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  1. Edwards is going to dethrone Schroyer. Let that sink in. GG Falcons. Could you have your buddies over at Cheyenne Mountain lob something toward the dome of dook and put us out of our misery?
  2. Better than pissing ourselves on national TV against a MAC team. Plus it might force someone's hand to do something about Vigen (yeah... wishful thinking).
  3. Just +++++ing call it. What difference does it make.
  4. To paraphrase Bohl- You're just a little league coach. You're far too stupid and it's just far too complicated for you to have an opinion on.
  5. I'm astonished Dickert hasnt stabbed Vigen. Barring some miracle AF is going to get at least 3 here and that's ballgame. And Bohl will shit on the D postgame.
  6. I wonder how Vigen can spell his name when he only knows the first letter of the alphabet. God. Damnit.
  7. We take a timeout to run that and then let the clock run out? Someone get Vigen a cocktail and tell him to loosen the +++++ up.
  8. With as few offensive downs as were going to get we cant afford to be pissing half of them away.