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  1. It's on the MW Network, not Stadium. I found out the hard way too. F-ckin' half-azzed conference...
  2. Seems to me their last game proved they DO belong in this conference...
  3. I'd call that a reasonable supposition...
  4. In the gentle words of so many "Go f-ck yourself."
  5. Good God, we've got two unrepentant, unreconstruted, fecally infected teams arguing their legitimacy. Your mothers gave birth gagging on human s-it.
  6. @halfmanhalfbronco Go. +++++. Yourself. Shitstain.
  7. The owner is a complete shit stain.
  8. F-ck you AND byu*.
  9. If Nevada wants to get into a 3-point shootout with the conference record holder...
  10. No. That is NOT capitalism. It's state-forced slavery.
  11. Meanwhile, somewhere in China a whip is being cracked just over the heads hunched over workbenches...
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