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  1. I am quoting this because sheep boy here didn't do their research.
  2. I mean, most of AF's offense is run based, including for the QB. Its only when they get a QB that can throw down field halfway decently that they actually incorporate anything resembling a passing threat. Otherwise, its run run run. With the backup, and the backup's backup being able to run like a RB over throwing like a QB.
  3. Here's a change of pace; the Mongolian Metal Throat Singing Band (a bunch of words most would never put together) The Hu, did a cover of Metallica's Sad But True. Not in English, but wow.
  4. Little soon there, Hoss. TD POKES!
  5. That was a bad drop. Right on the money.
  6. There's a couple famous cover songs. One of my favorites, is this; originally written and sang by Simon and Garfunkel, Disturbed made the song theirs (with Simon and Garfunkel's permission, at that).
  7. I feel like this should be in the OOC game thread, or retitled to that. Considering its a Big 12 conference game.
  8. I expect other schools to, considering it would be a good vacation area.
  9. You literally called him a Nazi because he's bald/shaves his head. Unless you want to call Michael Jordan and other Nazis because they sport the same "hair style".
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