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  1. Wyoming/SDSU

    His body language always pisses me off too, especially considering as a veteran senior he should be one of the team's leaders. Slowly plods everywhere with his shoulders slumped looking completely uninterested. Zero hustle or fire.
  2. Wyoming/SDSU

    Herndon is without a doubt the softest, whiniest "big" in the league. Watching him constantly wince and grimace anytime he gets breathed on is +++++ing embarrassing.
  3. Wyoming/SDSU

    Straight up ass kicking. Props to Suds. So frustrating and disappointing considering what this team has shown to be capable of.
  4. Wyoming/SDSU

  5. Wyoming/SDSU

    No Adams. Rolled his ankle apparently. Meh.
  6. Wyo at CSU

    I'm now 2 for 2 this season. Its... uncanny. You're welcome fellow Poke fans.
  7. Wyo at CSU

    Nice game Rams.
  8. Wyo at CSU

    Fugly start to the 2nd half.
  9. My Pokes at SJSU

    SJSU looking for first conference win while playing WYO. Deja vu.
  10. My Pokes at SJSU

  11. My Pokes at SJSU

  12. My Pokes at SJSU

    It would be such a Wyoming thing to do though.
  13. My Pokes at SJSU

    Maldonado has come on strong the last couple games.
  14. My Pokes at SJSU

    Someone steal those whistles. Jeezus.
  15. My Pokes at SJSU

    I got it working now. Couldn't get the first half between my phone, iPad, or laptop through either the MW or UW sites.