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  1. fanhood

    SDSU West leading big

    Two independent polls say this thing is over. One thing is for sure, SoccerCity is dead.
  2. fanhood

    SDSU West leading big

    False. The Soccer City folks would be leasing the land. Not property taxes gained from that. Regarding the long term economic impact, this study has been done, and it was shown the SDSU proposal would generate substantially more.
  3. fanhood

    SDSU West leading big

    I don't think you read the actual poll. That is the point, it is not going to win out.
  4. fanhood

    Slowest AFA team in years

    Maybe this is recency bias, but I think this is the worst AFA team I have seen in years. I have been watching Air Force play SDSU since the 80s. I remember watching the Morgan brothers, Mike Houghton, Mike Thiessen, etc completely destroy SDSU. Now, it is as if they have zero team speed. Yes, their defense looked strong, but that was playing against a completely depleted SDSU offense. Is it just me, or do you all see it as well?
  5. fanhood

    SDSU West leading big

    Why do people continually make this comparison regarding every poll? Poll's are historically accurate plus or minus 3% to 5%. Furthermore, Hillary was only projected a few percentage points ahead of Donald Trump, the week before the election. But that was on the General Ballot, and not State by State. Finally, are you implying that there is some sort of "Silent Majority" that does not want to tell their friends they are voting for FS, to avoid some fight, or family drama? Get a grip. This thing is over.
  6. fanhood

    Thanks for handing the NY6 spot to the AAC again

    This is dumb. The fans of the American always seem to do this. Right now, they are really pumped that they have three teams ranked. With that, we all know that by season end Cincinnati will not be, and USF will be fighting to be renamed 25th. The only team that has staying power is UCF. Before commenting on Houston, I just want to see them play defense.
  7. fanhood

    Thanks for handing the NY6 spot to the AAC again

    You realize that Utah State likely will win out until they play Boise, right?
  8. fanhood

    wyoming @ hawaii

    Hawaii fans, why hasn't your attendance improved? You have a six win team already, that is exciting. I was expecting at least 32k this week.
  9. fanhood

    Thanks for handing the NY6 spot to the AAC again

    Well, one of our bottom feeders, beat one of their upper tier teams today. And they beat them badly. Yet again, the MW beats the AAC. This is starting to become predictable.
  10. fanhood

    Boise State vs SDSU Game Thread.

    Nah, it was awesome. The game should not have been that close. We dominated, but just failed to take advantage of all the TOs we created. Fun times. Boise people are nice.
  11. Yup, I met one of them. Nice tall kid from Hawaii. He was pumped to be there.
  12. No way. We'll be playing Utah State.
  13. fanhood

    Thanks for handing the NY6 spot to the AAC again

    Nope, didn't want the Tulsa vs Texas game, ask it was on Longhorn Network, which I do not get. I'll take you at your word that Tulsa is "not a pushover" even though that program is 3-14 over the past two seasons. As for Tulsa, they pounded the ball on you. You can see that from watching the game, and from looking at the stat lines. You were arguing how strong your Run D was, and I was pointing out how garbage your D is as a whole. If you were somehow encouraged by that game, I am not sure what to tell you. The good news is, your schedule looks very weak going forward. As such, since Houston has more talent than anyone they will play, I like your chances to go 9-3 or 10-2.
  14. fanhood

    Thanks for handing the NY6 spot to the AAC again

    Did you not watch the game?