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  1. Best city for food in the conference is ABQ.
  2. Let's put it this way- Logan has a bar. Ogden has bars,
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/attorney-abused-clients-were-ohio-state-football-players/ar-AABxEa2?ocid=spartandhp Now it all makes sense. A very sad attempt at preemptive deflection...
  4. The stupid from the invited guests is rising. Must be the off-season.
  5. So "union" is now the preferred nomenclature for "cell block"?
  6. Substitute the words "thought crime" for "hate speech" and it all makes sense.
  7. All I need to know about the knowledge backing the article is the facilities rankings.
  8. If by "turds" you mean "everyone", then I guess there's a Turd Syndicate that excludes Boise State. Our motto- We fling poo at the blue.
  9. Looks like their mother is just above them...
  10. The blue field is to football as hair extensions, bolt-on tits, and bad dye jobs are to women. But then, there's no accounting for taste, bless Boise State's heart.
  11. Wasn't he a character in one of Schwarzenegger's lesser films?
  12. Mentally normal people would associate brown and gold with cheeseburgers or chocolate and caramel. Scatalogical associations are indicative of serious mommy issues.