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  1. It's complicated. The entire cadet wing was allowed a semester turn-back (semester off) due to COVID. Primarily for personal or family reasons. It appears that a lot of athletes are taking advantage of the policy (I'm hearing up to 25 football players) which would allow all current seniors to play next fall and graduate in 9 semesters. Spring football is very difficult for AFA football players because many of them use their last semester to cut weight to make graduation and officer height/weight limits. Niumatalolo is playing a little Troy Calhoun here and most likely deflecting h
  2. Dominating control of the puck doesn't mean much when don't do anything with it. I would say, defensively, Dallas has been the better team and this series is being played more Dallas' way than Vegas'. So, no I don't see that more luck is involved.
  3. This goes to show that a good defense is your best offense. Dallas has pigeon-holed Vegas into predictable play because they have a good lock-down D and their defensive players can score, allowing them to play from a purely defensive position. The frustration is clearly showing for Vegas. That being said, I can see this going to 7 games. Vegas has been knocking on the doorstep and a goalie can only block so many shots.
  4. Guess I'm the only Stars fan here....wondering why this thread has died...
  5. I would actually say BYU was to blame since they were the ones that started it...all for the love of money
  6. Not to mention, next season is going to be cropped as well. I doubt you put an asterisk on it, nobody does for the team formerly known as the Redskins in the '88 Super Bowl after a player strike in the season.
  7. WACFan stated "non-revenue" sports. Basketball is a revenue sport for AFA
  8. You are correct, and I am assuming one of those conferences is the Big Sky, no?
  9. There is a push to play football this fall. TC and players want it, the AD wants it; but we have a changeover in leadership this year as we are getting a new Superintendent (3 Star General)...so, I suppose there is a lot of "pencil in scheduling" being talked about, but I am not sure how and when that will become official and what the back door communication is between AFA and the MW. It will be seen as a failure of leadership by alumni if Army and Navy are playing football this year and Air Force is not...
  10. Let's see, Men's swimming won the WAC championship last year. Men's soccer has been to the NCAA playoffs 2 out of the 4 last years. Air Force has won several MW T&F indoor and outdoor titles in the past five years. Men's gymnastics has won 2 USAG championships the past 5 years. The Rifle team won the NCAA National championship last year. Men's lacrosse has been SOCON champions 2 out of 5 years and has been to the NCAA sweet sixteen twice in the past 5 years, including 3 wins over Duke. Men's hockey has been to 4 NCAA Sweet sixteens the past 10 years
  11. The only reason for this game is Ken Niumatalolo. He’s a temple card carrier helping out the mothership. Reminds me of the Air Force when 5 months into an assignment my entire street was LDS because they would always get an LDS guy planted in Personnel Assignments who would “hook” his LDS brothers up.
  12. Navy wants ND because it was moved to Annapolis and that's a big money game. That game is now in jeopardy as ACC requires OOC games to be played in an ACC state which Maryland is not. For the game to be played, it would now have to move to South Bend which makes the game less appetizing for Navy. Army will take anything they can get being Independent, plus the AF game would be a home game for them this year. Both Navy and Air Force would require waivers from their respective conferences if the conferences choose conference only games and/or travel restrictions Since all three
  13. Air Force / Army / Navy will happen for sure. All 3 service academies have stated the games are happening.
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