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  1. For +++++s sake, Jeff. Thanks for letting us know, guys.
  2. He's a Cal transplant whining about Cal transplants.
  3. I know Wyoming has been Red a long time. I never said otherwise. All I said is that Kansas is a hardline Red state as well, and that YOU are a Cal transplant. That moved to Wyoming. And whined about transplants. While in the state I was born and raised in. Wyoming is MY home state. I may not agree with everything political going on there, but it is still MY home. You just got mad that a lot of people live in California and then you demand wide open spaces. My family moved to Wyoming in 1908, and 4 generations born and raised there. So yeah, "MY" state. I didn't get fussy like a spoiled brat and move because of new people moving in. I moved to help take care of my grandmother whom otherwise would have probably died months ago if she had stayed there due to Afib and the altitude sending her to the ER every other week. And this still less then a year at this point of burying my mother? Yeah. We moved. Since moving, no Afib attacks, but she's now in a wheelchair when not in her recliner or bed. And my own health issues got delayed for several things, not just because of the move. So once again. Yes, MY state, you Cal state transplant. We may both have moved states, but we moved for VERY different reasons.
  4. Altogether? Nope. But, if those that HAD partitioned it actually done it in away to NOT incite violence (paying attention to the various groups and who got along with who), it may not have gotten so volatile. Some things though, would still persist. Such is humanity.
  5. This stinkin' Cal transplant is in MY state, but I'm in Cornland. I'll make a deal, AztecAlien here, can go live in Leavenworth, I'll head back to Laramie. Win win. He gets his hardline redstate, I go back home, we isolate him with robe, everyone wins!
  6. Yeah, I remember in history class that "states' rights" lead to a bunch of states not only seceding, but doing so because they wanted to keep slaves as per their "states' rights". 100 years later, Eisenhower had to send in troops to Arkansas just to make sure kids could go to a school that was nearby, "infringing on states' rights".
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