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  1. Welp. Bennington is broken. Go Knights.
  2. Took em 7 games, but the Blues seem to have remembered how to play hockey. Hope they stick with Allen in net. Not sure what Binnington’s deal is.
  3. Skated pretty hard from grade school through college. I still cruise around but my ankles are glass now.
  4. Just for the record, I cant stand either coaches or programs.
  5. ROFL @ Davie moseying along the sideline twirling his lanyard. All out of +++++s to give.
  6. Well, that could have been worse. I'll take it. Come on Pokes, let's get some more points before the half.
  7. Nico... man, just cant say enough good about him. What a competitor.
  8. The Blues are stinking it up. Been awful since letting Hitch go.
  9. I can get behind this. Edward's has my interest in Pokes BBall back to a Schroyer era level of no +++++s to give.
  10. It does seem that more often than not we lose someone for the season during this game. And as a former enlisted member of the Air Force... +++++ the Falcons.
  11. Brutal. Sanchez's decisions are indefensible. Y'all deserve better.
  12. Was there a pool table involved? Channelling his inner Dana Dimel?
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