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  1. What a wild ride Ken Trickey had. He took his team to the Elite 8 and was either fired or left to become an assistant coach at Colorado State. Then, before the next season even started, he got the head job at Iowa State. After two unsuccessful seasons, he was back coaching high school.
  2. My caddy told me on my trip to Oregon, “Putter is always an option around the greens.” I almost holed one from sixty yards away.
  3. I just looked at the census projections and it appears that if the same states voted the same ways in four years (if PA, GA and NC go for Trump), Trump would have won.
  4. I just don’t believe a win makes you a good campaigner. Biden was a bad campaigner. I believe that will show if the Democrats don’t take the Senate and lose seats in the House. The Senate was ripe for the taking and he didn’t show up to help his candidates down ballot. Iowa, North Carolina, Maine and Montana were there for the taking with just a little help.
  5. He may still win, but I think he would have already clinched if he would have been a better campaigner.
  6. There were several people who didn’t even run last time who got electoral votes. We don’t even know who the third candidate to qualify for the House ballot is until the electoral college votes.
  7. I think that already means they were lying to us. All the major media outlets said it wasn’t even going to be close.
  8. I don't think he can do it because I don't think he will have the House. A President Biden, on the other hand, would likely have the House to get that passed.
  9. The truth is exactly like Warren Beaty portrayed it in Bulworth. Most minority voters, while having a say in Democratic Party platforms, are taken for granted by the Democratic Party. If they want a real say in the nation going forward, they will become as diversified as every other group and infiltrate all parties equally.
  10. The payroll tax holiday is a non issue. It is merely a postponement. People have to pay it all back at tax time next year. I guess maybe he is counting on a potential President Biden forgiving the back taxes and sinking the system.
  11. He would be pretty old by then, but if the country is in much worse shape four years from now, who knows?
  12. I just don't see these numbers as good for the Democratic Party as they think they are. I am not in Nevada any more, but at least here in Nebraska, I don't know any Democrat that hasn't already voted. While some were doing it because they were anxious to get their votes in, many were because they were scared to vote on election day. Most of my Democratic friends voted by mail. Most of my Republican friends are planning to vote in person on election day because they don't trust the mail. I really thought that the Democrats would have a much bigger lead in these state in early voting.
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