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  1. BYU can stay where they are. They chose their path. No need for us to blow up the conference to accommodate them again. We bent over backwards for them with the formation of this conference only to see them pick up and leave when they got mud on their face. Let them root in the hs gym conference.
  2. Air Force at UNLV

    The league will be there for him whether he leaves this year or next. Offensively, he is pro ready. Defensively and effort-wise, he is not. He is getting better in those two areas as of late, and we have seen how that has helped the Rebels. I have a feeling he may just stay for one more year.
  3. Bracketology Update Feb. 12

    Long way to go. UNLV needs to take these games one at time. They are getting better. If they continue that trend, they'll be a tough draw for anyone in the MWT.
  4. Nevada Still Ranked...

    Another win vs a ranked opponent will look good for UNLV.
  5. Bracketology Update Feb. 12

    Fixed it for ya
  6. The MWC Tournament

    Is it time yet to start the bitching about the tourney being at the Thomas & Mack Center? I so enjoy those threads.
  7. Congrats to Menzies, first win vs t25 team.

    True, but a much better shooter as a Freshman. Marshall couldn't hit a shot outside of a dunk or a lay up as a frosh. The development of his shot over 4 years was pretty remarkable. I feel that Hardy has more upside. Not sure if he is the fighter or leader Marshall was though. Time will tell, but I like what I see so far.
  8. Congrats to Menzies, first win vs t25 team.

    Obviously everyone was impressed with JoJo, but man Hardy played well. He gave us quality minutes and some much needed energy when he played. I love the way he plays with no fear, especially attacking the basket. Early on we were not getting it to our bigs and were settling for outside shot. It was Hardy that began to attack the rim. That loosen up the D on Juiston and the other bigs. I had a feeling they weren't going to come out flat. Their play has changed the last couple of games beginning with SDSU. It's almost like they have awoken from a nap. Anyway, I was more than happy to take the +9 points the books were giving last night. Easy money.
  9. Bob Davie Suspended

    Yeah...that can't be too good for him.
  10. UNLV at Nevada

    It been true all season, as Mooring goes this team goes. He is the spark plug and difference maker.
  11. OT: MWC Schools With Club Hockey

    Reaching out to the community can only produce positive dividends for VGK. Sure the whole town is behind them now as they are new and winning, but when they have a season or two when they hit the skids it is important to have fans that are dedicated. Building up the the local university team helps not only in building up the sport and fans in the valley, but also shows a true dedication to being part of the city. They would be stupid not to continue to help out UNLV hockey, and if there is one thing we can say for certain about VGK management it is that they are not stupid.
  12. MW 20 Win Seasons

    UNLV will make it easy. All they have to do is win the MWT
  13. UNLV at Boise State

    Great game to watch. Thoroughly impressed by both teams. Enjoy the win Broncos as it will be the last one vs the Rebels this season.
  14. All MWC basketball team

    Gotta wait and sees how he plays against the big boys in the second half of conference play. He keeps getting better, especially on defense, he'll be a lock.
  15. Wyo at CSU

    Fun game to watch. So impressed with the tall redhead for WYO. Dude better make 1st team. Every time I watch him, he is by far the best player on the court.