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  1. Most likely UGa tOSU/UM winner Cincy Okie State If BU wins B12, then ND gets in. The only way Bama gets in is beating Georgia.
  2. Great job vacating the P12 cellar
  3. Not to mention the two ASU championships when they were in the WAC listed, neither of which is recognized by the NCAA..... they must be really hurting for prestige....
  4. From what I read, P5 schools are presenting potential recruits with a NIL package of what typical players get. Not much different than the old days, just more out in the open
  5. It would be great if a large number of local businesses did the same. UNLV basketball could quickly be highly attractive...... and if a mega booster got on board to fund a few 1- and- done players, the Rebels could really be going to the top.
  6. Well, as a long-suffering BYU fan who has been through many down years, let's hope that Boise is only down for a year or two. Also as a TCU fan watching TCU flounder for several years and now looking like it has its worst defense since the 90s, I feel your pain. Gary may never get to coach against BYU in the NB12.
  7. And BYU was down. Anything can happen, but I just haven't been impressed by Boise this year, especially in the 2nd hall of games.
  8. Boise just isn't the Boise that used to be. BYU is definitely on the rise. Looking for a nice win for the Cougs, hopefully without too many injuries for either team.
  9. Hair should have added Boise, Fresno, and Nevada in 08, but I don't think he had the power to do so. The conference presidents were shortsighted, much like the B12 in 2016. The bad TV deals are all on him. I am glad the MWC is safe for now. He deserves some credit for that.
  10. I would put the ACC much lower, and move the Sun Belt higher. The MWC looks like the 4th best conference right now, above both the ACC and P12.
  11. Congrats Fresno on the top 20. Well deserved. Congrats SDSU on the top 30 rating.
  12. Probably after the Boise Oklahoma bowl game. A lot of energy was wasted with in-fighting between the MWC and the WAC.
  13. However, even you would agree joining former SWC BU, UT, and Tech was nice for TCU, right? And this weekend's Battle For The Iron Skillet is great because of the rivalry, right? And when Texas leaves and likely never plays TCU again out of a bowl game, it will kinda suck, agreed? Especially given how TCU has dominated the series over the last decade. Having history matters, as well as regional ties. It has been much better for TCU that it has been in the B12 for a decade rather than playing in the Big East/AAC, and not just for the money difference.
  14. I don't come here for BYU talk and spent most of the last decade since TCU and BYU lurking. The MWC remains my 2nd favorite conference and the only one I follow much outside of the B12. That being said, this looks like a pretty good year for BYU. LES is rocking like it was in the 80s and 90s instead of having almost no home field advantage. The team plays tough in ways it hasn't for awhile. It still has room to grow, but I was expecting 7-5 before the season, even after last year. BYU could easily have been 0-3 at this point.
  15. Crazy crazy. MWC > P12. Congrats!
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