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  1. The table setting is accurate. The shaggy dude sitting at it, not so much...
  2. One edition of the Border War in the 70's resulted in police officers and deputies assigned to the games in Laramie wearing riot helmets for almost 30 years. So much for "tame". And nobody, I mean nobody, except some backwoods azz sh-theel white supremacist from Idaho, f-cks goats.
  3. HST and I share hairstyles and senses of humor. I've actually been mistaken for these two guys...
  4. If Wyoming plays CSEwe a third time, we'll get the win. In fact, it's time for an epic Tournament upset run to the championship game...
  5. Except it's not logical "logic". It's RebRobbie magic unicorns and rainbows logic.
  6. Enjoy the AAC. Wyoming's been in the Big 12 for years...
  7. F-ck playing makeup games at the T&M. UNLV owes the 'Pokes two games IN Laradise. The MWT is already scheduled to begin on March 10th. And if you really want to reduce the chance of a COVID outbreak, move the Tournament to Laramie as well...
  8. Wyoming sweeps the Wolf Pack in Laramie...
  9. Well, we haven't gotten our MFA from Boise State in sucking our own d-cks, so...
  10. Utah is in lockdown compared to Wyoming. Southwest Wyoming has had one of its biggest tourism seasons since the '02 Olympics since Utah started shutting things down. Uinta County typically has around 60-70 homes for sale at any given time. Currently there are less than a dozen available.
  11. Bohl is below .500 for his career at Wyoming with a single win against a P5 team. Joe Glen (who i think you actually mean to reference since no one wanted to see Tiller go) had about the same win record with road wins at Tennessee and Ole Miss', a Bowl win over Ucla, home wins against Ole Miss' and Virginia, and wins against every team in that MWC including byu*, Utah, and T.C.U.. The criticism is warranted and it all points to an anemic approach to offense. I think he made some pretty bold hires this week, and I think some of the budget for them came out of his own salary. He's finally s
  12. Just added a coach from the Jets as our new o-line coach. Derek Frazier. Staff complete. https://trib.com/sports/college/wyoming/football/wyoming-officially-tabs-tim-polasek-as-oc-completes-staff-with-former-mountain-west-assistant/article_d76f7ca9-0a90-5642-a7fa-4c4afc7b8d01.html
  13. So why would Utah State refuse to answer press (not UW) inquiries as to whether or not there are positives in the Aggies' Men's Basketball program? Whatever the case may be, the optics for Utah State since their last game are not good. Couple that with the total goat f-ck of a finish to the football season and it's easy to see why credibility with the rest of the conference might be an issue for Utah State Athletics at the moment.
  14. Way to drink too much and channel your inner Jeffkills.
  15. Regardless of what you've read, the scientific and donation value of your vital organs is far less than that and no fertility clinic is going to give someone like you a dime for your c-ck snot.
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