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  1. Skated pretty hard from grade school through college. I still cruise around but my ankles are glass now.
  2. That's on the brain trust that decided to remove seats and rotate the court in the recent half ass remodel.
  3. Y'all have WY ranked way too high.
  4. In my experience I've seen marked improvement in coordination after pilots get a little tailwheel time. So it isnt necessary by any means, but it absolutely makes one a better pilot, same as getting the high performance and complex endorsements. Regardless, it's just fun. OP, first go find a flight school and take a "discovery flight". Usually 45-60 minutes and should run 75-100 bucks. You'll know immediately after if it's something you find worth investing a ton of cash and time into. If so, before you sink any money into flight time, get your 3rd class medical. The flight school guys will explain what that is and let you know who can do it in your area.
  5. I think the tailwheel without a doubt gets people much more proficient with the rudder, that’s all. I’m by no means a tailwheel elitist. The 701 is cool as hell, I was very seriously looking at building a 750. I like the Heintz designs a lot, got to go through the factory in MO. I went with a Stinson 108-2 when I got my IA. Seen the NX Cub? It’s really impressive.
  6. Very few get it at 40. 50-60 is typical. IM me with any specific questions. I'm a pilot and A&P/IA.
  7. And yet, back in the beginning, he refused to start JJ. He's a complete moron.
  8. That was fugly. And predictable. GG Pack.
  9. We did that for San a few years ago too.
  10. Marble is gonna get an earful for getting that rebound.