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  1. In the I Formation, running the mother +++++ing football. Praise God. All is right in the world.
  2. Sorry Steve, but Hoke is a loser, unintelligent, inarticulate, and out of his depth, in running a program. The fact that he and his staff had JM as the 5th String QB, behind two True Freshman, while running out two 6th year Seniors for Burmeister is a fireable offense. I just am just thankful Horton is back running the offense. I pray we find a FB like the good ole days, and start playing man football again.
  3. So again, who would you have retained another year or so? Sanford? Hauck? Sanchez?
  4. Generally agree. Firing Luginbill was dumb. Firing Craft likely didn’t need to be done. Firing Chuck Long however, was obvious, and a year too late. Giving Rocky time to build, even with a few bad and close offenses was logical. Hoke will never right this ship. It’s obvious when you see it.
  5. Which coach was fired to quickly at UNLV?
  6. Yea, we do not know each other, so I am not surprised you think this. I agree that consistency is the key, and especially at the G5 level. It is one of the reasons I think teams in the MW should hire retreads that have a history of winning, but for some reason or another, they leveled out in the P5. When they come back down a level, they build programs, then stay there. That is one of the reasons that SDSU was so successful with Rocky. With that being said, I thought from Day 1, that Brady Hoke was the wrong guy to replace Rocky Long. I would choose Bobby Hauck at this point, for many of the reasons you mentioned above.
  7. Players may like Hoke, but his track record is still one of failure. Losing record at Ball State, then they collapsed after his one good year. He was only one game above .500 at SDSU during his first term, and benefitted of having NFL talent all across the team. He then failed miserably at Michigan, and Oregon, and joined a sinking ship at Tennessee. He was in the right spot as our DL coach, and certainly should not have ever gotten the head job.
  8. I have always loved Horton, and the offense we previously ran. I realize I am an anomaly there. Running a pro-set, and pounding the football, while playing strong defense was our identity. As such, there was nothing more annoying then watching RBs run sideways out of the Shotgun.
  9. We’ll see. Hoke has a track record of having just one good season, at each place he had been at. My personal opinion is that he is an inarticulate and inauthentic loser, that has only ever won with other peoples player, with the exception of one good year at Ball State. I think you may be right though. With that, the stakes are so high in college football now, if you see a trend downward, it behooves you to consider making a change.
  10. I think it will take 3-9 for Wicker to make a change, since he would not really have a choice at that point. Thoughts?
  11. God, if it were only still true. Hoke is a loser and needs to be fired. The identity that was established under Rocky is Long gone.
  12. Well, that is because the Aztecs are all dead, and those that act offended are actually ancestors of the Conquistadors that killed them. It truly is as rich as it gets.
  13. Carlos is in his sixties. He served as Montezuma since the late 80s. He used to be in the promo videos, and would lead out the team, with a flaming spear. It was a great time. the Aztecs would have likely been offended that he didn’t ritually skin his enemies, at the fifty yard line.
  14. One of the most hilarious aspects of that protest, was a picture of some young ancestor of a Conquistador, with his arms around two Co-Eds with this horrific offended look on his face. It was such a spectacular grift, it needs to be praised and honored. If any Aztec fans remember this, and have the photo, please post.
  15. He did what all coaches do, he just sent a text message. It felt shitty at the time, but in truth, there is no other way. The reality is Hoke is just a loser. He is not a good builder and sustainer of programs. Further, he leaves programs in shambles. Just look at his track record. He had a losing record at Ball State. They quickly plummeted after he left. He had one winning season in two at SDSU during his first tenure, and never won a game that mattered. He was barely over .500 in the B1G while at Michigan, and it took Harbaugh years to rebuild the program. His best year at UM was with Rich Rod's players. Now, he benefitted from Rocky's players and culture last year, but now, the program is clearly regressing. Unless things drastically change (I guess it is possible), SDSU may be heading for a 6-6 season. That is unacceptable at this point, and is fireable. The sad thing is, Rocky left because he was tired of meddling from the AD, and the insistence that he fire his offensive staff. Yes, the offense held the program back, but Rocky had us winning ten games in four out of five seasons.
  16. What kind of offense is Hauck running up there?
  17. Hoke has always been a loser. Hiring him after Rocky was pushed out, was lazy by Wicker. Anyone that watched last season, knew it was smoke and mirrors.
  18. Yup, and the President of the University, a Flag Officer in the US Air Force lectured the Cadets for something that was not real. Many may not realize this, but the military has shifted left significantly, over the past decade.
  19. I have lived in four different countries, and five different states in the United States. Not one time, have I ever heard someone utter that word, who wasn’t black. As such, the story was very suspicious from the start. As I said earlier, it had all the hallmarks of a race hoax
  20. Ms Staley and Ms Pamplin understand todays climate, and are more adept navigating it than BYU. They realize that you always stay on the offensive, and never admit wrong doing, even in the face of overwhelming evidence against you. BYU on the other hand believed they could placate the mob initially by apologizing, making strongly worded statements, and sacrificing a few innocent parties.. That never works. They should have simply conducted their investigation, and weathered the initial storm. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/34555769/byu-says-found-no-evidence-racial-heckling-duke-women-volleyball-player
  21. Imagine being so bereft of reason that one could believe Russiagate, the Kavanaugh smear, and Jussie, back to back to back. It constantly shocks me how people don’t realize they are getting played for political purposes
  22. No, the Big 12 does not have "superior options." Their options are SDSU, Boise, UNLV, Fresno, and Colorado State. Clearly, SDSU is the most preferable of that group. It won't be long now. With that, neither the Big12 or the Pac Whatever is what they used to be.
  23. I used to really care about the quality of the MW. Now.......not so much. Only two conferences matter now, and SDSU will likely be in the Big 12 or Pac Whatever within the next four years.
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