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  1. If they win out, they probably keep the interim.
  2. I think Kansas State is a bottom four Big 12 team. If Nevada is legit, they should get the win, even on the road.
  3. Fleck would be close enough to the ocean. Maybe his team really could row the boat.
  4. I have been a member here a lot of years. I'm not as active as I was when TCU was in the conference. I vowed I would stay at least until UNLV won a conference championship in football. Since that hasn't happened yet, I haven't thought about leaving.
  5. Bill O'Brien come on down. You are the next head coach at USC.
  6. I just glanced at your signature pic and I thought it was a UFO hovering over the stadium. Then I noticed the building attached to it.
  7. They still have bearing because people don't like to think that they are wrong. Otherwise, Iowa would be the number one team in the nation right now.
  8. I really haven't paid attention to what the MWC is doing with Covid this season. Is there a decent chance that Arroyo's first win at UNLV comes via Covid forfeit?
  9. It make me nervous when I see this and note that Colorado State and UNLV don't play this season. I think Colorado State's game at Toledo this week is a big one for them. The games that they would have the best chance to win in the conference (New Mexico, Utah State, Wyoming and Hawaii) are all on the road. I don't think UNLV will be favored in a game the rest of this season.
  10. They could also be about where you think they will finish the season. Thus, the preseason polls.
  11. After they finish the month by knocking off Northern Arizona and Oregon that voter will look a lot smarter.
  12. Cincinnati and Houston probably have better basketball programs than Oklahoma and Texas. What would help Kansas is if they became relevant in the NCAA Tournament again. It is Baylor that is the defending National Champions and Texas Tech lost in overtime in the championship game in the tournament before that. The Big 12 is a better basketball conference than before once all the moves are done.
  13. It was just kind of a paraphrase of what I heard on sports radio in Lincoln this week. Some caller called in and was upset about Nebraska's loss to Illinois and how he had bought in when Frost said that this would be his best team at Nebraska. The host of the radio show said, "He may be right. It may be his best team at Nebraska, but that doesn't mean they are better than Illinois."
  14. I though they did add both San Diego State and Boise. Didn't those two give up their memberships in the AAC?
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