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  1. This couldn't have been included in the bowl thread we already have?
  2. Hair could have done a better job of leading and guiding academic executives, however...
  3. Hair didn't turn them down. The presidents of the MW turned them down.
  4. Great win by the Utes! Both QB's are tough SOB's!
  5. For your safety, probably better to do so in LV. Your mouth would be hazardous to your health in a Wyoming bar. It's too bad the Rusty Nail on Boulder Highway is no more, so it looks like the Leatherneck Club or one of the VFW's down there...
  6. Good. Someday it might get you 86'd from oxygen.
  7. No, it's the disrespect you show to combat veterans, as well as the sort of disengnuosness you're displaying now. You can mock our National Championship all you want, but you cross a line that most people who AREN'T Wyoming fans would find objectionable. That you seem to either not care or even find that funny speaks volumes to the quality of you as a person.
  8. Glad I live in a place where I don't need a permit to exercise my Constitutional right. Ask most cops around here, they'd prefer you offer no information regarding armed status unless they have cause to search, at which point openness will weigh in your favor.
  9. There really isn't much of a fine line between being a provocateur and being a human sh-t stain. Calling brave men who risked and sacrificed more than he could imagine "cowards" is pretty much the broad realm of the latter. I'd bet good money his running mouth has resulted in his either being escorted out of the bar, or carried out of it.
  10. You mean Kenny Sailors who invented the jump shot and went on to fight in the Pacific as a Marine? That the coward you're talking about? Next time you're constipated, I think you should go drinking at the Leatherneck Club over on Spring Mountain and talk this sh-t there. Should clear you up in no time, albeit with some dental and orthopedic side effects...
  11. So NMSU's waiver didn't knock UNLV out of contention for a bowl spot?
  12. Go suck a bag of c-cks you ignorant wretch.
  13. Our Director of Football Personnel just left as well. In his announcement he offered zero acknowledgement of Bohl.
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