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  1. I love lawsuits. The discovery portion is always spectacular.
  2. Wow, this one was rich. Great ending to this story.
  3. In the AAC they would not have a separate deal, would have horrible travel, and would play games at Noon EST on the road. Never gonna happen. They could go Indy, get a decent TV Contract, go 6-6 to 10-2, just like BYU and be completely irrelevant playing UMASS and Idaho State in November, for nothing. Good luck. Buh bye.
  4. Three Championships in the Long Era. Four ten win season in the past five. Number two scoring defense in the country this season, and one of the most dominating in MW history. Dominated Boise on the Blue the last chance he had. Long may he reign, indeed.
  5. Less Californians in CA playing football, and more competition for the declining number of participants.
  6. Had SDSU not lost to Hawaii, we would have had a third. Shame.
  7. I know plenty of Liberty graduates who say that it was the best decision they ever made. Its all about preferences, I guess. Again, you should not let your political beliefs cloud your judgement on business decisions. Just my two cents.
  8. You realize that Liberty has had tremendous growth over the past decade? If they were a stock, they would be trending up. If I were you, I would not let your politics, or beliefs get in the way of rationality.
  9. My prediction on the MW was $2m to $3m. Pretty close. Pleasantly surprised.