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  1. It is the University of Nevada Reno. Not Nevada. Really it should probably be "University" of Nevada, Reno....we all know that.
  2. Truthfully sorry for your loss.
  3. it's "pandemic" not pandemic. You know this is fake as hell. Anyway.
  4. I think it should be put up on the main page of MW board big and red for the holidays. Maybe we should just have it up there all the time. I think we should do that.
  5. one thing I do know>>>>>>>>>
  6. It is a big scam. It is not going away. It is not slowing down. Positive cases are skyrocketing, but deaths are not. No point in hiding. You can't hide. Your mask won't work. The death rate is very low. I don't think it justifies all the shutdowns. I think certain media outlets are profiting from it and using it for political gain.
  7. Most important issue in Nevada Football Click Here
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