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  1. nomascows

    Rand Paul is Flying to Canada for Hernia Surgery

    Things are the way they are because there are people making a lot of money the way things are and they have bought the right politicians to keep it coming. Society pays the bills one way or another, I just get tired of liberals going on about how wonderful socialized medicine is without talking about the downside/cost/taxes associated with it.
  2. nomascows

    Rand Paul is Flying to Canada for Hernia Surgery

    Someone contradicts your hysterics and you call them a liar? I did not say that all Canadians have private insurance, just the ones I worked with. Keep telling yourself that you have it all figured out.
  3. nomascows

    Rand Paul is Flying to Canada for Hernia Surgery

    Worked closely with Canadians for several years and spent a fair amount of time up there. Pretty much all of them had private insurance beyond their socialized medicine to allow them into private hospitals because it took so long to get scans etc. Several of them told me that if they got seriously ill, they'd go to the US and just pay the bill. Oh, and he is going to a private hospital, not a public one in Canada: " “This is a private, world-renowned hospital separate from any system and people come from around the world to pay cash for their services,” Paul spokeswoman Kelsey Cooper said in an email Monday."
  4. nomascows

    RBG is on her last leg

  5. nomascows

    Well, so much for steel slats...

    Vandalism would be spray painting your name on the wall. Cutting it with a torch is destruction of property.
  6. nomascows

    Well, so much for steel slats...

    Some might see this as proof that a number of people trying to come here are willing to break any law to do so. How much of a hint do you need to stay out?
  7. nomascows

    Gas Shortage in Mexico

    Boise's refined gasoline comes mostly from Salt Lake by pipeline.
  8. nomascows

    Gas Shortage in Mexico

    I prefer "Hit it and quit it".
  9. nomascows

    RBG is on her last leg

    I don't know but whoever gets the nod will be made to look like Joe Stalin and Adolph Hitler had a baby.
  10. nomascows

    Another Confederate "monument" coming down?

    Idaho has an Atlanta and Dixie. After the war, lots of soldiers from both sides came for the gold rushes. Florence Idaho had its own brand of fun: " The heightened political tensions during the Civil War marked Idaho's landscape. In Florence, for example, Main Street became known as the "Mason and Dixon line." Alonzo F. Brown was an early arrival to the gold strikes surrounding the town and recalled how residents were in a "high pitch" over the Civil War. "Main Street was the dividing line between the North and the South factions," Brown recalled. "As a result, it often happened that when morning came there were two or three dead men on the streets." There is no doubt that deaths in Idaho came about because of political as well as personal ill will, but this was no different than other places and times. It was not conspiracy. According to Brown, the culprits were full of alcohol and were a "lawless class of people" that were far removed from authority. During the Fourth of July celebration in 1862, the community came close to crumbling. "There was danger of an explosion which could cause trouble," Brown recalled. "So the cooler heads . . . suggested something that would unite both factions into a common Americanism." That something was an ice sculptor of George Washington and horse carved by German immigrant and local resident Charles Leopold Ostner. Placed on Main Street, the statue cooled tempers and solidified the community. Ostner later carved a duplicate figure out of pine and presented it to the territorial legislature in 1869, and it is still on display at the state capitol. It is clear then that Idahoans from both sides of the isle maintained loyalty to home and party even as they attempted to start anew in Idaho. This did not mean, however, that those who were politically charged were secessionist and conspired to bring the fight to Idaho during or after the war. Nevertheless, Florence demonstrated that Idaho formed during the chaotic era of the Civil War and that war had its influence on Idaho's nascence just as it had on the rest of the nation.16 " http://idahoyesterdays.net/idahoyesterdays/index.php/IY/article/view/63/91
  11. nomascows

    Violence breaks out at CES in Vegas

    I was hoping a pillow fight had erupted over in the adult cinema section.
  12. nomascows


    My company gives gifts too if you count a boot in your butt as a gift...
  13. Just to keep a symmetrical flow of language.
  14. I am going to recycle this with the Roe vs. Wade crowd.