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  1. The AAC will get somewhere between $3 million and $5 million. The MW will get somewhere between $2 million, and $4 million. Those moons on the AAC board are fooling themselves. They always have been.
  2. That makes them "Fake religious?" What is a "real religious" school then?
  3. fanhood

    Utah State rehires Gary Anderson

    And all things considered, he had done a good job there.
  4. fanhood

    Utah State rehires Gary Anderson

    The perfect hire. Andersen has already won there, and will do so again. Most importantly, he will stay for the rest of his career. The only way that the MW improves, is if they hire good coaches, and keep them. The only way to keep them is to hire winners, that have already been elsewhere.
  5. What does this even mean?
  6. fanhood

    SDSU ‘19

    No way we are moving away from the 3-3-5. Very curious as to what the "changes" are that he was referring to.
  7. fanhood

    New Bowl Tie-ins?

    Holiday should be open. They are unwilling to pay large payouts, and they will be moving into the Aztec's 35k seat stadium in 2022. Best part is, they will be paying rent to SDSU!
  8. fanhood

    New Bowl Tie-ins?

    I thought this was supposed to be finalized during the Summer. Does anyone know when they will be finalized for future years?
  9. fanhood

    Football Transfers

    Nothing Norvell said here is false. The skipping the Bowl Game situation is actually practical, rational, and logical. However, playing as a member of a team, is rarely any of those things. I just cannot imagine quitting the team before the season is over.
  10. fanhood


    Do you know the steps of concussion protocol, and how to respond to them, if you want to stay in the game? I will wait. Hint - it is based on control questions.
  11. fanhood


    In the Game of Thrones, you either win or you die.
  12. fanhood


    I don't have strong opinions on the subject, as I have not really studied it. The subject at hand though, I am relatively well read on it, so it amuses me when people (presumably you?) simply parrot the common line. Its much more complicated, and in most points that people make, the opposite is true. It is fascinating, really.
  13. fanhood


    They are not kids. They are grown adults.
  14. fanhood


    Ah yes......the famous seat belt/insurance company argument. As a former Director of Regional Special Investigations for a large insurance company, I can tell you this argument is a sham, and is acknowledged as such internally. You have anything else that is only an inch deep?
  15. fanhood


    Ha. I could pick this argument apart, as it is only an inch deep. But I won't, as it is superficial, and a waste of my time. Anyway, personal decisions have benefits and consequences. Alexander is a 22 year old man, with the right to make his own.