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  1. Senior Bowl thread

    Penny is going to be rich
  2. Average TV Ratings by Conference. Power 7?

    What do you mean negotiations progressed much further, according to the MW? All I heard was that we were offered the same deal and said no. I'm sure we'll get some marginal increase that takes us to $2 million a year or so. But it won't be substantial.
  3. Average TV Ratings by Conference. Power 7?

    What dollar amount do you expect again?
  4. Average TV Ratings by Conference. Power 7?

    They are delusional if they think they are getting anything more than a marginal increase. I politely point that out. Thus, those people despise me.
  5. Air Force (2-2) Stony Brook - W @ FAU - L Navy - L Army - W Boise State (3-1) @ Troy - W UCONN - W @ Oklahoma State - L BYU - W Colorado State (2-2) Colorado (Denver) - L Arkansas - W @ Florida - L Illinois State - W Fresno State (3-1) Idaho - W @ Minnesota - W @ UCLA - L Toledo - W Hawaii (2-3) Navy - L Rice - W @ Army - L Duquesne - W @ BYU - L Nevada (2-2) Portland State - W @ Vanderbilt - L Oregon State - W @ Toledo - L New Mexico (2-2) Incarnate Word - W @ Wisconsin - L @ New Mexico State - L Liberty - W San Diego State (3-1) @ Stanford - L Sacramento State - W Arizona State - W Eastern Michigan - W San Jose State (1-3) UC Davis - W @ Washington State - L @ Oregon - L Army - L UNLV (1-2) @ USC - L UTEP - W @ Arkansas State - L TBD Utah State (3-1) @ Michigan State - L New Mexico State - W Tennesse Tech - W @ BYU - W Wyoming (1-3) @ New Mexico State - L Washington State - L @ Missouri - L Wofford - W
  6. BYU & MWC

    Looking at the 2018 schedule, BYU will go anywhere between 5-7 and 7-5. Will be tough to get bowl eligible.
  7. BYU & MWC

    Nothing new here, as nobody has said BYU is clamoring to get into a conference. Rather, they are stuck in no-mans Land. This appears to be continuing for sometime.
  8. Today's Fresno State - Air Force Game Has Been Canceled

    I agree with the sentitment of what you say here, except for the racistly tinged comments. Having a "clean bill" vote on DACA has a pre-condition to getting a CR approved would be unprecedented, which is my point. Whether you like Trump or not, are Republican or Democrat, an insane Leftist, or Right Winger, policy is always passed by Congress collectively negotiating with each side conceding certain things. If you think anyone is going to support DACA without also ensuring the border is secure, in not sure what to say. This is how the republic works.
  9. Today's Fresno State - Air Force Game Has Been Canceled

    This shows how people do not understand how our government works. The Republicans may have a majority in the Senate, however, they do not control it. You need 60 votes to pass budget. The Republicans only have 51 sitting Senators. As such, they need 9 votes from the Democrats. As such, the Democrats actually control whether or not a budget is passed. Regarding DACA, new legislation is never considered with passing a Continuing Resolution. A CR is much like it sounds, it is just an extension of a previously approved budget. The Democrats know this, as do the Republicans. Regarding the President, he just signed the CR, without a budget for a wall. This is of course, because a new immigration bill was never going to be included as a part of the CR. I hope this helps.
  10. Bowl Game Ratings

    Certainly helped. SDSU and Houston had great ratings the year before as well. Certainly, both games were helped by the time slot. Premier game on Saturday.
  11. Bowl Game Ratings

    Yea, he is the best supporter of SDSU West that we have. As soon as he opens his mouth, it helps SDSU. Guy got slammed.
  12. Bowl Game Ratings

    Most watched bowl with a Power school vs. a non-Power school: Las Vegas Bowl (Oregon vs. No. 25 Boise State), Saturday, Dec. 16 on ABC, 3.801 million viewers. Most watched bowl with no Power opponents: Armed Forces Bowl (Army vs. San Diego State), Saturday, Dec. 23 on ESPN, 3.485 million viewers. http://www.fbschedules.com/2018/01/which-bowl-games-were-watched-most/ Interesting numbers. For those of you that care, the MLS Cup drew a 0.7 rating, on prime-time on ESPN. Yet another reason Aztecfans are laughing at Landon Donovan as he trolled us on twitter.
  13. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    @StanfordAggie Exactly, the bolded is the worst case scenario. I'll add additional details to that piece as well. We SDSU fans are not "drinking the Kool-aid." Rather, we have been following this situation closely, and know the situation. Let's lay out the scenarios (abbreviated, as I don't have time to go into all the details): SDSU West Passes - This is obviously the best scenario, as SDSU would build Aztec Stadium, breaking ground sometime in early 2020. SDSU would continue playing at SDCCU Stadium in the interim. Yes, SDSU has already said they will take over operation of the stadium. Furthermore, the city owes about $6 million a year on the stadium regardless of what happens. The additional cost argument is just being used by the competition. Both Initiatives Fail - If both initiatives fail, this is also a positive for SDSU. As K5 laid out, the city charter already has established that the first priority is low income housing, with the second priority being education. Part of SDSU's proposal is to offer low income housing, and SDSU already worked with the agencies responsible for this to work them into the proposal. The City Council would set the requirements, of which a Stadium and campus expansion would be a part, and developers would bid on the contracts. This is what legally was supposed to happen in the first place, and is the reason that Soccer City surreptitiously planned the initiative route, route the contract, then surprised SDSU with it. They knew that this is the only route for them to get access to the land, without competing for it against other developers. Soccer City Wins - If this happens, SDSU would have until December 1, 2018 to agree to "partner" with Soccer City. In this case, they would "own" the land under the stadium (worthless), would commit $160 million to a $250 million stadium that would seat 33,500 (counting unsellable seats and SRO), would get 5 acres around the stadium, then another 17 acres for their "campus." Sadly these acres would be sold at an insane $10 million to $13 million. It is worth mentioning that these "concessions" were deemed to not be legally binding by the City Attorney, so SDSU could get screwed in this scenario. Basically, the worst case scenario is that SDSU plays in a ~30,000 seat soccer stadium, gets minimal land to develop, and is never able to truly grow. Not the nightmare scenario that you lay out, but certainly not a good one. Regarding the SDCCU Stadium lease extension, one will be signed. The reason it has not been signed yet, is that the mayor has been stalling the negotiations, as to wait until SDSU has a competing initiative on the ballot. SDSU West's initiative will be approved in 30 days. The Mayor and SDSU will then finalize the lease extension. Expect there to be an announcement this summer. As I have stated, the City owes ~$6 million a year on the stadium as is, and SDSU has offered to take over cost of the stadium. Furthermore, nobody can start building on the site until around 2021, as one of the initiatives would have to first pass, then legal hurdles would need to be cleared, then a lease would need to be executed. Additionally, the actual Soccer City initiative requires SDCCU stadium to be open until 2021. So yea, SDSU is at no risk of not having a place to play. Any other educated Aztec fans can add on to this if you would like. This is all off memory, without looking at any notes. I hope this covers your questions. Frankly, nothing SDSUfan says is accurate, and it is hard to argue with people who blatantly state things that are false or misleading, then tell you you are an idiot when you correct them.
  14. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    What did SteveAztec do that makes him so infamous?
  15. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    This is wrong. I have provided you evidence to the contrary. You cannot be helped, I guess.