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  1. Feels like a moral victory. Doesn’t matter in the long run and we very nearly borked it.
  2. Pretty much what I figured. Jump out, then shit themselves to death. 15-0 run for CSU, WYO scoreless for last 7+ minutes.
  3. I’d be very surprised if he is here next year.
  4. Wyoming had one guy who can barely dribble backing into the lane while the other four stand there glued to the perimeter. Defense making Becker look like Curry. We won’t win a game this year. The body language says everything. The long term effects from this season are going to hurt.
  5. I’ve had the Firestick, laptop, and iPad going simultaneously before. Lol Reynolds having a good night at least.
  6. I spent 30 seconds checking into prices for the F1 race. HARD pass.
  7. Im taking the under. The entire dept is a +++++ing train wreck. I take that back. I’d watch a train wreck.
  8. Matters not. We were shitty missing one guy. What a shambles.
  9. It’ll be empty. Students gone, locals not interested after the let down.
  10. Cheer up Pokes fans, we can look forward to baske… er wres… er… football next seas…. +++++ing hell.
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