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  1. This is the argument that Peter Thiel makes. In fact, he made it in his book "Zero to One," which is likely where you got the concept. It is ironic, as right now, we are seeing the exact example of the dangers of monopolies, in the complete shutdown of other social media sites.
  2. This is the "libertarian" belief, that has been so pervasive in conservative circles, that it has blinded many. The platforms you allude to have such a critical mass, that they are in effect a monopoly, no different than many of the companies that were broken up at the turn of the and early 20th century were. There simply are not other options. Note: I am not even sure what the answer is, but the "go to another platform" option clearly is not one, as history has proven.
  3. Wow, this one was rich. Great ending to this story.
  4. Well, if Memphis does beat UCF, how will they send their Conference Title Trophy to UH Manoa? US Postal, FedEx or UPS?
  5. Side note: I have finally been banned from aztecmesa. All for posing questions to the moderators regarding their constant calls to fire coaches. I could not be more proud.
  6. https://csnbbs.com/thread-864561-page-2.html This thread is fun. Notice how there is a guy who think that Cincinnati is a good team, should be ranked, and would beat Fresno, Boise, and Utah State.
  7. No, Boise's wins over Fresno, and Utah State are better than that win over Pitt. SDSU's wins over Boise and ASU are better than that win as well.
  8. Unlikely this year.. They would struggle to win both divisions this year. I think last year, they would have had a chance to win the league.
  9. Yup. The USF team in a five game losing streak and a 2nd/3rd string QB. Wish I was in Vegas next weekend. Easy money.
  10. No chance. I watched the entire UCF @ ECU game. That back-up QB is bad. UCF would have lost that game, and ECU had any semblance of competence.
  11. Well, the NY6 Bowl will go to Utah State, Fresno, or Boise. UCF's backup QB is awful, and Memphis can run the ball.
  12. These threads are comical. The same one was started at the beginning of last season.
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