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  1. For all the talk about the PAC-12 being garbage, they do have half their membership in the Top 25. The ACC, on the other hand, outside of Clemson, appears to be complete garbage. The AAC and MAC can both make a good argument for being better conferences than the one currently waving the National Championship flag.
  2. Phoenix, whenever this situation presents itself. Easy to get to, plenty of facilities, plenty to do, warm weather destination in winter, and a truly neutral venue...
  3. Boise St. AFA, SDSU Hawaii, Wyoming, Utah St. Fresno St., Nevada New Mexico, CSEwe, UNLV San Jose St.
  4. byu* isn't a member of the MW.
  5. We're the only FBS program in four states- Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Some might add Larimer County in there too...
  6. That's great, but as of now, his "stature" relative to Allen is unknown and unproven. That being said, if he IS comparable, the fact is, Josh Allen had Air Force's number...
  7. When Shenault's a top 10 NFL draft pick and starter, get back to us.
  8. Far more of a college town than most of the other MW schools. Laramie's collegiate atmosphere and sense of community has little competition within the conference.
  9. A university's brand is (usually) bigger than its athletic department. The fan loyalty runs deeper than specialized, single-product brands. It's less a thirst for bloodsport among college fans than it is simply identity with the school, whether as alumni or resident of the school's locale. Arguably, the NFL caters to the less invested and more visceral fan. That's a huge weakness in a brand.
  10. This really exposes the fatal flaw at the heart of the NFL. Lots of manufactured fan loyalty built on "football fans" who spend little time really thinking through their brand affinities or why they should be loyal to a brand when that brand really does nothing for you other than provide a product for you to purchase as a consumer.
  11. If the California schools try to remain members of the NCAA, it would have standing.
  12. That helmet is as sexy as our locker rooms and training facilities, which are as sexy as, well, devout MWCBoarders will know the rest...🤘
  13. Don't forget the value of opportunity to get scouted and go pro...