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  1. From my dealings with him, he comes off as very smart, but youngish. He has a very youthful and very high energy. He seemed at ease with recruits. Marion went to a Cal JuCo out of high school. After one year, he changed schools and the new JuCo didn't have a coaching staff so Marion recruited players and ran practices until they hired a coach. He was living in his car during much of this time. After injuries put him out of the pro football, he went back to home and coached job high school football at a bad school. He raised $1.5 million for the school and took a losing program to a winner. He will be a very good head coach, raise money with ease, and get good recruits.
  2. Hope he is OK. Might explain the late season collapse.
  3. Saw an article quoting 10 unnamed college coaches on the transfer portal. They said that good OL/DL transfers are both highly coveted and scarce. I suspect the best FCS lineman can make bank moving up.
  4. IDK. Social media post that has now been deleted. Maybe AZ upped his salary....
  5. Oops, Noah Fifita (AZ) in the portal. I wonder who is giving him $2mil...
  6. Oregon is lucking that it isn't facing Arizona. Arizona is going to destroy its bowl opponent. Noah Fifita is a great young QB. AZ is paying out good NIL so he shouldn't be tempted to seek more money elsewhere.
  7. It is going to be a race out the door, for sure.
  8. Yes. Very bad timing to be left out in the cold. Reno could have a better roster than WSU soon. They ought to just bite the bullet and accept shock therapy and merge with the MWC. It will remove uncertainty. I just don't know if their egos can accept that.
  9. For some reason, I suspect SJSU fans are going to hold on to its 3rd place finish and its exclusion from the MWC title game for a very long time. Maybe SJSU can learn to play a full season one day.
  10. Wash St QB just entered the portal and has at least 10 $1mil+ offers.
  11. Marion to OU as OC? https://sports.yahoo.com/unlvs-brennan-marion-emerges-ou-152508890.html A pretty good fit. Marion is a cowboy at heart and usually wears a cowboy hat walking around and owns a ranch. OU has a history of adopting innovative offenses and has talent and speed.
  12. Odom doesn't sound like he is leaving. https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/unlv/unlv-football/unlv-coach-unsurprised-by-job-rumors-ahead-of-conference-title-game-2954981/ "As for himself, Odom said he won’t be lured away by a larger contract. He said there are too many factors he enjoys about coaching to just sign the most valuable deal. Odom added UNLV has been “tremendous” when discussing financial situations. “I’ve never taken a job because of the one-day-a-month paycheck,” he said. “That’s never ever been the case when I was a high school assistant coach to a head coach in high school to a graduate assistant to a director of recruiting, director of operations, position coach, coordinator, head coach. “I feel like over the years, if you do that, you’re going to be chasing an endless hope of unhappiness.”"
  13. Marion has worked wonders wherever he has been. He really is great But leave UTEP to someone else.
  14. Former Baylor OC Grimes, who is out of a job and has El Paso connections, might be a good fit. Marion has better options. Best fit would be Penn St OC and then head coach P5 after 2 years. If he can help Penn St score and win against Ohio St and Michigan, he would be looking at blue blood HC jobs.
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