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  1. Signed, The Guy With the World's Biggest Man Crush.
  2. Oh, their "people" will meet Sisolak for dinner and show him the pictures right after dessert is ordered.
  3. I was at that Sweet 16 game in Seattle. Two years later I was living in LV and one of my first friends was a UNLV trainer.
  4. This sucks. F-ck COVID-19. It's the byu* of the epidemiological world...
  5. Well, if it's anything like AFA, at the time of cancelation there were zero cases on the team. It was because of "campus conditions". I just see evidence of a much lower threshold for cancelation than the NFL or other conferences.
  6. And it gives teams likely to lose no excuse to avoid the loss without repurcussion.
  7. Ridiculous. NFL games in places as hot or hotter can proceed, but we're basically cancelling the season. Should be whichever side opts to cancel actually forfeits.
  8. UNLV fan attendance is a pretty static few dozen. It's the visiting teams' road show fan base that boosts their numbers.
  9. So does that put you ahead of the rest of the line?
  10. Back to kicking your allowance back to Mom...
  11. ...per the LV Sun... http://m.lasvegassun.com
  12. Liberty is not academically secular like others, they're the byu* of the East. No chance a P5 would ever take them, little chance of an invite by anyone other than the Sunbelt or MAYBE C-USA.
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