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  1. He seemed very timid most of the time, but there were a few times when he had some swagger that were pretty impressive. If he can figure out how to play his role and be assertive at the same time he’ll be huge this year.
  2. True story. Didn’t catch the autocorrect.
  3. If Oden can grow into the player I saw glimpses of last season he could be an absolute handful.
  4. I’ll bite. Are you referring to Concord?
  5. I stick to big bikes anymore. Keeps me (mostly) off the trails I have no business being on anymore lol.
  6. I’ve never raced but do a lot of dual sport/adventure riding. Touring Baja for a few weeks is on my list.
  7. What’s been your favorite bike? What bikes have you run?
  8. Would love to see Kanaan win. Or maybe Grosjean.
  9. Turning into a really interesting race. Leclerc may murder his strategist.
  10. This is what a 3% chance of rain looks like. This better not be be like SPA last year.
  11. RB gtg. QB… what’s that? You mean RB2?
  12. Welp, the Blues are +++++ed. Binner, who after a very underwhelming regular season found his form, is out for the series. I really want to be mad at Kadri, but it was just an unfortunate play. Balls. Get your shit together Husso.
  13. Oof. Blues go down in OT in game 1 vs CO. Avs over 2:1 SOG and almost 2:1 in face off wins. Binnington saves 51 of 54. Could be a quick series for the Avs again.
  14. Holy shit. Nice job Rangers.
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