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  1. UNLV 3-2. I'm optimistic for some reason. Maybe because we know better days are ahead.
  2. Poster17

    MW BBall Attendance

    T&M has a bball capacity of 18,500 if I'm not mistaken. Not that it matters. No way we are close to the 8,559 average that is being posted. Closer to 3,000 with actual butts in the seats.
  3. Poster17

    Rebel Net has come full circle on Nevada Basketball

    Yeah, if we were winning and playing a good OOC, we'd be a top 25 team. If that is the case, the attendance problems at the T&M wouldn't be nearly as bad. If fact, we'd probably be averaging 12K+ per game. Gotta remember, Vegas always follows winners. While VGK is packing it in, it is still a real expensive option at $100+ per person just for a ticket, and that doesn't include parking and concessions. If UNLV put a top 25 team on the floor, a lot of people would come back. This is nothing new.
  4. Poster17

    Rick Pitino Lakers

    That would be interesting to see Pitino coach both the Lakers and the Rebels
  5. Poster17

    Rebel Net has come full circle on Nevada Basketball

    Piss poor basketball, poor scheduling, and getting run by +20 almost every other game is what is affecting UNLV's bball attendance. Doesn't help that VGK is rolling as well, but if UNLV was playing a good schedule and not actually winning, there would be no problem.
  6. Poster17

    Kyree Walker

    Pitno already trying to bring in 5 star recruits....just the beginning
  7. Poster17

    UNLV FB 2019 Schedule

    No. They will be playing in the RAIDERS stadium come 2020.
  8. Poster17

    ph90702 UNLV Head Coaching Candidates

    Speaking of the Cornhuskers.....if they do let Tim Miles go, UNLV should make him a prime target. Knows the league and is a heck of a coach. No one succeeds in bball at Nebraska.
  9. Poster17

    SI feature on uncommittable offers

    Quality info and a must read for any recruitable athlete, especially football players.
  10. Poster17

    Another insult

    This is no controversy for UNLV. We are not ashamed by the name of our city. We embrace it. Not deny it.
  11. Yeah....what do they say, third times a charm?
  12. Poster17

    Menzies on the hot seat?

    Menzies is definitely on the hot seat. Doubt he makes it to next year. UNLV athletics is losing money at an alarming rate right now, and basketball is supposed to be the cash cow. Can't let that continue.
  13. Yeah, Rebels are far from talking about making a run. If they win at Utah St. on Saturday, and that is a big IF, then maybe you can have some hope of a run. That doesn't look too good right now. I have a feeling that if they get boat raced for the 3rd straight game, which is a good possibility, the wheels fall off on this season. To put things in perspective, the Rebels have not held a lead in the last two games and lost both by 17. I wouldn't be betting on a MWT run just yet.
  14. We are a one bid league. No surprise there. This league is a shadow of what it used to be 5-10 years ago.
  15. Poster17


    He'll get a chance to play with 3 RBs graduating. Now, will he be eligible to play next year or have to sit?