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  1. Will you get chlamydia?
  2. ...and the winner of the I Love to Sh--t On My Neighbors' Lawns Award is...
  3. Wait a minute. It wasn't Oakland that was holding them back? That's a real head-scratcher...
  4. Well, let's see, we've had one previous USC transfer who played through his senior year, a player from Chicago who played four years, is the number 2 highest scorer in the MWC AND stayed in Laramie after graduating, a player from San Antonio who made the cover of SI... that's just off the top of my head. Unless you've actually been to Laramie, spent time there, seen all of the facilities, hung out downtown, etc. you're just going off what you THINK you know. Ignorance is bliss as they say...
  5. Actually, Kirk Kerkorian opened the MGM Grand (currently Bally's) in the 70's. Before that, there were several Hughes Corporation properties on and near the Strip. The last real "mobbed up" hotel on the Strip was the Trop, and the Doumani brothers were more like mob-lite. More of a skim operation that benefitted no one but themselves. The Mirage also predated the Excalibur by a few months. By then Holiday Inn, Harrah's, and Tracinda were all Strip operators. To be honest, Excalibur was built by Circus Circus which had very shady ownership from its opening days.
  6. Very fun, competitive games going on right now!!!
  7. Sure do. I knew a bartender there that bounced over to Friday's and then the Strat.
  8. I can remember when that was Rebel Pub & Grub... hell, I can remember when it was the Moby Grape.
  9. Had no idea Ted Cruz was also HC at NMSU...
  10. A business really shouldn't take sides in matters of opinion.
  11. Don't forget- a new Head Coach...
  12. ...contacted the Presidents and advocated for a meeting with any kind of officiating representation within the MW, along with a conversation with the NCAA about consistency in the practice. It's seems like an inconsistent approach to intra conference officiating and inter conference officiating may be skewing play. In addition, it might not be a bad idea for the Conference to start an OOC threshold and standard of performance. I'm convinced, now, that there is an institutional failure of performance among the MW membership that needs to be analyzed and reconciled.
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