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  1. I find it unlikely ESPN signs the MW. They won't need the content. My guess is it is between CBS Sports and internet streaming.
  2. ESPN+ is the future. There is nothing wrong with having your games on there. Yes, many people wont see them, but that will all change in a few years.
  3. You didn’t read the very thread you linked. Carry on.
  4. Pesik emerges! My prediction was that the increase would put you somewhere between $3 million and $5 million. I did expect it to be on the lower side of that, but I always predicted $3-5, as there are so many variables. I don't remember what you said, but I remember many saying $12 million, which I said was nuts (I thought you were one of those folks). Nonetheless, the $6.9 million each team gets is spectacular, and far exceeded my expectations. Aresco and company did an solid job. How are those on the AAC Board feeling about it? I don't drop in much, since they strangely banned me a while back. It will be interesting to see what the MW gets. They MW has the advantage of "going second." They also have the advantage of CBS Sports, and NBC, and the other streaming content carriers needing content. I would predict somewhere around $4 million at this point.
  5. I was trying to find the thread from December. I laughed at a guy for making that comment so early. That has been happening every year for the past five years, and it only became true once.
  6. Belmont and Furman deserve to be in.
  7. If so, I would laugh. That would give three bids to the AAC and three bids to the MW. Not bad considering the AAC was much better than the MW in basketball this year (clearly not the case in football). The AAC board might explode.
  8. fanhood

    Power 7!

    No, it’s the conference schedule that really hurt them.
  9. fanhood

    Power 7!

    The MW was clearly better than the AAC this year. It is just a shame that UCF played such a weak schedule this year, with their best regular season win being over a Temple team that was beat by Villanova, and blown out by Buffalo.
  10. fanhood

    Power 7!

    Mug, I am a little disappointed. I didn't realize you banned people. He is a moron, but don't let this place become Aztecmesa.
  11. What exactly was the issue with Cromwell?
  12. I would have had them at 15.
  13. There is absolutely nothing "5 Star" about Malik Henry.
  14. Well, not much to do here other than laugh.