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  1. Hyperbole (unless proven true, can never tell with Trump), but he does have a quite the agenda against whistleblowers.
  2. Really makes you wonder where some of these people get their information. The Chechens in Russia and Ugyars in China... Yeah.
  3. Didn't he just recently throw a tantrum about whistleblowers not long ago? Like, yesterday?
  4. I've drifted further left over the years since I first became politically aware. Now here I am, doing my own thing, getting told off by a Libertarian for "teams and shit" when he does his own "teams and shit".
  5. To be fair, I don't believe to have ever claimed to be "centerist", as an Independent. Back when I was a Republican? I would have fallen more into that line. Though with how hard to the right the GOP has gone, and how the Democrats, while inching left, still have more moderate voices, it's not a hard decision to make for me. Even when I was GOP, I was for LGBTQ+ marriage and rights, absolutely fine with more diversity in all things, etc. Which, with the rise of Trumpism, has been all but driven out of the GOP. Though there were signs prior, that things were shifting right in the GOP. Trum
  6. Who you calling a Centrist? I'm a bona fide Nazi Communist of the Whig Party! So none of that "teams and shit" from a Libertarian of the People's Republic of Idaho.
  7. First President in generations to not have a pet in the White House, and this is why. ORANGE MAN LOOKS TO BAN ALL PETS! Trump Administration looks to put moratorium on pets in the United States.
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