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  1. Actually without a House election certified, she couldn’t be Speaker either. Every elected official would have their terms expire, except for two thirds of the Senate.
  2. 2008 TCU-UNLV MWC Tournament game at the Mack. TCU had a terrible team, but for one shining moment, they exchanged blows with UNLV all night long. UNLV won on the last shot with a Wink Adams three pointer. TCU fired their coach and the Rebels went on to win the MWC Tournament.
  3. and the last undefeated team in the conference
  4. I think Butch Jones would be a home run if he has any connection in their recruiting area. He has never coached west of the Mississippi, but I don't know what his recruiting area was when he recruited.
  5. Tedford doesn't look as good as he did last year this time.
  6. Would UNLV really hire another coach that would have Texas Tech as their dream job?
  7. Lots of controversy this week with All American Turpin's arrest and removal from the team. Now we find out about a previous arrest this year on the same charge that Patterson may or may not have known about. The sharks are circling the boat in Fort Worth and they smell blood.
  8. Google Front Row Amy. She has been there for about 10 years.
  9. June Jones has a head coaching job in the CFL and Art Briles didn't get the high school job he applied for in Texas.
  10. All I really needed to know about Sanchez was that it took him six full years as a full time student to get a Bachelor's Degree in Family and Consumer Science.