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  1. Subcanis

    Eastern Michigan at SDSU Game Thread

    Whoa. Terrible call.
  2. Subcanis

    USU vs Air Force

    Beer song is our song bitches. Stop screwing this up Aggies.
  3. Subcanis

    Fire Colorado State

    Expecting 3 or 4 defensive scores eh?
  4. Subcanis

    Week 4 College Football - The other Games.

    VT goes down to ODU.
  5. Subcanis

    Redbirds @ Rams

    JB is the man. My all-time favorite Cowboy.
  6. Subcanis

    Redbirds @ Rams

  7. Subcanis

    Redbirds @ Rams

    Root. Or whatever it's called now.
  8. Subcanis

    Redbirds @ Rams

    Trying to out-Wyoming us?
  9. Subcanis

    Chip the Buffalo shot himself

    4 simple rules.
  10. Subcanis

    Week 3 in gifs

    Wyoming fans during and after the game:
  11. Subcanis

    This year's Border War preview

    Attendance #s would be better.
  12. Subcanis

    Wofford at Wyoming

    First two sentences are contradictory. Why are we still so "young" in year 5? This offense is a textbook example of coaching failure. He keeps trying to shoehorn this system into our program, completely disregarding the fact that he has failed to recruit the players necessary to run it effectively. We do have some talent and our offense can be serviceable when the playcalling suits the personnel (as seen by the final 2 minutes). Why did it take 58 minutes and staring down the barrel of a loss that could have potentially set the program back several more years for something to change? Ego? Ignorance?
  13. Boarder? I think its gonna be a toss up, maybe even giving the edge to the Rams. I have zero faith in the coaches to utilize the offense in a productive way. Every time I think a light bulb may have flickered in Vigen's head, the following week he goes right back to smashing square pegs into round holes. Either the play calling has to change or the offense has to magic themselves into being able to execute Vigen's standard game plan. I dont realistically see either happening. Our defense... who knows. I cant tell if they are underperforming because they are over rated or if they are just tired of being left on an island and are out of +++++s to give. I'd like to think it's the latter. Gonna be a long conference season for the Pokes methinks.
  14. Subcanis

    San Diego State vs Arizona State Game Thread

    So... I guess they're just not gonna call holding on ASU.