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  1. Subcanis

    CSU -@- wyo: Men's Hoops

    Extend Edwards.
  2. Subcanis

    At the end of the day

    He needs to be shitcanned yesterday. He should have never been hired in the first place. At the end of the day... drives me +++++ing insane.
  3. Subcanis

    Give the 3 points and take Boise tonight

    "Hold my beer." -Edwards
  4. Subcanis

    Week 13 Gifs

    Just for the record, I cant stand either coaches or programs.
  5. Subcanis

    Wyoming vs New Mexico Game Thread...

    ROFL @ Davie moseying along the sideline twirling his lanyard. All out of +++++s to give.
  6. Subcanis

    Wyoming vs New Mexico Game Thread...

    Well, that could have been worse. I'll take it. Come on Pokes, let's get some more points before the half.
  7. Subcanis

    Wyoming vs New Mexico Game Thread...

    Nico... man, just cant say enough good about him. What a competitor.
  8. Subcanis

    OT: US Thanksgiving NHL snapshot

    The Blues are stinking it up. Been awful since letting Hitch go.
  9. Subcanis

    Turd of the week candidates

    I can get behind this. Edward's has my interest in Pokes BBall back to a Schroyer era level of no +++++s to give.
  10. Subcanis

    Air Force @ Wyoming Game Thread

    It does seem that more often than not we lose someone for the season during this game. And as a former enlisted member of the Air Force... +++++ the Falcons.