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  1. Actually without a House election certified, she couldn’t be Speaker either. Every elected official would have their terms expire, except for two thirds of the Senate.
  2. 2008 TCU-UNLV MWC Tournament game at the Mack. TCU had a terrible team, but for one shining moment, they exchanged blows with UNLV all night long. UNLV won on the last shot with a Wink Adams three pointer. TCU fired their coach and the Rebels went on to win the MWC Tournament.
  3. and the last undefeated team in the conference
  4. I guess the Raiders don't want to share their field.
  5. I am guessing that she just misspoke when talking about Allegiant Stadium, but she said that the Raiders would be playing on natural grass grown outside the stadium and UNLV would be playing on turf. This is the first time I have heard anybody say anything about that. Is that true or did she just misspeak?
  6. It had nothing to do with Penny becoming the head coach. Once Penny gave his family the money, Memphis was off limits to him. He could have attended any other college.
  7. At least he had enough class to finish the semester.
  8. I would probably rate him as TCU's number one assistant coach and I will be sad to see him leave if he gets the job. On the other hand, success as an assistant coach does not seem to have any correlation with success as a head coach.
  9. He would certainly be missed at TCU.
  10. I find this to be a very compelling matchup. Two completely different styles of football on display.
  11. I contribute to TCU and every year they send me out a list of do's and don'ts in regards to contact with potential recruits. They remind me that as a booster any money I give a prospective recruit would make him ineligible to play for TCU and I am not employed by the university either. Penny was a booster and I would assume he gets the same paperwork from Memphis every year.
  12. I think Butch Jones would be a home run if he has any connection in their recruiting area. He has never coached west of the Mississippi, but I don't know what his recruiting area was when he recruited.
  13. Is Coach Pete going to coach the Huskies or is he done already?