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  1. This Is Why I Hate the NBA

    He would have to play for me to lose money on him and he is apparently unofficially retired.
  2. This Is Why I Hate the NBA

    I used to enjoy watching Kawhi Leonard play, but now I find out he just quits on his team. It can't really be true that he is healthy and choosing to quit. I just don't know what to believe.
  3. UNLV at SDSU

    Is there even a possibility of a tiebreaker with Fresno State? Did they make up their game with Air Force? If not, they will have one less conference game than everybody else.
  4. I still haven't seen Virginia in the Final Four even though they have had many teams good enough to get there. The two times he has coached the ACC champions, he hasn't made it out of the Sweet 16. Five trips to the NCAA Tournament, including 2 as a 1 seed, and he has never outperformed his seeding. In fact, he has only matched it twice and one of those is when he went out the first round just like what was supposed to happen.
  5. Bowl Game Ratings

    Only one of the teams was from the United States in the final. How good would the ratings have been for a San Diego State - University of Tokyo football game?
  6. Today's Fresno State - Air Force Game Has Been Canceled

    I hope the conference has a way to fine Air Force big bucks for this. This isn't a case of a game being canceled due to weather or riots in the streets. Nobody's safety was at issue in this one. If you don't have enough money to make sure that you can play the season, you don't need to be fielding teams.
  7. RealRPI Predictions

    I'm not sure. As a TCU fan, the Frogs are 9th out of 10 in the Big 12 and didn't have any problem with Nevada until the last 15 seconds of the game at a neutral site. I just don't know how good Nevada really is at this point.
  8. It probably speaks to the system that TCU has better odds with only one offensive starter returning and a nonconference game with Ohio State.
  9. ESPN Way Too Early Top 25

    Preseason champs again, things are right in the world.
  10. Utah State at UNLV

    It is hard to compete when you don't win your home games in conference play. I had high hopes for my Frogs this year too, but they have already dropped two conference games at home, so it doesn't look like they will be contenders either.
  11. Low ratings for title game could cause change

    Expanding the playoff will just make it more likely that two teams from the same conference will meet in the final.
  12. Another question for Utah/TCU fans

    TCU's recruiting has taken off. The Frogs can go in just about any house in America and at least talk to the recruit. This is the best recruiting TCU has done since 1985, when they had the best class in the SWC. It doesn't always reflect in rankings though. Patterson knows the type of player he wants and that doesn't always translate into pro prospects. He values speed and sometimes that means smaller players and less stars, but it is still a top 20 recruiting class.
  13. Sugar Bowl

    Unlike the Rose Bowl, where I thought Oklahoma probably had the better team and blew it, I never thought Clemson was the better team in this one. Maybe it was an off day, but they weren't good enough to compete with Alabama yesterday.
  14. Question for Utah/TCU fans

    In general, I don't dislike the G5. I didn't really like having TCU in the MWC because I thought a lot of the MWC programs were noncompetitive. There was never a time where TCU could have been in jeopardy of missing a bowl game. I do know that TCU had to really get better in recruiting to get enough depth to compete in the Big 12. I don't think that the G5 needs to go form their own division, but it has always been my belief that everybody should be competing for conference titles because that is something you can control. When TCU won their first Big 12 title, I didn't care that they didn't make the playoff. We pounded Ole Miss in the Peach Bowl and still ended up with a high ranking. This year, I didn't care that if we beat Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game that we wouldn't be going to the playoffs. It seems to me like the G5 schools just put too much emphasis on making the Access Bowl. It sure seems to diminish your conference championship if you don't get it. It should really be all about beating your conference mates for a title. The rest of the games are just exhibitions. As far as an invite goes, I don't think they will be adding any conferences any time soon. I don't know if the club is full, but I do know that there just aren't too many teams willing to compete at that level anyway. Even when TCU was in the MWC, our athletic budget was bigger than Baylor, Texas Tech and many others. I don't see many G5 schools willing to make that kind of commitment. TCU did because their alumni were willing to fund it. I don't see the same type of alumni support at other G5 programs. I have always believed that people that really like athletics tend to gravitate towards the power conference schools for college. They want to go to a college where football on Saturdays is a really big deal. I had two friends in high school that went to the University of Alabama for college and neither of them had ever been on campus before they moved in for classes Freshman year. That was the type of experience they were looking for in their college. It just doesn't seem to be too important to most G5 students.
  15. Sugar Bowl

    I will actually enjoy the fact that it will not be a rematch. I hate these big megaconferences, but at least Georgia and Alabama haven't played this year. It should make for a great matchup because both teams will have a lot of film against identical opponents.