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  1. fanhood

    Mitsubishi Motors Las Vegas Bowl

    Mmmmm, what? I never said "we" were not getting left behind. Of course we are getting left behind. I am just pointing out the obvious that the quality of the match-up and the amount of people attending will depend on the teams, the seasons, etc. I also did not imply that Southerners are less wealthy than others. I am a Southerner for Gods sake. Dear Lord, carry on.
  2. fanhood

    Mitsubishi Motors Las Vegas Bowl

    Do we know if there will be a second game?
  3. fanhood

    Mitsubishi Motors Las Vegas Bowl

    Agree and disagree here. It will depend on match-up, quality of season, program, etc. For example, Kentucky at 7-5 versus Utah at 7-5 would be very well attended. However, Florida at 6-6 versus Oregon State at 6-6 would not be.
  4. Rocky Long is untouchable. This is stupid.
  5. Somebody will claim the Ref used the N word. It will happen. Its guaranteed.
  6. fanhood

    AAC fans are a sensitive lot

    The fact that ESPN and the AAC have not even begun to have conversations should be concerning to the AAC. With that said, I have always believe that the floor is about $3 million, and their ceiling is about $5 million. Those on the AAC board expecting above $10 million are delusional.
  7. fanhood

    Orlando Sentinel Countdown

    I think Fresno is hard to read. They are a ten win team that is returning some 18 starters or so. They have a very good QB, and a stable of effective RBs. Defensively they are strong However, this team also won only one game in 2016. So, was last year an anomaly? I have no idea.
  8. I hope you are right, and I am wrong. I would love to see the evidence of the "millions" they will be making, as well as the contractual terms you mentioned.
  9. I feel bad for you. Really, I do. I know what its like to be a tenant, as does SDSU. I am no longer a tenant, and will never be again. SDSU wont be a tenant in four years. It will be a long wait, but they will survive.
  10. I do not think you get it. You will....in time.
  11. Maybe. Just let me know when the Raiders decide.
  12. fanhood

    AAC OOC Predictions

    Cincinnati (2-2)09/01 - at UCLA - L09/08 - at Miami (OH) (at Paul Brown Stadium) - W09/15 - Alabama A&M - W09/22 - Ohio - LEast Carolina (2-2)09/01 - North Carolina A&T - W09/08 - North Carolina - L09/15 - at Virginia Tech - L09/29 - Old Dominion - WTemple (2-2)09/01 - Villanova - W09/08 - Buffalo - W09/15 - at Maryland - L09/29 - at Boston College - LUCF (3-1)09/08 - South Carolina State - W09/15 - at North Carolina - W09/21 - Florida Atlantic - L09/29 - Pittsburgh - WUCONN (1-3)09/08 - at Boise State - L09/15 - Rhode Island - W09/22 - at Syracuse - L10/27 - UMASS - LUSF (3-1)09/01 - Elon - W09/08 - Georgia Tech - L09/15 - at Illinois (at Chicago, IL) - W10/06 - at UMASS - WHouston (3-1)09/01 - at Rice - W09/08 - Arizona - L09/15 - at Texas Tech - W09/22 - Texas Southern - WMemphis (3-1)09/01 - Mercer - W09/14 - Georgia State - W09/22 - South Alabama - W10/20 - at Missouri - LNavy (3-2)09/01 - at Hawaii - W09/15 - Lehigh - W10/06 - at Air Force - W10/27 - Notre Dame (at San Diego, CA) - L12/08 - Army (Philadelphia, PA) - LSMU (1-3)09/01 - at North Texas - L09/07 - TCU - L09/15 - at Michigan - L09/29 - Houston Baptist - WTulane (2-2)08/30 - Wake Forest - L09/08 - Nicholls State - W09/15 - at UAB - W09/22 - at Ohio State - LTulsa (1-3)09/01 - Central Arkansas - W09/08 - at Texas - L09/15 - Arkansas State - L10/20 - at Arkansas - L
  13. Waiting on the Raiders to decide.........UNLV, welcome to your new life. Enjoy.
  14. That is when I stop watching.
  15. I am generally skeptical of all of this. CTE research is becoming an industry unto itself.