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  1. hopefully UNLV can keep the cannon red as it should be with no dramatic bullshit in stands or on field which should be more likely since they are not in Reno.
  2. It is UNR not Nevada. Confidence is low this year but if we can beat any team its probably UNR.
  3. if you give that ball gag to Biden he will try to use it on children. bad idea.
  4. i like the top hat wolf way better than the sideways badger. little important history for you
  5. They all want more red cannon. Really that is what we all want. MORE Good for me. Good for you.
  6. It is the University of Nevada Reno. Not Nevada. Really it should probably be "University" of Nevada, Reno....we all know that.
  7. Truthfully sorry for your loss.
  8. it's "pandemic" not pandemic. You know this is fake as hell. Anyway.
  9. I think it should be put up on the main page of MW board big and red for the holidays. Maybe we should just have it up there all the time. I think we should do that.
  10. one thing I do know>>>>>>>>>
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