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  1. Boise State and byu* can suck each others' co-ks until the cows cum home. Doesn't change the reality of no one wants them.
  2. Oklahoma isn't going anywhere Texas isn't going, and vice versa. And that also means Oklahoma State isn't going anywhere Oklahoma isn't, nor are Baylor or Texas Tech going anywhere Texas isn't. Any one of those schools moving means five schools are moving.
  3. Yep, basketball seems to be an overlooked factor, but a lot of basketball is based on performance, not speculation. I'd guess MWC basketball to be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of 1/12- 1/10 of our total package at this point. That could change if we can get back to where we were ten years ago...
  4. Short answer- if you really believe those numbers, there isn't a conference possible for you that wouldn't tell you to go fu-k yourselves. Good luck on that independent contract for $10-20M.
  5. Well, we've now got Ramdouche to add to LolSpazz, Jimmer-Jammer, and Dog Wipes Butt On Rug (Scooter)...
  6. If you are talking about teams that win and put butts in seats, why is CSEwe on that list?
  7. Do you actually believe that? According to the statement the conference board decided that after this contract, separate negotiations would "likely change". That board includes Boise State's president. Later language included representatives of Boise State stating that Boise State should be entitled to a larger share proportionate to the terms of the new contract. My bet is that this all came as a reaction to donors, not Boise State at the table with everyone else. But, who knows? I guess we'll all find out in due time...
  8. Sorry, but no one team is bigger than this conference, regardless of Boise State's past conference affiliations. It would be the height of delusional folley to believe that, and the only way to believe that is to believe the program, alone, carries more value to a broadcast partner than the rest of the conference combined. As I stated before, the athletic program heavy model is historically not a sustainable one. Boise State's history at this level, compared to nearly half this conference, is relatively brief. Because of all that, they should be prepared to lay down their cards if it comes to it.
  9. Any combination of: a losing season, rape allegations, rape allegations by players against a coach, a dead player, a player who killed the dead player, a "show cause" tagged ex-coach. Must feature at least three of those elements.
  10. That, and maybe they saw they were getting played. Best thing to do when you know you're getting played? Play along. Now it's a duet but the other party probably hasn't recognized it.
  11. And the only way we go to the Big 12 is if they come to us. Which means it's probably never happening. But if the Big 12 implodes and there's a chance at a NEW conference, we have a great resume.
  12. I suppose I have higher expectations of executive level mouthpieces. This isn't about what happens today, tomorrow, or next week. It's a position that requires someone who understands the horizons that are the cycles of business and politics. The dynamics are manifold and play out on various temporal axes. In such an environment, it's best to be clever and respected. Thompson is neither.
  13. The purpose of diplomacy is to keep doors open. Thompson, in his messenger duties, seems to be a master of closing them. Someone in his position should know how to reject someone or someone's idea while allowing them the opportunity to save face. I completely agree that he's about as creative as whoever makes the next Marvel film...