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  1. They don't tack the flu onto any death they can like they do w/ C19 either, nor do they get financial incentives to do so like they do with C19.
  2. Nope. Dead serious. It isn't that bad at all. Some people get it and die most do not. Just like the flu. Hell, most turn away positives we see are folks that tested positive incoming on elective surgery that didn't even know they had it!!! lol. I am literally bathing in it with patients at work and honestly I am WAY more afraid of the tuberculosis rooms or drunk native patients. Whole think is a joke, This forum is fun because I can actually speak my mind. I, like many other co-workers, think this whole thing is a joke.
  3. It is just the flue. but they will tack anything they can onto it. That said man that vaccine HURTS!!! I got mine Saturday (by force) booster soon to come.
  4. add blocker is the way to go for sure.
  5. From the moment this coach said that winning the rivalry game didn't make or break the season I knew he was not going to be successful. It doesn't matter how many games they win now or ever, without the cannon the season is zero. If they had lost most of them and won the cannon then at least there would be a scarlet lining. Revolving door continues.
  6. Nevada was red at heart before it was poisoned with Californians. Now it is basically California. I think JB is a terrible candidate. So is DT. Until we get over this R vs D thing we will continue to decline. Congrats on the Cannon!
  7. good job UNR!! The wolf Pack is superior team in Nevada this year!!
  8. hopefully UNLV can keep the cannon red as it should be with no dramatic bullshit in stands or on field which should be more likely since they are not in Reno.
  9. It is UNR not Nevada. Confidence is low this year but if we can beat any team its probably UNR.
  10. if you give that ball gag to Biden he will try to use it on children. bad idea.
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