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  1. Hardy leaving UNLV is not a real surprise with the addition of Jenkins. Don't like to see him leave, but if you have to choose between Jenkins and Hardy, you take Jenkins if your Otz. No brainer there. I do look for Hardy to land at a big program as his little bro is a very high level recruit. Teams will pick him up in order to sway his bro to commit to them. UNLV never had a real chance at little bro. Too good for us at this point.
  2. Happy Hamilton and Diong are coming back. Expecting big seasons from both. Jenkins and Hamilton give us two legit scorers, and if Diong continues to improve as he has the past couple of seasons, I see this as a great core to build around.
  3. Yeah, bad day of picking games. Really glad to see WYO moving on.
  4. Everyone but Aztec fans rooting for the Fly Boys in this one.
  5. If EML can go at all, he'll play. Now is not the time to sit. If you can go even a little bit, you play. There are no guarantees, and there is no tomorrow.
  6. I'm so happy that WYO won last night. Out of all the fans that go to the MWT, and I've been to all of them (even up in Denver), the Poke fans are the best. Glad to see they'll be around today at the T&M. Easy to root for them over UNR.
  7. Reno fans triggered by UNR. Love it.
  8. After SDSU loses in the MWC semis, they are going to be a 3 in the east or a 4 in the west
  9. Poster17


    EML will play though I don't expect him to play much against Boise unless needed. Imagine they will go with Coleman to start. They'll probably give EML a little run in the middle of the first half to see how he does. I'm not really worried about this injury. If he needs to play, he'll play. I see it as more of a play through pain type of injury. Not one that limits what you can do. He's a senior. Dude will suck it up and play through pain. Happens all the time.
  10. Words, words, words, words. words. words, words............................it's UNR and UNLV. Deal with it.
  11. You mean if they shoot like they did both times against UNLV. They shot similar in both games meaning maybe the UNLV defense had something to do with it besides it just being an off night.
  12. This was a preview of next Thursdays game. Both teams shot horrific to start, but the Rebels were definitely the aggressor. Not happy to see the Rebels let them back in at the end. That has been one problem I've noticed with this Rebel team that has been consistent all year, the inability to step on the throat of their opponent. We saw it a lot early on which caused close losses to K-State, Cal, SMU, and Cincinnati. It has remained through out the season. Love the way the Rebels are playing right now, just wish they could have put Boise away at the end instead of letting them back into the game late. Anyway, I wouldn't want to be facing the Rebels right now going into the tournament. See you all on Thursday. Cheap tickets on stubhub. Got both sessions on Thursday for under $35 total. I'll spend more on beer than I spent on tickets. '
  13. You can thank the reputation of UNLV for that not making it a bad loss. If you would have lost to SJSU, you’d have dropped for sure.