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  1. Bringing politics into this thread shows everyone your level of intelligence. Also, sounds like someone who is worried about the upcoming election.
  2. 100%, but I will say that Otz last season was the first coach since Kruger to actually improve the team as the season went on. That was a great sign. But yeah.....Off Season Champs again. We own that shit.
  3. Yeah, I don't think you'll get anyone arguing that. It has been pretty horrendous for the Rebels since 2012. Last 8 years have been hell to be a Rebel fan.
  4. This is right. He wasn't DOBO, but he was on the staff in some sort of capacity.
  5. I lurk the RebelNet board every now and again. Funny that those on there that were gung ho behind him getting the HC position or being brought onto the staff in some fashion have nothing to say on this matter. Just a few posts mentioning it.
  6. I think his son was DOBO when Rice was HC, so he probably has some ill will towards that.
  7. What happened with Mike Miller?
  8. The Jelly is strong with you. Only one game at Sam Boyd. All other games at the Death Star.
  9. The back court will be one of the best in the league with Coleman, Jenkins, and Hamilton. How the front court develops will determine a lot of how successful UNLV will be. Diong, if he continues to improve, could be a force. How others step up, we'll have to wait and see. Even with a lot of new faces, this team has a chance to compete for the league title. Of course, that could be said of a lot of the MWC teams.
  10. Oh yeah, it's no big deal to UNR. No one really cares that much. That is why their fans attack UNLV players.
  11. Wouldn't call them one of the best in MW history. Couldn't even win the MWT. Just because they feasted on a watered down league does not mean they were one of the best in the history of the league.
  12. Tough call there, but yeah I'll go out on a limb and put Wink above Doolin.
  13. Jimmer Fredette Kahwi Leonard Andrew Bogut Danny Granger Wink Adams
  14. Tillman leaving could have been a blow to UNLV if he had bought in, but we all know he didn't. He has talent, but certainly was not the impact player many Rebel fans were expecting. I see this as addition by subtraction. We need players, even high level players, that buy into the system TJO and his staff are putting in place. That was never the case with Tillman. Guy was in the doghouse the entire season. Wish him well, but not really concerned about him leaving.
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