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  1. MWC Recent Women's Tournament History 2018- (1) Louisville 74, (16) Boise State 42 2017- (4) UCLA 83, (13) Boise State 56 2016- (6) South Florida 48, (11) Colorado State 45 (Rams were 31-1 going into this one) 2015- (2) Tennessee 72, (15) Boise State 61 2014- (4) Nebraska 74, (13) Fresno State 55 2013- (2) California 90, (15) Fresno State 76 2012- (5) LSU 64, (12) San Diego State 56 2011- (2) Notre Dame 67, (15) Utah 54 2010- (8) Dayton 67, (9) TCU 66 (Last At Large Bid), (11) San Diego State 74, (6) Texas 63 (First Round), (11) San Diego State 64, (3) West Virginia 55 (Last Win, Second Round), (2) Duke 66, (11) San Diego State 58 (Regional Semifinals)
  2. When was the last time a MWC team did anything in the women's tournament? I honestly don't know the answer, but if your league isn't ever winning, you don't get much in the way of seeding.
  3. I am thinking he is gone. They were picked 4th in the conference and finished 13th. It has been several years since the team made the tourney.
  4. He has hired a basketball coach two times in his career, and both times it was Ernie Kent.
  5. I think Miles has a buyout around 2.3 million for the Huskers and then whatever the new coach will cost.
  6. He gets a lot of mentions on sports radio in Lincoln too. I don't understand why Nebraska would fire Miles to replace him with one of his assistants, but it does get coverage. Miles is most assuredly gone after the season. Others I hear mentioned often are former player Lue and former Bulls coach Hoiberg, his grandfather was the head coach at Nebraska for 10 years. I doubt any of those are the eventual replacement.
  7. I think it is 4 or 5. Usually you avoid catching an underrated conference champion in the first round and if you win two, you have several days of practice to give the top seed your best shot. I think it is much tougher to beat the 1 seed with only one day of practice that you would have between the Sweet 16 and Elite 8.
  8. Virginia comes to mind, but there may not be data going back that far. One year when they were ranked #1 with Ralph Sampson, they lost to Chaminade.
  9. San Diego has a smaller payroll because the people in the area don't like athletics. It is not a small market population wise. They can afford Machado. I hope it works out for them and he becomes their next Tony Gwynn.
  10. Being that it is the Basketball Hall of Fame, I have no problem with CW getting in. Even if he never played a minute in the NBA, I think he probably did enough in college.
  11. If you can't beat them, have them join you? In all seriousness, Dailey is a class individual and you can probably never have too many of those in your program.
  12. How could someone be a college football fan and not watch this one? How else will you find out who stole the Dr Pepper National Championship Trophy?
  13. What does it matter what West Virginia or their fans think. Houston got the guy they wanted. They have loved offense ever since Jack Pardee was hired as their head coach in 1987 and brought the Run N Shoot. Dana will have them competing in the AAC and with his long time connections in Texas, I expect that they will be much improved in the coming seasons.
  14. It is probably a good fit. He has a lot more experience coaching in Texas and his recruiting contacts are in Texas. This isn't much different than when Cincinnati got their head coach from Texas Tech.
  15. No surprise that the Big 10 champ is better than the Pac 12 champ. Northwestern won the runner up bowl too.