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  1. I suppose that I need to go polish my boots now.
  2. Not caring that aliens murdered Jack Nicholson makes one a fascist?
  3. You will need to explain why that would be a bad thing.
  4. nomascows


    But do the drapes match the carpet?
  5. nomascows

    Obama's Economy

    The relevance you fail to see is that when all these financial instruments were legalized, Brooksley Borne realized that they were very dangerous to the economy and tried to regulate them. Instead of supporting her, Bill Clinton, Tim Geithner and a few others crushed her. The whole thing almost blew up on Clinton on his way out of office. It was a ticking time bomb that Clinton could have avoided if he had just allowed Brooksley Borne to do her job.
  6. nomascows

    Obama's Economy

    The "banks do whatever you want with depositors' money" was a direct result of the Clinton administration crushing Brooksley Borne at the CTFC. Check out this video. It is from PBS's Frontline but you know what a bunch of right wing nuts they are... https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/warning/
  7. I suspect that he embraced the sweet release of death...
  8. nomascows

    Big Sky Vandals

    It has nothing to do with Boise's stadium being empty or full. When a college team cannot muster more fans than that, there is a real problem.
  9. nomascows

    Big Sky Vandals

    Bash all you want. This is pathetic.
  10. nomascows

    Big Sky Vandals

    About 5,000 of them appear to be disguised as empty seats.
  11. nomascows

    Big Sky Vandals

    It is quite the home field advantage. Most teams don't know how to play kickoffs off the back wall.
  12. nomascows

    What the shit, Stanford?

    Should the prescription be for just a few days and then you have to call the Dr. back to get more? When the patient calls, the Dr/nurse/PA explains that these things are addictive and shouldn't be taken longer than absolutely necessary etc.
  13. nomascows

    "Last thing we need to do is monkey this up"

    George Bush was Yale and Harvard educated and misspoke a time or two. My guess is that he was looking for a PG version of "Don't f@*k this up" and went with a somewhat obscure "monkey it up" response.
  14. nomascows

    What the shit, Stanford?

    I have had a couple of surgeries in the last 10 years and took the hydrocodone for a couple of days and switched to Ibuprofen (having talked to my surgeon about it). Just because there are 28 pills in the bottle doesn't mean that you have to take them.
  15. So are neck/face tattoos the dividing line between "artistic expression" and "giving pause"? Why that line?