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  1. Is there any real reason to believe that he would be in it for the long term? Not many people quit a lifetime judicial appointment. If you look at his resume, he has always switched jobs every few years. I think he might be a good one, but I wouldn't normally advocate for an alum to get this kind of job. They already have their own favorites and it is often better to bring in an outsider.
  2. The two teams have seemed pretty even so far. It wouldn't surprise me if we get a few more games.
  3. Pittsburgh @thelawlorfaithful is up
  4. All Vegas, except for the scoring.
  5. First Dallas shot of the game results in a goal and neither team does anything else the rest of the game. It might be that kind of series.
  6. It might be a good time for some school to get some of their best coaches. I assume if you have been furloughed that you are a free agent and can go anywhere you want.
  7. I thought that USPS is supposed to be self sufficient. I don’t know why they would need a bailout from the government to do their job.
  8. SMU @thelawlorfaithful is up.
  9. Mississippi State @Billings is up
  10. North Carolina @thelawlorfaithful is up.
  11. Oklahoma State @Billings is up
  12. Nebraska had a game that was scheduled with South Dakota State. When they inquired about how they were doing with covid, they were informed that South Dakota State wasn’t testing their athletes due to the expense. The Big 10 can control conference teams. They can implement the same testing programs to apply to all schools. They can’t do that for teams outside the conference. So yes, conference games are safer.
  13. Oklahoma @thelawlorfaithful is up
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