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  1. With any luck, the use of upside down question marks in written English will become a casualty.
  2. COVID-19 is more likely to become endemic than a vaccine is likely to be developed. Herd immunity is the most realistic "answer" and it pretty much requires that we just get back to living life. All of this insanity would have made Howard Hughes feel perfectly normal. He wasn't. He was batsh-t crazy. So is our response to this thing. Play ball and open the gates to the fans.
  3. Authoritarian rule killed a hundred million plus in the 20th century. Jes' sayin'...
  4. Nothing says love like nut punching and institutional hypocrisy and bigotry. byu* is a cancer, plain and simple.
  5. They want to be the equal to other programs but receive special treatment. They have a long and recent history of racism. They punished the victims of sexual assaults. They label non-believers as "gentiles". Basically, they are the North American madrassa.