to crap teams already. I've followed this team for 40+ years, and tonight was the first time in a long time I totally forgot they were playing. Didn't watch a second of the game. There is nothing to get behind with this program. Hope the AD is starting to make a list of coaching candidates because a major overhaul of this program is in order. This season will be a throwaway. Not sure who they can get, but damn it needs to be someone with some fire. This feels like 1994 all over again.
  8. Poster17

    Oakland at UNLV

    No. They realigned the southern regions. Gorman is now in the Desert Region. They will be playing Liberty in a week for the Desert Region championship. Winner of that game will go to the State Championship to face next week's winner of the State Semifinal between the Mountain Region champ vs the Northern Region champ.
  9. Poster17

    Oakland at UNLV

    There will be more fans at the 4A Mountain Region football championship, Arbor View vs Faith Lutheran, than will be at this game. It will probably be a better game as well.
  10. Poster17

    Rick Pitino to visit UNLV

    If UNLV can find to the money these two would be no brainers, but alas we don't even have money for one of them. Not gonna happen.
  11. Poster17

    Las Vegas Stadium updates

  12. Gotcha, then it is plausible to fire him at the end of this season. Still, almost a million to give the guy is a lot for UNLV. Probably will wait one more season.
  13. Yeah, but I thought that was $900,000 for each year remaining which would put the price tag at 2.7 million. Maybe I'm wrong. Hope I am because we need a something more than what we got.
  14. He ain't going anywhere. With almost a 3 million dollar buyout, he is all but guaranteed at least two more years. There is no money to buy him out.