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  1. Not sure what you're reading, but the link only appears to be revenue/ expenses/ net.
  2. Will it? DirecTV kept the SLC NBC affiliate off the air all through football season...
  3. Add the AT&T-CBS dispute to the mix. As of now, there are no CBS channels available on DirecTV, including CBS Sports...
  4. When your most famous alumnus is a terrorist...
  5. I always advocated another arena in LV. MGM, Orleans, or Mandalay Bay would all be suitable. Guaranteed to sell out with hotel rooms attached.
  6. Davo Karnicar. First man to ski Everest from top to bottom, full descent. First man to fully descend all Seven Summits on skis. First man to fully descend Annapurna on skis, etc.
  7. I'd say the only ones in full-throated support of this appear to be UNLV fans. The rest are split between opposed to LV, opposed to the T&M (move it to another LV arena), and holding their noses and saying it's fine by them...
  8. If nothing else, it just screams "half-azzed and second tier"...
  9. According to some idiot stuck on an island with a bad haircut, our biggest concern is equal justice under the law...
  10. Eastern-most by what, yards?