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  1. Maybe overall, but not the way it played out at the end.
  2. There has always been room for two power conferences in the West, but it looks like it may be the Big 10 and the PAC 12, with the Big Sky on deck.
  3. When is the fireworks game? That will bring in the fans.
  4. Brad Pitt’s co-star in the new train movie.
  5. Boise State is going to run the table and get the Access Bowl.
  6. They may be stuck with Bohl. Looking at Wyoming’s schedule, they may be the Mountain favorites right now.
  7. Georgia Tech has a football National Championship from the same year that UNLV won their championship in basketball. I wonder if all the ACC board posters have to hear about it multiple times every week.
  8. While I agree in theory, New Mexico beat UTEP, and other than possibly Hawaii, I’m not sure UTEP could get another MWC win this year.
  9. You Boise fans need to get tougher. I don’t want to hear any more talk about giving up your degrees. With supply chain issues where they’re at, we all need truckers more than ever.
  10. For those advocating North Texas in expansion scenarios, it should be noted that this is a game between the DFW and Las Vegas television markets with almost no television coverage.
  11. I believe that Trev Alberts will cast a wide net in the coaching search. I do think that if Mickey Joseph can go 6-3 in the last nine, he will have a good chance to keep the job. I know integrity really matters to Alberts and it is not just lip service. I also know he thinks a lot of Bill O’Brien as a person and a coach. He has already fixed one college program that was even in worse shape than Nebraska.
  12. Solich probably never should have been hired to replace Osborne. The university made the mistake of letting Osborne pick his replacement. Solich was not really that well thought of within the athletic department or the university administration when he was hired.
  13. I’m not sure people are expecting greatness, but with the resources dedicated to the program it isn’t unreasonable to expect winning more than 33% of your games over five years.
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