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  1. Poster17

    MW Preaseason Media Poll

    Seems about right.
  2. Poster17

    UNLV at Utah State

    UNLV has no shot in this game. They had no shot in this game when the schedule came out.
  3. Poster17

    A Glimpse For UNLV Fans Into The Future

    Still better than watching a game at Sam Boyd.
  4. Poster17

    UNLV forum?

    I still lurk Rebel-Net confidential board, and it is a shell of it's former self. Nothing left but CDR fans who shit over anything Menzies does. It's too bad. Place use to have good info, especially recruiting. Now, nothing breaks there. It's just a place for a certain segment of fans to complain. This place is so much better.
  5. Poster17

    MLB in Vegas?

    Too much too fast. Let's hope this is just that, a rumor. With VGK here, Raiders on the way, and a new AAA baseball stadium opening next season Vegas doesn't need a MLB team. I'd prefer an NBA team before a MLB team.
  6. Poster17

    Rocky Long best value among coaches per USA Today

    So wish UNLV could of gotten him after his tenure at UNM. Btw, what the hell was UNM think letting him go? Looks awful familiar to UNLV letting Kruger go. Sometimes you just don't appreciate and realize what you have.
  7. Poster17

    Raiders say Sam Boyd is Beneath Them

    The Chargers are playing in 30,000 seat stadium for 3 years. Sam Boyd is not an option because it is not up-to-date to handle the media from meeting rooms to actual wiring to run the NFL. The locker rooms are worse than some high schools. It is barely able to house UNLV football. It is why the Las Vegas Stadium, though shared with the Raiders, is nothing but a plus for UNLV.
  8. Poster17

    OT: The Puck Drops Tonight on the 101st NHL Season!

    I thought last year was the 100th NHL season. Did VGK miss the 101th season? Total newbies.....
  9. Poster17

    New Mexico Screwed

    That sucks, but UNM is still has better talent than last year. They'll be fine.
  10. Poster17

    UNLV Coaches Show

    One of the brighter UNLV fans????
  11. Poster17

    College Basketball Starts Tomorrow

    They are already in place. Just gotta figure out which one we want to use from game to game. We always have the built in Menzies excuse to use at our disposal anytime.
  12. Poster17

    UNLV Coaches Show

    Go with a QB that was not 5 of 21 for 23 yards and 3 INTs.
  13. Poster17

    HUGE UNLV Basketball News!!!

    I like Chet, but this is hardly HUGE news.
  14. Poster17

    UNLV camp

    Not only that, but he is a 17 year old freshman who graduated hs in 3 years. He should be the QB at Mater Dei this season. Wonder if we see this from others in the future. NCAA can't like this.
  15. Poster17

    The Mike Locksley Alabama Bio

    Not sure, but it is a a huge house in the Northeast Heights.