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  1. Nothing says love like nut punching and institutional hypocrisy and bigotry. byu* is a cancer, plain and simple.
  2. They want to be the equal to other programs but receive special treatment. They have a long and recent history of racism. They punished the victims of sexual assaults. They label non-believers as "gentiles". Basically, they are the North American madrassa.
  3. No one said a thing about the Kansas City Chiefs. Just Kansas City. Try to keep up.
  4. My family and I had a deal, if they went to a post-season game, I would stay and watch the family business. If I went, they would stay and watch the business. They really wanted to go to the WAC Tournament that year, so I deferred. When they came back and asked me if I wanted to go to the first rounds of the NCAA Tournament, I said I'd let them go, but I was going to Seattle. They laughed their way to SLC and I laughed all the way to Seattle...
  5. And here I thought a big part of the #superiorlifestyle was about holding.
  6. I used to serve him Long Island Iced Teas until he had the courage to go and get beat up by his girlfriend...
  7. Kansas City IS in Kansas. It's also in Missouri.
  8. Got to see them in the Fieldhouse way back when. Unfortunately, Curly Neal was out with an injury. Meadowlark Lemon and the rest were all on the floor. Robert Paige and I got into a bubblegum bubble blowing contest that started during lineup and continued from the bench.
  9. Well, I could also teach everyone that "American Cheese" isn't actually cheese... You're better off buying Cheez Whiz. It'll keep longer.
  10. At five years old, I was at one of my first Wyoming Cowboys Basketball games in the fieldhouse. Back then, the court was on a three foot riser. We were seated near the free throw line about four rows up. There was a good sized gap between the bleachers and the court, probably about ten feet. Anyway, my five-year-old attention was being divided between about five thousand different things. While I was trying to make sense of all the different banners that hung from the north wall, an errant ball managed to bounce perfectly off the edge of the riser and shot straight across the gap into the stands and smacked my right on the head. Of course, I started bawling. They actually stopped the game while everyone from a UPD cop, a doctor sitting near us, to Head Coach Mo Radovich all attended to me. All the attention scared me even more, but the officials still waited until everyone decided I was okay before allowing play to resume. Once everyone started to leave me alone, I calmed down for the rest of the quarter, but I never took my eyes off the court. At halftime, my Mom took me home while my Dad stayed for the rest of the game. It was a couple of years before I would acquiesce to attending another basketball game...
  11. We know who the vulnerable population is. Why didn't we isolate them instead of upending the lives of people least likely to be affected?