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  1. I wouldn't take a tweet from UNLV's homer radio announcer as evidence of a brand still carrying weight. Sure, people still know the name, but it is a far cry from what it was and falling further down each and every disappointing year. Hopefully, the Rebels can put together a decent product under Otz and improve the brand. Time will tell.
  2. We are in mid-major hell. Depending on Trey and Hamilton as your top players does not bode well for UNLV. Got to hold onto Shakur Juiston, Joel Ntambwe, Tervell Beck, and Mbacke Diong.
  3. Gotta give it up to TJO, he is doing the right things. A focus on locking down local talent could pay big dividends in the future. Bringing in two assistants with Vegas ties also helps. Haven't been this excited for an upcoming season in almost 7 years.
  4. Because the guy is well respected and has major ties to the AAU circuit.
  5. That is exactly the reply I was looking for.
  6. Yeah, I like the make up of the staff. TJO is putting this together the right way so far. So much more excitement and hope than what we have has in the last 7 years.
  7. So UNR fans...what are the names being tossed around for the job? Haven't heard a lot, but I'd imagine they probably have a list as they knew Muss was going to be poached.
  8. I hope Cronin and UCLA fall on their face. This is a perfect hire for them...it's Alford 2.0. He won't last 4 years.
  9. I'm hearing he has ties to some of the high level local HS players (Strawther and Hardy) in Vegas. With that seeming to be a priority for TJO, KK seems like a smart addition. Also hearing that Amauri Hardy is staying with UNLV. Hoping that means UNLV is still in the mix for his brother. KK addition should help that.
  10. All expect Alford would be horrible choices. I agree Alford might be too expensive. I'd put feelers out to Tim Miles if I was running UNR.
  11. He is real close to closing the deal. UNLV has a great chance at landing him.
  12. Steve Alford, but probably can’t afford him. I’d go after Tim Miles if I was UNR.
  13. $300,000 incentive....$1.3 million per year......that is chump change to P5s. He's as good as gone.
  14. Too much money to turn down. MWC teams just can't compete with the money thrown around by the P5 schools.