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  1. nomascows

    Illegal Immigration a Felony?

    You are missing the point. Democrats pretend to care about poor people because it makes a good slogan. If they truly cared about poor people, they wouldn't be for flooding the labor market with low-wage workers which just depresses wages for the lowest paid. Keeping the poor poor like that ensures that the poor continue to elect Democrats who are there to "help" them. The bigger Democrat goal is to permanently change the balance of power. The last few Presidential elections have been pretty close, within 5 million votes or so as I recall. In the last couple of national elections, Latinos voted around 70% Democrat so if they flood the country with 10 or 12 million Latinos, then you change the outcomes going forward. This is especially true if a lot of those immigrants stay close to the border in which case you can turn red Texas purple or blue.
  2. nomascows

    Political Humor, Cartoons, and Memes 2018*

    This is pretty funny coming from the party of "vast right-wing conspiracy".
  3. nomascows

    Wyoming Cowboys Racists?

    It may be sexist but about 25% of cowboys were black so the racist part probably doesn't apply. Many cowboys in the mid to late 1860's were not heroes anyway (Billy the Kid and the likes of the Lincoln County War come to mind).
  4. nomascows

    We’re in a full blown trade war

    China or the US?
  5. nomascows

    Trump Picks Kavanaugh

    All you need is a pair of glasses and a robe...
  6. nomascows

    Trump Picks Kavanaugh

    If she were a conservative, that day would probably come mysteriously sooner than later.
  7. He must be a racist who is worse than Hitler.
  8. Guarding Ricky's weed plants against squirrels.
  9. I won't give up the address of your shed behind Julian's trailer.
  10. nomascows

    Liberal Arts Degrees

    As the financing gets easier for a good, the providers will aggressively raise prices. https://www.forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2015/08/03/increased-tuition-subsidies-increase-the-price-of-college-tuition/#a8aed3d45a2e
  11. nomascows

    Liberal Arts Degrees

    Some would say that the government funding is largely responsible for the increase in the price of college.
  12. It is OK for others to do it but just don't "condone it".
  13. nomascows

    Three Poachers Eaten By Lions

    Here is your medal. Thanks for your service.
  14. nomascows

    Three Poachers Eaten By Lions

    Whoever wins, please go inside and get me a new mouse. My Kevlar is at the dry cleaners so I don't dare go to Nampa.
  15. nomascows

    Three Poachers Eaten By Lions

    Do we need to call in a stolen emoji war Valor claim?