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  1. nomascows

    This is why the United States is broke

    Question is what happens to those who helped us in the last 20 years? What happens to those "foolish" women there who dared to learn how to read?
  2. nomascows

    Top & Bottom 20

    What is the cost of living in those districts as well and how much of a rich/poor divide is there in those districts?
  3. nomascows

    So You Believe In Karma. Why?

    I believe in karma so that when I do something mean to someone, I figure that they must have deserved it.
  4. nomascows

    Caravan stopped in its tracks?

    But when a country, such as Mexico, offers you asylum and you refuse it, are you really an asylum seeker?
  5. I think that many of you are missing the real point of this buyout package. I suspect that "long-term workers" is a euphemism for older people. These older workers tend to be well paid and consume more healthcare. They want to replace the older people with younger ones who work longer hours without complaining and cost less in healthcare which reduces health insurance premiums. This is probably just ageism.
  6. nomascows

    BYU still sucks - OT

    Some sort of Latter Day Apartheid?
  7. nomascows

    Nation of Christians

    That would all be too coherent. We would need to sidetrack with a thread about how the Millennials are all messed up because their "Double Stuffed Oreos" have less lard and sugar than our "regular" Oreos.
  8. nomascows

    Nation of Christians

    If my observations are correct, this thread has gone from the US being a Christian nation, to immigration policy is broken and expensive to fix and now we have moved on to red IPA's comparing unfavorably to rim jobs? Have I got this correct?
  9. Wouldn't the Viagra and Dre's mom be working at cross purposes?
  10. nomascows

    Words Matter

    Is that some sort of UNR training video?
  11. nomascows

    Halloweentime: Spooky stuff, creepy pasta etc...

    I may never eat breakfast again...
  12. nomascows


    How many have a negative effective tax rate?
  13. nomascows


    No they are not. If they wanted asylum, they would be asking for it in Mexico. Wouldn't it be much easier to stay in a country where you already speak the language? Or are you saying that Mexico is a shytehole country? They want to come to the US and have been coached what to say.
  14. nomascows


    Immigration reform was supposed to be part of Ronnie Reagan's amnesty plan and very many Republican and Democrat administrations have dropped the ball. But we cannot undo 40 + years of bad policy with the wave of a wand. What do you do with the caravans, here, now, today with our current situation?
  15. nomascows


    What's your solution? Open borders? Just let them in because it is no big deal? What happens when the second ( https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-immigration-caravan/second-migrant-caravan-in-guatemala-heads-toward-mexico-idUSKCN1MX2JP ), third, fourth wave come? Just let them all in?