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  1. CSU is better off switching to Ultimate Frisbee, because they sure can’t play football
  2. I agree it looked ugly, but for a guy coming around the corner and seeing a QB, he was just trying to make a play. The biggest problem with replay is that we take a 1-2 second play, slow it down to millisecond frames and then try to judge intent. If you’ve played football before, the majority of what you do is reactionary and instinct. Saying it’s an Intentionally dirty play is pretty judgmental and is nothing but conjecture, especially when you have an eagle eye view of the play and the player does not Air Force is currently the 2d least penalized team in the NCAA. And as a fan of a predominantly running team, opposing defenders are always going for our guys legs in pileups. It’s part of the game and refs need to blow the whistle earlier
  3. For being a bunch of Cowboys, you Pokes whine like a bunch of girls. Ref was standing right there. Whistle hadn’t blown. Dude was just getting to the QB. It looked ugly but it wasn’t illegal or dirty. Makes me wonder if some people on here have ever played football before, The rule change two years ago to allow “scrum” like pushes by offensive players has led to the refs not calling plays dead and a lot of stand-ups like this are happening. Unintended consequence of the rule for sure i get it you’re pissed that you lost, but to claim this is some pre-meditated move is sore loser BS.
  4. I was ignoring all of the 25 year olds recruited from around the world
  5. The ABQ green chile curse is broken!
  6. I think UNM did a great job of scripting the opening drive. Now, they’re looking lost
  7. New Mexico - 4 Air Force - 8 Boise St - 17 Best ever finish for Air Force women.
  8. We only have about 60k grads total and very few grads actually live in Colorado. I’m flying several days a week and I check this forum occasionally, but the majority of our grads are around the world and many don’t have normal internet access. There is a group of 10-15 people on the Air Force board, but most grads that are friends of mine aren’t big forum/social media types. On a game note. I honestly don’t know why teams don’t go more vertical on our D. Our D scheme is to attack up front and leave four DBs to play a zone/man scheme that leaves large 15 yard gaps. I would attack us with slants and deep posts, but for some reason teams stay married to the run which runs clock and plays in our favor. My observation of CSU is that they come out on fire against us and then there seems to be no plan B adjustments. They did a great job of stuffing the middle but were still stacking the box when AF went outside and found continued success. Bono is a nice guy, but the Rams have too much talent to perform that poorly.
  9. To be fair, most of the normal posters were probably at the game. CSU and AFA are the two closest Front Range rivals
  10. Good lord, this board is a bunch of snowflakes.
  11. So a brand new AD tripped over some words (ill-advised) and now the whole program are whiny bastards? Some of you people really like making mountains out of molehills. Terrible news for UNM, they have had one gut punch after another this season.
  12. it actually started on the TD he scored prior. When he scored, he started jawing at AF #3, Tre' Bugg. After the timeout, the TV feed showed the head referee over at the Hawaii bench talking to Stovall and the coaches. So, when he flipped the ball to the AF player; it apparently was the straw that broke the camel's back for the ref, and apparently the coach as well.
  13. Calhoun can say what he wants, but the AD administration is not looking to go anywhere. With soccer, hockey, lacrosse, water polo, gymnastics, wrestling, swimming, etc...we are managing over 6 conference affiliations and it is a lot of work to maintain that. There is very little interest in creating more work for an already understaffed department.
  14. Pretty ironic coming from a fan of a team that runs the same basic offense. And Navy runs a lot more traditional veer option and they are....already in the AAC Ah, the lack of education of some on this board...and yes, I am sure you substituted chop blocking for cut blocking on purpose Most fans don't know how to train their eyes on play happening away from the ball. EVERY team in the MW cut blocks. Boise St tackles do it just about every pass play, but if the message fits....